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BPAL Madness!

Cozy scents

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(Feel free to move this onto an existing thread, I was surprised I couldn't find a suitable one!)


What are your favourite scents for cozy days? Not sleep scents, to me they're a bit different (lavender, basically), but more like a wooly jumper in scent form.


Mine are Hesiod's Phoenix and Morocco.


I'm really hoping to hear of some that are currently available, but all coziness is welcome!

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Dragon's Blood and Tombstone are two of my favourite warming cozy scents. They both make me feel extra comfy and cheerful.

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Anything with cedar in it gives me a feeling of coziness. The Small Brown Cat feels like a warm hug.

Autumn Overlooked My Knitting has that same feeling as well (the ambergris, perhaps).

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O and Lights of Men's Lives definitely! Also in the GC, I find Brown Jenkin and Miskatonic University to be cozy--you don't necessarily expect that in the Lovecraft section, but they totally are, to me! From last year's Yules, Winter: My Secret, if you can find someone selling it.

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Wolf's Heart is my #1 for coziness, hands down. Hygge in a bottle.


Musk, honey & amber are all cozy to me, so my main cozies tend to be sweet scents that feature those notes.


I second Morocco, O, Haunted, Wulric, The Small Brown Cat & Brown Jenkin.


I'd add The Little Wooden Doll, Coyote, Against Idleness and Mischief, The Cat, & Reapers Gonna Reap.

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I love coffee scents for coziness. Both of the current Coffee Buttercream scents are super cozy for me, as well as El Dia de los Reyes.


Seconding Haunted as well, musky amber amber feels like a cozy sweater. Others I like in that vein are Palmyra and Morocco.

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I find I have a couple of different categories of cozy scents.


One category, that I particularly like on rainy, overcast evenings, consist of: (all sort of fougere and musk type scents, I guess? They are all in a similar vein to me)



Mad Hatter


The Serpentine



The other category all contain beeswax, which soothes my soul the same way a glowing candle does:

Bunraku Theatre

The Library of John Dee

This Wan White Humming Hive

Flickering Lantern

The Lights of Men's Lives

Bard (This is also light enough to wear to work when I need comfort)


Another category I find cozy is maybe linked by balsams/resins?

No. 93 Engine

Sarah, The Mother Bear

The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil (II)

La Lugubre Gondola



Lastly, I also find certain soft leather scents really cozy and comforting:


The Arabian Dance

Dancing Koi

Unicorn and Ram

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Autumn Overlooked My Knitting is probably the coziest BPAL scent I have ever smelled. COZY.



Just that name is so cozy, without even knowing the notes I need to try it!

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