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  1. Kelthara


    Bastet is so wonderful. In the imp, it smells.. not great to me, it's all screeching almond and bubblegummy lotus, so I didn't try it for a couple of weeks when I first received an imp of this. But boy, am I glad I did, and I now own a bottle of it. There is something about this scent that reminds me about my childhood, and I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but it makes me love it even more. Perhaps some dessert I used to eat as a child? But Bastet is not foodie, although she hovers on the very edge of that line, she doesn't cross it (which is a win in my book). On my skin, it smells exactly like it does in the imp, but thankfully only for the first five minutes! Then it transforms into this gorgeously sweet, creamy, and ever so slightly spicy scent (the cardamom note is soft, but it's here, and it's so lovely!) that is one of the most joyful and comforting scents I have ever smelled. It's like getting a hug from the goddess herself. 💛
  2. Kelthara

    Cozy scents

    I find that green or foresty scents make me feel happy, not necessarily soothed, although it is admittedly a thin line! Actually, now that I think about it, many scents I find soothing and/or joyful tend to overlap, it really depends on my mood that day. For comfort, I prefer wintery, evocative blends. Aside from Fulvous Snow, one of mine would be A Wild and Naughty Girl (although this one could easily veer into the 'sexy scents' category!), it just makes me feel like I'm in a cozy mountain cabin in the dead of winter, drinking bitter hot chocolate by the fire. 💜 V'al Hannisim would also qualify I think, it's just very warm and rich.
  3. Kelthara

    Cozy scents

    I find Fulvous Snow to be a very comforting scent, it just feels soft, so I think it would qualify as cozy as well? I almost never wear it outside of the house, it's a very homey kind of scent to me, and I especially enjoy wearing it to bed, or if I'm settling in with a nice novel on a rainy day.
  4. Kelthara

    A Savage Veil, Severe and Strong

    This is amazing. It's like Baba Yaga and The Witch Queen adopted a little girl and then that kid casually started smoking pipe tobacco and no one really tried to stop her because well, what the hell, kid's just having a grand ol' time. Don't judge, we all raise our children as best we can, that girl smells great, that's all you need to know about this. (But seriously kids, don't smoke). So this says 7-year aged patchouli, and the note in Baba Yaga is apparently patchouli root, but this is a very similar, earthy, gnarly patchouli to my nose, which I love. It mingles seamlessly with the plum note I recognize from The Witch Queen, dark and sweet and just on the edge or perfumey. Add to this a whiff of tobacco, and voila! This is a gorgeous scent right off the bat, and I can't wait to see how it ages. I'm gonna need a bottle. 💜 ETA: just realized there's apparently nutmeg in this? I can kind of pick it up now that I know about it (power of suggestion, huh?) but it's pretty faint, it might come forward more with time!
  5. Kelthara


    Perversion is honestly an astonishing scent. It's not exactly my thing (which I largely blame the chardonnay note for) but I'm mesmerized by it. I ordered an imp of it in my very first order, almost a year ago now, and I was blown away by how complex and layered and evocative this scent is. Since then, I've regularly gotten back to it to try it again, hoping that this time it would work for me. I haven't had a lot of luck so far, but tonight it seems to agree with my skin better than it usually does, perhaps we are finally getting somewhere, Perversion and I. I'll hold to my imp and keep trying, and maybe one day I can wear it and just lounge around, dressed in silks and velvets, just being sultry and stuff. I'd highly recommend that everyone try it, if only for the experience.
  6. Kelthara

    Devils of the Pit Hair Gloss

    I love patchouli, and I barely get any here, it's all leather and honey. I was hoping for more patchouli, but I have to say this has really grown on me! It's smooth, and dark, and makes me feel sexy and powerful when I wear it.
  7. Kelthara

    Two Westeners

    This is an ocean breeze, sharp and salty, sweetened by the vanilla, beeswax, and tonka. I smell like a sexy pirate lady (but this is definitely a gender-neutral scent), and I'm not mad about that. This pirate lady is deceptively sweet, she is kind of flirty, but will most certainly cut you if you get too close. I really love this scent, so far this is my favorite of my luper decants. I'm excited to see how it ages, and I may need a bottle down the line.
  8. Kelthara

    Temple: Greek

    Temple: Greek is beautiful. On me it's all honeyed clove, with a hint a sage, and a drop of cinnamon. At least, that is what my nose registers. It's spicy, and sweet, and a little green. The Mediterranean, dry, sun-warmed kind of green, as befits the blend. But there's also something soft and velvety about it. It feels ancient, reverent, but a little playful around the edges, a little mysterious, a little sensual even. The image that comes to mind is that of a benevolent Goddess, but with an impish smile and a sparkle in her eye. I've loved this blend since I got it over the summer, shortly after I got into BPAL, but it's been such a comfort to me lately, with everything that's been going on. Freedom is the one thing I've built my whole life around, and I've been feeling like a rat in a cage and sometimes will go into a bit of a claustrophobic panic, the idea of no being able to go anywhere terrifies me. I don't even know when I'll be able to go back to my own country. I've been wearing Temple: Greek at night, sometimes just to feel calmer, sometimes to meditate and connect with my deities. One of them in particular has always responded to this blend very well. When I close my eyes, it transports me to wide open spaces, to the wild places of the earth, and my world feels a little less small. I'm very grateful to have a bottle, and I will treasure it in the coming weeks.
  9. Kelthara

    Snow White

    2019 version. Snow White and I have had a very confusing journey so far. I cannot decide whether I love it, or whether I don't much care for it. There isn't really a middle ground, although I certainly don't actively dislike the scent. I have just put it on my skin again and I can't stop sniffing myself. Might be true love, or might be that I'm confused and trying to decide how I feel about this scent. I couldn't tell you. It's a difficult scent to describe, but there are enough reviews already that I think I can get away with not elaborating too much. I do get the pineapple and coconut qualities that others have referred to, but in a subtle kind of way (at least at first), and I may not have picked up on that had it not been mentioned here so many times. I think what I may like best about it is the way it swirls around me like a sweet, soft cloud. It is an airy kind of scent, but it has a remarkably good throw on me, and lasts for ages. What I like less is when I get up close and personal with it. If I inhale deeply, the pineapple scent is quite prominent, and there's something artificial, almost plasticky about it. And... oh no, with time the pineapple gets more and more prominent. And there we have it, the conclusion of this experiment: I really love the wet stage of Snow White.The drydown, not so much unfortunately. This is not a bottle purchase for me this time, but I suspect I may want to acquire one the next time it comes around. Or the time after that. Hmm. Overall I think I'd probably be more inclined to try it either as a Hair Gloss or a linen spray, as I think the issues I'm having might be due to my skin chemistry. I initially almost blind bottled this, and was advised to try and track down a decant of it first. I was warned that it was a very hit or miss kind of scent that did not work on everyone, which turned out to be very true for me, so I'll throw that out there and pass on this sage advice. 😊
  10. Kelthara

    The Perfect Lavender

    I wish I had figured that out sooner as well! But like you said, I'm sure we'll be able to track down a few scents. In the meantime, I'll be adding a bottle of Frostbitten TKO to my next Lab order for sure. 😊
  11. Kelthara

    The Perfect Lavender

    Discovered the same thing when I received an empty sniffie of Frostbitten TKO (with still enough left for a few applications on my skin)! Up until then I had been thinking I did not like lavender in perfumes (although I do very much love the smell of lavender in general), but sugary lavender blends are heavenly. 💜 I've even been exploring non-sugary lavenders lately, which I don't like as much but I think it's growing on me. My Tiger is a tad too perfumey on me, but still very nice. I've also tried Daybreak and True Love, which are both lovely, but Daybreak is just incredible! If you like FB TKO, you'll definitely like this one. I'll have to track down TKO and Storge at some point as well (I do love honey, and Storge has been on my radar). 😊
  12. Kelthara

    Figs and Fig Scents - alone and in combos

    I believe I'm most likely on team Always-Fig, but I might be an Almost-Always-Fig! For some reason, I have a sneaking suspicion that Fig will one day do me dirty, although I've had nothing but great experiences so maybe I'm being unfair to poor Fig. So far, I've tried and enjoyed: Eden Hetairae Intrigue Mata Hari (can't really pick out the fig in this one, but it's a brand new imp, maybe it needs a little aging!) Strangler Fig The Grave Pig To His Mistress Going to Bed Waltzing Matilda The woody kind of fig, like in Intrigue and To His Mistress Going to Bed, is my favorite kind. Strangler Fig is also amazing; the imp I have was given to me and is pretty old I believe, so I'd like to try it lab fresh at some point!
  13. Kelthara


    I've been trying to layer some RPG scents, and what's better than a Chaotic Good Elf Druid, right? Well, a Good Elf Druid smells infinitely better, for starters, even though it doesn't sound nearly as cool. I wanted to like Chaotic, I really did. But, we were off to a bad start, Chaotic and I. It's one of the very few imps that I actually physically recoiled from upon first sniffing it. It smells like spicy, sticky grape candy in the imp (I have absolutely no idea which note makes it smell so grapey??) and that just isn't my jam. At all. Honestly, I'm willing to give almost anything a try, with very few exceptions aaaand, this is the Big One, the Biggest and Nopest. But hey, I'm brave, I'll try it anyway. It might be okay on my skin. It might blend well with the three other RPG scents I'm already wearing. Surely the tiniest droplet won't make much of an impact either way? Right? Wrong. This is straight up grape bubblegum on me. Evil grape bubblegum that is laughing at me for ignoring my better instincts, and that is gleefully asserting dominance over the formerly lovely scent blend I had going on. Gone are the lovely trees and wild berries of my magical forest. I am become Evil Grape Bubblegum. I'll remain a Good Elf Druid for the time being, thanks, but I'll give it that, Chaotic certainly lives up to its name.
  14. So there's this lady. Jezebel, she calls herself. And I love her more and more each day, and basically I just want to live every moment of my life slathered in this scent. I expect I'll die wearing this scent, and then haunt the living heck out of people who wear it regularly so I can bask in its glory for all eternity. In the meantime, I'm on the lookout for any HGs, atmos, or bath oils that may smell similar. I'm particularly interested in Hair Glosses, I just really want my hair to smell as good as my wrists. I've seen people draw comparisons to Jezebel in the threads for Honey HG and for Hair Loosened and Soiled in Mid Orgies HG. Both are on my radar and one will most likely be added to my next order (in the kind of distant future because I made a big order not long ago). My questions for you lovely people are: which one of the two aforementioned HGs would come closest to Jezebel, in your opinion? I'm leaning towards Hair Loosened and Soiled in Mid Orgies, but I'd love to hear what you think. And: any LE (or GC I haven't come across) HGs, atmos, and bath oils you can recommend? Any and all suggestions are much appreciated! Thank you! 😊💙
  15. Kelthara


    Ranger is another one of those scents that I had high hopes for, and that I was initially disappointed by. But oh, it has aged beautifully, and now I think I might need a full bottle! Ranger has far too many notes for me to even attempt to untangle them from one another but, when I first received it, there was a top note that really bothered me and that gave it an almost acidic quality. Thankfully, this troublemaker has since decided to play nice and let other notes shine while it happily hangs out in the background. A few months in, the overall effect is of an exceptionally well blended scent that, yes, does smell like a magical, beautiful forest. At first, it is an early spring kind of forest, with the cold of winter still lingering. As it sits on the skin, it gets softer with time, we've moved further into spring now, and something soft and slightly sweet emerges. It reminds me of Elf, but without the berry sweetness, and they're different enough to justify hoarding both. I've also tried layering Ranger and Elf with lovely results! If it initially doesn't work for you, give it time, it might just morph into the beautiful forest scent you were hoping it would be. 💚