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  1. Kelthara

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I've never smelled Bonfire Bash, but I used to wear Replica's By the Fireplace fairly consistently (I've since gifted it to my mom and haven't smelled it in a close to a year, so bear with me!) so I'll give this a go even though I'm still fairly new to BPAL. A Wild and Naughty Girl (which unfortunately may be a little difficult to find) nails the smoky aspect and has a fairly prominent clove note. It does remind me a lot of BTF when layered with a vanilla scent, like Snake Oil. I was also put in mind of Cedarwood and Smoked Vanilla, which I haven't personally sniffed, but it seems like it would fit what you're looking for. Again, I'm not sure whether you'd be able to find that, sorry! As far as available scents, Anne Bonny, strangely enough, reminds me a little bit of BTF! I think it might be the sandalwood. Or the red patchouli? I'm still not very good at picking out individual notes. So I suppose woodsy notes, combined with a smoky vanilla note (or tobacco, which is what gives A Wild and Naughty Girls its delightful smokiness) might work? Not sure how helpful all of that is but I hope you get something from it! Good luck in your search!
  2. Kelthara

    Jolly Roger

    I ordered an imp of Jolly Roger in my first-ever BPAL order, a scent I had carefully selected out of the dozens and dozens of oils I wanted to try. Needless to say, I was pretty excited about this one! When it arrived, I was pretty disappointed as it initially smelled *very* strong and reminded me of cleaning product more than anything else. Thankfully, it has softened with time (my imp is about 4 months old now, I believe) and has morphed into exactly what I hoped it would be. On my skin, it is very woodsy, and very salty, and most definitely piratey (it's also beautiful when layered with Anne Bonny, for extra pirateness and a pinch of sassiness added). I'm not sure whether I'll be getting a full bottle, but it's definitely on the maybe list, we'll see if it grows on me some more! I think it'll be lovely to wear in the warmer months as there is something refreshing about it, and it's also quite distinct from other scents I own, so it might be a nice addition to my collection when I'm in the mood for something a little different.
  3. Kelthara


    Jezebel is gorgeous, and I'm so glad I love it because I accidentally ordered two imps of this! In the imp, it smells more like orange than orange blossom, which worried me a little because while I would sell my soul to any accommodating creature of the underworld for a good orange blossom scent, I do not like the smell of oranges. At all. Thankfully, this very 'orangey' quality fades from the skin almost immediately and the lovely scent of orange blossoms comes out instead. It's a very sweet scent, but not cloying. I'm not one to gravitate towards excessively sweet scents (although based on my most recent BPAL crushes, I may like sweet scents more than I think I do), yet I love this one. It has a buttery quality, and I'd swear there was amber in this if I didn't know any better. On my skin, the honey isn't prominent, I'm assuming it's responsible for the overall sweetness of the scent, but I don't pick up on a distinctively honey note the way I might in other honey blends (getting a whiff of the Devils of the Pit HG, for instance, is very much akin to sticking your whole face in a pot of honey). I don't get much of the rose at all, and on the whole it doesn't smell very floral to me, so it could still work for you if you're not a floral person! Overall it's a very feminine scent, in a mature, sexy, and no nonsense kind of way. I've been wearing this almost every day for a couple of weeks now, I'm actually surprised at how much I love this! I'll definitely be needing a full size bottle in the near future. 💙
  4. Kelthara


    In the imp, Goblin is wonderful. It's the exact right kind of coconut, sweet, but not too sweet. The patchouli is strong and earthy, which I love. On my skin, it's just as great for the first twenty minutes or so, then it unfortunately turns plasticky, and then to pencil shavings. Disappointing, but I'll try layering it with other scents, or try it on my clothes or the ends of my hair rather than my skin. Maybe letting it age some more will help, even though my little imp is already about 3 months old. I really do love the scent and am determined to make it work somehow!
  5. Kelthara

    Ring of Wolves Hair Gloss

    Based on the description, I thought this would be a lot 'darker' than it is. I do get the soil and the pine needles, perhaps even a whiff of snow, but there is also something bright and cheerful about it that is hard to describe. It does have a nice forest-y quality, if you're into that type of scent; admittedly, this why I bought it. I am on a never-ending quest to smell like a wood nymph (or any other forest creature, really). This wasn't quite right for that particular endeavor, and not what I expected, but it is lovely nonetheless and I'm glad I decided to blind-bottle it!
  6. Kelthara


    This was the first BPAL I ever put on my skin. I fell irrevocably in love with it, and ordered a full-sized bottle within a day of my first whiff. About three months later, I still love it just as much. In the bottle, I get the soil, and it is *very* green, sharp and almost acidic. On the skin, it's still incredibly green, but much less sharp. To me, it smells like honey drizzled over wildflowers and dew-covered grass. The dry-down is not as lovely, there's a citrus quality to it that isn't really my thing, but the scent is overall so beautiful that I can forgive that! Druid is a very evocative scent, and matches its description perfectly. It's a bit of an incongruous, mysterious scent to me, in that it reminds me both of a sunny spring meadow, and of the deep and dark parts of an ancient forest. It is both innocent and sexy, and a favorite for sure.