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  1. Larinessa

    Grasshopper Pie

    In the bottle: The scent of a just opened pack of thin mint cookies. On my skin: faintly mint and chocolate plastic. Drat. I'll hang on to it to see if it smooths out and the plastic goes away, but right now it seems like this one is destined to not like my skin chemistry. 😞
  2. Larinessa

    Elizabeth’s Imps

    I like this a lot. Probably a top 10 spot. In the bottle it was a strong, almost caramel molasses, strong, sweet and in your face. The cinnamon was giving it an almost burnt edge to it. On the skin, it transforms. The molasses is still there, but it recedes to the back as a rich, dark base, and the stunning amber and gorgeous cinnamon move to the fore. The cinnamon is very much similar to the cinnamon in Playful Wooden Mallets, like a dusty, ground cinnamon stick versus a burning red hots cinnamon. It's warm and spicy, and blends beautifully with the amber note in here. This definitely reads cool weather to me. It's cozy, comforting, and at the same time sensual and inviting. (My husband sure liked it). I also see interesting layering possibilities with this. Like with Sugar Skull, or maybe even The Black Apple of Saturn, Definately could pair with a chocolate base. Another intriguing possibility is with Waltz of the Snowflakes. Will need another bottle (or 3!) of this before it disappears, as I expect this to age magnificently.
  3. Larinessa

    Blue Silk Rose

    Blackberry on initial application, and then that moves to the background and the rose and violet move forward and I'm left with expensive soap. Rose is always a tricky note for me, and I was hoping for something similar to Black Butterfly Moon, Bakunawa, or O Daughter of Death and Priapus but unfortunately the notes I was hoping to be forward are not what I'm getting from this. I'll retest after it settles, but I'm suspecting this one is a miss for me. Edit- tried it again last night, unfortunately the rose and violet took over, along with some opium tar. The opium alone would have been welcome, but the violet and rose induced a headache. I'll need to re-home this bottle. *Sigh*
  4. Larinessa

    Dried Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar

    I was most excited about this one as a cherry lover, but it's not quite what I was expecting. The cherry isn't the maraschino cherry of Ghoulish, nor is it the medicinal one of Bite Me. It's somewhere in between, dark, and the incense is far stronger then expected. I agree it reminds you of a burnt cherry incense stick. I like it, but I'm not sure it's the home run I was expecting it to be. I'll need to test again after it settles Given it a couple of days to settle, and dried I'm left with a faint scent of having stood in an incense shop and I picked up the smoke on my body. Faintly scented, very smokey. No spun sugar detected. I'm not sure I want to smell like this straight up, but I may use this as a layering note to add a bit of oomf to scents like Ghoulish, or even Bordello (which actually seems like a fantastic idea come to think of it. I'll have to try that layering and see what happens).
  5. Larinessa

    I'm Close

    I did a brief testing yesterday when my bottles arrived, but my first impression of this is it's very similar in feel to Drag on a Slime. Fruity watermelon and Sugar, sugar sugar. I'll do a full test later, but this is very fresh, summer like, and sweet. Great one for summer days. Edit- first full day run, once the dry down happens, the sugar gets more prominent and it's slightly smokey, like powdered sugar? Low throw, but loooonnnggg longevity, 8+ hours I can still faintly smell it on my wrist. It's really very pretty, and I may layer with Cherry Incense and Spun Sugar to see how they mesh.
  6. Larinessa

    Sugar Plum Black Phoenix

    I kept hearing whispers of the fabled plum of my beloved Bordello, so I had to spring for this along with Sugar Plum Snake Oil. Bordello has been the #1 of my favorites the entire tenure of my 15 years of BPAL, nothing knocking it out in the tourney, and I was heartbroken when it went away. I still have 2 bottles but I rarely dip into them knowing how difficult it is to locate them in the second hand market. So here goes. In the bottle, my eyes rolled with absolute pleasure. It is, indeed, Bordellos plum. That bright, candy like purple plum. On the skin, the plum recedes a bit, allowing the other notes to come forward, but never disappears. This is bright, beautiful plum with a touch of almond, and on me, rose. It's lovely, feminine, and uplifting. I've only been wearing it an hour and recieved 2 compliments. Verdict: I'll need a back up of this. While not Bordello's clone, it is definitely a sibling, and will definitely help with keeping me in the happy spot. I'm delighted in this gorgeous plum variant, and so happy I sprung for this.
  7. Larinessa

    My Wise Beauty

    Sweet, subtle, understated. A quiet moment indeed. This blends beautifully between the sandalwood and amber to create a warm, cozy, creamy scent on me. A winner!
  8. Larinessa

    Painted Scars

    Ohhh.... This is my beloved Mirror of Spring Pleasures on Kites blackberry wine 🥰. It's almost a single note of it on me, though the plum is present. No lavender, or white musk detected (lavender gives me a headache, so that's fine with me). A shade of the sandalwood peeks through the delicious berries on the dry down. Keeper ❤️
  9. Larinessa

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    It's like Sugar Skull decided to splat itself down in the middle of Blackberry filling and roll around in it. It's yummy rich blackberry with caramel brown sugar that's been toasted. Rich, delicious, and definately edible. Like baking blackberry cobbler. Definately a keeper, a great fall scent that would keep your nose delighted as you take a walk in the autumn woods.
  10. Larinessa

    Black Amber & Sugar Cane

    Wet, this is stronger on the sugar note, and it's the same sugar as in Gypsy Moth from like 2010, very powder sugar like. Dry, the amber blooms, and this becomes very amber forward and it's a rich, deep amber, the sugar receding as a minor player. This is probably my favorite amber scent, as I love amber straight up, and this reminds me strongly of a amber scent necklace I have. Gorgeous in it's simplicity, I can see myself wearing this alone, or layering with scents like Great Vampire Bat, and Playful Wooden Mallets. My only regret is I only got one bottle. But I'm going to treasure it! By coincidence, I accidentally layered this with Blackberry and Burnt Sugar the other day when I was testing straight out of the box, and they were great together.
  11. Larinessa

    Looking for Beeswax Recommendations That Don't Have Honey

    Flickering Lantern, a Luper from 2016. Beeswax, purple rose, tobacco and incense
  12. Larinessa

    Unsubtle Euphemism

    I was super excited to see amaretto return to a scent, as I have literally every amaretto blend BPAL has made, and they are all in my top favorites. Sadly, they are all discontinued, and I am hoping the amaretto in this heralds a return of some favorites. Sadly, this won't be one. I can smell the sweet amaretto, and the almond, with a hint of anise which I also love. But over laying all of that wonderfulness is what can only be described as heavily buttered wonder bread, and it's almost making me gag. From previous reviews, this one has a place in the hearts of some, it's just not mine. Sorry.
  13. Larinessa

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    Smokey, dark and a deep bloody burgundy purple color is how this reads. I wish I could get into notes and how they play in this, but for the first time ever, I can't pick any one in it. Rich, goth and would be great for clubbing. This is definately along my vein, I'm just kinda befuddled by it, and not sure if I will upgrade. I will for sure keep the imp for those times I want to radiate a certain aura. Ok, I let it settle for a few days, and I'm doing a full test run today. I've decided this is definately bottle worthy. I'm better able to pick up the notes, the smokey rose, musk and fruits are a fabulous combo, but what's really knocking my socks off is buried under all that is the blackened vanilla bean. I swear I have no idea how Beth did that, but I can discern it. I was just going to keep this imp, and purchase 2 of the new duets, but it looks like this will be riding along with Sugar Cane and Black Amber, and Cinnamon Leather is getting moved aside. (That's ok, I have Spanked for that urge).
  14. Larinessa


    Aged imp I had sitting around. On me this seems pretty equal parts leather, plum and lilac. It's pretty and straightforward, and I quite enjoy it. I'll give it a test run as a wear soon, but I'll definately make use of this imp.
  15. Larinessa

    The Temptation

    Found a long forgotten imp, and decided to try it. The creamy peach called to me. Wet, this seemed like similar cousin to Water Dragon. Ripe juicy fruit and florals. I didn't check the florals out before testing, but they were pleasant. Dry, the peach receded, though still noticable, and the florals pushed forward, notably the rose turning this to a rose forward scent with a vague peachy undertone that becomes kinda soapy. Like you washed with a bar of rose scented soap and then put on some lotion. It's ok, I would definitely prefer the wet stage, might use a locket for the remainder of this, or swap off to someone hunting for it. It's not for me, but as it's long discontinued, that's a relief.