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  1. Larinessa

    Breakfast, Or Something

    Wet: Guava heaven. Dry: faintly scented band-aids. 0/2 on Lillith's for me 😒
  2. Larinessa


    I had super high hopes for this, as a long time ago I posted in the 'whats your dream scent' thread, and I had put down blackberry, black musk, leather, and ceylon cinnamon. So I was super excited to see something that so closely resembled that. Wet: Blackberry musk. Luscious, rich, with just a hint of black leather underneath. Am thrilled. Dry: it went to a weird combo of piney smelling leather with the blackberry and musk and current booking it out of there without so much as a goodbye. Just *POOF* they were gone. With my nose pressed right against the spot, it faintly reminds me of Jareth. 😭😭😭😭 I'm heartbroken.
  3. Larinessa

    Black Orchid

    I have a bottle of Black Orchid v5, so I was super curious of this version. In the imp: RICH orchid with a slightly dirty note backing it. On my skin: Hot house orchid, with earthy/dirty undertone. v5 has a lot of patchouli/vetivier in it, this is definately a dirt note. But I'm kinda digging it. We have a Conservatory near where I live, and in their tropical dome there are a LOT of orchids. This smells like what sitting on one of the benches surrounded by the orchids is like. That place is one of my favorite, special spots, and because of the pandemic it's had extremely limited visitors. This waxes very nostalgic of happier times. Another orchid win for me. It's different enough from both v5, and Great Vampire Bat to stand alone.
  4. Larinessa

    Strawberry Moon 2009

    In the imp: Ripe strawberry. Yummy On the skin: a 'cool' feeling strawberry with something faintly green underneath. The strawberry isn't as high pitched, it blends beautifully with the other notes, the vanilla adding a slight creamy tone, backed by the lush floral. All of my previous strawberry scents are paired with sweet notes, and while the vanilla is present, this doesn't read 'foodie' to me. This is more like sitting picking ripe, juicy red strawberries in a field on a fresh spring day. Lovely. 💗
  5. Larinessa


    In the imp: smelled like a fresh baked sugar cookie. Yum. On me: smells like I rolled in wood shavings with a touch of vanilla in the background. 😭 Not for me, but the hubby loves it and says it smells like a masculine vanilla soap for men, so I passed it on to him.
  6. Larinessa

    Dead Leaves and Sugared Cardamom

    I've had this imp sitting around forever, when I first got it, the leaves note was a sharp chemical smell, so I put it aside and forgot about it. Today the temps in Minnesota have plunged more then 20 degrees, and there is a distinct coolness outside, so I decided to give it another shot. The chemical smell has smoothed out considerably, lending a underlying 'cool' feeling at the bottom. The top notes are a warm, spicy cardamom, with the almost tangible crunchy note of dried leaves. It's making me think of being on a porch swing, wrapped in an oversized sweater watching the leaves fall on a chill, gray day, the parts of your body enveloped in the cozy sweater warm and comfy, your skin on your face feeling the crisp fall air. The hubby thinks this is delightful.
  7. Larinessa

    Cozy scents

    Dead Leaves and Sugared Cardamom definately reads as a cozy scent to me. I also love Velvet, the Sandalwood makes is very cozy to me.
  8. Larinessa


    This is those decadent dark chocolate oranges smeared on your skin. Every time I wear it, I get a craving. 😂
  9. Larinessa


    I've had this for forever, but as I'm rooting for it in the tournament, I'll review. This is bright in your face cherry to start off with, then deepens with the anise on my arm. Deep, dark, and delicious. Long wear time and great throw.
  10. Larinessa


    E-ghads, I tried this before I knew what the notes were. Rose and Jasmine, two death notes. But ok, I'll review. In the imp, this was very incense rich, which was why I tried it. Wet, the rose and Jasmine come screaming to the fore, turning it to high pitched soap, causing my predictable scent induced migraine. Nope, I'm sure it has lovers, but right now it's trying to put me down not in a good way. 😣
  11. Larinessa

    Cotton Candy, Strawberry & Lime Zest

    This is very similar to Drag on a Slime, except strawberry cotton candy instead of guava sugar. The lime is really shining through on me, I'm starting to suspect lime likes me. On me, the strawberry is 'fluffy'. Not a juicy on the vine strawberry, more like a strawberry..... I don't know? The equivalent of a strawberry pie filling mixed with cream? Strawberry ice cream? I'm guessing it's the cotton candy aspect doing that, because I sure can't pin this strawberry down. The lime is distinct. Verdict: fun, summery, sweet and a bit playful. This would work on a young girl too. Edit: Interestingly enough, 3 hours later it smells like key lime pie. Cool.
  12. Larinessa

    Caramel, Smoked Chilis, & Black Vanilla

    In the bottle: smelled strongly of Caramel, slight spiciness of similar vein to Dark Chocolate, whiskey cognac truffle underneath. The two have no notes in common, but I was strongly reminded of that vibe. Wet: the Dark Vanilla takes over, my husband picked up on that note immediately. Tremendous throw. Still the almost alcoholish spice to it. The caramel receaded. Dry: a smokey dark vanilla with an almost bitter almond type spice. I have Raven Moon which also has chili as a note, and this isn't really like that. Perhaps it's the smoke. Verdict: sexy gourmand vanilla. Huge throw so you may want to apply lightly.
  13. Larinessa

    Maraschino Cherry Buttercream Hair Gloss

    Straight up this is strong, almondy Maraschino Cherry. Unfortunately, like most of the oils, that initial blast softens fast to a light creamy almondy scent. I'll still use it, and wear it, as it's a favorite scent for me. I will layer it with Ghoulish and Yipe perfumes.
  14. Larinessa

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Flickering Lantern. Beeswax, soft purple rose and smokey incense. It's a Luper from a few years ago.
  15. Larinessa

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    I was super excited about this one, as I love cherries, I love sugar, and I love Snake oil. The best of the trifecta huh? Wet- the cherries and simple sugar stand out. The sugar is very sharp, almost off-putting. Like when you accidentally pour simple sugar on yourself. No snake oil. Dry, I can detect the snake oil, with a cherry fluffy cloud. I'm gonna put this aside and let it do it's snake oil thing. I may spring for a bottle, and let it age, But it's not blowing me away. But the initial blast does oddly remind me of an exploding squib.