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  1. Larinessa

    Maraschino Cherry Buttercream Hair Gloss

    Straight up this is strong, almondy Maraschino Cherry. Unfortunately, like most of the oils, that initial blast softens fast to a light creamy almondy scent. I'll still use it, and wear it, as it's a favorite scent for me. I will layer it with Ghoulish and Yipe perfumes.
  2. Larinessa

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Flickering Lantern. Beeswax, soft purple rose and smokey incense. It's a Luper from a few years ago.
  3. Larinessa

    Blood Squib Snake Oil

    I was super excited about this one, as I love cherries, I love sugar, and I love Snake oil. The best of the trifecta huh? Wet- the cherries and simple sugar stand out. The sugar is very sharp, almost off-putting. Like when you accidentally pour simple sugar on yourself. No snake oil. Dry, I can detect the snake oil, with a cherry fluffy cloud. I'm gonna put this aside and let it do it's snake oil thing. I may spring for a bottle, and let it age, But it's not blowing me away. But the initial blast does oddly remind me of an exploding squib.
  4. Larinessa

    Beachy, Tropical Scents

    I love Death Adder for a deserted island feel. The dry coconut and vetivier remind me of what the island in 'The blue lagoon' may have smelled like.
  5. Larinessa

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    Beth referred to this as a Fuck Up. Oh, no no no no no... THIS my friends, is serendipitous vanilla bliss with heady Snake Oil in a bottle. A true creation that was meant to be, Beth and Brian just weren't told. In the bottle: the other posters are right, sort of hard to get the feel on this as it's reluctant to give its fluffy vanilla goodness there. Fresh opened, I got the spicy aroma if Snake Oil, and was vaugely reminded of my aged bottles of Boomslang and Death Adder. This Snake Oil is aged. Wet: Yep, the strong Tang of aged Snake Oil, with a sudden cloud of OMG VANILLA. Fluffy, sweet, teeming vanilla. I wouldn't necessarily refer to this as Cream Soda, but it is VANILLA. No mistake on that. Dry: Down on the skin, it's rich aged Snake Oil, with a massive Vanilla sillage. My skin even has the slightly sticky feel of aged Snake Oil. The throw is huge. The scent is a vanilla lovers dream. Verdict: This is the bomb. But a bomb to wear sparingly, as it announces itself quite loudly. I need another bottle. *Standing Ovation*
  6. Larinessa

    Drag on a Slime

    Source: fantastic fairy. Oh Hi-ya there pinkness. It's like the pink God's decided they were going to create the most over the top pink outfit in smells, and this is the result. At the core, the guava is the deep pink beaded close fitting corseted dress with all the glitz and shine. Then comes the fluffy, flurthy lime accent ruffles all along the edge, sparkling with tiny sequins of shimmering sugar. Rounding out is the menage of fluffy pink orchid glitter that trails around like a gossamer cloud, like shimmering cotton candy, like the sheen you project from the light. This is pink, fluffy, fruity, sweet sweet sweet in both a bold and feminine way. A little over the top, a little come hither. This is going to be fabulous on summer nights that are heavy with humidity.
  7. Larinessa

    I've never found a scent I liked!

    I also put a vote in for Eat Me (definitely a fluffy white angel food cake with underlying note of fruit), if you like strawberry, Pink Lace is strawberry and Vanilla, many of the older box of chocolate scents are worth a look (Dark chocolate Cherry smells like a genuine cherry cordial),or hunt down a long discontinued imp of Gluttony.
  8. Larinessa

    Sugar Skull Hair Gloss

    Vibrant with the joy and sweetness of life in death! A blend of five sugars, lightly dusted with candied fruits. Sugar Skull is always the scent I get the most compliments wearing, but the oil version has *huge* throw on me, (as in 20ft away people are commenting on it). I was hoping the HG would be a more wearable incarnation of this beloved favorite on me. It is. Still the same lovely brown sugar/raw sugar sweetness, with the slightly caramelized burnt sort of 'crustiness' (think creme brulee crust) undertone. But far less in your face manner. I use my HG's on my body as well as my hair, and the throw is more subtle, but still detectable if you sniff. Just what I wanted. Winner! Edit: After wearing this a couple of times, I will say the throw on this is 'smokier' then the original. Definitely reminiscent of a creme brulee crust.
  9. [No additional description provided.] Disclaimer: The bottle was *very* cold sitting out in the chilly 40's of Minnesota. In the bottle: 'Juicy' clove. Not straight up identifiable fruit, but a chewy undertone. Interesting. On me: Whoah clove! This is a strong warm spicy clove, with a slightly smokey touch (the ouhd and leaves is my guess). The fruitiness is gone. I'm a bit disappointed as I really wanted a plum heavy blend. But I'm going to let this warm up and settle for a few days, as I've had blends change after a couple of days. But I am going to try layering this with some plum heavy blends like Bordello and The Soul of La Travata. Verdict:While this (at this point) isn't the spicy plum of my dreams, this is surprisingly nostalgic inducing for me. I was a teenager in the 90's, and this is bringing me back to days of dancing at clubs and raves, when smoking indoors was legal, and my friends and I all smoked clove cigarettes. I can smell them. Hear the R&B by R. Kelly, rap by Snoop Dogg and Warren G, and grunge rock by Stone Temple Pilots and Bush. Makes me want to buy some Djarums, open a wine cooler, pop the earphones in and listen to the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmanns Romeo and Juliet. Keeper.
  10. Larinessa

    Dark Chocolate and Sweet Orange Bath Oil

    When the decant arrived, honestly, it smelled a little.... Sour... Given 2 days of rest, this now smells like the perfect chocolate orange, like the hard round ones you slam on the table to break up at Christmas time. Dark rich chocolate and sweet orange, perfectly blended. Delicious. It wasn't potent in the bath, but slathered on the skin it blooms.
  11. First sniff- Oh my! Definitely a relative to Velvet, deep cocoa and sandlewood with a nutty undertone (must be the nutmeg). This is delicious. In my hair, mostly sandlewood with the cocoa receding a touch and the nutmeg coming forward. It's a soft 'brown' sexy scent. The amber may be contributing to the warmth, but I don't detect it outright. This will layer fabulously with Velvet, like being enveloped in a fuzzy soft blanket. Bottle.
  12. Larinessa

    Cave of Treasures

    I had high hopes for this, as lilac is a sentimental scent for me, as my departed grandmother had lilac bushes around her house, and the smell reminds me of her. Wet, this is glorious full on realistic lilac. Fresh, intoxicating, and lush. Divine. Dry, this turned into old lady soap on me, as florals often do. I had a huge sad about that. An hour later, the spot where I tested it had itchy red bumps. As I've never had trouble with cardamon, amber or honey, I'm assuming it is one of the other notes my skin is reacting too. I'll keep the decant to huff, and maybe invest in a scent locket for this.
  13. Larinessa

    Flickering Lantern

    I write this review with several disclaimers. 1. Rose usually hates me, and turns to high pitched soap on me. 2. Tobacco usually amps, and I smell like an ashtray. 3. I've never tried beeswax before. But for some reason I had to get a decant of this, and holy crap I'm glad I did! This is gorgeous. Smokey, creamy, sweet... Subtle and ethereal, mysterious and sexy. The beeswax is the star, with a smokey purple rose lightly scenting it. It's not overpowering, and for once the rose is behaving on me (only other scent to have rose play nice on me is Pink Lace). This is along that vein, only smokey and purple, rather then pink and sweet. It's really hard to describe, but it's fantastic. If rose usually has you wary, fear not on this blend. Multiple bottle worthy.
  14. Larinessa


    2017 version I'm a Smut lover, the 2012 vintage being my favorite, so let's see how this stacks up. This version is not heavy on a particular note, like 2012 is on the Ameretto, but it is sweeter and more sugary to my nose then the 2015 version. Still musky and boozy, but almost with a sugar crust if that makes sense? It's still great, I'll still wear it, and it's still the much beloved Smut we all know.
  15. Larinessa

    Dark Chocolate, Whiskey, and Cardamom-Infused Caramel

    Dark Chocolate Whiskey Cognac Truffle is a top 5 for me, so I was super excited for this. This is just like that, but sweeter with the addition of caramel and some subtle spiciness. The chocolate is a bitter, rich dark chocolate, the whiskey is present but not a in your face note, and underneath is a rich layer of yummy goopy spicy caramel. It has a lot of throw, so a little goes a long way. Total keeper!