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  1. theredkilt

    Coffee Fragrance

    Jaolong from Carnivale Diabolique Café au Lait and a Wool Blanket Coffee Bean, Cacao and Khus
  2. The white chocolate note is the same one as in White Chocolate, Mysore Sandalwood and Lemon Peel and Vintage Witch Blow Mold. I also smell a dash orange blossom and a weak zing of champagne in the background. The white chocolate dominates however. Over time the champagne fizz asserts itself.
  3. theredkilt

    Tonka Bean, Black Tea, and Leather

    This blend was so off of everyone's radar. It is so sophisticated. I get a clean white leather/ suede with added sweetness from the tonka and some faint black tea in the background. The drydown alludes to being a gourmand scent profile for non-gourmand people. So good and so happy i blind bought a bottle. Later on, the sweetness fades away and I'm left with the white leather and some Tonka/ coumarin facets.
  4. theredkilt

    Cat at the Table

    I have worn this blend for a couple of months and finally figured out what it reminds of - Mother Ghost from the Crimson Peak line. Cat is more sheer, playful, translucent and fluffier. I don't why the white tea/ vanilla combo smells to me like dainty peach musk, but i like it. It's easy to wear and relaxing.
  5. theredkilt

    Sugar Skull

    2023: this doesn't smell alike to the previous releases, specifically not to the 2006 release i own. Freshly applied i get a pear note, but as it develops it morphs into the marshmallow note found in Aunt Caroline Joy Mojo.
  6. theredkilt

    Vintage Witch Blow Mold

    I wholeheartedly agree with what the reviewer above wrote. Creamy white chocolate with a hint of powdery amber. The green tea sadly goes MIA on my skin very quickly.
  7. theredkilt

    Smut 2024

    Warm well-behaved red musk with a gentle boozy undertone and something sweet. I get also a red patchouli vibe from this blend. Everything is seamlessly blended. Will hang on to my decant and see how we'll get along.
  8. theredkilt

    Leisurely Swim

    I get a blast of yuzu and apple and something aquatic. Waiting for the yuzu and apple to calm down to see what pops up next. Little by little i sense something rising up evening out the apple and yuzu, i think it's the tobacco/ incense base. It's slowly warming up and giving way to the Osmanthus, which registers to me in texture as a white floral. The osmanthus is very well behaved and blended. A clean floral fruity blend.
  9. theredkilt

    Roses, Pearls, and Rubies

    This reminds me of the Chicken-Legged Hut GC probably due to the labdanum. The rose is so faint i can barely sniff it out. Everything is well blended to the point that no note stands out particularly.
  10. theredkilt

    Delightful Gargantuan Vagina

    There's a shimmering pink citrus sensation upon opening and i'm under the impression it's grapefruit. Further on, the orange blossom, pops up and asserts itself. The orange blossom leans more towards neroli smell-wise, vaguely with a bitter-ish/vegetal end. But out of the blue, the mango steps in and evens everything out. It's a mango-orange blossom/mimosa-pink musk type of scent on my skin.
  11. theredkilt

    Roses, Pearls, and Onyx

    I get a a briney, salty, medicinal smell and nothing else. Must be the oud. *sad face*
  12. theredkilt

    Koi No Yatsufuji

    I'm greeted by a tame and well blended red musk. I like how the red musk acts in this blend, it's the fixative that keeps all other notes on its shoulders. So far so good. Next up, i get a melange of tea, teak and frankincense. Nothing stands out particularly, it's just that good. Reminds me vaguely of Anteros, only better and not as intense. This would make a good scent for those who are averse to red musk.
  13. theredkilt

    Poet's Hearts Break So

    Poet's... echoes strongly Zorya P. I think Poet's is a bit more transparent, fluffier and easier to wear. If i didn't own Zorya P., I'd gladly bottle this.
  14. theredkilt

    Fierce Midnights and Famishing Morrows

    I interpret the blend the following way: a tobacco fuzzy mellow dry base intertwined with unsweetened plum. The lily doesn't register to me.
  15. theredkilt

    Peach Vulva 2024

    Freshly applied i get peach enveloped in a cloud of freshly ironed laundry steam, i guess.The peach here is not juicy sweet and as time goes, i pick up more of the steam accord. The peach goes MIA and I'm left with the a white pinkish haze of non-sweetened cream and lotus. Smells like a skincare product, like "peach and pink lotus petals" body lotion