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  1. theredkilt

    We Cared About Such Different Things

    Starts off musky, obviously, but still the musk variety is hard to pin down. Over time, the white musk wins and becomes more and more sharp and aggressive, like in Othello.
  2. theredkilt


    Shadow echoes, to my nose, The Lion (GC Collection). It starts out so nice and the bay rum adds an interesting layer, but 30 minutes later the scent disappears entirely from my skin.
  3. theredkilt

    The Silver Dollar

    I was always contemplating purchasing a bottle, but wasn't quite sure if it would get along with my skin chemistry. I'm happy to report that it's not a sharp or tart white tea...i suspect the musk and iris keep it in check. The musk and iris take over the tea note and turn the scent into a clean off-white concoction. I'd associate this scent with medical assistants and white hospital rooms. Very serene and calming and suggestive of safe and sanatized hospital spaces.
  4. theredkilt

    Wild Nights – Wild Nights!

    This blend is from the family of dense chewy musky patch scents, like Crowley or Satyr. It takes some time for it to develop and it's a strong morpher. Once it dries, i get echoes of dusty red musk mingled with dry balck musk and some patch and it works very well. As time goes by, the scent gets drier - a musky spicy patch. Very elegant and will work best in the cooler months of autumn. I'm tempted to get a bottle, but i fear i won't use it up entirely, so the decant will suffice.
  5. Been wearing this for 2 days in a row and it clicked for me that it smells a lot like Lambs Wool. If you're low on these dumplings, seek Lambs Wool as an alternative.
  6. theredkilt

    Insatiable Woman

    The opening is not for the faint hearted. It takes around 30 min for the funkiness to calm down. In the end i get muted magnolias over a woody musky base with some distant funk echoes in the background. Proceed with caution!
  7. theredkilt

    Honey, Green Tea, and Khus

    The start was so promising and the 3 notes worked so well, untill the drydown decided to stand me up. Not sure what I'm smelling here, but it doesn't resemble any of the 3 notes. Bummer 😕
  8. theredkilt

    Honey and Ylang Ylang

    The opening is giving me full on white floral ambush, a bit indolic and dense. The floral part smells more like honeysuckle. As it wears off, the ylang comes out, but surprisingly ends smelling like white soft chrysanthemum petals. I will keep my decant and test it in the fall.
  9. theredkilt

    Penis Penetrating a Vagina in a Pickle Barrel

    This is very short lived on my skin. It's a blast of everything lemon in a refreshing way. The opening reminds me a lot of Kumiho. If you have Kumiho, you won't need this blend.
  10. theredkilt

    Sparrows in Flight

    Two year later, it's a smoky dense tart peach oud. I get an element of fuel viscosity that envelops the entire concoction with a tart peach bow on top of it.
  11. theredkilt


    The vanilla mint stomps over every other note here. Once the mint goes away, it turns into a soft fluffy cloud of sweetness, pulling in together the remaining notes, minus the red currant.
  12. theredkilt

    Masculine orris

    Old Moon 2022 ?
  13. theredkilt


    Bast on my skin reads as a brown colored version of Morocco. By brown colored i mean that it takes a more gourmand facet, but ultimately dries down to more a meatier version of Morocco.
  14. theredkilt

    Sugar Plum Snow White

    More Snow Plum forward. The Snow White is almost muted. After some time, i get a plummy sweet floral, with the Snow White note echoing distantly in the background.
  15. theredkilt

    Sugar Plum Goblin

    This iteration of Goblin smoothes out the gnarly patchouli note and amps up the sweet notes, yet it doesn't smell plummy at all. If you wanted a sweeter Goblin, this one is for you.