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  1. theredkilt

    Recommendations for a single man

    Scents akin to Prada Infusion D'Homme: Oberon Cthulhu Olokun Y’ha-Nthlei Neutral Dirty Ogygia The Sea Foams Blood Scents akin to Amen and Gucci 2: Grog Blood Kiss Black Rider Vice Centzon Totochtin Lightning Baobhan Sith Kumiho Shanghai Mad Hatter Tweedledee Night Gaunt
  2. theredkilt

    Who Would Not Tremble Too?

    2017 bottle: I have to be honest, i was expecting totally something different from this blend. It's a green floral (with stems) dipped in honey, with a bitter undertone. Later on, it comes off as an orange blossom blend with a green vegetal edge, coated in gentle honey. I was expecting much more lightness and airiness. At this point, this scent feels heavy to me.
  3. theredkilt

    Blackcurrant Glogg

    This reads to me as an autumnal blend. The black currant comes alive in the beginning, but after 10 minutes the the boozy and spicy notes take over in a gentle way and reminds me a bit of the Lab's Halloween apple cider blends. Overall, it's a restrained blend, it doesn't beg for attention and appropriate for evening wear.
  4. theredkilt

    Herbert West

    It's a beautiful citrus-floral scent. Herbert West has a white rose note that goes so well with the aftershave and embalming fluid components. The white rose comes out the most on my skin and the citrus-aftershave notes just round out the scent.
  5. theredkilt

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    i let my bottle age for 7-8 months after purchasing it, a decision i made after testing a fresh Zorya P., which was very powdery. Cut to 8 months later, this is a beautiful vanilla veil with wisps of amber and light tobacco. Very ethereal and comforting.
  6. theredkilt

    Luna Azul 2018

    This oil has to be applied lightly, so easy on the wand or "trigger"! It's a beautiful floral oriental blend, with the frank and amber mingling together and jasmine rounding out the edges. I smell the caramelized aspect of the amber and it goes so well with the jasmine, while the frankincense grounds the amber and gives the whole scent a slightly churchy vibe.If you are an amber/frankincense fan give this a try. Very potent and mysterious.
  7. theredkilt

    The Season of Ghosts

    I get this high voltage of citrus notes, mainly lemongrass and blood orange, enveloped by the geranium, geranium leaves to be more specific. I smell no frank or ginger. It's a well rounded citrus herbal scent a tad sharp, but very wearable and finally frankincense shows up and acts more as a fixative base.
  8. theredkilt

    Frostbitten Dorian

    Imagine Snow White putting her arms around Dorian. It's much more of a subdued Dorian, only the lemony musky notes peek here and there, while the frostbitten aspect dominates, like a clean blanket of fluffy sweet almond snow.
  9. theredkilt

    Tennis Match

    This one of the more tamer grassy scents, unlike Venus Murcia, which was an overload of freshly mown grass dipped in oakmoss. It's inevitably green, but with a cleaner edge. The throw is medium, but very pleasant. I wish the white pepper asserted itself more.
  10. theredkilt

    Chocolate Rum Scarab

    What a beautiful combo of notes. I get the blast of chilly mint against the dark chocolate. The mint fades in time and i'm left with a non-boozy dark chocolate, a bit sweet and soothing,
  11. theredkilt

    Frostbitten Blood Amber

    This blend has nothing in common with the GC Blood Amber. The frostbitten blood amber is so opulent and flamboyant. It asserts itself and takes no prisoners. It's a boudoir scent, powdery, oozing carnal lust and an unspoken invitation to engage in acts of fornication.
  12. theredkilt

    Gingerbread, Vetiver, and Black Currant

    This has gone terribly wrong on my skin. The black currant smells like nail polish remover, very chemical and drowned out the other notes. This black currant note is the same one as in Blackcurrant Sufganiyot, which doesn't make the blend tolerable to me at all :(
  13. theredkilt

    Een Satyr

    It's a rather quiet scent, but dense and oily in texture. The balsams sort of meld together and you get this viscous blend with some woodiness to lighten it up and cognac to give it a gentle bite. I expected this to be dirtier and heavier, yet still it's not something i'd reach for that often.
  14. theredkilt


    Right from the start, cardamom is the star of this perfume. The cardamom is not sweet, rather more fragrant and rounded. It has some zing from the pepper and some kind of "mintiness" or "frost" note (not the Snow White one). It's like a frosty cardamom chilly scent. A clean white spice scent, if i may say so.
  15. theredkilt

    Twilight Grooming Scene

    Watery pine needles and violet leaf. Kind of mellow and subdued.