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  1. theredkilt

    Being, Like, Really Smart

    It's a beautiful resinous lavender with gentle strokes of black pepper, but it's so much more. The blend has a soporific and buttery texture and the lavender gives it a swift kick. Very very evocative and beautiful.
  2. theredkilt

    Voodoo Lily

    Freshly applied it smelled really citrusy and high pitched. But after 1 hour i smell a delicate soapy lily.
  3. theredkilt


    This is an usual blend that makes BPAL stand out in the sea of perfume houses. It's hard for me to pin point specifically what i'm smelling, but i can say for a fact that i get vetiver, wood, some sort of musk, maybe opium and something that conjures or mimics engine oil or oily residues. This is a dark woody oily blend.
  4. theredkilt

    A Chance Meeting in Springtime

    On my skin the fig meat blooms and goes in tandem with the sandalwood. The milky white musk rounds out the fig around the edges. No sign of the peach. Milky (a little powdery) fleshy sweet fig. Very breezy and yummy smelling.
  5. theredkilt

    Squelette et Fantôme

    A shimmering white musk lavender with very faint traces of cacao. Reminds me a bit of the 2016 Lilith waiting, except that one was smelling a bit cleaner.
  6. theredkilt

    Carry Me

    The lavender fougere is pretty herbal and hit me so hard in the face. The vanilla cookie notes emerge later, but they just seem to clash with the sharp lavender and over time it reads as lavender shampoo. I guess the lavender variety used in this blend is not suited for my skin.
  7. theredkilt

    Morning at Fuschlsee

    This blend is a morpher alright. Upon drydown it reminds of a shower gel i used to own last decade and also of an aquatic commercial perfume from the early 00s. It is better suited for a guy in his senior high school year or early 20s. The smell that emerges is so hard pin point: it's a thin, sharp and chilly note (bergamot mingled with florals) over a frost note that i identify as bath products. Best use is sweltering summer days, but do not over apply.
  8. theredkilt

    Beware: Pickpockets!

    I was expecting honestly more peppermint and bitter citrus notes. It reminds me so much of the 2016 Yule Cherophobia. It's a sweet cheery citrus blend, no bitterness, no peppermint, just sweetened/ sugared citrus fruits.
  9. theredkilt

    Honeyed Champaca Blossom and Basmati Rice

    Fresh, it smells like warm steamed rice and this stage smells so real and authentic. The rice sweetens gradually and the steamed rice note gets drier over time. This is so unusual and mind-boggling. Really enjoying this blend.
  10. theredkilt

    Humorous Copulation

    It's a simple joyous scent. Creamy lemon lotus. Doesn't last long, though. However, very pleasant and light. Reminds me of last year's Luper "Hojojitsu", but the latter was much more complex and longer lasting and that had almond and red currant notes.
  11. theredkilt


    Spicy milky frankincense. I'm always on the lookout for this type of blends. Very evocative and cuddly. Reminds me of Kenzo's oriental fragrances. The rice milk mingles so well with the frankincense and the vanilla sweetens the whole concoction a tiny tiny bit. The clove comes out later and adds a bit of zing (reminding me a bit of carnation) and gosh, iy makes the entire blend sing on my skin! I will retest this again and contemplate on acquiring a bottle.
  12. theredkilt

    Government Officials at an Orgy

    I don't get black tea from this. It has a spicy, a tad savory vibe; could be the clove and blackcurrant? Totally not what i was expecting. The black tea smells like a cup of cooled off brewed tea leaves, with a little kick from the cloves, but not in any way astringent or pungent. Still very ethereal and calming, gender neutral, stripped off any sweetness. If you love quiet dry black tea scents with a hint of spice, get this!
  13. theredkilt

    Eyeball Seaboar Alchemy Lab

    Wet, it smells like Mary Read, but as it dries down the salt comes through more and so does the the honeyed patchouli. It's a woody moderately salty-sweet blend. If you are a fan of Mary Read and want a savory interpretation of it, get Eyeball Seaboar!
  14. theredkilt

    Die Jungfrau

    This such a breezy fuzzy lemon-fig scent with a dusting of thyme. I get no lavender, which was so strong upon initial application and it would not calm down. But then the most beautiful drydown emerged: a refreshing sweet fig - lemon drink infused with dried thyme leaves. Love!
  15. theredkilt

    Closing the Bamboo Curtain

    Green citric bamboo that slowly fades away. Can't believe there's no citrus in here.