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  1. theredkilt

    Sleeping Cat

    So i blind bought "Sleeping Cat" over "By day she made herself into a cat". Wrong call. Sleeping Cat on my skin is balsam with a glitter of pine. I was expecting a completely different kind of amber. As time goes by, Sleeping Cat develops a faint salty vibe. I wanted the somnambulent purring amber, but looks like the cat decided to relocate under the Christmas Tree.
  2. theredkilt

    How to Write the Beat of Love

    This is one of the rare instances when the red musk behaves on my skin and doesn't take center stage. "How to write the beat of love" reminds me in composition of the GC Mania, red musk with fruits, only here it's more complex considering the multitude of notes. Upon drydown i get a perfect balance of mango with honey anchored on a bed of unassuming red musk. The gardenia and champa blossom are more apparent when freshly applied, but i guess they meld sleemlessly into the mango/honey/red musk melange. I'm happy this works on my skin and the red musk behaves for a chnage.
  3. theredkilt

    Sweet Amber, Praline, and Patchouli

    This is a nutty bready chewy concoction with a slight kick of sticky praline that reads to me like liquid caramel. I don't get the patchouli. If you like caramel/ butterscotch/ praline scents but want something more subtle, look this way.
  4. theredkilt

    Coffee Bean, Jasmin Sambac, and Vanilla

    A lot of dense narcotic non-sweet jasmine. There's a smoky element probably coming from the coffee bean? I get no vanilla. Reminds a lot of the jasmine from Luna Azul.
  5. theredkilt

    The Initiator

    A beautiful resinous frankincense blend. It has an additional layer of resinous sweetness. It reminds me a lot of Penitence or at least leaning in that realm. After some time, it goes drier but still retains the sweetness.
  6. theredkilt

    Cluster of Cherry Blossoms

    I received a ful bottle and by accident spilled half of it on the carpet. The cherry blossom opens up as a laundry detergent to my nose, but is quickly put in check by the honey and rose musk. The drydown registers as light honey with little kicks of high pitched cherry.
  7. theredkilt

    White Silk Chrysanthemum

    At first i get sparkiling shimmering aldehydes. After that they dissipate and i get the smell of a plugged in hot iron, you when its surface is heated up and you're about to iron your clothes, that's what i'm smelling. Hot iron steam!
  8. theredkilt

    Tie Me

    This is a chameleon of a scent. I was getting ripe pineapple, then other times i was getting sour sweet pineapple kick over a woodsy base; now after a couple of days i'm getting the hemp accord. Overall, it's my favourite scent from all the Lupers collection this year. Imagine a juicy sparkling pineapple slice with whiffs of woody hemp.
  9. Testing this 2nd time around. It's quite the journey. The first time around i got really dense peach cream and the peach was slowly going into canned peach syrup territory. Later on it morphs into fresh out of the oven peach pie or cobbler with emphasis on the pastry/crust which oozes delicious sweet creamy peaches. In the end I'm left with the decadent creamy warm pastry. The 2nd time around it dawned on me that it gave me strong Tamora vibes, except Tamora is more slender, while this Shunga blend is a more beefed up creamier (with the emphasis on the sweet cream) unapologetically diet-killer version of Tamora.
  10. theredkilt

    Dark Chocolate, Coffee Bean, and Rum

    The rum comes swinging out the door smelling a bit too much like butterscotch and the coffee bean shyly joins the debauchery, but retreats as fast as possible.
  11. theredkilt

    Copulating Couple Mimicking a Pose in a Shunga Book

    green, planty, fragrant, minty shimmering, anchored in patchouli and moss
  12. theredkilt

    The Tea House

    My skin brings out the green tea and plum notes the most. This is mostly a fresh tea infused with plum (the plum is not sweet, just fresh).
  13. theredkilt

    To Lallie

    this is a pale and ethereal scent on my skin....a fluffly marshmallow type of rose with just enough sweetness from the honey and vanilla. If you're a fan of Love from the 2013 Lilith Drawings collection, then Lallie may be up your alley as it smells more refined and polished.
  14. theredkilt

    Discarded Images of the Floating World

    a varierty of teas, greenery, some leather....smells interesting and unexpected and well blended...i like where this is going...it sweetens up a bit, possibly from the mint leaf...this is such an atmospheric scent...the greenery is almost 3d and in you can almost feel it in your face...the leather note is lurking queitly in the background....i'm warming up to this blend...will do a retest again in the coming days.