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Nasty Woman

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Nasty Woman: black fig and patchouli, filthy bourbon vanilla, honeyed amber oud, and loukhoum.

In the bottle: Patchouli up front, something musky (the oud?), and deep down, the round sweetness of the fig.

On my skin:

Wet, it's patchouli and fig in equal amounts, with patchouli very quickly snatching the dominant role. At this stage, it's earthy and almost smoky.

Ultimately, the fig does come out to play a little bit on me, but overall, the blend remains a sweet, smoky scent.

Sadly, it's not a scent that's quite "me" so I don't have occasion to use Nasty Woman all that much.

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On me, Nasty Woman starts off strong on the black fig and black patchouli, with some of the honeyed part of the honeyed amber oudh. I get a bit of the rose water part of the loukhoum once dry, but after a while, it's all about the black fig, black patchouli, and the oudh. The vanilla is barely there on me, trying to smooth things over. This is a very dark scent with strong throw and great staying power.


This isn't something I could see myself wearing as I tend to prefer scents with more sweetness to them, but I am really glad that I was able to try it! :)

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Wet: Fig overpowers everything, with an interesting bourbon scent.  Figs soaking in spirits- it's probably the honey amber scent.


Dry: The fig dies down and the amber and vanilla come forward, with a subtle earthy spice that must be the patchouli. They all mix very well together.  The overall power of the scent also backs off a bit, not strong but not subtle either.


I was pleasantly surprised by this blend! I was wary about purchasing without sampling, but I knew the money would be going to two good organizations.

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