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  1. Bassmastadroog

    Snaky-Hair’d Moirai Many-Form’d

    Another warm and witchy scent for the win! Starts off with golden, mellow tobacco. It has the barest hint of dark vanilla, but this is more scorched than sweet. Red incense. I have smelled similar BPAL’s, but this is one of my favorite scent profiles. It’s very similar to The Witch Strega, a dark red, lightly vanillic, lightly smoldering beauty. This one just has a more heavy tobacco which I love. Definitely glad I bought a bottle!
  2. Bassmastadroog

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    This is so beautiful. I ordered another bottle immediately after trying on my first one. A deep velvety red scent. The poster who said this scent is like CP Insects is spot on. The opoponax and patchouli/fruits is instantly Insects, but this is a whole different color. While Insects was dark and shiny green to me, this one is vampy red. It’s warm, and beautiful…with an incensy quality. The tobacco keeps the scent from floating off…it deepens over time into something thick and interesting.
  3. Bassmastadroog

    Dead Blonde

    Interesting. This is totally an atmospheric scent. Definite wilting corsage with the most realistic tea/white rose. The eerie part about it is that there is a sinister dead scent to the roses, just a tad turned at the edges. These roses are pale and muted in color, definitely crisping up. Not sure how I feel about wearing that part, though it is incredibly realistic. The honeyed lip gloss is very sweet at first but quickly dries into a slightly artificial and understated trace of smell. I only detect the suntan lotion on the occasional waft and it has a plasticky sort of coconut, but it makes the scent really come together toward the atmosphere it’s trying to create. I’ll have to wear this a few times before I decide to keep it. Super interesting but not sure it’s for me.
  4. Bassmastadroog

    Doc Constantine (2015)

    This is warm and strong. I got a sniffie of this a few years ago and have been wanting a big bottle ever since. Just ordered my first! On skin there’s almost a cinnamon coffee vibe. Not heavy. Slightly smoky, warm spice. I think the spice is the effect of the black amber and leather. Black amber is sweet but powdery on me usually, and the leather tempers the powder. Cedar is just there to add a slight rugged backdrop. The scent is overall a very worn musk with some smoke atop an old brown leather. It’s awesome. It’s very fall-esque. If you use the terms, it is more masculine but wearable and cozy enough for anyone.
  5. Bassmastadroog

    Like the Very Gods

    A very olive forward, lightly sweet but not gourmand, airy scent. Very clean but absolutely not soapy. Beautiful, ethereal. Olive blossom is one of my favorite scents on earth and I live to see it in scents but it doesn’t happen often. This is just to die for. Immediately ordered a second bottle after trying my original blind bottle.
  6. Bassmastadroog

    The Cat

    I do smell the benzoin, cedar, honey, and musk altogether. What a nice effect! I love how the combo cuts off the rough edges of both cedar and honey for me…instead of foodie honey and rough shaved cedar it’s just fuzzy and familiar. This is so comforting, and really does have the effect of what I call ‘cat head smell’ (the top of my cats’ heads)!
  7. Bassmastadroog

    Scorched Oak & Blonde Tobacco

    This isn’t as thick of a tobacco scent as I was expecting. It does start off very woody…scorched for sure. It is a bit acrid at the opening…though doesn’t have a lot of throw so it’s not overwhelming. A wave of the wrist brings out the rounded tobacco note, slightly soapy as this version of tobacco usually does on me. Once it settles, it has a sweet quality. This is the part that is actually beautiful. When it becomes a full duet, I don’t detect as much soap, nor acrid scorch. It’s not a vanillin sweetness…not gourmand…but just a gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous sweet tobacco wood. WOW. Upon first dab I absolutely did not find this that appealing but it is absolutely beautiful.
  8. Bassmastadroog

    No. 93 Engine

    A light wisp of smoke over a warm, herby, lemony wax. Smells a bit like a clean wooden table with incense. There’s a polished rich wood note when all the scents combine, and a fresh lemon beeswax. It is really nice. I like the gentle smoke effect. I don’t know how much I love the lemon so I don’t know if I’ll be using it…but I will get use out of my imp!
  9. Bassmastadroog

    A Night In the French Quarter

    When I first tried this on I didn’t like it. It almost smelled like the taste of a popsicle stick. Weird almost internal nasal wood smell. Hard to explain. Thought about selling it, but then I tried it on again and it’s this purple petrichor plum. Maybe a little lavender to cool it off. Feels like an open window on a rainy day, flowers hanging. It’s really pretty. I definitely get some sweet benzoin. Classy, beautiful New Orleans rain city perfume.
  10. Bassmastadroog

    Leave Her, Jonny

    In the bottle, to me…spiced rum and fig. A good shot of rum in a dark jar next to juicy figs. Initially on the skin, spiiiiicccced rum, with fig in place of the real boozy part of the rum. Patchouli isn’t detectable to me as a scent by itself, but it holds the perfume down and darkens it a shade. It has a period of time where it smells like a Kirkland’s, or some other darkened, chic furniture place with stock landscape art. Maybe potpourri. Not a common potpourri, but nonetheless. The perfumey stage starts to trail into a spiced rum with a mild patchouli edge with some coconut floating around. I like this stage alright. It does have an early hollywood, vintage perfume vibe to it that I kind of dig. It’s more luxurious once the coconut enters the scene. Dries down into very little other than lightly spiced fruit. It is just a bit close to something “in a bowl” as a poster said above…so I don’t know that I’ll keep it.
  11. Bassmastadroog

    Two Frames

    Light, sweet cake with very herbal lavender. Beautiful onset, but is very fleeting on me. Disappears after a few minutes.
  12. Bassmastadroog

    Falling Leaves Moon 2020

    In the bottle: hay-ish vetiver and carrot with bay. Grassy but not ‘fresh.’ Texture is crunchy. On skin: hay and bay. Chewy, warm tobacco rising up beneath the bay. Maybe a breath of saffron? If so it’s super light, and only contributes a sprinkle to the overall spice effect. Drydown: a breath of cinnamon (not hot) and tobacco with some vetiver/carrot leftovers. I could say there’s a little cardamom but the spices at this point are just mixed to create a single spice effect. Smells like a more masculine linger of cologne at this point, dominated by vetiver. Not a fan. I loved the description more than the scent I’m afraid.
  13. Bassmastadroog

    Hashigo-Nori Hair Gloss

    At first spray this is quite ‘old lady,’ indistinguishable notes, a dried melange of florals. While drying, a certain spice makes its appearance. I don’t get any vanilla in the sweet sense. Some antique smelling sandalwood with a richness to it, overlaid by dried rose petals. A white laced young woman in a fantasy film like Legend would smell like this. Mystery and allure, purity.
  14. Bassmastadroog

    Dusk in Autumn

    Very subdued. The root and the dead leaves/smoke are prominent on me. Ever so slight baked and dried cake component. Truly smells like a floral tea (but smoked floral) with a dry cake somewhere in the background. It’s so unique. Very dark. It is quite fall to me and I can say I’ve never smelled anything quite like it. I’m loving it.
  15. Bassmastadroog

    Sed Non Satiata

    I can barely smell this, and when I try it’s musky soap. When I forget I’m wearing anything and I waft my hair around, it smells like warm, lovely, honeyed skin. I don’t know what to make of this!