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  1. Bassmastadroog

    To Lallie

    I never got to smell KVT, but this does remind me of a fresher rose version of Dead Blonde, almost exactly. To Lallie is like what DB would smell like before it went out to put suntan lotion on and sit by the pool. Beautiful fresh rose, honey, and a little coconut milk. I think the rest of the notes are providing a little more of a sweet dimension. I love DB, and To Lallie is like a close dead ringer, but with a fresher rose. Love it!
  2. Bassmastadroog

    Altarpiece - No1 - Group X

    I got this perfume because this has been one of my favorite bpal collections in a long time, and also the art by Klimt. I basically told myself it HAD to be good because I had to have it. I am honestly shocked. It’s beautiful. It’s like the prettiest, springtime incense with some dark allure. I guess you could say that the idea of a prism has been represented so well here. It really does smell like a glinting, bright, prism exploding in all its glory. I do not like orange/mandarin as a rule usually. Here it becomes an almost gilded fruit with the fuzzy gold incense, taking away the sour fruitiness that I normally am not into. Gosh it’s almost impossible for me to really identify the rest other than the slightly sweet plum and indigo musk. It just all comes together in such a wild mix. This was a random/surprise winner that I’ll be wearing all spring and summer. This collection is truly fantastic and I hope it stays for a long while.
  3. Bassmastadroog

    Dulle Griet

    This is quintessential banger BPAL to me. It’s a green, spicy, incensy high of a scent. Can definitely smell the bay leaf up front- gorgeous. It’s got a little bit of a bite paired with the cassis and clove. The black sandalwood gives it the witchy store vibe. I think the rose is contributing, but barely. This is such a beautiful scent because I feel like all the notes are equally present. This is gorgeous. Definitely getting another bottle of this. It’s like a smokey green jewel, but not sappy green, dark velvety green.
  4. Bassmastadroog

    Carved Wooden Cultist Lair

    Screechy soap at first. Definitely cologne for me after. Cologne incense, polished wood. It’s incredibly masculine to me. The drydown has less of the cologne and more of the woody incense. It’s actually pretty attractive at this stage. A little goes a long way. I can certainly pull this off and I will enjoy having this as a part of my more masculine scents. Clean smelling wood and incense lingers, as if the wood was not only polished but recently soap scrubbed.
  5. Bassmastadroog

    The Love Potion

    Ahhh neroli! I have never really known what neroli smelled like. I know it’s in so many perfumes but now that I know it’s front and center I know what it is. The neroli mixing with the dark fruits and incense with the slight powdered rose is creating a super high end fragrance. It’s beautifully classic/vintage.
  6. Bassmastadroog

    Skeleton Hands

    A thick burst of bourbon cream in the opening, a hint of potentially fresh ink, then for me I mostly smell bourbon cream and myrrh smoke/frankincense resin throughout the drydown. At first I thought this was a generic sweet smelling perfume and wasn’t into it. Then the more I tried it the more it held on to that bourbon statement. I think the woody notes ground that. I really like it!
  7. Bassmastadroog

    Boo v3

    I’ve never tried the original Boo but I got a frottle from the lab of Boo v3 with my recent order! Clean vanilla, slightly powdery citrus, clean linen. It’s pretty! I definitely will enjoy this in the summer. It reminds me a little of Zorya P, I’d need to compare to find out exactly, but in my memory it’s so similar.
  8. Bassmastadroog

    Oda a la Luz Encantada

    Ugh this is beautiful. It’s so fresh and feminine. I do get a classic perfume vibe which I attribute to the pear blossom, but it’s just relentlessly pretty and easy to wear. Definitely creamy, slight fruit, and ever so slight hint of warmth. Its grown on me every time I’ve worn it. This morning when I put it on I was actually shocked at how pretty it was.
  9. Bassmastadroog

    Haunt 2021

    Slightly smoky/straw like leaves with slightly warm Snake Oil, but not the spices of Snake Oil…it’s like Dorian is tempering it because I get that ever so slight vanillic tea floating around. I think lavender blends in to help that. It’s a subtle mix and it’s actually quite beautiful. If I didn’t know all of those perfume blends were in this I would have no idea what it was, just that it had an exciting familiarity to it…but also something very unique. It smells less like a perfume and more of an outside air, something you’d pick up outside and bring it in with you on a jacket. I love how natural it is! This one is a definite winner!!
  10. Bassmastadroog

    A Savage Veil, Severe and Strong

    Someone above said this was a less sweet and more unisex Mme. Moriarty. I agree, and it may be too understated for me in that regard because I LOVE Mme. Moriarty. Perfumey plum, and I don’t smell any other notes individually…but there is a cool and earthy quality to it. Almost smells like there is a dirt note in it. that must be the tobacco. I had to slather more on because I was kind of anosmic to it. Dirt and plum. Gosh it’s kind of nice. I’m going to see how I feel throughout the day but it’s definitely in the vein of the Crimson Peak scents, it feels high end even though I’m catching that earthy note.
  11. Bassmastadroog

    Snaky-Hair’d Moirai Many-Form’d

    A tad soapy at the opening. I barely smell the tobacco, or what I think might be happening is that the tobacco is merging hard with the labdanum, which is removing a lot of the thick tobacco I was hoping for and replacing it with soap. As it sits, it’s getting warmer and more nuanced. Incensey. Smells like a nice incense (not hippie) that you’d smell while walking into a shop that sells woven mats, crystal necklaces, etc. Ever so slightly almost floral or fruity smelling. If I didn’t have anything like this I’d probably keep it, if it was my first foray into incense. It’s a really nice and eclectic perfume. Overall not for me though as it’s mildly generic smelling compared to the rest of BPAL’s catalogue.
  12. Bassmastadroog

    Pyramid of Skulls

    WOW French tobacco. Fully. Sandalwood creates a really nice warmth. This would be mouth watering on my husband. Again, WOW. I’m keeping it for myself, but I will be dabbing it on him. SO rugged and good.
  13. Bassmastadroog

    Still Life With Dooting Skull

    Man I’m trying to duke it out between this and Cognac Stained Sheet Ghost because they’re similar scent profiles. Sweet vanilla with woodsy backdrops. This one has the root beer quality, but if the rootbeer had nutmeg in it. Slightly spicy. I do like this a lot, but if someone smells you they will 100% say you smell like root beer so that’ll be what you’ll want to have going for you as you purchase this scent. I wouldn’t know there was coconut if I didn’t read the scent list, but likely because it blends in with the rootbeer quality. As it dries there’s a creamy aspect to it, and that might be it.
  14. Bassmastadroog

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    This is a total hit for me. It’s a vanilla perfume with an edge. A marshmallowy floating scent with tall tendrils of balsam pulling it back down. It has a very woodsy and mature quality to it. Truly a unique and sweet fragrance.
  15. Bassmastadroog

    In Time of Plague

    Blast of soapy rose and a smidge of tobacco. If I try to make out the individual scents I can detect them, but the scent leads with absolutely overwhelming soap. After a moment, clove starts to warm the scent. Clovey tobacco comes through with an antiseptic backdrop of soap. Gets my sinuses a bit. It dries down to something that resembles Zombi, with the dried roses and dirt. It’s very funereal. It’s honestly not bad, and it evokes a very dark and deathly presence. A very well dressed woman with unknown intentions, shrouded in mystery would wear this.