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  1. Bassmastadroog

    Insatiable Widow

    Beautiful scent. Very high end orient perfume smell that turns softly sensual. The opening is straight jasmine tea, which is one of my favorite scents in the world. Then it enters its green/ginger phase as the jasmine tea cools. As it dries down it gets warm/clovey, ambery and green. This scent morphs so much from beginning to end. Starts out jasmine tea and ends in amber/clove. It maintains most of the notes all the way through, each stage shifting prominence. This is a great scent. I am kind of obsessed. I’ve worn it three days in a row now.
  2. Bassmastadroog

    Cascade of Spring Blossoms

    This is exactly what I was hoping for!! Exotic, romantic, almost the scent memory of a breathless flirtation. Very high end ‘red’ perfume smell, or just high end material smell grounded by warm mahogany. Sweet round lotus, just nestled into red sweet cream. Ever so slight leather giving a sexy edge, but if you were to tell me it was a leather perfume and I didn’t know the notes I wouldn’t think it. Red sandalwood doing its sexy incense thing. High throw. So good. Bombshell scent for sure.
  3. Bassmastadroog

    Cat at the Table

    Beautiful fresh white tea, a little roasty and citrusy. I don’t smell much else, but this is a beautiful white tea scent. I’m hoping it’ll age with a little more of a woody nature.
  4. Bassmastadroog

    It Jittered Out of the Woods

    Omg this is sweet and dry grassy out of the bottle, like vanilla hay? It’s not at all what I expected! Immediately excited to put it on. Wow, very sweet. That myrrh is cranked up to 11. There’s a slight ozoneish backdrop. Is there dead leaves in this perhaps? I get an ever so slight cologne but I think I’ve only ever smelled DL once. I do think I smell the corn. Wearable for sure, not as atmospheric as one would think. Very sweet, slight cologny ozone. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet! Gonna let it sit and retest after a spell.
  5. Bassmastadroog

    Sugar Skull

    2023. My first experience with Sugar Skull in the 2023 version. All these years of bpal’ing and I never picked it up, so here we are! This is not even remotely what I expected. It’s definitely candied fruit, but nothing overly sweet, more dark and dried/floral fruit. The sugars are more complex than I expected too. Nothing is just ‘white sugar, sweet.’ There’s a caramelized edge to it. It smells like an aura of someone or somewhere quite foreign. I almost expected this to be like a candle or a generic sweet smell but it’s not at all. There’s something mature and maybe even perfumey about it. I am shocked at how much I love this!
  6. Bassmastadroog


    Super weird, but I ended up loving it. Champagne dominates. On the skin, the sugar gets involved, which I like. On me there is a very slight absinthe, but really not enough to notice it’s there. The overall product ends up smelling like a rather nice high end perfume worn by someone who is holding a glass of champagne.
  7. Bassmastadroog

    Magic Double Chunk Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Okay, I’m extremely disappointed in this one. I’m going to let it sit longer and then test it again. In the bottle, chocolateish with something odd that might be something that’s supposed to be marijuana? I was looking for the nose numbing weed smell or at least something akin to other weed blends I’ve smelled. On skin, complete plastic. Idk what happened! Almost like hot plastic left outside in the sun with a shred of leftover chocolate on it. Instant pass- but I’m going to test it again this week to see if anything has changed.
  8. Bassmastadroog

    Black Silk Orchid

    Immediately beautiful in the bottle. Dark, alluring, and a black sheen of a scent. Idk why exactly but this scent reminds me of the scene in Twin Peaks with the guy and the plants all over his house. It is a little campy! It’s something a dark and vampy woman walking through the rain going to solve a mystery would wear. It’s got this almost candyish edge/black musk thing and definitely smells like a silk flower. I’d only be able to wear this scent if I had some serious evening out- I love it but it’s so extra. It’s not offensive to the nose in any way- it’s pretty- but it’s such a statement.
  9. Bassmastadroog


    In the bottle: almost a chemical leathery quality paired with opoponax. This is my most anticipated scent in a while. I loved the art and the idea of the scent Wow. Very chemical. I can palpably feel the bleached cave and scales. Quite metallic. Opoponax has all but disappeared into the background at this point. I can detect some moss slathered over a very humble white musk. It’s ever so earthy, but not by way of dirt, more like cold cave. If you’ve ever been in a cave and taken a whiff of a rock, this is a lot like that. Sheer, cold, damp, with the palest sweet quality. Theres also this ever so slight weird resin. Without this, the scent would not be wearable to me. It’s ever so slight. It’s not hippy shop, but it’s like if you bought a rock at a hippy shop, took it home, and it still had a touch of incense on it weeks later. I don’t know how to feel about this scent. Wasn’t what I expected, but in reality this is what I should have expected, if that makes sense. I think I like it. When it was threatening to go totally ozone/chemical at first I did not- but when the other notes appeared and that resin quality came out I started to understand it. I think I dig it. It’s super unique, especially with that resin quality (moon milk?). But beware: it’s exactly what it says it is. You’re going to be wearing a bleached cave rock moss scent. Do with that what you will.
  10. Bassmastadroog

    Neglected Calligraphy

    Green tea and pine in the bottle. Very refreshing and strong. On the skin the green tea still remains pretty heavily, with the pine. I’d order this drink. It’s like being served green tea with a cube of sugar and pine needles. There’s a light sweetness to it. That might be the resin. As it dries the ink starts becoming apparent instead of straight pine. It smells like my art supplies, my inks. This smells exactly like drinking said drink above on a freshly dewy morning with my drawing supplies. Throw/sillage is very light, I’m going to try to slather more on later. Very nice though! It’s like a darker and more refreshing Green Tree Viper without the vanilla spice.
  11. Bassmastadroog


    100% tulips in the bottle. This is a very seamlessly blended perfume where I can pick out zero of the notes on skin. That’s pretty rare for me. I’m not extremely familiar with a lot of different florals and the way they smell in real life although I love floral perfumes. As it wears, I can kiiiind of pick out the peony. Otherwise, this is a very fresh spring/high end scent. Definitely smells more mainstream, but I enjoy that. I think I was expecting something like De Vos Unicorn, or any number of those soft vanillic florals over the years that I love, but this is more perfume counter floral, white/pink in nature. Definitely going to be wearing this for more formal occasions, it’s not a casual oil.
  12. Bassmastadroog

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    In the bottle: a creamy and dusty/nose tickling vanilla amber. The first time I ever tried this scent it was completely powdery. It’s still a little powder to me. When it’s drying down it does have this light and ethereal mixture of ambergris and sheer tobacco petal. If I concentrate on it I can pick those scents out, but overall it’s a light brown scent to me, slightly golden powder vanilla. I do like it though. Reminds me of a version of Boo that I have (v7?). Not sure that I’ll keep it yet as I hate the powdery thing happening.
  13. Bassmastadroog


    Ooo. Almost peppery honeyed rose tea in the bottle. Omg wtffff is that silk note?! It’s distant but vaguely familiar. To me personally it’s unlike anything I’ve ever smelled. This is so sophisticated. Dries down into the super silky lightly honeyed tea rose laying on a bed of tea. This is truly as good as I was hoping, but a lot more unique.
  14. Bassmastadroog

    Coffee Bean, Jasmin Sambac, and Vanilla

    Straight out of the mail: vanilla jasmine sambac. Definitely floral, definitely vanilla, but not foodie or sweet. The effect of the vanilla and jasmine is the same as in La Prostitution et la Folie Dominent le Monde. Kind of creamy. The coffee bean is not 1/3 of this, it’s more of an idea. Like if you’ve ever smelled YSL Black Opium. The coffee note is a lot like that. An aura more than a coffee shop. This is a little like if you took the orange blossom out of Black Opium and replaced it with jasmine. The drydown ends up being perfumey, like a fancier scent. So far I REALLY LOVE IT. Jasmine is one of my favorite notes and I love Black Opium. I didn’t expect this scent to be what it is, as sophisticated as it is. I think I thought it might be more foody. I am so happy I tried this because its honestly so pretty.
  15. Bassmastadroog

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    This is definitely a ‘red’ scent to me, which may sound weird. Not a hot red, but like a juicy red with no fruit. Really candy sweet marshmallow and patchouli. It’s not a dusty marshmallow, as the benzoin really sweetens it up. Really good immediate throw, lasts quite a while. It’s strong. I like it enough, and am saddled with a full bottle so I’ll probably keep it and wear it out…but it’s not a *LOVE*.