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  1. Bassmastadroog


    Smell sanctified! A blend of pure, pious frankincense and graceful myrrh.  Yesss. Dry, resinous, slightly smoky frankincense and myrrh. To me, this is an ‘ultimate incense’ scent. Like if you want to smell like a pack of lightly sweet, run of the mill incense, this is perfect. I got a sample to make sure, but I’ll most definitely be buying a bottle.
  2. Bassmastadroog


    Honestly I really hoped I wouldn't have to buy any of these roses. I REALLY love this one. This is the only Luper I've fallen for. Has a strong likeness to The Last Unicorn. The vegetal scent with a little lush, sweet rose...and chocolate. It's lovely. I hadn't smelled TLU in years and this instantly jogged my memory of the chocolate and greenery.
  3. Bassmastadroog

    Body, Remember

    Holy crap. The champaca is so strong with that sugar cane. A dash of coconut is thrown in and on me it's mostly the scent of some lemon or lime wet n wild Chapstick. :/
  4. Bassmastadroog

    Carnaval Diabolique

    Going on lemony, but slightly creamy and vanillic (no sour tang) this scent nicely blends into an opium coconut. It's rather sophisticated. Someone earlier said its like a 'naughty Dorian.' It definitely has that vibe, what sets it apart from Dorian is that musky opium. I find that testing from imps (even if I dip the top of the tube on my arm) doesn't give me enough scent experience so I may actually try to look for a large bottle.
  5. Bassmastadroog


    I have a fairly aged imp here. Opening the cap, it's spicy milk, definitely almond! I think I get the toasted coconut, but it's not coconut forward at all. It is blended pretty seamlessly. Then, the round, watery fig. It blends very nicely and maturely (these notes are perfect together) but I lose longevity pretty quickly as soon as the full bodied almond milk scent disappears. Within fifteen minutes in left with a nondescript, toasted scent. Anything juicy or sweet disappears pretty quickly. While this blend started off with something special, it left much to be desired in a short period of time.
  6. Bassmastadroog

    The Best Lies

    Just chiming in to agree with everyone...The Best Lies is a beautiful, honeyed rose. It's a beautifully and casually attractive rose. You can wear this under any circumstance. It's feminine and quite unified. It cottoncandy's up in the drydown, but it suits the overall feel. I love it!
  7. Bassmastadroog

    Moon Rose

    Very soft, budded and dewy rose scent. The softest rose scent I own. A tad soapy floriental like Clarimonde (but her with her amber) but not sudsy and irritating to the nose, just a little more clean scented. I think it's a beautiful and soft scent!!! I equate it with early morning or evening cool temperatures.
  8. Bassmastadroog

    Two, Five & Seven

    WOW. I ordered a 5 ml unsniffed because it's very rare that a Bpal rose doesn't work on me, and I've heard so much about this particular perfume, I had to give it a go. A whole bunch of multicolored, fresh roses...a tad milky...and it's just bright and beautiful. I think I originally expected deep, voluptuous blooms...but this is so much more bouncy! It has the same feel as Alice to me, slight milk and that particular rose in here somewhere! I am soooo glad I got a bottle!
  9. Bassmastadroog

    Morning in the City of Angels

    I like this BECAUSE it has gardenia nuances! Holy moly! The vanilla tinged oak bark and floral stand out in unison. The mix of poppies and sunflower have a gardenia-like touch to me. Non synthetic, very fresh and real. Oak bark from Bpal is a favorite scent of mine. I can smell the slightest sugary milk over top of it, and it makes something altogether like a mix between Volcano in Springtime and La Prostitution, only with no Jasmine. Its been going strong with good throw for two hours now. I really like this one.
  10. Bassmastadroog


    Alisz to me is a very close 'pink' sibling to DeVos Unicorn. It opens with vanilla mint, but immediately in comes the rose mallow combo I fell in love with from DeVos. The red currant also becomes evident as a sweet red fruit in the undercarriage of the scent. I don't get frankincense yet, but I'm assuming that'll deepen a bit as it ages. Lasted 6 hours or so on me fresh out of the mailbox.
  11. Bassmastadroog


    I loved the sound of the notes- but every time I sniffed the bottle I couldn't get a feel for the right time to test it since it screamed of aggressive leather! As said- in the bottle, leather. Black jacket leather- and I love. Nothing medicinal about it- just very well worn in. The same leather as in Snake Skin. Like with Snake Skin, the sweetness of the bay rum (in Snake Skin, the Snake Oil) creates a worn, as others have said- cozy, feel. The patchouli tousles it slightly, so the result being if you flopped down on a couch at a party, right next to a young man with longish hair and a worn leather jacket, with the sweetest rum on his breath. It's got a skin type reminiscence too. This is a beautiful blend. I will say this for the OLLAs...they smell like the PEOPLE. They really smell like who they represent. Incredible.
  12. Bassmastadroog

    Death Cap

    I've always loved this scent! Haven't reviewed it yet, and I just got a new frimp so I think I shall... Imp: Earth! On skin: The soil scent stays true through the entire wear for me. What pushes through instantly after application is what might be benzoin? Or coconut husk. If it's not coconut, it's benzoin mixed with dirt that is creating the perception of coconut. I liken it to benzoin after my experience with Kit. A little woody- I don't get cedar like everyone else (I hate cedar) but it is some sort of wood. Toward the dry down its a strong coconutty smell with slight soil! The sweetness really takes over. It's quite a cute scent. Not my best soil blend, but very cute. May pick up a bottle one day in the future!
  13. Bassmastadroog

    Vanilla Orchid

    Seconding that this is a floral- NOT a gourmand scent, on me anyway. It's very clean, very white. Not sharp, and also not soapy. I rather enjoy this single note. I don't really have any idea of what I would layer it with. On its own it's just a really clean floral. Sort of smells like an orchid lotion. I really enjoy this scent for days when I just want to smell freshly showered, because it's clean but it still retains its authenticity of a flower without soap. It's nice!
  14. Bassmastadroog

    The Waltz

    It's a nice perfume. I sense the same rose as in Parlement of Foules. I associate this as white- though I'm not sure PoF specifies. It's a very soft perfumey blend of light golden champagne, and delicate rose. I get the vanilla'd amber- but it's merely there to round out the scent, and throughout the wear the vanilla and rose blend together. The rosewood lies at the bottom of this scent, and between it and ambergris I get a slight a slight beach wood type of wet saltiness. Feminine, perfumey. Slightly powdery.
  15. Bassmastadroog


    I'll take all your civets! For everyone who hates it! Civet on me is a sweet and earthy, super sexual scent. There's that slight fizz of opium, all warmed up by red musk. I can smell all of the notes individually, but this is a simple enough scent to make it a nice blend. I'm not the biggest fan of red musk, but red musk and opium, now, WHEW! Earthy, sweet, self assured. Bottle!!!!! Long throw/longevity.