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  1. ajansuz


    In the vial, almond dessert. Very foody and delicious. Wet, it was utterly magic, creamy almond delight. I was nervous about cinnamon, but there wasn't enough of it to trigger my contact dermatitis. Sadly, as it dried down what I was afraid would happen happened. Frankincense swallowed everything delicious and left me smelling like Catholic Mass, not in a nice way. I wish my skin didn't do that with that particular note, but it does. Every time.
  2. ajansuz


    I tried this one on with trepidation, because black musk turns to baby powder on my skin, and I hate that smell. However, I try all frimps unless they give me a headache when I open them or contain something my skin is sensitive to. I was not impressed with it wet. It was pungent and kind of a hot mess with the vetiver and leather duking it out for supremacy. HOWEVER! As it dried down, magic happened. This turned dead sexy on me, like a well worn, well loved leather jacket, earthy, musky in a "come closer" kind of way. Masculine leaning, but I'm not a girly girl, so I feel like that fits me just fine. It had medium throw and a really long staying power. This is the first black musk blend I have ever tried from BPAL that did not give me even a hint of the dreaded baby powder. It delivered on the promise it often has in the vials. I may very well go for a bottle of this. Iago is a very bad (wo)man, and I love them.
  3. ajansuz

    Magnetite Phoenix

    This is sooooo gorgeous. Every time I wear it, I get approached by coworkers or strangers asking what it is or wanting to smell me. It is truly metallic, but not in an offputting or harsh way. It is warm and inviting, a bit earthy, very resiny. I bought it largely because I love High John the Conqueror for a lot of reasons, and even though I can't pick it out particularly in the blend, I always feel very powerful and confident wearing it. I'd call it unisex leaning just slightly masculine. It's a great scent for a job interview or any day when you need to stand your ground. It lasts for hours and has a tremendous throw. A little goes a very long way.
  4. ajansuz


    In the vial, I did not like this at all. It was very sharp and stung my nose a little bit. I've had decent experience with my skin taming down things like that as long as they aren't headache inducing, so I tried it anyway. Sadly, I amp the ti leaf like crazy, so it is green, green, green and not in a way I like very much. I get some of the creaminess people talk about. I think if my skin didn't decide to amp that one note to the heavens, this could have been better on me. I have also had pretty bad luck with the lab's sandalwood. Sadness, because it sounded so lovely. It's a pass for me.
  5. ajansuz

    Blue Moon 2020

    This is so well blended that it is truly difficult for me to pick out individual notes. It is an ethereal, aquatic floral that reminds me a great deal of one of my grandmothers, not that there is an "old lady scent" quality to it, but she loved a perfume whose name I don't recall. It suggests it enough that the moment it hit my skin I thought of her. I will wear it during times I want to feel contemplative. It has a low throw and long last.
  6. ajansuz

    A Night In the French Quarter

    God, this is beautiful. It is extremely evocative of exactly what it says. You can find yourself in little alcoves or courtyards in the French Quarter that bring tantalizing whiffs of this in the humid night air. (You can also catch more than whiffs of stale beer, motor oil, and less savory scents. Thankfully none of them made it into this blend.) I amp violet. It comes straight to the fore once this is wet on my skin. The lavender is a bit more herbal than strictly floral, and the fruit swells nicely between its grounding and the higher violet. I can't pick out osmanthus particularly. This is a bit more aquatic on me than incense. It's lush and gorgeous with a medium throw that banks down within a couple of hours.
  7. ajansuz


    In the bottle, I could smell the chocolate in this pretty strongly, as well as pumpkin and gingerbread. Wet on my skin, there was no chocolate but a bit of coffee and a lot of pumpkin and gingerbread. It smelled so delicious and breakfasty, like a perfect autumn or winter breakfast. Once it dried, for me it was almost entirely gingerbread with a hint of pumpkin. The beverages disappeared altogether. Still wonderful and warm, deliciously foodie. It had a large throw on me. My husband said he could smell me from all the way across the house. It also lasted overnight. I woke up still able to smell hints of it on my wrists. Well worth the purchase!
  8. ajansuz

    Nasty Woman

    I received this as a frimp and was super excited to see it, because I was interested when it came out and somehow got distracted or forgot about it for a while. Yet here it is! In the vial it is a very incense and kind of expensive perfume blend. I can smell the patch, but it's not hippie patch. Wet on me this did something really odd, going very sweet and high to the point I was afraid it had opium in it. Opium is one of those notes I like on others but that gives me a screaming headache on my own skin. So I looked this up again and decided to give it time to settle when it wasn't listed. This is probably the only BPAL scent I've worn with anything rose in it that didn't just die an ignominious death to everything BUT rose. I can't smell that at all. Dry, it smelled like expensive women's perfume, something a bit more commercial than I'd choose for myself, but nice. As excited as I was to try it, I'm left glad I didn't do a bottle. It's just not for me.
  9. ajansuz

    Hay Moon 2020

    This is so beautiful. I mean just drop dead gorgeous, both in the bottle and on my skin. I'll preface with I adore the lab's hay note. I love it in Brood XIX, and I love it in this. You can smell it right away when you open the bottle. Blending with the other notes, it has almost a sweetgrass scent. You can also really smell the oat cakes, but in a low key foodie way. I wouldn't say that overall it's a foodie blend at all. On my skin, it gives a strong scent impression of standing in a field. It's a little hard to put into words how the ground and grass smell where I live at this time of year. It's definitely a seasonal thing, late summer, and this blend is that impression along with the softness of golden amber. The honey is the sweet honey of Honey Moon. The hay stays strong, a kind of dry vegetative scent. It really doesn't morph much on the dry down except that the amber grows much stronger on me. This has big throw. I put it on yesterday morning after a shower and could still smell it on me quite strongly when I woke up this morning. As much as I love Milk Moon from this year, I think I love this one even more. It's late summer in a field bottled and ready for you to wear. Plus the label art is top notch, but I've always been a sucker for goats!
  10. ajansuz

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    I love this so freaking much. In the vial, it's definitely more churros than funnel cake, but the moment it touched my skin some serious alchemical magic happened. It smelled exactly like walking down a carnival midway, something just a little burnt hanging in the air and the faint scent of hot tarmac. For a hot minute, I worried that tarmac scent would take over and ruin everything. It didn't. It stepped back and let the sweet, sugary cake scent take over. Fully dry it resembles The Pancake Bell a bit without the syrup. It is so delicious. The art is hilarious, and I love the sticker, too!
  11. ajansuz

    Knecht Ruprecht

    2019 version: In the bottle: Fir trees, snow, an underlying sweetness that's a touch fruity but hard to read as any particular kind of fruit for me. Wet: Strong, strong Christmas trees and apples. It's nice, but it's also a punch in the nostrils. I am shocked at how strongly this smells like a freshly cut fir tree. Dry: It's really lovely. The evergreen tames down and shares the stage with apple and something a bit soft and holiday cookie-like without being actually straight up foodie. Dry on me this is a skin scent. I'm enjoying wearing it in late July. It feels like a welcome, refreshing breath of winter. There's also just a hint of menthol, but not in an unpleasant, medicinal way. There's also something a touch waxy like myrtle. Weird? But not bad. I like this scent a lot. It's not as awesome as The Most Magnificent Christmas Tree, but it's up there.
  12. ajansuz


    In the vial it's sharp evergreen with animal musk and a tinge of blood. I am not to sure about how it will play with my skin chemistry. Blood notes on me are typically a little too real and not in a sexy or nice way. Wet, it's the poplar that comes up on me way more than juniper. It's a rather dry, wood scent. The leather is the leather in Sade, and it amps quite a bit. Thankfully, the blood does not amp on me for once, and the musk isn't overpowering. This stays a skin scent throughout. I get almost no throw. After a few hours, it's a hint of forest and nothing more. I like it, but I have other similar scents I like more.
  13. ajansuz


    I really love how many of the new RPG scents represent the classes so well. The minute you open the vial, it's steampunk genius, sparks, gears, and a fine metal oil. It excited the brain! Wet I get exactly what I hoped for from this scent. I smell like a busy gnome in the middle of a metallurgy project with a hint of aquatic in the background. On the dry down this is a bit more feminine on me than unisex. It's softer than I expected and still lovely. The oil tames down but never too much. This lasts for several hours with a low throw. I want to layer this with Gnome and maybe Good. I think they'd play really nicely together.
  14. ajansuz


    Man, this is pure magic to me. In the imp, it was delicious, wild incense swirling with orange. My skin loved dragon's blood and vice versa. It smells so heady on me. Usually the lab's lavender note is kind of awful on my skin, like gym socks. Thankfully, it does not do that here. It is a lot more true floral and plays really nicely with the orange, to the point I'm considering trying to make a tea blend with notes of each. I bet it would taste delightful. Lots of throw. On the dry down, it's swirling incense and soft amber. Gosh, this is gorgeous. Some of the RPG perfumes are really great class interpretations, This is one of those for sure.
  15. ajansuz


    In the vial, I can smell the pitch and something sweet and sensual. I don't get any leather from this at all, not in the vial, wet, or dry. Wet the sweetness amps up. It reminds me of a few of the "poison" notes from some of the Rappaccini's Garden collection. No pitch now. On my skin this is very feminine and perfumey. It's beautiful, and I love it, but it doesn't play as unisex on my skin at all. It's surprisingly sophisticated for something designed to layer. I'm not sure I would even try. It has low throw but long lasting power.