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  1. sudenmorsian

    Femme Fatale Scents

    Personally I find dark and strong scents, often with incense, as femme fatale perfumes. My favorite femme fatalish perfumes so far are: Sin, Vixen, Perversion, Blood kiss, Sed Non Satiata aaand Obsidian Widow. Maybe Morocco, too, I love how it's spicy, warm and darn dry but still seductive and mysterious. I'd like to find more femme fatalish scents and think some red musk blends would be great to try.
  2. sudenmorsian

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Can we bring this thread back to life, please? My all time favorite BPAL is The Night Priestess (night-blooming jasmine, clove bud, cardamom, moonlit vanilla orchid, and moonflower) and it's been discontinued long time ago, and I've never found a substitute. To me The Night Priestess is dark blue, still white, cold starry night's scent and I get mostly jasmine, cardamom, florals I can't identify and only tiniest hint of clove bud (I tend to amp clove like heck but in this it is behaving). Is there anything I could try? Its review thread doesn't really help as most of mentioned there is also dc'd. I have New Orleans coming to me but I have never before sniffed it (that's mentioned in the thread). Luna Azul (2017) had some kind of similar feel (they share jasmin) but still wasn't close enough.
  3. sudenmorsian


    About a month later this one has became one of my favorite perfumes. It's delightful, sweet almond scent with beautiful spices and seductive darkness from frankincense. Great throw and last incredibly long - 20 hours later in the morning I still can smell it on my wrist.
  4. I don't know if I'm in right thread at all but I couldn't find any other suitable thread. My question is: is there any similarity between Kobold Barista (freshly brewed coffee with ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and cream) and Café Mille et une Nuits (Shisha and thick coffee brewed with cardamom pods, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, and nutmeg), are they a lot alike or nothing at all? They both share spices I love and the description look quite alike, though I guess the shisha is bringing some smoke to Café Mille. I realized that I lack coffee scents and I desperately need one, just can't decide which one.
  5. sudenmorsian

    Snake Oil

    Somehow it took this many years 'til I got my hands on the famous Snake Oil. And I always thought it would be strongly chai-spice-like - like Bengal - but it seems I was wrong. My bottle of Snake Oil is only about two months old so it's lab-fresh baby. Snake Oil is soft, rich and sweet scent but not too sweet. Surprisingly foody but not too much. Vanilla is definitely the dominating note but it's not like pure vanilla - it's dirty, musky, spiced, honey-like loveliness. Maybe the dirtiness is patchouli or sandalwood. Someone above said that SO feels similar to Vixen and I second that. They are not alike but they do feel like one another. And Vixen has been one of my favorites for many years. Like Vixen, SO is seductive, warm and beautiful perfume that I'll happily wear. Great throw and lasts for hours and hours. I might need another bottle that I can store and forget to age.
  6. sudenmorsian

    Machu Picchu

    Machu Picchu was one of the first BPALs that I fell in love with immediately. I used to wear it often and it's definitely a summer scent. Now after couple of years I reached to it again and it is still as lovely and mysteriously beautiful as back then. It really hasn't changed at all during aging. In the imp the scent is pretty light and almost unrecognizable but when on skin it begins to bloom. Tropical fruits and rainforest with blooming flowers. Delicate, rich, beautiful. Drydown the amber is noticeable but it's still mostly rainforest and tropical fruits. Sadly, Machu Picchu doesn't last long. After about three hours it's mostly vanished. Time to reapply.
  7. sudenmorsian


    I have an imp of unknown age but I'm certain it must be older than several years. The liquid inside is thick, brown and syrup-like, and it's making me hesitant. Wet this is dark and almost burnt-like narcissus and it's making me sick. Black narcissus is the very dominant note and I think I really don't get any of the vanilla or the orange blossom - and I really love both! But I really can't cope with narcissus, not a little bit. Sadly, I have to wash it off. Not for me.
  8. sudenmorsian

    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    Oh this is lovely. I've never tried BPAL's lavender before as I haven't been very fond of lavender scents. I don't dislike lavender, I just don't love it as it may turn kinda soapy on me. But this is lovely, almost eatable lovely! I get mostly yummy pie crust and coconut with a hint of lavender. This is very pastry-like smell, I'm almost drooling. After couple of hours the perfume is mostly gone. I get a hint of sweet coconut and lavender if I put nose close to wrist. So need to reapply.
  9. sudenmorsian

    Nasty Woman

    Oh, if nasty women smell like this I definitely want to be one! It's lovely. Wet this is mostly fig and patchouli, but kinda pleasant and beautiful way. As drying the fig steps aside giving way to vanilla and then something magical happens. Vanilla, patchouli and oud(?) blends together to utterly magnificent, beautiful smoky perfume. This is divine. Not too sweet, not too heavy, just perfect. Lasts easily over eight hours.
  10. sudenmorsian

    The Obsidian Widow

    I was thinking that too! There's something distantly like Blood Kiss, but at the same time not at all. Wet this is very much pinot noir. Wet on the skin the rose amps and I'm not very fond of rose, as there are only few rose scents that work for me. Not sure yet if this is going to be one of those. When wet this is slightly soapy on me but soapiness fades luckily. I was hoping to get much more jasmine as I usually love it, but there's just a hint of it. Well, the hint is still better than nothing at all. 30 minutes drying and I think this is pretty nice but am I keeping the bottle? Not sure yet. Pinot noir and rose are dominating notes but the rose is behaving. I get grapes from the wine and jasmine is finally more than just a hint but not overpowering, not much patchouli. Maybe patchouli is keeping other notes from getting too sweet. My loved one walked to the room and said immediately "mmm you smell very good", so there must be at least good throw. I think I am keeping the bottle for now and let it age. I suppose it will age well.
  11. sudenmorsian

    Chellah v4

    I got Chellah v4 as a frottle, too, and this is interestingly weird! Fresh and wet the dirt is dominating scent. It's like a pile of fallen, wet autumn leaves in the ground or swamp or something. I did not dare to try it to myself but my significant otter was more than happy to try it out. He too got a dirt note first. The weird thing is that it's not bad at all. There is something greenish and herbal making it cologne-like blend. He liked it 'cause it made he feel like Iku-Turso ("the eternal Turso", a malevolent sea monster in Finnish mythology ) and I think the perfume really suits him. Very intriguing indeed. Edit: seven hours later Chellah haven't changed remarkably. It smells like vicious, wicked swamp monster that you can't stay away from.
  12. sudenmorsian


    I was hoping my skin would amp the peach as I love peaches. Somehow I ended up ordering whole 5 ml bottle blindfolded even I was very suspicious of pumpkin Not that I wouldn't like pumpkin but I'm unsure if I wanted to smell like one. Wet this is pure mellow pumpkin and nothing more. Very foodie. But when the perfume hits the skin it begins its beautiful metamorphosis - this is kind a morpher on me, in a good way. It's still mostly pumpkin but the peach is growing and I get some spices too, but not sure which one. I usually pick the clove wherever there's a hint, but I don't actually find clove in Jack. It must be the nutmeg then. Drydown is much lighter, not so heavily foodie anymore. Peach is strong and lovely here, pumpkin is noticeable, nutmeg is bringing some warmth. It's been an hour now and it's still going fine, let's see how long it lasts. This is light enough to wear at work/office, but strong enough to make me feel confident and joyful. I really like Jack but there's something making me a little bit unsure. I think I'll let it get some age.
  13. sudenmorsian


    Wet this is pure bitter almond and marzipan. But soon after that the bitter almond starts to behave, vanilla is keeping it calm and there's hint of lovely cinnamon too. Frankincense brings depth to it. Very beautiful scent and nice throw. I don't get any cherry, it's clearly almond. Lasts couple of hours, after ~8 hours there's still slight, sweet aroma left.
  14. sudenmorsian

    Valuable, Powerful, Deserving

    I'm wearing Valuable, Powerful, Deserving today and thought maybe I could say something about it. Straight to the point: I love it. And I love the story behind it, it's important. Wet this is all orange blossom with a smallest hint of vanilla somewhere background. But soon after that I can find the amber there too. Orange blossom is dominating scent still when dry, but vanilla oudh and amber is right there, clearly and sophisticated. The perfume is balanced, soft and beautiful. Actually with my skin chemistry VPD is very similar to Vixen, which I adore. Ofc they both share orange blossom and it's the dominating note on both for me. But when VPD is my daytime scent and suitable for office, Vixen is my nighttime scent and would wear it in a dark, intimate wine bar - Vixen is more... well, vixen.