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  1. sudenmorsian

    Nyx, Night Goddess

    This is gorgeous. Opening the bottle I got a strong whiff of incense smoke but the smokiness fades quickly. Wet on my skin there's something dark and surprising, licorice-like smell, that seems to be the resins, until sweet caramelized oud is getting stronger and taming it a bit during drydown. Dry it's mostly glowing amber, sweet oud and dark frankincense. I have no words to describe how beautiful this is. Nyx, Night Goddess, she is divine.
  2. sudenmorsian


    Could you tell how the new one differs from the original? I bought Monk lately so my sample is all new and fresh. It's green and lightly sweet, very much sandalwood incense dominant. I think the saffron is detectable. Crispy green honeyed sandalwood incense mostly, I can imagine that monastery could smell like this. This is nice and soothing, I really liked this on my significant otter.
  3. sudenmorsian

    Black Phoenix

    I don't know if cherry wine is a thing but it's the first description that came to my mind when sniffing wet Black Phoenix on my skin. Cherry liquor. With roses. After a while I get almond too, but it's only a hint and just a soft touch of lovely almond. Still mostly cherry, wine and rose. And I tend to amp rose. I was hoping for a huge cherry bomb but it's more like a rose bomb with some cherries, but my imp is quite fresh and I'll gladly let it age. I think Black Phoenix goes the same vein as The Obsidian Widow and Blood Kiss. I'm happy with my imp but don't need a bottle.
  4. sudenmorsian

    Tiefling Therapist

    As a clinical psychotherapist I had to try this one! Most of the notes are soft and pretty but still very strong - the throw is huge and the scent lasts hours and hours. At first I get incense with something that reminds me of a pencil The pencil-note must be brimstone I guess? This is mostly incense, sandalwoods dominates when completely dry. I think this is very comforting and definitely would do better on winter days than on summer, so I must try this again when the sunny days are over. I don't think I need a full bottle but I'm happily keeping my imp. Nice, comforting and somehow calming perfume.
  5. sudenmorsian

    Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure 2024

    I was wondering what this reminded me of until I read a comment above that compared FMAFMWP to O. Yes, the vanilla, honey and amber really are just like O but now with added patchouli. I never thought O would need anything more but now when the patchouli is here I actually like this better. Feed Me and Fill Me With Pleasure is like cool and confident aunt of O, who's seen the world and knows her worth. Lovely, earthy and sensual, indeed.
  6. sudenmorsian


    Japanese incense is strong with this one indeed. It's the dominating note on my skin and for the first 10 minutes I can barely get anything else. Like said above this scent takes awhile to settle and after those first 10 minutes the florals appears. Neroli is the strongest but I can surely get the jasmine and rose, too. Labdanum is lurking here giving this a resiny base. I hoped for stronger vanilla, I can only detect it accidentally when waving my arm near to face. After two hours the resins are stronger and florals a bit toned down but still noticeable, I think I like this phase the best. I think Voyeur is nice but just not for me. I would enjoy it on someone else.
  7. sudenmorsian

    The Hound and the White Milk Doe

    Thank you @ShadowEtienne for recommending this to me. I wouldn't have noticed this gorgeous blend without your help. This is the cardamom and jasmine blend I was searching for. Wet and right after applying this is a splash of cardamom to my face and as a cardamom junkie I'm already hooked. Coconut milk tones cardamom down quickly but it's still here beautiful and calm. After a while I'm a bit worried if this is going all soap on me but luckily it's only a brief moment and everything is going well again. I like jasmine in most blends and this is not an exception. Jasmine is fresh and light in here and kinda in the background yet noticeable. I have no clue if it's the liquidambar that is bringing the resins here but it's lovely. This is warm, a little sweet, dry and spicy white floral on me and surely a keeper. There's definitely some Morocco vibes in this but The Hound and the White Milk Doe is more gentle.
  8. sudenmorsian

    Peach Vulva 2024

    I like fruit-dominant perfumes and Peach Vulva is not an exception. Wet this is mostly peach and florals, strong with orange blossom. Peach isn't juicy and sweet (yet) and I can't find any of that sugared cream. But hold on, this just needed time to dry. And here is the sugared cream that makes the peaches more juicy and delicious! Peach Vulva is both fruity and floral, beautiful and balanced. Definitely great for spring and summer. Somehow I keep on thinking Kitsune-Tsuki when I sniff Peach Vulva, even they don't share any notes. They have kinda similar feeling I guess. This is so good, so lovely. And the throw is amazing.
  9. sudenmorsian

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    Replying to myself that New Orleans was nothing alike The Night Priestess so I'm still searching for substitutes. Alkemia's Ultime Seduction Vanille (Tahitian vanilla orchids, jasmine flowers, and crystalline sugar cane, enhanced by a blend of delicate white and vanilla musks) is very very close, closer than anything other I've tried.
  10. sudenmorsian

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 2024

    This is divine. I mean. DIVINE. Kid you not. It's soft and rich and sweet and golden, everything is beautifully blended. I was bit worried about the teak because it doesn't always play nicely with my skin chemistry, but it's luckily pretty light and in the background here. This is creamy vanilla with most beautiful lotus blossom. I put Glowing Vulva to one wrist and The Antikythera Mechanism to another and they surely are same family, the latter being stronger and more masculine. Bold, beautiful pair. Somehow I keep on thinking Snake Oil when I sniff Glowing Vulva, but maybe it's just me.
  11. sudenmorsian

    Behind the Veils

    At first I was sure there were clove in it as I tend to amp clove like heck and something, propably wine and cinnamon, reminds it closely. I keep thinking of Blood, Blood Kiss and The Obsidian Widow. But thanks to the strong, heady red musk and myrrh this is much more calm and sharpness of the wine doesn't overpower everything. I like this very much. It's warm and spicy and if red musk is your thing you're going to like this perfume. I think this is very well balanced and rich scent. Beautiful and lovely.
  12. sudenmorsian

    Courtesans Relaxing

    I agree with @doomsday_disco. At first I was hit by the weird, sharp, woody smokiness that I did not expect after reading earlier reviews. It felt like I had completely different perfume than others as I did not find it calm, soothing or tropical. I was thinking the smokiness must be the hinoki but to be honest I have no clue. Woodiness is strong when wet, but after an hour calms down a bit, when I can get the coconut and almond and after a while the jasmine too. I was hoping more cardamom, actually I cannot find it at all. This is something completely different that I was expecting, but let's see what happens with time and aging. I received my bottle two days ago so it might still be a little shocked from the journey. E: okay it's been almost a week and this has morphed a lot. Now this is much more pleasant and the smokiness has faded a lot but still being there. I'm gonna let it rest for a couple of weeks or more and review again.
  13. sudenmorsian

    Kobold Barista

    This is my first coffee scent and I'm in love. I have a fresh imp and I guess it's only getting better with age. Wet this is hit-you-in-face strong coffee, freshly brewed. After a while the coffee calms down and the spices show up with the cream. Dry this is warming, cozy and spicy, very lovely and smooth. Actually Kobold Barista is what I hoped Bengal would be. I'm gonna need a full bottle.
  14. sudenmorsian

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I think Maison Margielas Replica Coffee Break is very much alike Kobold Barista, latter being a hint sweeter.
  15. sudenmorsian

    Delightful Gargantuan Vagina

    Oooooh this is so good! Lightly sweet, a bit floral, soft and very fruity. This is mostly lovely mango with orange blossoms, pink musk is lightly, softly spicy. If I sniff very closely and attentively I get the incense, too, but it's somewhere in the background. Beautiful, perfect for spring and summer.