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  1. MamaMoth

    Witches Lace 2022

    i'm finding my thoughts on this one a bit difficult to articulate. i've had this review half-finished for weeks now, and i keep pecking at it. when first applied, the opium tar comes on very strong. i'm not intimately familiar with that note, but it reads as a heavy, dark, almost sticky floral and that sounds about right. i can smell the cognac, and it's boozy and toothsome. i'm not the biggest floral fan, so this opening stage isn't my favorite, though this dark soporific type floral is more palatable to me than most. i can tell there's some dark complicated stuff going on in the background, but i can't pin it down while the opium demands the spotlight. as it dries, the opium tar fades back, and becomes more tar, less opium. and this is where it starts to get good. like really, REALLY good. but this is also where i have a hard time articulating, because it becomes one of those blends where everything is so meshed and complicated, it's impossible for me to break it apart. it's deep and rich, a little spicy, a lot resinous. it's dark and smooth, and sweet from the resins/tobacco. it's a little cologney, but in the best possible way. fully dry, i can finally see it as a lace. the tobacco and cognac are doing their lace thing, and i even feel like i can sense a little vanilla in there, which i guess is probably the benzoin? this one is a real morpher. it's a little rocky for me at first, but the payoff is spectacular and totally worth riding it out for. dark, mysterious, intoxicating, a little dangerous, and spot-on witchy. this is 100% the kind of perfume i signed up for.
  2. MamaMoth

    Travelers Under a Tree Observed by Foxes

    this is so outta my wheelhouse, but i like it. the white tea isn't too astringent, just very clean smelling. the rice milk is sweet, creamy, and starchy, but light. the coconut doesn't have the dryness that i usually associate with the husk, it's sweet and fruity. could be the way it's combining with the rice milk to give that effect. it sits pretty close to the skin, very low throw but it does hang out longer than i expected. to be honest, as pleasant as it is, i couldn't see myself reaching for this much as a perfume. but if there were a hand soap with this scent, it would definitely be my favorite.
  3. MamaMoth

    White Rabbit

    this one starts off great. black tea, milk, pepper, ginger, honey, vanilla... yes to all that! creamy yet fresh, astringent but soft. just a little bite from the pepper and ginger. delicious, but not foodie. not my usual style of thing, but it could be a great summer scent. unfortunately, like so many of the crisp-clean-cloth type notes, my skin breaks it down quite hastily into its component florals. loud, screechy, drowning out almost everything else. they do settle down eventually, but this remains a floral-forward blend on me and ends up smelling like a pretty run-of-the-mill perfume.
  4. MamaMoth


    am i a jasmine person now? is that who i've become? because there's definitely jasmine here, and i definitely really like this perfume. wet, i smell bitterish jasmine, fruity-sweet red musk, vanilla, spices, and a touch of creamy vegetal pumpkin, in that order. dry, that red musk pops out all sweet and juicy and the vanilla really blooms out around it. there's some spicy creamy jasmine just hanging out around the edges. i really dig it. it sounds like it would be a sexbomb, but the musk is so sweet and fruity, the vanilla so soft, that it actually doesn't read that way at all. i'm not tracking any pumpkin at all really, but i think it's lending some creaminess. that's fine by me... i'm not exactly anti-punkin, but not really pro-punkin either. i'm meh-punkin. this is a cousin of wild nights! to me, with that jasmine/musk/vanilla/spice thing going on. which, coincidentally, is the only other jasmine blend i've ever enjoyed. so either i've had some major body chemistry/preference changes (which is highly likely, honestly) or that's just the magical combination. either way, this is great, and it's only gonna get better.
  5. MamaMoth

    Honeyed Mushroom and Incense

    wow. mushroom. i was expecting something like death cap, maybe mildly earthy. but nope, that's mushroom alright. as my brother-in-law would say, that smells like folks. mild honey, incense smoke, and earthy-umami-savory-salty mushroom. you know when you forget about a bag of mushrooms in the back of the fridge, and then you find them, open the bag, and they're all slimy where they've been stewing in their own juices? yeah, like that. with honey. it's kinda repellant, but weirdly compelling too. i keep going back in for sniffs. eventually the mushroom fades back, and this morphs into mostly honeyed incense with a bit of a savory/earthy thing happening on the back end, that anyone else might not necessarily clock as mushroom. but since i'm still recovering from having just been slapped in the face with a sack of pungent shrooms, i recognize it for the funky little beast it is. but it's actually pretty nice now. still, i won't be needing a bottle. but i wouldn't be surprised if i trot my decant out occasionally just to ride the ride.
  6. MamaMoth

    Beeswax, Cedarwood & Bourbon Vanilla

    starts off with that gorgeous cedar taking the lead: bold and brassy, almost balsamic. sweetened and blunted somewhat by creamy beeswax, with the barest vanilla underpinning. it's quite pleasant now, but a little discordant. like listening to an orchestra tune their instruments. as it starts to dry the vanilla surges up, the cedar mellows, and all the notes shift into perfect harmony. smooth, creamy, and sweet from the vanilla and beeswax, woodsy and a little sharp from the cedar. it's like everything my nose craves, and very much my kinda thing.
  7. MamaMoth

    Humorous Copulation

    my skin usually amps amber and cream notes, but there's barely any to be found here for me. odd. on me this mostly astringent-y lemon tea, and overall just reading as more higher-octave top notes than i can enjoy. very spa-day kind of vibe.
  8. MamaMoth


    cream cheese danish sn
  9. MamaMoth

    Still Life With Dooting Skull

    this goes on with a lot of wintergreeny licorice which doesn't read as root beer to me. it really is more herbal and rooty. vaguely medicinal, but not in a bad way. like a sweet syrupy fortifying tonic. dries down to a swanky, mellow, creamy vanilla roughed up by a low-down rooty herbal spice. it's creamy and sweet, but not cloying or heavy, and kind of refreshing in a way. i can see myself wearing this in hot weather. this is really unique and i'm thoroughly enjoying it!
  10. MamaMoth

    Kabe Ni Mimi Ga Aru, Shoki Ni Me Ga Aru

    i, too, am getting something "purple" from this. a syrupy sweet patchouli, dusty purple fruit, and incense. this reminds me a good bit of the late-day throw of urd. very odd. i'm questioning the provenance of my secondhand decant. i may track down another to verify.
  11. MamaMoth

    Tunisian Amber, Beeswax, & Balsam

    this one needs more love. where my balsam peeps at? i adore balsam and this one is toothsome and bitey, super golden and resiny. it's gloriously radiant. beeswax is such a great complement to balsam, creamy and sweet and adding to the golden glow while kind of blunting the sharper aspects of the resin. i love that pairing very muchly in no. 93 engine, and fans of that gc gem should definitely give this one a spin. i can't totally track the amber in this because the balsam is SUCH A DIVA. but it's there, recognizably amber but unique. it has a very interesting resiny tang to it that works really well with this set of notes. i'd like to find other blends with this amber in them for comparison though, because i can't completely tell where the balsam ends and the amber begins. i love it. bottle, yes. backup bottle, possibly!
  12. MamaMoth

    Sugar Plum Golden Priapus

    golden priapus is one of my low-key gc favs, and it plays out really well with the sugar plum addition here. og gp is one i reach for when i want a woodsy unisex vibe, but the sugar plum definitely gives it a feminine, playful sparkle. i felt like i had to pick between this one and sp goblin, because they both hit that woodsy/resiny/sugar plum spot. i picked goblin because patchouli, but i've been second-guessing myself because this one is very good too!
  13. MamaMoth

    Frozen Pulse and Heart of Fire

    i had to grab a decant of this, because cashmere wool sounds heavenly! cedar always plays nice on me, and amber is usually my friend. and i'm trained to come a-runnin' when starbrow snaps her fingers and says "good vetiver, people!" because she knows That Good-Good Vetiver. but i put off trying this one for a while, because the nuttiness is almost overwhelming from the vial, and too much of a nutty thing going on in perfume can sometimes turn my stomach a little. i needn't have worried though, because the nuttiness instantly recedes to the back end. it hangs out there giving warmth and body. i can find it if i squint. but it's not overwhelming at all. and oh my lawd. .. all the other notes are everything i hoped they'd be! how often does that happen? the vetiver is indeed The Good-Good. dry-grassy and just a touch smokey, but not in a scary way. that cashmere wool is EVERYTHING. i wish i knew how to describe it better than the name does, but it's just wooly and soft and wonderful and that's all i can say about it. the cedar and amber hang out in the middle, behind the vetiver/wool and ahead of the nuts. the cedar is just softly woodsy, not agressive at all. the amber is sweet and resinous, just a touch perfumey but not powdery. really, i think every note here is just my favorite version of itself. this blend is not what i'd call super sweet, but it has a creamy sweetness overall that just smashes my happy button. nothing is obnoxious or agressive, everything is soft and comforting. so very good.
  14. MamaMoth

    Delight and Consternation

    digging through a box of mega-old imps and decants, i ran across this one and the thick cocoa sludge caught my eye. after much mixing and a hesitant skin test, i think i may have found a hidden gem. back in the day, i wasn't too keen on anything overly perfumey, so the oudh likely turned me off then. but i am enjoying it much more these days. the cocoa, vanilla, and custard here lay down a full, rich foundation. but it is less sweet and foody than that dessert-menu note list would lead you to expect. the oudh/musk are keeping the gourmand notes firmly in check, and they are definitely the main players here. they give it a high-end perfumey-ness that just smells so luxe. just a wee little bit of that rose is hanging out somewhere in the middle, and i am shocked, SHOCKED i tell you, that it is playing out so nicely on me. i've never tried white rose before... could this be a rose i can tolerate?? if nothing else, i would definitely like to see that custard note again someday. in the unlikely event that i find this one languishing in someone's destash, i might just have to scoop it up.
  15. MamaMoth

    The Mummies of Mexico City

    you wander through an abandoned, derelict church. it feels like centuries, maybe, since this building was put to its purpose, but it still reverberates with a solemn hush. in your explorations, you find a cloth-wrapped bundle, what used to be fine cotton and lace, gently moldering. it crumbles at your touch, revealing a precious cache of incense resins: frankincense tears. copal? myrrh? even through thick, muffling layers of dust, their scent still resonates. you leave them where you found them, carrying only the memory of that scent with you.