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  1. MamaMoth


    starts off with a lot off sweet, almost effervescent labdanum. soft and yes, cola-like. but the woods rise up and then overtake the labdanum in short order. gentle dry sandalwood and palo santo, but no cedar to speak of. the woods have a smooth, light, almost papery character. the blend is sweetened by the labdanum, but it has a very light presence. this is whispy, gentle, and meditative.
  2. MamaMoth

    A Multitude of Dreams

    starts with a blast of lavender, quite herbal and to my nose cologne-like. as the lavender dies down, the licorice root twines up around it. it's definitely a rooty, herbal licorice, my favorite kind. it sweetens up the lavender a bit, while bolstering the herbal feel. as this gets all settled in, the resins finally come out to play, but quietly. that big bold lavender is now merely a whisper, and the licorice is mia. soft and herbal, with murky resins whispering underneath, a touch of powdery. this ends uo surprisingly low throw on me, riding close to the skin. i don't dislike it, but i don't love it. i was hoping for a bit more sweetness, i think. this feels like a sleeping potion, something applied with intent rather than worn for pleasure.
  3. MamaMoth


    popcorn? cereal in milk? but also perfume? this is so hard to pin down. foodie, but not. sweet, but savory. very unique and interesting! i had to try this out of sheer curiosity, and i'm really glad i did! i can't say it's my scent vibe, so i'd probably never wear it out. but it's oddly comforting, so i will hang on to my decant for when i want something soft and pretty and weird to wear at home.
  4. MamaMoth


    in the imp, i get woodsy dry cinnamon. but once it warms up on the skin, that amber really bobs to the surface. and.... what's this? my favorite amber in a gc blend?? gasp! i was not expecting that! it's sweet and resinous and (to my woefully uneducated nose) smells a bit like labdanum. the patchouli is a very light touch in this one, with it and the sandalwood just providing a stage for a mildly spiced amber to sing her heart out. this is gorgeous, and i'm so mad at myself for never having tried it before now.
  5. MamaMoth

    Vanilla Cream, Pistachio, and Macadamia

    the pistachio pulls a bit cherryish to start, but that fades pretty quickly. then it's melted pistachio ice cream! creamy, sweet, and nutty.
  6. i was very curious about what charcoal would bring to the table. to me, the note smells like soft, sweet ash. combined with the champa resin, this very much smells like the ashes leftover from many a burnt stick of nag champa. powdery, incensy, and sweet. oftentimes i say "incensy" to mean resinous, but this smells truly like incense. a little lick of smoke would complete the perfect picture. the tobacco is quite shy. i don't catch much until an hour or so in, when the champa starts to dial back and an earthy sweetness starts emanating from underneath. the opening stage is a fascinating atmospheric, but this is where i really started enjoying it. i could swear i catch phantom whiffs of sandalwood sometimes, too.
  7. i haven't been able to try it yet, but i was just reading the reviews for zonked in paris, which seems like it might fit the bill. "Coffee, coffee, and more coffee for the grownups, and vanilla ice cream to en’sugar the kiddo out from her stupor."
  8. MamaMoth

    Moon When The Cherries Turn Black

    i was wary of several of these notes, so i skipped this one on the initial release. cherry can skew a bit artificial to me, black musk can sometimes be unpleasantly oily or lemony, and black currant can smell like acetone at times. so there are a lot of ways this could have gone wrong! but when reviews started trickling in, i started feeling some deep pangs of remorse. i am SO glad that i was able to pounce on it during a brief restock. my only regret now is that i didn't double down. not gonna lie, this starts out as cough syrup. but persevere! because soon an inky black ambery muskiness starts sending out tendrils to envelop a diminishing breath of cherry. what you end up with is dark fruity sweetness riding on a tide of of black velvet. i really can't pick out any notes besides the cherry, which eventually meshes pretty solidly with the currant. but the way that deep, sweet, and slightly tart fruit plays against the rich darker notes is heartbreakingly gorgeous. gothic, romantic, with a touch of playfulness. i keep picturing a black velvet and lace confection of a lolita gothic frock, with a bit of red silk peeping out in the skirts. due to the limited stock available for this release, i hope it returns one day. anyone who loves dark fruits with resins/musk should try this.
  9. definitely a sweet and spicy cardamom note hiding in here, which comes on strongish initially. it reminds me of the sugared cardamom from wild nights, wild nights! there's just a drop of patchouli, enough for a good grounded base. butternut squash, where are you? if i squint, there's maybe something a little pumpkin-lite to it. a bit of a creamy vegetal something-or-other that i can tease out because i know it's there. as it wears, the patchouli peeps out just a bit more. the spice backs off, and a little of that chewy fig sweetness develops. i'm enjoying this as a weenie teaser trailer, it's SO autumny. ultimately i don't know if i'd reach for it much as a perfume, but i bet it'd make a killer atmo.
  10. MamaMoth

    Van Van

    no notes listed, time to quiz the old sniffer! starts off a bit like the lemony hay note that i love, but extra lemony. no complaints. as it dries, that lemony something gets more herbal-lemon, and the hay gets deeper and earthier, drier. it develops a baby powder undercurrent that never quite breaks through, but it's present to varying degrees throughout. this feels clean and fresh, but earthy. zesty but grounded. that powdery note might keep me from wearing it as a perfume, but i might actually use this with some intent... it feels true to purpose. looking up traditional recipes now, ingredients sometimes include lemon verbena, lemongrass, citronella, vetiver, palmarosa. no idea about palmarosa, but everything else sounds on point.
  11. MamaMoth

    Ü Mütter Museum

    is my nose broken? so weird, i don't get anything remotely grassy or green. what i do get is soft comfy leather, dry dusty vanilla, and a kind of wood-pulp-papery note. dusty, leathery, vanillic, surprisingly sweet, a little musty in a dry way. as my skin chemistry takes over, the vanilla shuffles to the front of the pack. no complaints here, because i LOVE this.
  12. MamaMoth

    Jiggery Pokery

    i recently unearthed a decant of this scent from when it was first released, and it did not age well unfortunately. smells like melted crayons. 😕 i noticed this phenomenon with another scent containing vanilla cream, (the vine) so i will refrain from backup - bottling anything with this note in the future.
  13. MamaMoth

    Mouse Circus

    in the bottle, it's a butterbomb. first applied, it's straight up kettlecorn. salty, sweet, buttery. absolutely delicious, but do i wanna smell like kettlecorn? MAYHAPS. the question is moot though, because a wonderful alchemy happens as it sits on my skin. a lovely perfumey ambery woodsiness takes over. that sweet/salty/butteriness is still there, giving it texture. keeping it sweet and rich. i'm getting a little more salty nuttiness. but it's now definitely a perfume and not a foodstuffs. it's sitting right on that line between edible and perfume, which is a place i enjoy very much. it's just delightful. mouse circus > midway. I SAID WHAT I SAID.
  14. buttery round hazelnut and a dry warm sandalwood, with amber singing in the chorus but not popping out recognizably for me. as it settles is, everything just meshes nicely into a rich, warm, sweet, autumnal-feeling blend. there's something resin-spicy happening down in the depths that i can't pinpoint. it's very cozy, and i've been favoring it for evenings curled into the couch binging netflix. a bottle may just low-key sneak into my next order.
  15. MamaMoth

    Petite Planchette

    i pounced on this when it was restocked in August 2022, because it has always called to me, and i'm so glad i was able to snag it! it is really lovely, definitely a keeper. the frank and myrrh start out a little loud and churchy, but they quickly sink back into a supporting role. this is sweet, smooth honey-vanilla woods quietly supported by resins. delicious without smelling edible, sweet but not overly so. silky smooth. the honey is just ever-so-slightly musky. it's one of those blends that seemingly sinks into the skin and then radiates an aura of scent. i'm pretty sure this will get even smoother and more harmonious as it ages, i can't wait to find out.