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  1. MamaMoth

    Abolish ICE

    this went in a completely unexpected direction for me, but i'm here for it! expectation: thick, sweet, rich gourmand layered on a patchouli/oud base. reality: SMOKY (bordering on burnt) oud and woodsy patchouli, primarily. there's definitely a base of rich dark sweetness, but it's not overwhelming in the slightest. there's almost a dryness to it, not the sticky sweetness one might expect. i get a good dose of bourbon vanilla smoothing everything over, and hints of clovey warmth without the actual spike of clove. i never tracked any discernible coffee. this is right in my wheelhouse, and i really like it. a little does go a long way! i actually noticed that a lighter application brings out the sweetness more.
  2. MamaMoth

    Cranberry and Skin Musk

    interesting! this is the first one from the bog i've tried that doesn't open by hitting me with the cran-hammer. foremost is a clean, sweet skin musk, like working up a light, clean sweat and catching a faint, lingering, indistinct trace of this morning's perfume. there's a nice little demure pop of cranberry, not too tart... like white cranberry. as the notes warm up and mingle on the skin, it gains some sweetness and it almost smells like strawberry to me. it feels youthful and pretty.
  3. MamaMoth

    Carved Wooden Railroad Station

    before i tried this one, i was afraid i might be boarding this train with a one-way ticket to maplesyrupsville. happily, this is not at all the case. for me there is just a note of generalized woody sweetness that doesn't speak of maple at all. i'm definitely tracking that kind of industrial machine oil smell as well, especially in the opening... which is much more pleasant than it sounds, and pretty neat really. there's a touch of cologney-ness to it, which might be the rust, as metal notes tend to skew that way with my skin chemistry and perceptions. as it warms up, the whole thing gets nicely smoky too. i really can catch all the notes listed. as it settles into my skin, it mostly gives me an impression of lightly smoky wood, with a hint of an industrial vibe. i think it could make itself right at home in the steamworks line. this is not really my jam, but it was fascinating to smell and i think i'd find it quite pleasant on someone else. like a hot-ass grease monkey who does a spot of wood carving in his spare time.
  4. MamaMoth

    Carved Wooden Abattoir

    a whole lotta dragon’s blood and a little bit of pine. if you liked a torch steeped in blood, but were put off by the pitchy-ness, definitely give this one a spin.
  5. MamaMoth

    Carved Wooden Bookstore

    leather hits my nose first, with some oaken woodiness backing it up. i'm always a little skittish with "polished" woods, as they can come out a little sharp on me at times. but this is just nicely soft and oak-y. as it warms up i get something papery popping up... dusty but creamy, like a dry vanilla and possibly almond? a touch of black tea, threatening to go a little soapy but never quiiiite doing it. through drydown, leather remains the top note. it's just a wee bit plasticy, and rereading the description i see that it's "faux-leather" and i'm like, BINGO. between the slightly plasticy leather and the slightly soapy tea, it's not playing exactly nice with my skin chemistry. but i think those are me problems. it is cosy and atmospheric and i think it might be a hit with a lot of folks.
  6. MamaMoth

    Cranberry, Tonka, and Amber

    the cranberry starts off SUPAH tart and vocal, with some tonka-fuzzed amber lurking in the back. as the cranberry settles down, it feels like this is going to end up being more amber-forward for a bit, but the tonka actually comes out on top for me. i end up with a warm, velvety, tonka'd-up amber, with a whisp of cranberry giving it an ever-so-slight fruity pitch. the cranberry gives it a little lift (which i appreciate), but it's not announcing itself too stridently. if i hadn't smelled that opening, i dunno if i'd be tracking the cranberry specifically at this point. it's a warm and pretty amber for tonka lovers, who aren't averse to a hint of red fruit.
  7. MamaMoth

    Dead Leaves, Scorched Pumpkin, and Marshmallows

    i'm very iffy about pumpkin, and dead leaves often go sharp and cologney on me, so i was dubious about this one. but i adore marshmallow blended with non-sweet, non-foodie elements, so i felt duty-bound to give this a try. the dead leaves are loud and bitter to open, but they fall back quickly to make room for a sticky gloop of vanillic marshmallow and a lovely dark and raspy pumpkin, toasty and maybe ever-so-slightly smoky. not too vegetal, which i appreciate. my most-loved scents really teeter on that line between foodie & non-foodie... this one hovers right there but with a bit of a slant to the foodier side at first. the dead leaves are hanging on for dear life to keep it from going over though, and eventually it tips back to the middle. it dies down pretty quickly to ride close to the skin, but what i find when i sniff up close is quite nice. almost woodsy, sweet and a bit creamy, toasty. i'd probably be nabbing a bottle if it had a bit more throw, but i'm still seriously considering it.
  8. MamaMoth

    Hello, Salzburg!

    goes on reminding me a bit of the shivering boy: evergreen/ozone "ice" and purple fruit. as it warms up, the piney cold dials back and i can distinguish the blackberry, sweet and candy-like. the amber starts announcing itself with a lovely warm, velvety perfumey-ness. and here is where the magic happens. the icy pine recedes to the very back, just propping everything up with a hint of sharp freshness. suddenly PLUM. and i am overjoyed, because it's the same gorgeous, dark, gothy plum from my beloved marshmallow and black plum. yesssss! here it is, now transformed into a glorious plum musk, the note that really compelled me to track this blend down. it's everything i hoped it would be. musky black plum, sweetened by a breath of blackberry and wreathed in an aura of warm, sophisticated amber. honed by a sliver of evergreen. i'm in love with this, and i'm so so glad that i was finally able to try it.
  9. MamaMoth

    Snow Snake

    the comparisons to smut hit the nail on the head for me as well. it comes on strong with that same kind of raunchy, floral-toned red musk vibe. it does settle some after a bit of time on the skin, and some creamy white sweetness rises up through the musk fug. for a time i feel like that floral-y red musk is pulling out and amping the white florals from the snow white component (my least favorite part of snow white, unfortunately.) although i recognize elements from each, i can't confidently identify either the snake oil or the snow white. hours later, where this eventually ends up for me is something like extra creamy snake oil (ish) + fresh smut. fresh smut is not great on me, but it ages into something i really enjoy. similarly, this one is not coming together for me right now. but i'm feeling like it might, with some time to mature. into the cellar with you, lil snek.
  10. MamaMoth

    Witch Dance

    starts off red musk dominant for sure. red musk can be wonderful or pretty bad for me, so i'm always apprehensively excited to try it. this is the former, yay! the musk really gentles as it dries down. soft, sweet, musky, incensey, veeeery lightly smoky. it's almost creamy... like there's a touch of golden vanilla or caramelly beeswax. i love it!
  11. i kind of love this, way more than i was expecting to. starts off as heavy, sweet, smoky patchouli. i like this stage, but was feeling like it might get oppressive as the day wore on. BUT THEN the cedar kicks in. and this cedar is really unique to me. it has a lot of that camphoric(?) freshness to it, which just lifts this whole blend right up off the skin. it's really, really nice. is that himalayan cedar in particular? further investigation required! this ends up being a great balancing act between deep smoky sweetness and bright, sharp, almost medicinal woodsiness. it's so compelling to my nose, and i was sniffing my arms on the sly all day! many hours later, it quiets down into a soft, sweetened cedar with a breath of smoky patchouli to it. i like this stage very much too, and it's almost like the perfume changed to match my energy level as the day wound down.
  12. MamaMoth

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    it's like goblin and and vanilla bean, marshmallow, benzoin had a baby. i'm adding to my will that i wish to be buried in it. 💜 i have nothing more useful to add, besides noting that the marshmallow in this is more buttery/rich, less airy/floofy than some. i predict this one will be cropping up on ISO lists for years to come!
  13. this is nice! dark, rich, slightly dry chocolate, definitely not a milk chocolate, but not a bitter dark chocolate either. spicy, but not sharp or prickly. the cinnamon bark is woodsy and comfy, and the chipotle imparts some smokiness. infused with honeyed sweetness, but not honey forward. every note accounted for, but harmonizing nicely. mexican hot chocolate, sweetened with honey, simmered over a smoky campfire, and served in a rough-hewn, barky wooden cup.
  14. MamaMoth

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    predominant, recognizable snake oil, with the familiar sufganiyot pastry note giving it an almost-savory grounding. but this has been dusted with powdered sugar, so the net effect is a little sweeter than regular snake oil. that pastry note really keeps it from being too sweet though. there's a nice sweet/savory balance happening. i've heard a some speculating as to whether or not this might have a jammy/fruity note to it... so i'm throwing it out there that it doesn't. it does put me in mind of please scream inside your snake oil a bit. that one seemed to turn everything up to 11 though, especially the musk. i love the screamy snek, but sometimes it can be too much. in my opinion, this is more subtle and well-blended. this is a really lovely addition to the snake oil pantheon that i have no doubt i will reach for frequently.
  15. MamaMoth

    Carved Wooden Soda Shop

    this opens with a deliciously sharp, almost medicinal root beer note, and i love it! very quickly though, it's gentled and folded into sweet vanilla cream. while it's undeniably yummy, it almost feels like it goes a little flat after that punchy, sassafrasy root beer beginning. the cedar is whisper quiet. i can find it because i know to look for it... without the notes list, i'm not so sure i would. i was hoping for something stronger in the cedar and root beer department, and this is more about the vanilla ice cream. i like it, though. i can see myself reaching for it in the evening when i want something sweet and comfortable.