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  1. katharina

    The Visionary

    Honestly, I am in love with this scent. I bought it blind (off the forum? off FB?) because it sounded intriguing, although not necessarily something I would love. This is one that I appreciate in all of its stages, from the first whiff in the bottle to last bit of haze as it dies off. The only thing wrong with this scent is that it was a limited edition and I don't see it for sale much. I am hoping I com across another bottle when this one is gone. To me, it is the scent of early, early spring. Just thawing soil, the beginnings of the first signs of life from the earth, ice, musk and a vision of warms fires with some nookie going down. The ice note is present, but is warmed by the hearth wood and heather which ground it. HIGHLY recommend.
  2. katharina


    I just picked up a bottle of You're a Daisy if You Have (2019 Lilith) in my quest for the perfect desert scent. Very strong, dry leather in this one, which I enjoy, but may not be for everyone.
  3. In the Bottle: There is something citrusy about this, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Wet: It smells the way tea leaves frequently smell to me--soapy. It's not bad, but not my favorite either. Dry: There is a very distinct scent memory that I am getting with the dry down. Picture it: Phoenix, AZ 1984, hanging with my bestie and her Aunt Mo. Aunt Mo is letting us go through her purse which smells like 80s cosmetics, 80s drugstore perfume, and a pack of cigarettes. It's oddly comforting.
  4. katharina

    BPAL for a newbie

    Hi @erinface! I am new too, but a bit obsessive, so I have blind bought several bottles to figure out what I like. Here are some that you may like: Gingerbread Mummy. This is a current Limited Edition (LE) so, not sure how long it will be avialble. The Antikythera Mechanism Hellfire Anathema Pink Champagne (also an LE) Everyday You Play with the Light of the Universe (LE) Bastet (has cardamom instead of clove, but it's very warm and approachable) People who have been around much longer than I can probably help more, but I love all of the ones above. Welcome!
  5. katharina

    Call it a broken heart, a break-up, heartache...

    Haunted maybe?
  6. katharina

    Similar to Sin?

    I wonder if the Amber & Cardamom duet would work for you? Or Bastet? Or Nasty Woman? All of these are currently available. Also thinking about Mandeville's Phoenix, & Some Strangeness in the Proportion, but these are LEs, however, I didn't have to search super hard to find them.
  7. katharina

    Milk Chocolate, Cassia, and Bacon

    In the bottle: The hickory smoke note of the bacon overwhelms. I can detect a bit of chocolate under it, but I have to look for it. Wet: Oh! That's surprising! The bacon scent moves to background, becoming a smoky container for the chocolate and cassia. Dry: Jesus Harry Christ! Why does my skin burn?! Oh, shit and red welts too??? I guess cassia and I don't get along. She smells lovely though, supporting the chocolate and being supported by the smoke. This is a surprisingly beautiful scent. I actually wasn't expecting to like it, so now I am disappointed that it's left me with a rash. For those of you wary of the bacon, there's really no need to be. Yes, you can smell it, but no, it doesn't overwhelm (of course skin chemistry being what it is, YMMV). If you have sensitive skin this may not be for you. Other cinnamon blends have not bothered me, but this one with cassia does. *shrug*
  8. katharina

    Pink Champagne

    I was super excited for this one, because I like the thought of scents with color. In the bottle: Ugh, it has the same pukey-sour, unsettling smell as Gold and Tears does, another one I was disappointed by. Is there carrot seed in this? Wet on the skin: The puke note has settled pretty quickly, and I definitely smell fizz. Beth is a goddamn genius, with her ability to create a smell as fleeting and enigmatic as 'fizz'. I am not sure what is creating the sense of 'pink', but it is there. It's subtle and is sensed on the exhale. Interesting. Dry: this is light and effervescent, and it smells like it's name. While I don't hate this scent, in fact there is something rather sweet about it, the initial puke note (that seems to be just me?) is enough to keep me from wearing it, I fear. I will let this settle a few more weeks and try again. If you see it for sale by me you'll know it wasn't a match.
  9. katharina

    Gingerbread Mummy

    I am straight up in love. Gingerbread Mummy, will you marry me? I promise to wear you weekly and treasure always your glorious scent: In the bottle: Goddamn, that's some spicy gingerbread! Wet: The marshmallow comes out to play very quickly. Imagine warm gingerbread slathered with ooey, gooey marshmallow fluff. Drydown: Ahhh! There you are sandalwood! You blend so sweetly and only make your presence known at the end. Even then, you are enveloped in warmth and softness. Regrets: That your scent only last 3 hours or so on my skin, and that I only have 1 bottle.
  10. katharina

    The Clod and the Pebble

    Initially, it's all rose to me. But as the scent dries down there is a spicy element that reads as saffron and not the other noted spices, odd. I do like it, but it's not what I expected. i will need to wear it in different circumstances to test it further.
  11. katharina

    Death’s Head Moth

    This is everything cozy and safe to my nose. The clove husk and green cumin are anchored by the black pepper. The sandalwood, patchouli, and oudh provide sexy sophistication to the blend, but don't overwhelm it at all. The dust and ash are subtle players to my nose, adding a hint of mystery. I really don't know what nagarmotha smells like. I wear this whenever I need a pick me up, or I am feeling to scattered. It's incredibly grounding--the essence of earth, despite having wings.
  12. katharina

    Hair Gloss?

    This is helpful, thanks!
  13. katharina

    Smells to Work Out To - 30 Day Challenge

    UGH. Life happened and I have not been on my game. Dealing with parental health issues and getting my house ready for them to move in to--classic GenX stuff, I guess. I did do 30 min on the elliptical today with Native Gold. Gah, I love this scent! It's so happy to me, smelling like root beer and love, which I need lately. 😁
  14. katharina


    So many people are talking about the peach playing big in this one, but for me it's the rose that comes on strong. Perhaps I amp rose? I am still learning... I do get peach and the green, tart bite of apricot in the bottle and for about 30 seconds on my skin and then it is all honeyed rose, with a lushy background. The oud, frankincense, and musk are minor players for me.
  15. katharina

    Harvest Moon 2017

    I got this as a frottle from the lab. Admittedly, the plethora of notes made me cautious, a I wasn't sure if it would be cacophony of scents that was overwhelming. I am also not a fan of apple (force fed apples as a kid and I don't even like apple pie now), so the apple note worried me as well. In the bottle: As I feared, the amount of scents was initially overwhelming to my nose. As I continued to sniff though, I was able to start picking out notes in the chaos and the overwhelm reduced. Spicy, woodsy, alcohol. Hrm. Wet: Luckily, the straight up boozy smell settled down on my skin and the more fruity scents became apparent. None of them stood out to me, more like a fruit salad where they are all jumbled together and smell is of ripe sweetness. This mixed with spice and woods. I don't hate it. Dry: I am pleased to report that I don't hate it is the final verdict, though I don't know if it will eventually move to the swap pile. It has simmered down quite a bit. Smoke has come out to play with the woodsy scents, and the fruits are slowly fading to the background, combined with the spices they seem to be adding a touch of caramel to hold the woods and smoke together. ETA: I keep sniffing my arm and adding more, this is telling me a couple of things: This is a sleeper hit and as it melds with my skin it becomes more enjoyable, Two: I wish the intensity lingered a bit more, despite it's jarring.