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  1. katharina


    I really love this scent, though I am certain there is cinnamon in it and I have to be beyond careful with that on my skin. This is a creamy, spicy, furry scent which seems so appropriate for a were-baby. I don't get much soil, partially because the spice takes over on my skin. I love spicy scents, so I don't mind. The creamy fur lingers around the edges. Honey isn't really present, but there is a sweetness to it. It just doesn't have that peculiar note that honey has. I am testing this 12 years later and it may be that the cinnamon has grown stronger with age. I will note that though the scent of cinnamon is strong, it does not irritate my skin much at all.
  2. katharina

    Recommendations for simple blends

    Here are some ideas, I have included items with 4 notes or less that I have personally tried.: Hope and Faith: Sugared Rose & Sugared Violet respectively. Constellation (bottles have to be bought through Haute Macabre, but I could send you a decant if you want to test it.): Egyptian Amber and sugar-spiked clove. Owl Moon and Silky Bat (Have to be bought through Blood Milk Jewels, but again I can send samples): Honeyed Patchouli and Sugared Patchouli, respectively. D'jed (Bought through Blood Milk Jewels, but I can send a sample): sandalwood, sweetgrass, white sage, sand. High Strung Daisies: Daisy, pink carnation, pink pepper, and sugar. I have some others that aren't available on the website anymore, but could possibly help you figure out notes that are doable. Happy to send samples: White Chocolate, Pink Carnation,Coconut Cream, and Clove The Air and the Ether: amber, ambergris, and lavender Black Cherries, Vanilla Bean, Champaca--might help with testing vanilla? Ghosts at Aldershot: Lemon Peppermint boiled sweets and Marshmallow
  3. May I recommend The Witch/Strega? She's available on the site and really fits your description, I think: Leatherbound tomes and rose cream, flickering flames of twin ambers, and a cascade of shadows: black oud, teakwood, black beeswax, 13-year aged patchouli, cinnabar, balsam, sweet labdanum, tonka bean, and smoke.
  4. I know this thread is a few months old, but you may really love Back in the Recording Studio from the Liliths release. "Tonka bean, black amber resin, patchouli root, candlewax, lavender bud, driftwood, and honey dust." The honey dust is not strong and the scent isn't foodie at all. There is plenty of incense and woods--the driftwood also adds an aquatic note to this. Bawd, in the Independent Shakespeare Company collaboration is a lovely, real floral with a touch of vanilla "Raucous red velvet musk, sweet patchouli, billowing peony, bourbon vanilla, and a cascade of red rose petals." Clemence, in Carnival Diabolique, is a spicy, woody, floral and one of my all time favorites. "Patchouli, Kashmiri tea, cardamom, black pepper, carnation, and clove." Love Let Her, in the collaboration with Darla Teagarden, is also a lovely floral with a whiff of smoke and sandalwwod. "Velvet-pink carnations with tea roses, peonies, and rose sandalwood with a whiff of candlesmoke" Tovenares, from the recent Weenies drop may be up your alley as there are florals, woods, and smoke. "Pale woods and dried rose petals, white sandalwood, bone dust, sweet amber, and incense smoke." The Witch/Strega is also one with that I adore and that hits your scent preferences. "Leatherbound tomes and rose cream, flickering flames of twin ambers, and a cascade of shadows: black oud, teakwood, black beeswax, 13-year aged patchouli, cinnabar, balsam, sweet labdanum, tonka bean, and smoke." All of these are currently available as of 11/9/2022. All are also in my personal collection so I feel confident recommending them. I hope this was helpful!
  5. katharina


    This has rested almost a week. Fresh on I strangely smell violets? It weirdly reminds me of the powdery violet candies. Coconut can often be overwhelming, but I barely smell it here. In fact, none of the notes seem to particularly standout. I suspect it's the frankincense causing the powdery, violet-like wafts I am getting, but otherwise, nothing distinctly stands out. There is a subtle sweetness present, possibly from the pearwood. It doesn't strike me as a fruit smell, but a light, woody sweetness. Carnation only makes herself known during the drydown, and she's not the spicy girl I know and love. Rather, she's softer and understated. I honestly didn't know what to expect from this perfume. Pearwood was the only note I am unfamiliar with, but none of the other notes are behaving in their typical ways. It's not bad, just a tad disconcerting. Overall, on me, this is a slightly sweet, powdery wood. I wore this alone, as I wanted to get a sense of it before wearing it with Heloise. Since they are meant to be worn together, I will try it that and see what changes. Not sure this one is a keeper.
  6. katharina

    The Necromancer

    I had such high hopes for this scent, that were unfortunately, dashed. It's only rested about 20 hours, so I will retry in a week or so and update if anything changes. I have a love affair with cashmere, leather, and rosewater and felt neutral or slightly positive about the rest, particularly the green velvet note. On me, this scent is almost entirely lilac cologne. Now, don't get me wrong, I can delight in a subtle lilac undertone to a scent, you know the kind--where it's almost a creamy, purple scent. This one however, leans strongly on the colgne and smells almost like a citrus-y lilac. It's not bad, but not what I had hoped for, nor something I can see myself smelling like regularly. I hope resting longer will allow the cashmere, leather, and rosewater to develop further. I'd also love a peek of dusty tomes and green velvet too. If not, off to the swap pile it will go.
  7. katharina

    Its Own Sweet Will Is Heaven’s Will

    I expected this to be more fig forward, but am 100% OK with it not being. I also wasn't sure what to expect of the rose resin (what part of the plant would it emphasize?) and am happy to report that it provides a noticeable, but not overwhelming, rose petal flair. It sits atop of the galbanum and spices, eventually melding into them. All of this sweetened by fig, and given a glow from the amber. I really enjoy this several hours in when it becomes a woody resin sweetness that lingers for hours. (I dabbed some between my breasts, and the fella commented on how much he liked the scent when we were enjoying Friday cocktails on the back porch, several hours after application.) 10/10 for this beauty!
  8. katharina

    Final Girl

    To my nose this is all vanilla, marshmallows, and honey. The currants and clove are are smothered by these notes, and are barely there. A faint clove emerges a bit during the initial drydown, but doesn't last. If you are a sugar and marshmallow whore, this is your scent. As for me, I came for the currants and clove. I know aging may bring out more clove, though I am unsure what it will do for the fruity notes. 7/10 we will see what a little aging does before deciding whether to hold onto this one.
  9. katharina

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    Sweet patchouli is prominent right from the start, though it's hard to differentiate the different sweetnesses: we've got sugar cane, cotton candy, and vanilla ice cream thrown into the mix. To my nose, the vanilla ice cream is really the only one I can smell distinctly--and it has a French vanilla flair to it, as it reminds me of the French vanilla from Badgers--in fact, this scent could be Badgers kid sister, so if you liked that one be sure to grab this one! It blends well with the honeysuckle nectar, which adds a different, floral, sweetness that is not overwhelming. The amber provides a soft, warm base for the other notes to rest on. This is really lovely, especially the 1st few hours. Confession: I put this on last night and reapplied this morning. Before the reapplication, there was a definite perfumey amber left, with a smidge of the patchouli. Not bad, but felt more commercial. 9/10, probable keeper.
  10. katharina

    Oda a la Luz Encantada

    Sweet, soft pear opening over a bed of musky, sweet amber. The lavender is hard for me to find as an individual note. It seems to blend with the chamomile to add a breezy (read: faint) floral overlay. Cream can go weird on me, but this is a very subtle cream to my nose. I definitely get an added sweetness, but it doesn't read as gourmand. This is a warm and golden scent, a glowing sweetness. As it dries down, a perfumey edge emerges. 9/10 for me. Losing a point because I wanted a more prominent lavender.
  11. katharina


    I knew on 1st bottle sniff that this wasa a love for me! It's spicy, floral, sweet, and buttery. Although, the buttery bit isn't overwhelming--as it can be on me, offers more of an unctuous background for the other notes to rest on. The spicy and floral notes are really where it's at and in that regard it smells very high end and luxurious. For those who hate rose, not to worry. The rose here is barely noticeable, it's really all about the spicy carnations. 10/10, Will definitely hold onto this one!
  12. katharina

    Fulvous Snow

    I'm super surprised that there aren't more reviews on this. I had to look up the meaning of Fulvous: reddish yellow; tawny. This scent is certainly that. It smells to like a warm glowing ember should smell. I don't get much snow from this, except for a light freshness at the end of the scent experience. Otherwise, it's all an incredibly blended warmth. For patchouli haters: the patch here is NOT overwhelming, at all. It, with the honeyed oak lays a base for the other notes to dance on. Nor is the oudh especially indolic. It's presence is more of a memory. This to me, is about the hay, tonka, and chestnut blossom. The latter adds a soft, buttery/nutty floral to the vanilla of the tonka. The hay, perhaps playing with the snow note, feels as if it's on a late summer breeze. This scent is warm, snuggly, and fresh--which seems like a contradiction. But isn't that what a tawny snow scent would be, anyway?
  13. katharina

    Cerise Fog

    Honestly, to my nose, this smells like children's chewable Tylenol from the '80s.
  14. katharina

    Song of Hope

    This scent, along with Clémence, has shown me how much I love a good carnation scent. Who would've thunk it? The spices here really support the natural spiciness of the carnation, and the vanilla and amber give it all a warm, golden bed to lie on. It is quieter than it might seem if you were just reading the notes. Beth's genius is showing its hand with how masterfully, and yet delicately, this is blended. It's not overwhelming, although I wish it were. I want to bathe in it so all around me can smell the deliciousness.
  15. katharina

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Anyone else here a Downton Abbey fan? I've been re-watching since there's a new movie coming out. I'd love to here suggestions for the characters if anyone has some. I feel like violet heavy scents would be perfect the Dowager Countess since her name is Violet.