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  1. jiggahava

    Dead Leaves, Sweetgrass & Pine Needles

    I get the Sweetgrass smell right away and it's sooooo nice. It softens the pine, which can come off harsh by itself but the two meld so beautifully together in this. I can't specifically pick out dead leaves by themselves, they just blend in with the rest of the perfume. This doesn't last super long on me, just a few hours before it fades away, but knowing these blends it will get stronger with age.
  2. jiggahava

    Pumpkin Gas Can

    You definitely get the petrol loud and strong. The pumpkin coexists with it and it smells like a pumpkin covered in dirt. I know that's not most people's bag but i like it! As it settles in it gives off a light rubber smell An earthy pumpkin, straight from the dirt, not the kind with baking spices A few hours later the petrol smell dies out, and there's a sweetened soft pumpkin flesh left behind, which is very pleasant.
  3. jiggahava

    Zombie Milk

    Well this is just delightful. The rice milk adds just a hint of creamy sweetness to the mossiness and sandalwood. A lot less dry than the notes would lead you to believe. 6 hours later it turns into a soft, green slightly woody scent, with a hint of that rice milk adding a perfect balance. Almost matcha-like. This is very unique and nothing else in the BPAL catalogue smells like it. Don't sleep on this one.
  4. jiggahava

    Itasô Kansei Nenkan Jorô No Fûzoku

    This smells like what I call "Generic bpal". Mainly undefinable soapy smells with a hint of incense behind it (even though there's none listed). I'm going to chalk this up to aging badly, because back when I bought this imp fresh, it smelled more distinctive and you could pick out the notes. Guess aging doesn't always turn out well 😕
  5. jiggahava

    Black Julbocken Alchemy Lab

    Sweet, fuzzy musk with a trail of something not quite pine....miseltoe maybe. It's a gentle complement to the musk. Now I'm getting soft greens, which I'm attributing to the moss or sage Very light blend, wish there was stronger throw. A very light musk scent with woods in the background. Like if you wore your favorite sweater outside in the fresh air. Hours later becomes a warm skin musk scent. I would've liked the greens to stay longer. Still, this is a really cozy blend.
  6. jiggahava

    Teapot Full of Angst

    Black tea with almond! For a second there's a note that almost smells like bread, then quickly evaporates. This is mostly calming black tea with a touch of lemon peel. I always underrate tea scents and forget how good they are. This is a keeper.
  7. jiggahava

    Burn Pile 2022

    This straight up smells like I doused myself in a campfire. Authentic! Might even be better with some woodsy scent layered on top to give you that realistic camped in the woods smell. If you love smoky scents this is obviously a must buy. If you don't......steer clear, lol. I get more of the paper note and peppercorn as this calms down. Reminds me a lot of TRex by Zoologist, like a second cousin. I was expecting a loud scent but this sticks very close to the skin.
  8. jiggahava

    Death of the Grave Digger

    Another imp I've owned forever and never reviewed. This starts out with a rich, wonderful dirt note along with the "cold" snow notes which come across as lightly minty. After a few hours, the myrrh and opoponax completely take over the scent. It's nice, but it doesn't project too far. Worth keeping the imp, as it's a good winter/fall scent.
  9. jiggahava

    Sleepy Moon

    The perfect sleeptytime scent. I rarely wear the same perfume more than once, but Sleepy Moon has ended up in my regular rotation. I love the coolness of the bamboo pulp and how it complements the chamomile and lavender. Knocks me right out, A+.
  10. jiggahava


    I've owned this for 14 years and never reviewed it so here we go: Strong pine and a blast of florals. Getting a lot of cool notes which can be attributed to the snow note here. Several hours in and Florals have faded to something soft and light. The snow note has come out more and the pine note has receeded. Now i remember why I liked this one!
  11. jiggahava

    Nasty Woman

    The fig, vanilla and patchouli all blends so beautifully. It's a truly winning combo and works great in fall. I haven't worn this in a few years but it's as rich and comforting as I remember. Suprisingly light throw.
  12. jiggahava

    An Enchanted Cellar with Animals

    Right on the skin I get clean, watery herbs. A lot of frankincense smoke, which tickles my nose. Don't get anything fur or feather-like yet. 2 hours in it smooths out and I'm getting the clay and wet stone. This is pretty! I was worried it would turn out like Witches Kitchen, which sadly did not work on me, but no! It's watery clay and stones with a light touch of frankincense and sage. I'll hang on to this bottle and see if it develops as it ages.
  13. jiggahava

    Witches’ Kitchen

    Hmmm, a lot more menthol-y than I expected. Better let this brew sit longer. I was hoping this would be more castoreum-forward since it's a rare note in the BPAL catalogue, but I don't detect a whiff of it. Mostly nose-burning vetiver and a very herbal brimstone (or gunpowder). An hour later the menthol note persists. I hate to say this about a new blend, but so far this is not the kind of scent I would wear and I don't care for the menthol notes at all. I will say though that for such a heavy sounding blend this is suprisingly light. Okay, nearly 4 hours in the menthol smell has died out, and I'm left with a super light, herbal smell. It's not bad, but it's nothing that differentiates it from other herbal blends. Light throw. I will age this for at least 6 months and see if any of the other notes come out before I decide if I want to sell it. Edit: It's been a year and aging has not helped at allllll. It still smells like a toothpaste mint-bomb. Off to ebay it goes.
  14. jiggahava

    Tahitian Landscape

    If you like tropical scents (I do!) you'll love this one. The coconut just functions to smooth out the blend so that the flowers stay warm and soft-smelling and it never veers into screechy or soapy territory. I get a lot of orchid and tahitian gardenia, which is just what I was hoping for, and some of that luscious fruit-like frangipani too. This has a small to moderate amount of throw. I'm glad I got a full bottle of this to add to my tropical collection.
  15. jiggahava

    Summer Rain

    Lavender and coconut give this fragrance a nice softness that's not foodie. It compliments the rain/herb notes really well and it gives it an almost photorealistic concrete smell. This is a keeper! I suspect it will get even better with age, but it's really lovely just as it is fresh. A decent amount of throw too.