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  1. puellacaerulea

    Lightning Strikes Literature

    This blend starts off with noticeable ozone, but accompanied by a beeswax note that keeps the ozone from getting harsh or high-pitched. This scent is a weird but lovely interplay between cool and warm notes, with fresh, cool ozone contrasting the sweet beeswax and slightly vanillic old-paper notes. This one's a likely bottle purchase for me.
  2. puellacaerulea

    Young Witches at Play in the Night Sky

    This is one of those blends where all the notes just mesh together incredibly well. My first impression is evergreen notes and creamy magnolia. On application, the bergamot and white musk amp up a bit more, brightening the scent and amplifying the creaminess of the magnolia. I can pick out the orris, but it's not noticeably powdery; rather, it just softens the edges of all the other notes. This almost reads vintage floral perfume to me thanks to the magnolia and orris, but the evergreen notes and white musk take it into a cooler, airier territory.
  3. puellacaerulea

    Dead Leaves, Praline, and Sheer Vanilla

    This one starts off with an aggressively sweet and nutty praline note that goes a bit plasticky on my skin, with the more wet, cologne-like DL accord intensifying it. Fortunately, it calms down quite a bit on drydown, shifting to a not-too-sweet nutty vanilla blend, with a faint hint of dry leaves in the background.
  4. puellacaerulea

    Dead Leaves, Boot Leather, and Sweet Grass

    The most prominent note here is soft, well-worn leather, with wet leaves in the background. The sweetgrass amps up on application, adding a pleasantly sweet and green backing, but as it wears, the main impression is soft leather and wet leaves. This isn't one for the leather-averse, but if you enjoy leather notes, this is an atmospheric and evocative blend.
  5. puellacaerulea

    Dead Leaves And Horchata

    On my skin, this is primarily creamy rice milk and soft cinnamon (more ground cinnamon than aggressive fall candle cinnamon.) I'm having trouble picking out the dead leaves specifically, but there's an oddly bright note that's somewhere between vegetal and lemony under the rice milk that might be the DL accord blending with the rest of the notes in an odd way? Overall, a creamy, spiced blend with something sneakily vegetal hanging out in the background. Definitely not unpleasant, but a departure from the DL blends I'm used to.
  6. puellacaerulea

    Autumn Sun I

    This blend is pale amber and black tea first and foremost. I can't pick out the other notes specifically, but there is a woody, earthy spine to the scent that grounds it. It's subtle, though -- no intense dead leaf note or dirt note here, just a faint earthiness grounding the scent. This is in the same vein as October 32, without the wool and cream notes. Overall, a pretty, wan-in-an-appropriately-autumnal-sort-of-way amber blend. This might be a bottle upgrade for me.
  7. puellacaerulea

    And Here I Sawe My Whete So Rede

    The rice milk in this blend starts out surprisingly strong and creamy, with an almost sour edge not unlike BPAL's goat milk accord. It settles quickly, blending into the bergamot and palo santo. The palo santo and sandalwood are there, but the bergamot and rice milk make this much more of a sweet and creamy than a woody scent. This leans more gourmand on me, but the wood notes keep it from being Too Much. Unfortunately, my skin eats this up fast, with maybe two hours or so of staying power.
  8. puellacaerulea

    Three Pairs of Shoes

    Yep, that's leather. This is well-worn leather first and foremost -- I can't quite pick out the tobacco and smoked vanilla, but there's a resinous, cool undertone to the leather notes that makes me think of soft, well-worn leather that's been sitting out in the cold for some time. It is a bit reminiscent of Ü, but the balsams and vanillic notes are more pronounced in that scent. This is sort of like Ü's more rugged cousin.
  9. puellacaerulea

    She Loves the Bare, the Withered Tree

    This is rooty, slightly spicy patchouli first and foremost, but the carrot seed gives it this vegetal, cool, and sort of airy quality that makes it intriguing and wearable for a generally non-patch person like myself (I'm here for the carrot seed, really). Reminds me a bit of Lush's Blue Skies bubble bar, another exception to my general no-patch rule. Overall, a blend that's earthy, cool, and atmospheric at the same time, definitely evocative of late autumn.
  10. puellacaerulea

    The Wind Strike Chill and Cold

    The white mint is the most dominant note here, with the ti leaf adding more of a fresh, green edge. As it dries down, I'm able to pick out the lilac more, and it blends surprisingly seamlessly with the mint. I never pick out the amber, but this scent has much more staying power on me than other green/minty BPAL blends, so maybe it's in there helping somehow. Overall, cool, clean mint and lilac. Fans of scents like Ghost Music, The Listeners, and Fuck This Heat might also like this one.
  11. puellacaerulea

    The Little Owl

    Based on the notes, I expected a warm, brown, woody scent in the vein of Judgmental Longhorn or Partridges in the Snow. That impression is there thanks to the tonka and sandalwood, but the almond and beeswax are the dominant notes in this blend. I get a warm, woody base, with the beeswax and almond adding a light, almost honeyed sweetness on top that adds a sort of creamy, fuzzy, vanillic quality to the blend. Over many hours of wear, the beeswax and almond fade a bit and the tonka and sandalwood come out more. Overall, a warm, floofy, pleasant scent. Low-ish throw and long wear time.
  12. puellacaerulea

    Fern, Red Clover, and Wild Lettuce

    In the bottle and on the skin, this is fresh, vegetal green notes and a light, slightly spicy floral. There's a slightly bitter undertone to the green notes as this dries down (possibly the lettuce note?), but it doesn't spoil the blend -- if anything, it keeps the greenery realistic and helps keep any soapy impressions at bay. Otherwise, there's very little morphing on me. Just fresh, light, springlike greens. This'll definitely be going into my warm-weather rotation.
  13. puellacaerulea

    Caramelized Pecan Rum Cake

    This one starts out with loud and sharp booze and burnt sugar, but slowly settles down into a sweet, nutty, and maple-y scent. The rum is there, but it's not as loud and aggressively boozy as it is in the imp. Not a fan of the opening stage, but the post-drydown is pleasant. Like Pecan Pie Oud's sweeter cousin.
  14. puellacaerulea

    Noisy Goose Moon 2022

    In the decant: Banana and nail polish remover. Oof. Once on, whatever is giving the impression of nail polish remover calms down, and the sweet, vanilla-y marshmallow notes start to come out more. After drydown, it's primarily a sweet, floofy vanilla with a hint of boozy bite in the background. Turned out better than expected, so I'll hang onto my decant.
  15. puellacaerulea

    Labdanum, Red Musk, Scorched Vanilla

    This one starts off heavily musky and resinous, with the sharp, medicinal quality I tend to get from labdanum. No trace of vanilla in the decant. As it dries down, the medicinal edge of the labdanum calms down and the vanilla starts to come out. The vanilla isn't noticeably smoky (the red musk and labdanum are still stronk and might be drowning the scorched aspect out), but it does moderate the musk and labdanum and soften the scent a little bit. This one started off a bit too aggressive for me, but it ends as a heady, vanilla-sweetened red musk. Not the kind of thing I'd wear often enough for a bottle, but I could see grabbing the decant for special occasions.