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  1. puellacaerulea


    Was recently frimped a decant of this -- not sure which year I have! In the decant, I mostly get bright lemongrass. As it wears, the amber comes out and tempers the scent -- after drydown, the oakmoss also amps up more, giving a mossy, herbal, green counterpoint to the lemongrass. If anything, several hours in, I'd call this oakmoss with a lemony edge to it. Fortunately, I like oakmoss, so that works for me. I can see myself reaching for this more often as the weather warms up. (As a side note, I love the bright greenish-yellow color of the oil -- matches the name.)
  2. puellacaerulea

    Cooling Breeze

    In the decant: Cool green tea, bamboo, and a hint of juniper. Cool and fresh. Once on: The juniper amps up a lot, giving the scent a slight fruitiness. As it dries down, the sandalwood gets more noticeable, adding a little groundedness and complexity to the otherwise cool, green elements of the scent. I'd still call this a primarily green tea scent, though. Super low throw; would be great for warm weather or when you want something subtle. Probably going to need a bottle of this.
  3. puellacaerulea

    Fragment 38

    In the decant: Olive blossom, amber, and something surprisingly spicy -- is that the fig wood? Once on: The spiciness fades fast, and the olive blossom and amber stay prominent, with just a bit of fig. The wood slowly amps up over time, but this is primarily olive blossom, amber, and fig on me. Deep, heavy, and sexy, sort of like Defututa 2.0. I can't see myself reaching for this enough to get a full bottle, but will hang onto my decant.
  4. puellacaerulea


    This is maybe the most unique of the 2020 Shungas that I've tried so far. In the decant, honey stands out to me the most, but the other notes are there, adding this wonderful complexity to the honey. After applying, the lemon blossom and maple leaves amp up a lot more -- it's not as strong as the dead leaves blends, so don't let that scare you off if you're not a fan of that note, but it does give the scent a more cologne-y quality for a time. This fades as it dries down, and the end result is more of a soft honey and beeswax with a slight citrusy brightness. Definitely give this one a try if you like honey scents. I'm glad I have a decant, and haven't ruled out a bottle purchase yet.
  5. puellacaerulea

    Raccoon Moon 2020

    This starts off with lots of slushy, wintry evergreen and mint notes, along with wintergreen-like birch. As it dries down, the evergreen and minty notes fade, with earthy patchouli, hay, and subtle florals taking over. The birch is still there, but the wintry notes are mostly gone after drydown. It definitely has a brown, furry quality to it. Evocative of the name, and a good late winter/early spring scent.
  6. puellacaerulea

    Beach Scene

    In the decant and once on: The salt stands out the most, but there's also something more generally aquatic under there, which I'm guessing is the kelp note. As it dries down, the patch gets more noticeable, but it's never dominant and blends reasonably well with the salt and kelp. Worth trying if you like BPAL's salt note or fresh aquatics in general.
  7. puellacaerulea

    Lighting the Lantern

    In the decant and once on: Very bright, loud yuzu and bergamot, with a slightly discordant undertone of cedar. Citrus and wood notes are an unexpected and kind of weird combo, but it kind of works. As it dries down, the cedar and musk amp up on me, making the yuzu less screechy, but definitely still a presence along with the bergamot. It eventually dries down to a soft cedar and musk brightened up by the citrus. It has a glowing, yellow quality, but without the loudness you'd expect if you sniffed it wet. Not yet sure if it's bottleworthy, but I definitely like it.
  8. puellacaerulea

    Miskatonic University

    In the imp, I mostly get coffee and Irish cream, with a little bit of the wood notes. As it wears, the wood notes amp up more -- unfortunately, there also seems to be a skin chemistry fail on me, as it starts to go a little plasticky. Not sure what note is to blame. After drydown, that plasticky undertone starts to go away, leaving me with mostly the scent of Irish coffee -- I never fully get the old books note. Despite that, it's definitely evocative of old libraries and university buildings, and would make a great fall or winter scent. The skin chemistry stuff might keep me from getting a full bottle, but I'll hang onto my imp.
  9. puellacaerulea

    Dandelion & Dirt

    Didn't get this during its original run, ended up having FOMO (because it turns out BPAL's dandelion note plays really well with me), and luckily came across a secondhand bottle. In the bottle, it's surprisingly sharp and bitter, with the fresh earth note dominant. It stays sharp and weirdly cologne-y for a time after applying. However, as it dries down, the sharpness settles quite a bit and the dandelion note I love gets more prominent. The dirt's still there, but it's much softer and better balanced. The initial stages aren't great, but it's worth powering through to the drydown stage.
  10. puellacaerulea


    In the imp and once on: Almond! Lots of sweet almond; having a hard time picking out the other notes. As it dries down, the myrrh amps up a lot more. It is slightly powdery, but that and the hint of dark musk balance out the sweetness of the almond. Overall, dark (but not overpowering) and subtly sweet; worth trying if you're into almond or myrrh. Not yet sure if I need a full bottle (Wander Darkling in the Eternal Space will be meeting all my moody myrrh scent needs for the foreseeable future), but I like it and will hang onto my imp.
  11. puellacaerulea

    The Black Tower

    A sepulchral, desolate scent. Long-dead soldiers, oath-bound; the perfume of their armor, the chill wind that surges through their tower, white bone and blackened steel: white sandalwood, ambergris, wet ozone, galbanum and leather with ebony, teak, burnt grasses, English ivy and a hint of red wine. In the imp, I mostly get the leather, wood, and ozone, with a hint of the burnt grassy notes. As it wears, the leather and wood notes stick around and soften a bit, as muted, mossy notes start to come out. It's a somber, autumnal kind of scent, but surprisingly lighter than what the description might suggest.
  12. puellacaerulea


    In the imp and once applied: Strong, herbal, astringent cypress and juniper. As it dries down, the rose and chamomile amp up more and tone down the astringent notes. Rose tends to go powdery on me, but I don't notice it as much here -- the cypress and juniper could be balancing that out. Overall impression is rose and chamomile with a backbone of cypress and juniper -- the latter notes don't dominate the scent, but they keep it from being a pure floral. I was skeptical when I first applied it, but the drydown stage is better than expected. Will hang onto my imp.
  13. puellacaerulea

    Dragon's Milk

    Both in the imp and on, I get mostly a honeyed vanilla cream, with just a hint of dragon's blood. After drydown, the dragon's blood gets more noticeable, but this stays primarily a honey-vanilla scent to my nose. Pleasant enough, and definitely wearable if you're looking for a lighter take on dragon's blood, but not something I necessarily need a full bottle of.
  14. puellacaerulea

    Saturday Morning

    Forgot I had a decant of this on hand, so. In the decant, I get the amber, coconut, and lemongrass -- bright, sunny, and summery. The coconut and lemongrass seriously amp up once on, heightening the summery impression. After drydown, the lemongrass and coconut settle down a bit, making more room for the amber and a hint of dandelion. I have a hard time picking out the lavender and grass notes. Overall impression: a little tropical, very summery, generally bright and happy. Will definitely reach for my decant more come summer.
  15. puellacaerulea


    In the imp and once on, this is very much a clean scent, with a hint of white florals, but not particularly loud white florals. Fresh, pretty, and unobtrusive. It gets progressively muskier as time goes on, becoming more obviously a skin scent. Throw is relatively low, especially after drydown. Worth trying if you want something clean and subtle. Not sure if I need a full bottle yet, but will hang onto my frimp to experiment with layering with the other RPG imps in my stash.