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BPAL Madness!

Forest & Woods Scents (with and without evergreens)

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Dawn: Cernunnos strikes me as a dark foresty scent, hence why I love it so much :)


yep. i was coming to suggest cernunnos.


Just as a "whee, excited" update, I read and read and read and then ended up with:


Bewitched, Black Forest, Faunalia, Fae, Lawn Gnome, Imp, Vixen, Hollywood Babylon, Black Phoenix, Fenris Wolf, Kitsune-Tsuki, Troll


Some of these are, as you can see, not necessarily related to what I asked for, but I decided to treat myself to 2*6 of what you appear to call "Imp's Ears" and wanted to test some different stuff too - I am So looking forward to these now - question though; when I do get them and test them, I'm allowed to write in reviews and be all "whee" or "blurgh" yes? :D


yes, they have their own threads just for that!

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Reviews are absolutely encouraged! The Reviews forum is split into different categories, so it's helpful to know if the blend is a Bewitching Brew or from Diabolus, etc., but you can also search by name.


I definitely echo Dawn: Cernunnos and Robin Goodfellow, and I think you chose a great assortment. If you end up wanting to try more scents, Yggdrasil (Bewitching Brews) might be a good fit for what you're looking for: The World Ash. Nine woods, nine leaves, and three herbs each for Ratatosk and Vidofnir, with three final herbs to placate Nidhogg. There's also The Apothecary (Illyria): Tea leaf with three mosses, green grass, a medley of herbal notes, and a drop of ginger and fig.

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Oh yes - if I like these, there will very much be more :)


(I just worry that I'll end up with a collection biger than my book- or music collection, which are both quite silly in dimensions...so taking it easy in the start at least ^_^)

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I would actually suggest Voodoo for the Huldra. It's a strange blend with lime, vanilla, patchouli, vetiver, pine and maybe other notes I'm forgetting. It doesn't sound like it would smell that good but on me I found it to be earthy, intriguing, and sexy.

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My imps have arrived :D


I am stupidly excited, but have promised myself to only try One per day.


Since I also got 4 for free (yay!) that will cover me until I start my car mechanic course :D


I will also try some of them on my...ehm, not even on an anonymous forum can I quite decide What he is - friend, of the male gender, I guess - to see how they work on him compared to me - yayayayayay!

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So, my Imps arrived - and one bottle bought unsniffed.

I also got Frimps.


I know the reviews forums are for reviews, so this is more for my own sake.


Troll - Cuddly, warm and loving scent. Like lying in a grassy hill in the sun with someone you love, and just lazying.


Imp - Bubbly and happy, but too faint for my liking.


Fae - Liquirice and forest, on me - I find it gets better when layered with Yggdrasil.


Bewitched - Fruity and nommy, but too sweet and slightly artificial.


Kitsune-Tsuki - LOVE at first smell, and then that love lasted all through night, into the morning, when I with a heavy heart washed it off to try my other imps. It makes me feel happy, pretty and Alive.


O - This is my new seduction-smell. I'll wear this for nights bound to end in sex. I want to rub it all over myself and just sit and enjoy it.


Vasilissa - Pink, chewy caramel, delicious, to me, the effect is a mix of O and Kitsune-Tsuki, only not as strong on either "side" as either of them.


Fenris Wolf - Tried this on the man/friend - it smelled like flowery old-woman perfume. On me, it smells wodsy and VERY Male. Sigh.


Yggdrasil - Tried this on the man/friend, and it smelled girly and bubbly. On me, it smells first like a young tree with the bark scraped, and is Absolutely delicious, but then goes Flowery after it dries down, and not in a way I like - sigh.


Black Phoenix - Something to wear on days when everything seems Wrong. It is definitively very uplifting.


Hollywood Babylon - Perfect for concerts (at least for me, as I just go see metal and/or aggrotech/industrial/similar


Vixen - Did not like. Unsure why. It was just not for me.


Voodoo - same here, not my thing - there's nothing Wrong with it, it just doesn't get along with me, and gets headachy and too strong.


Horn of Plenty - oversugared candy-icelolli. Not my thing.


Black Forest - Spiky, oddly pleasant on the cooldown, but not enough to win my heart.


Blood - Headache.


Robin Goodfellow - starts out almost perfect, unisexY, then it hangs more like a shimmer than an actual smell, and it went girly on me. I'll need to re-test it before deciding.


Katharina - I wanted to love this, because we share name, spelling included, but it's just Too sweet, and Too...frail. It's not me.


So, out of 19 smells:


3 Bottles to be bought: O, Kitsune-Tsuki and Troll.


5 imps to be kept and possibly bought in bottle if they stay in my favour: Robin Goodfellow, Hollywood-Babylon, Bewitched, Black Phoenix and Vasilissa.


And 11 that I either disliked or that just didn't do it Enough for me: Katharina, Voodoo, Vixen, Blood, Black Forest, Horn of Plenty, Yggdrasil, Fenris Wolf, Imp, Fae and ...I can't figure out which one is missing...


I think this is a pretty good turnout to be honest; all of these were bought blindly based on recommendations or hunches, and some (no less than SIX of them) were frimps. So out of the original 13 I bought, only 8 were less successful - that's Really good :D


Now, to sniff out someone - pref. in Europe - that wants to swap.

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dark rosaleen, black forest, ship of hel, elf, christougenniatiko dentrophobia, mount fuji reflected in lake m_____,


scents with pine, spruce, cypress, fir as notes.


have fun!

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Burial smells like a dark earthy pine forest. My mom said it smelled kind of like I'd been wrestling with Christmas trees.

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My husband likes to wear some foresty ones: Dawn: Cernunnos, (Terebinth pine, basil, green sandalwood, fig leaf, armoise, lemon balm, cypress, myrrh, black cedar, and juniper) and Nemesis (Cypress, ginger, fig, dried rose, red patchouli, tonka bean and cyclamen) in particular.


He smells really good in many scents that have cypress, pine & juniper notes. I also like Wolf Moon though that has a fair bit of brown musk along with the evergreens (various years have different notes but all seem to have Terebinth pine, juniper berry, & blue cedar).


Knecht Ruprecht (The snow-covered foliage of the Black Forest and the fruit and woods of apple and almond trees) might be worth trying, too.

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Dracul is also a nice masculine scent that has just enough fir to give it a hint of forest. It smells wonderful on my husband. "Black musk, tobacco, fir, balsam of peru, cumin, bitter clove, crushed mint, and orange blossom."

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My favorite is Mars Rigonemetis (Dark musk entwined with ivy, black pine, birch tar, cypress, black cedar, and black pepper.)


If he liked Jabberwocky, I'd definitely look at eucalyptus scents.

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The most foresty scent I've ever smelled (from any perfume company) is Troll, which happens to be one of my favorites. Check it out.

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Mmm, I love troll and its gingerbread version.


Blithe hollow and this is your wilderness are two others I remembered.


OP, please let us know what you guys test and how they work out!

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If you want to hunt down rares, Oborot and Carpathian Mountains are my top forest scents. Not that they are easy to find.


In the general catalog, Antikythera Mechanism is woody, Tombstone is exquisite, Black Forest seems an obvious one to try, Odin and Antony are worth a shot.

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