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    Notes I LOVE: Vanilla/tonka, CAKE!!!, GINGER, patchouli, Ambergris!!, apricot, crystalline musk, Blue musk, violet, fig leaf, rockrose, osmanthus, styrax, benozin, "feral" musk/brown musk, red musk, coconut, lilac, lime blossom, cinnamon, AMBER, frankincense, olibanum, JUNIPER/cade, sage, tea, blueberry, Leather Notes I like: honey, maple, caramel, sandalwood, fig, peach, copal, ambrette, blackberry, petigrain, plum/ume blossom, cherry blossom/sakura, vetiver/khus, linen, mint, oudh/agarwood, mahogany, jasmine, moonflower, tuberose, magnolia, mimosa, gardenia, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, plum, pumpkin, pine, spruce, fir, evergreen, lab "snow," orange blossom, neroli, citrus, yuzu, lavender, lunar accords, cardamon, cypress, chamomile, almond, wine, rum, orris, tobacco, Arabian musk, sage, leather, almond, cognac, champagne, opium/laudanumNotes that can be iffy; depends on the other notes in the blend and the percentage present: rose (amps, goes to soap or powder) cherry, "allspice", ivy, dragon blood resin, incense, charred anything, myrrh (amps but I like it), grey and black musk, milk/creamNotes that usually ruin it for me/DOOM notes: hyacinth, black musk, bluebell, grape, cucumber, myrtle, rose with rare exceptions, oakmoss?, grapefruit some of my faves: Bakeneko, the Unicorn, Darkling Thrush, Fenris Wolf, Apothecary, Ides of March, White Rabbit, Oblation, Hungry Ghost Moon, Urania, Perversion, Peitho, Debauchery, No. 93 Engine, Magus, Dorian, Aureus, Lear, Titus Andronicus, Bow and Crown of Conquest, Death on a Pale Horse, Quincy Morris, Tombstone, Golden Priapus, Hunger, Carnal, Cockaigne, Ravenous, Eat Me, The Lion, Hellcat, Anubis, Bastet, Cheshire Moon, Alice, Follow Me Boy, Black Annis, Czernobog, Shub Niggurath, Cerberus, Western Diamondback, Death Adder, Tokyo Stomp, Bloody Mary, Banshee Beat, Glowing Vulva, the Girl, a Specific Aberration, Ava, Haloes, High John, Stekkastaurjar, Faunalia, Tamora, Blooming Flowers of Spring, Venus Genetrix, Lenus Mars, Yvaine, Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, Hunger Moon

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    Astrology, Tarot, LOTR & all things Tolkien, Stephen King & HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, GRR Martin\A Song of Ice & Fire, Chaos and Eris, yeti, chupacabras, aliens, conspiracy theories, ancient civilizations, Aztec mythology, Greek history and mythology, romantic poetry, Carl Jung, Aurtherian legend, zen philosophy, kabbalah, zoology and botany, zombies, vampires, and lycanthropes
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  1. sprout

    A Twilight Where Virtues are Vice

    Beautiful yellow-white floral (jasmine, honeysuckle) which does not go high pitched on me with a hint of opium incense base. **I also usually amp smoke and thankfully this did not happen here. This started with a green spicy floral note which I think is the jasmine. I don't get the jasmine poop thing, that rarely happens on my skin and for the longest time I did not know what people meant by it until once--oh, okay I finally got it when I had one go outhouse in the heat on me--thankfully not here, teh jasmine is well behaved. Honeysuckle is also present but I have to search for it. After a short time, the opium smoke comes in support, sweet and smoky.** ***I am not the biggest florals fan but I tend to like jasmine and in combination with the honeysuckle this is a beautiful spring to summer scent. Very nice sweet > smoky floral with a note of spicy green running through it. I will possibly need more than the decant.***
  2. sprout

    The Lady of Shalott

    Gardenia!!!!! This starts a one note gardenia diva note on my skin. As things go along, I get the ginger, it isn't candied, its cool if such a thing is possible. Then I get generalized aquatic floral. I think there could be some hyacinth in here. No idea what the Lab uses to get aquatic but it smells like fine mist on the grass before the sun dries everything. I imagine sprites and fairies dancing in mushroom circles. Somehow it avoids going dryer sheet or air freshener while still evoking airy aquatic. This is really lovely when the day is too hot for any resins or sweet scents. When I started with BPAL back in the aught sevens, I loved their aquatic scents. This remains a favorite and I am shocked I never reviewed it but I got an order and this was a frimp so I had to retry it. It's perfect for its namesake.
  3. sprout

    She Loves the Bare, the Withered Tree

    I am also here for the carrot seed. Patch is subdued here. It is pretty one dimensional so far. It smells like a root cellar in the best way possible. As it evolves a get a bit of sweetening from the Patch but mostly it just smells like roots dug up from the ground. Very grounding this one.
  4. sprout

    Alchemical Laboratory

    I had a chance to buy a partial of this from an off forum decanter who shall remain unnamed. But I have also had a few Goblin squirts come my way over the years, just never a fresh bottle to review. Mostly Rosy frankincense with a hint of geranium. The incense blend is as others have commented cozy, comforting, high end, and nostalgia inducing. I would describe this as a resin floral hybrid but there is a hint of "cleanliness" in it which it not musk or elemi, I can't put my finger on it. It does not smell like a dank cellar or a chemistry lab--being a former lab assistant, I am quite familiar with the hint of benzene in the air and bit of sulfuric too. I would bet that the "deamondrops" or dragon blood resin is the "soapy" hint that reviewers are mentioning. I have no idea what cinnabar accord smells like but there is a hint of spice to this, which blends quite nicely with the rosy geranium. Of course the benzoin base note makes this a must sniff more and uplifting fragrance. I am very much in favor. If this is what the BPAL lab smells like, I would indenture myself just to enjoy this smell every day at work!
  5. sprout

    Coraline Jones

    On this is a sleeper hit for me--who knew I wanted to smell like a kid again? As advertised, this smells like clean skin musk with good bit of moss and barely there berry. Slightly sweet, very musky in I just showered and I am so clean way. Not in a too much artificial musk BBW kind of way--which is good. I enjoy a nice scent from BBW now and again, but they smell all so similar and remind me of being a tween in the mall in the 90s. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but this is a more natural, organic, mature version on that theme. I like this much more than I thought I would. I think the musk is like the Velvet Nudie we had some years back. Yes, I want to smell like a kid rolling around in the grass. While I would not call this a man's cologne, it is pretty unisex. This is the sort of fragrance that says that you are clean, well-groomed, and want to smell good but not to offend anyone. Like, my skin but better? I wish there was more grass in this and I got a nice whiff at the beginning but it was gone too soon. I can see a real niche for this on those days when I want to smell nice and clean but it is too freaking hot to wear anything cloying or resin-y. The joys of moss as a basenote in the hot ass summer cannot be overstated.
  6. sprout

    Ghost Dragon’s Mama

    Ghost Dragon's Mama is the Singularity blend that I took the biggest risk to buy a big bottle and I was disappointed to learn that DBR is a real amper on me. It figures, as I was hoping for that bubblegummy lotus and this did not smell in the least what I was hoping. I am usually a huge fan of BPAL's pink lotus note, and it is nicely present in the bottle but it disappears on my skin as does the hint of sugary vanilla cream. I don't get any cream which is probably a plus since it often goes to sour milk territory on me or smells like I slathered myself in butter (yes, as a matter of fact I do have an olfactory reference for that, don't ask why). I was hoping for a floral, springtime Dragon's milk but this is more of an incense with a hint of bubblegum. Well, I will retry in many months as it takes a lot of aging for the original Dragon Milk to work for me and maybe this is similar. I just hope the florals don't age out.
  7. Happy Holidays Colleen!


    I know it has been a while.  Things have been crazy.


    Are you guys having an ice storm?  I thought I saw this on the news and I am anticipating a huge artic blast here tomorrow, going to be in the double digits below zero, which has not happened here in a long time!


    I was hoping to score some bottles if you still have these left?


    9th Lash


    Dusty Menorah Wax

    Gingerbread + leather

    Lenus Mars

    Peach Brandy SO

    Moon of the Terrible


    Please let me know and I hope you are having good holidays,





  8. sprout


    From an aged bottle--by aged I mean at least 7 years old because there was no date on it and I started labeling the bottles with dates in 2014. Lemon verbena is the predominant note on my wrist which is where things evaporate the fastest. In the crook of my elbow and on first huff directly from the bottle I can confirm that at least part of the incense is labdanum because it has a nice cola aspect and myrrh because that one always smells fuzzy for lack of a better word and to throw a little synesthesia in there. This smells similar to Egypt from the Wanderlust category--which makes sense, as Nyaralthotep is Egyptian. I am wondering if the lemony smell is due to some benzoin inclusion? As time goes by this becomes a soft, fuzzy, sweet incense which does not have any fiery or burnt smell to it as some incense scents do. It is more of the smell you get from the drapes and cloth surfaces that absorb the odors of the incense after it has burned. I have to get in very close as it becomes very close to the skin. The sillage is pretty close to a few inches or no more than a foot. If anyone makes the ole, "it smells like incense in here" comment then I will update the thread but I think this is a pretty personal scent at this point. Thankfully most of the lemon aspect is gone--I enjoy lemon but not in huge quantities. And, this does not smell like Pledge to me or cleaning products. I am mainly getting the incense. I think newer imps have more of an ozone aspect but that has aged out of this particular bottle. I may have to dig up a fresher imp and layer because I like ozone and given the Lovecraft Story, I feel ozone is a very appropriate accord to include. This one is definitely FB worthy and I like it on overcast or rainy meditative kind of days.
  9. sprout

    Serpent's Kiss

    well, I find it surprising that I have not reviewed this. On the love hate spectrum of vetyver sniffers, I fall on the love side--which of course tempers this review. If you are not a fan of vetyver, or dragon's blood for that matter, you must be reviewing this scent for science because if you are not a fan of either, this has nothing for you. Myself, I have nothing but love for both these notes. My bottle is very aged and the dragons blood is has mellowed so it is more of a metallic, incense odor and none of the floral aspect I usually detect when it is fresher. The vetyver is very earthy and primal. This does not smell like the blood of the dragon, more like the musky funk of a long ago abandoned lair. This is what I imagine Bilbo sniffed as he was slowly descending into Smaug's treasure hold. It is dry and slightly sweet with a earthy pungency and hint of long ago blaze. The "spice" in this scent is probably black pepper or cinnamon adjacent, I highly doubt it is cassia or cinnamon because I am a mega amper of those oils and they usually smell like red hots candy on me. Plus, no skin burn. If you forced me to guess, maybe nutmeg or fennel. The spice has likely aged out of my ancient-ish bottle. I recommend this if you love DBR or vetyver. I agree with the earlier poster who called this BloodLust* light, but Bloodlust is more fiery on me and definitely spicier, probably does have cinnamon in it. This one is like the dry, earthy feeling you would get from a snake's mouth, flickering tongue and all. Interesting concept, brilliantly executed. May be good for layering purposes. Of course I did not realize this was discontinued or I would be more hoarding of my bottle, like Smaug and all. So no layering, just savoring for moi.
  10. I'll see if I can come up with some suggestions for you to try...maybe in the interest of saving cash, you can score some inexpensive second hand imps via sales on forums. I would try to narrow down imps for 1 or 2$ or get discounts for buying in bulk. White Musk may be the culprit smelling soapy. And you probably have figured out that your skin turns things sweet. Green, sweet, fruity, mossy scents for daily wear Squirting cucumber Tweedledee &Tweedledee Cheshire Cat Cathode The Dormouse Strangler Fig Cordelia Y'ha Nthlei Shoggoth 51 Rome Lear Titus Andronicus Maiden Crossroads Vicomte de Valmont Yggdrasil Something that smells like the California coast with a lot of greenery (sea air, sagebrush?) Not sure, maybe Amsterdam Lyonesse Glasgow Bayou Caliban Prague Windward Passage Lady of Shallot Sea of Glass Two Five and Seven Kumari Kandem Gourmand - I want to smell like dessert without it being cloying Queen Alice Halfling Cockaigne Bordello Drink Me Knave of Hearts Bliss White Rabbit Shub Niggurath Hecate Queen of Sheba Death Cap Penny Dreadful Bengal Stimulating Sassafras Strengther Some notes that I like - lavender, tonka, rosemary, guava, fig, pumpkin, apple, citrus juice Eden Paris Zeiba Tree Zephyr Tombstone Dee Anubis? Akuma Pain Envy Gaeko Nephilim Hope this helps
  11. sprout

    Looking for a bpal that embodies beeswax

    Dusty Accumulated Menorah Wax Bunraku Theater Hanarot Halalu (original if you can find one) Day of the Skulls '17 Blossoms in Springtime Quintessence of Dust from the OLLA series Defututa and No. 93 Engine from the general catalog available as imps Half Elf has a hint of it and also GC but wait for the dry down Definitely agree with the recommendations for Candles Moon, Val Hanissam and Lights of Men's Lives (this last one also GC and imps available)
  12. sprout

    The Perfect Lavender

    The Mysterious Warning Daybreak Plush Viscera Motherhood
  13. sprout

    No One is Above the Law

    This one ticks off all the boxes for me. Starting off with a golden citrus note that I am guessing is the bergamot. Here it's less cologne and more like sweet nectar orange, like peeling a sweet orange. I think that's probably the orange blossom Honey in support. That sweet orange top note never lasts on my thirsty skin but what it lacked in duration it made up for in amplitude. All you orange lovers take note. The heart of this is really too seamless to pick apart notes but it has that sweet benzoin amber vanilla base with a golden amber. I don't mean to start a stampede but this amber vanilla just glows. I can still smell it 12 hours later on my skin too. (Without silage mind you but in my experience that improves with aging. ) This is going to age magnificently. Best of all, this smells like the sun coming out on a cloudy day. It smells like your heart filling with the happiness and glow of justice.
  14. sprout

    Long Lasting Patchouli?

    Agree with above posts and add Ask the Nearest Hippie to that list plus Fake News. Not GC but available on the site now and for an unspecified period...
  15. Could it be an extremely aged Cerberus? Cerberus, Lab description: "Cerberus, the Three-Headed watchdog that guards the gate to Hades. Loyal, dutiful and ferocious to its master’s enemies, but possessed of a distracting fondness for honey cakes and the song of the lyre. A deep, rumbling scent, warm, soft and as cozy as a dog by a hearthfire, but with a fierce and feral soul: deep chocolate, deeper musks, with a dash of fig, bittersweet walnut, and the wild essences of juniper berry, cubeb and rum." Black musk comes off as slightly floral and powdery to me. I definitely get deep chocolate with this cuddly puppy and I could definitely see this rare being a grab bag imp. It's age and the chocolate would make it very thick!