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    Notes I LOVE: Vanilla/tonka, CAKE!!!, GINGER, patchouli, Ambergris!!, apricot, crystalline musk, Blue musk, violet, fig leaf, rockrose, osmanthus, styrax, benozin, "feral" musk/brown musk, red musk, coconut, lilac, lime blossom, cinnamon, AMBER, frankincense, olibanum, JUNIPER/cade, sage, tea, blueberry, Leather Notes I like: honey, maple, caramel, sandalwood, fig, peach, copal, ambrette, blackberry, petigrain, plum/ume blossom, cherry blossom/sakura, vetiver/khus, linen, mint, oudh/agarwood, mahogany, jasmine, moonflower, tuberose, magnolia, mimosa, gardenia, chocolate, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, plum, pumpkin, pine, spruce, fir, evergreen, lab "snow," orange blossom, neroli, citrus, yuzu, lavender, lunar accords, cardamon, cypress, chamomile, almond, wine, rum, orris, tobacco, Arabian musk, sage, leather, almond, cognac, champagne, opium/laudanumNotes that can be iffy; depends on the other notes in the blend and the percentage present: rose (amps, goes to soap or powder) cherry, "allspice", ivy, dragon blood resin, incense, charred anything, myrrh (amps but I like it), grey and black musk, milk/creamNotes that usually ruin it for me/DOOM notes: hyacinth, black musk, bluebell, grape, cucumber, myrtle, rose with rare exceptions, oakmoss?, grapefruit some of my faves: Bakeneko, the Unicorn, Darkling Thrush, Fenris Wolf, Apothecary, Ides of March, White Rabbit, Oblation, Hungry Ghost Moon, Urania, Perversion, Peitho, Debauchery, No. 93 Engine, Magus, Dorian, Aureus, Lear, Titus Andronicus, Bow and Crown of Conquest, Death on a Pale Horse, Quincy Morris, Tombstone, Golden Priapus, Hunger, Carnal, Cockaigne, Ravenous, Eat Me, The Lion, Hellcat, Anubis, Bastet, Cheshire Moon, Alice, Follow Me Boy, Black Annis, Czernobog, Shub Niggurath, Cerberus, Western Diamondback, Death Adder, Tokyo Stomp, Bloody Mary, Banshee Beat, Glowing Vulva, the Girl, a Specific Aberration, Ava, Haloes, High John, Stekkastaurjar, Faunalia, Tamora, Blooming Flowers of Spring, Venus Genetrix, Lenus Mars, Yvaine, Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, Hunger Moon

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    Astrology, Tarot, LOTR & all things Tolkien, Stephen King & HP Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, Neil Gaiman, GRR Martin\A Song of Ice & Fire, Chaos and Eris, yeti, chupacabras, aliens, conspiracy theories, ancient civilizations, Aztec mythology, Greek history and mythology, romantic poetry, Carl Jung, Aurtherian legend, zen philosophy, kabbalah, zoology and botany, zombies, vampires, and lycanthropes
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  1. sprout

    Southern Yellow Bat Hair Gloss

    Think you have plenty of Amber patchouli scents? Well make way for one more because this one is gorgeous. Less pumpkin foodie and more snuggly sugary patchouli. I'm struggling to find words to capture the beautifully blended masterpiece but if you Google the namesake the cuddly fuzzy golden fur is what I think of with the scent. There's no Punkin Spice in this, if any pumpkin is appreciable it's fresh gourd. It's definitely a warm, golden Amber with soft, smooth and slightly sugared patchouli and a creamy almond. The patchouli is different from the Silkybat one though. More vegetal floral than dirt or wood... I will definitely have to upgrade to a bottle. This is the pinnacle of Amber patchouli union and will pair well with the many autumn Amber or pumpkin oil perfumes.
  2. sprout

    Pallid Bat

    Surprise hit for me. It should have hit me over the head as this has quite a few notes of win so I'm wondering now why I hesitated...but perhaps it was the "tea leaf" note, which I hoped was literally tea and the black or green variety. Ti leaf is more of an evergreen note and that's not what's contained. But I digress... This started out a lovely Earl Grey tea with it's bergamot and I'm guessing green tea as white is often too high pitched for my enjoyment. There's a lovely ginger inclusion which gives a gentle nip, not full on bite. No smoke note which is fine with me. The drydown is a gorgeous incense, amber, and maybe bourbon but the last note wasn't very present although may be lending a mellow, rounded character to the heart and base. This is unquestionably my favorite bat!
  3. sprout

    Smells like a basement or cellar

    Not available as an imp but The Day Burned White from the Clive Barker scents could fit the bill.
  4. sprout

    Laudanum Lollipop

    Like soupytwist, this started as cherry syrup for me. I considered scrubbing but hung in out of pure curiosity. It wasn't an unpleasant experience, just something I don't necessarily want to smell like. There's a metallic twang suggestive of blood too. I think this one is for folks who are in it for the sport? The cherry opening was dramatic and very quintessential BPAL , similar to the smell of general catalog Blood with less clove but the middle phase is just odd. It's a bit tough to describe, as I'm lacking in a frame of reference. That's why I suppose antiseptic ointment comes to mind. There's a hint of the blood metallic note, a hint of cherry but it's more like that organic cherry cough syrup bark stuff I've purchased at Natural Grocers. It's not cloying, artificial, or sweetened cherry. It meshes with the cola vibe of the laudanum. My memory association here jumps between rockrose and antiseptic ointment. Could there be a hint of saffron too, or is it just my imagination running away with me? The late drydown was actually very nice, resin syrup cola; similar to the single note Rose of Sharon, which I loved and bought a back up. As with soupytwist, my skin eats the cherry note and I am left with just laudanum. The antiseptic association is absent also. This was comforting but close to the skin. This was never heady, perfume like, or euphoria inducing as many of the Lab opium scents become on my skin. I can understand why this was not a highly sought after decant but I'm glad to have tried it. I rather like the base notes and I plan to retry this in a few months to see if it changes or if the scent development produces better sillage of the drydown phase as they have tendencies to do. I'm chalking this one up to those experiential scents that folks enjoy with the Lab because they're unique. I consider a bottle, but at this juncture, I have to limit my collection to scents I love enough to wear frequently rather than when I'm of a mood. I wouldn't be surprised if it grows in my mind and I end up getting more decants or a bottle, as I really liked the resinous drydown. For the curious, my Google Fu revealed interesting history behind the recipe development for laudanum: The original recipe for the potent tincture is attributed to physician Thomas Sydenham, known as the father of clinical medicine. Sydenham’s tincture included two ounces of opium, one ounce of saffron, a drachm of cinnamon and of cloves, dissolved into a pint of Canary wine...
  5. sprout

    Boy with Goat in a Landscape

    Rudolf Koller Grapevine and ivy, olive blossom, lavender, cypress, bay leaf, honey myrtle, Tuscany sage, and jasmine sambac. This one is mostly a yes on me. I didn't bottle it unsniffed because I dislike grape but this definitely smells of grape vines not leaf or fruit. Oddly, honey myrtle has been problematic before also but it's balanced by the sweet and floral notes. Open, wet is definitely the highlight of this cabrito for me, it was lovely osmanthus, grapevine (I've smelled those in vivo, this is my first encounter in vitro) and a zingy ivy but just a hint. Drying, this has gone mostly floral with jasmine sambac bitch slapping the tamer plant notes. The sage and cypress are in subdued support. This unfortunately becomes a jasmine dominatrix scent which means I may now have an amplifier problem whereas I've previously maintained a mostly symbiotic relationship with it. I'm probably going to pass up a bottle upgrade but I loved the top notes. I'm going to search for a partial I think or a few more decants and try this in a scent locket because the wet opening was everything I wanted from this. Plus, label art = adorbs. It's definitely a purchase factor for me.
  6. sprout

    Lithograph of a Mountain Goat

    Tried this goat because zhe sounded from the notes roster like a previous Weenie I enjoyed (Witchcraft Scene) but in honest disclosure, I didn't compare the notes nor did I view again before "blind testing. " Patchouli is the note that stands out as familiar but it doesn't rule this roost, it's probably the only one that I can recognize without a list of notes. This is delightfully green, evocative of the inspired art, and artfully balanced. I'm in love with it and need a bottle. I'm always looking for green, plant like scent but I have quite a few forest and grass inspired ones; this is different, happily. It's honestly too seamless or perhaps my nose is still amateur, but nothing stands out except the Patchouli which is woody not dirty and quite smooth with a hint of zing from the pepper, which is reminiscent of ivy. The oudh is mellow and not animalistic or fecal. I'm really okay with those type of scents (must be that unconscious attraction, blame my moon in Taurus) but this is different. I thought the sandalwood would be dry but it's kept in check by the more juicy resins. Agree with zeezee, there's a suggestion of Lily but this plant party is more shrubland than meadow with flowers or woods. Think steppes bordering the foothills of a drier mountain area and that's what this reminds me of. Natural habitat for goats really! Don't let the notes intimidate, this is a unisex win. The sillage is more intimate than I prefer but the decant is new and only rested a couple of days after it's voyage. Also, I was light on the application.
  7. sprout


    Windward Passage smells most like the scent of wind from the ocean For a clean, "aquatic " type scent, my favorites are Y'Ha Nthlei and The Lady of Shalot
  8. sprout

    Snow Scents!

    Is there a snow note that is heavy on an evergreen note? Or is it just that many of these scents have both elements?
  9. sprout

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain

    #24 I didn't think Samhain could get any better but clearly that's not the case;) First time I dabbled, it was Samhain with more of the smoke note, a hint of tobacco perhaps, a nice cola note, perhaps Samhain with oppoponox? Next time, I slathered, maybe it made a difference? Less smoky, more of the cider note with a smooth ass patchouli cranked up to 11: And, luckily I'm a fan! I lurve the Patchouli notes and that may be what I originally thought was tobacco and oppoponox. I find patchouli to be quite variable yet usually good on me. Banshee Beat is a favorite. I will keep testing because I'm trying to discern the notes but I really love this version of Samhain with extra mystery resin and patchouli. Not sure if the extra is oppoponox, copal, or tobacco and this could also be the regular Samhain notes with some serious morphing minus aging (my favorite Samhain is 2007 as it is very nicely aged yet I have no clue of the notes) but I'm fairly certain that there's patchouli, cider, bonfire smoke and a hint of pumpkin and dead leaves in my original but I could be misremember. I don't have it for comparison because I am moving and it's packed:/ I'm going to treasure this bottle, it may be my favorite Weenie yet and I wish I could get my grabby paws on moar but hey that's what I get for dancing with Eris!! #24
  10. sprout

    Mrs. Wilson

    No. 123, keeps a first class house, with six lady boarders, handsomely dressed, of pleasing manners, ready wit, and sparkling eyes. It is the finest house on the street, and superbly furnished. Effervescent grapefruit musk with a cluster of jasmine petals and a swish of blood orange and lime. I really hate to review first but this is beautiful and deserves praise. It's less effervescent than expected but there's a mimosa quality at the onset. This would be the orange and the bubbly note. I'm getting just a hint of the lime and it's authentic, less sugared than the note in Clown Princess of Crime or the Single Note released earlier this year or last? The jasmine is definitely present and supports and bridges the sparkling opening but this becomes all about the grapefruit musk thirty minutes or so and this dominates the dry phase. This note is fresh, youthful, and uplifting. The musk is a low pitched thrumming which grounds and complements the grapefruit and jasmine beautifully. It also marks this scent as a fragrance rather than an aromatherapy blend, yet I nevertheless appreciate the mood elevation and cognitive boosting effect from the citrus, in particular the grapefruit. Adjectives which come to mind are youthful, upscale, optimistic, ebullient. I am eternally grateful to my Fairy for purchasing this on my behalf. I think it's best for Spring however I will look to this for an uplifting feeling in the Winter when sunny days, warmth, and tanned skin are fading memory. I'm glad to have a bottle and would gladly purchase a backup if they're offered on Etsy or secondary market sales.
  11. sprout

    Whole Unto Herself

    Well, I feared that the rose would take this fragrance into powder town but it's finally met it's match; evidently the frankincense and Lily bring balance to the Force. I thought this would be too floral but it's the perfect rose, Lily and ethereal incense. It's like a soft kiss on the cheek. This is sweet and tender, no doubt inspired by the subject. This is another scent that for me really conveys intent and I feel the love and gentle spirit of the plants. I'm so grateful that Beth has shared this olfactory impression with us, it feels personal and intimate. I'm also floored by her mastery of florals, it's unparalleled in my experience.
  12. sprout


    As advertised, this is mainly chocolate chip cookies! There's a whiff of caramel, which thankfully doesn't stomp on everything as it has in other notable foodie melange scents and there is a hint of the salt from the pretzels or maybe the popcorn. This reminded me of Gluttony with more salt and no butterscotch. Drying this has a Muddy Puddles Swiss Miss cocoa vibe with a hint of popcorn. The cookies with chocolate chips included remain present and prominent through the opening, heart, and drydown and I am pleased with that. I feel another full bottle upgrade coming up although I really should death match against Baby's First Con Panel and Caramel Shortbread Cookies first.
  13. sprout


    I love the scent of Palo Santo and this is the only BPAL that I recall smelling that note. It's actually fairly Palo Santo forward with cedar in support. I am also smelling the effervescent quality which I think is the cola quality others have noted and probably the labdanum. The sandalwood is definitely present also but almost seamless with the cedar, which I amp to be honest. Palo Santo smells sacred and healing to me and I am aware of that as I focus on the intent of the oil. I thought I have enough resin scents but this one is unique enough I am talking myself into a bottle. I am trying to resist the temptation to order 2 because I love this comforting scent and I imagine aging will make it even more snuggly and deeper. This smells airy yet grounded as an incense and very earthy yet uplifting. The incense quality is not burning or fiery, it is almost a watery quality if that's possible.
  14. sprout

    Pater Populi

    The foundation of a stable and just society, the keeper of tradition, the enforcer of laws: bay leaf and olive blossom with ambrette seed, white oakmoss, petitgrain, lavender, cedar, and leather. I really like this one, it's probably a full bottle upgrade and a surprise winner. From the notes list, there's plenty going on but it's all copacetic. To start, mostly herbal, lavender and petitgrain. Maybe a hint of osmanthus sweetening the whole. Hard to say really as I rarely see petigrain showcased in a scent especially with these basenotes. Early dry phase I'm less fond of because the oakmoss is a little high pitched but the bay and maybe the cedar prevent it from taking over. Drydown this is rich and on the manly side of unisex, but just a bit. Bay, leather and cedar form a nice thrumming heart with a hint left of the lavender. This is almost seamless, certainly well balanced, being neither sweet nor floral not resinous per se but with nuance from all those scent categories. I'd say the leather holds it's own but the lavender, bay and petigrain add a warm roundness and citrine golden quality. There's no osmanthus at the dry down but I'm okay with that. The juxtaposition of the leather with the petitgrain and lavender works better than I would have hoped. I didn't tease out the ambrette but it is probably tying this together and adding a golden warmth and sweetness. The ambrette and leather create a superbase as the leather almost never lasts like this for me, my skin eats it. Another blend where this combination works is Mythological Scene with Warrior Mansion and Classic Ladies... Well, this is difficult to describe but all the notes are present, well blended, and beautiful. This is up there with Spanked and Perversion for me, but I love the leather. Love how this never goes sharp, cologne like, or powdery. Definitely unique in a large catalog of scents.
  15. Morocco, shmexxxy vanilla spice Fenris Wolf, sexy forest wolf God musk