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  1. unxolve

    Third Charm

    Starts out alluring, spicy, there's a warm citrus orange tang coloring the scent. Delicious and bewitching! That lasts about...all of five minutes before it settles in my skin and turns straight to a strong baby powder, and stays that way forever. =_=
  2. unxolve

    The Haunted Beach

    Fresh, blue-green beach soap that you'd use washing off sand in a wooden shower stall. Not a sharp, lyeish soap, just that fresh desirable beachy clean smell. Salty, fresh, cool, well-blended. I have had so many aquatic disasters I was going to give up hope, but this one is superb. Love it, only happy feelings!
  3. Rumplestilzchen! (smoke and bbq) and Dragon's Hide (smoke with a drop of juicy sweetness) are my favorite smokes.
  4. unxolve

    Sandalwood Scents

    Volcano in Springtime (THE BEACH with a scoop of vanilla ice cream), Brown Jenkin (sweet, light, beachy, woody), Paramatman (suntan lotion with a creamy orange-banana milkshake)!! Also love Sin (not heavy in the sandalwood but a gorgeous, rounded vanilla-spice amber!) and Gingerbread Sin (...the perfect christmas cookie...)
  5. unxolve

    De Vos’ Unicorn

    A SUGARY ROSE. A CANDIED ROSE, a perfect, delicious, pretty, pink rose! Settles down to a cuddly, slightly rosy vanilla. No complaints! Super cute, delectable, and balanced.
  6. unxolve

    Tavern of Hell

    Fresh: CITRUS. A creamy, flowery, citrus shampoo. I can smell that hint of good lavender. Fun, and sweet with a twinge of bitterness (maybe wood?) that keeps it from being too sweet. Drying: MELLOW, citrusy, and wearable! Starting to get the mulled wine thing, too! Definitely wine. NOW we're in a Tavern with a busty lady. Quite like it good experience all around.
  7. Serving Tea After Coitus is a gorgeous green tea with a healthy helping of honey.
  8. unxolve


    Wet: Super generic smoke smell. :/ Not even that nice of a smoke, just kind of a...patchouli/tobacco thing. Even though there's no patchouli? I don't smell any of the listed notes, what the hell. Dry: COMPLETELY different? NOW I can smell a bit of the dry woodsy sandalwood (barely a dusty hint of it), and MOSTLY a lot of inexplicably sweetened/lightened slightly vanilla dust myrrh, which is kind of barely fruit. "Sweet dust" was an accurate description. I like this better than the wet smell, and it is definitely the lightest myrrh I've ever smelled, the sandalwood is keeping it pretty nice. Not my super favorite, but nice enough to keep around.
  9. unxolve

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    Wet: Hella almond, which means hella cherry. It's...a NICE cherry. As far as cherry blends go. Like a cherry on top of a scoop of vanilla ice cream with toasted coconut. The vanilla cream note sure is a sweet talker. Buuuuuut cherry though -puts this tentatively in the nope pile- Dry: =_________= This is the EXACT same yummy vanilla cream note from Volcano in Springtime. I'm going to stick with Volcano, but if you want that with a light almond/cherry twist, then this is your blend.
  10. unxolve

    Brown Jenkin

    Freshly applied: SANDALWOOD, I LIKE IT. This is what I was craving! Smooth, light, dry, sweet, balanced. This is the perfect summer and beach scent. For a second, I thought it was primarily musk, and was like WOW, I thought I hated musk but call me a musk fan! Nope, the sweet cool thing going on here is sandalwood. The coconut is contributing to this. Augh, this is beautiful. It's subtle, for sure, not a big loud scent, but what it has is very pure and very suited to skin. THIS IS NOT the smell of rats, or dust, or dirt, or fur. THIS IS the smell of summer, tanning oil, woods, coconut, and skin. It is primarily bright, light, fresh, cool and clean (but not too bright, still dry). I hope it stays like this smell forever. T_T
  11. unxolve

    Bride and Groom perfume gifts?

    I really like the idea of an imp pack! Notes I think of for a groom: Chocolate (for the groom's cake!) Tobacco (cigars) Fougère (sophisticated man smell!) Notes I think of for a bride: Vanilla (the whitest of scents!) Floral (that bouquet), Summer fruit (peach, apricot) A general "cake" scent would also be fun.
  12. unxolve

    The Grave-Pig

    Wet: FIG, GLORIOUS FIG. This was a frimp. The person who frimped me is THE BEST. I thought maybe it would be MOSTLY DIRT so I had steered clear but I was so, so wrong and it's mostly fig. Ahhhhhh.
  13. unxolve

    Jolly Roger

    Salt, woods, warm spices! A little bit of soap which is sad but it goes away on the dry down. A less fruity cousin of 51! I like it!
  14. unxolve

    The Instructional Manual

    At first I was worried. Strawberry Sufganiyot is my FAVORITE strawberry, but by itself? Maybe too much. I'm not much of a musk fan either, really? But here? Mute, sweet, creamy, pink. The most sophisticated treatment a strawberry could get. Subtle and pretty. Seconding that it feels expensive. And everything that's good about the strawberry peeks through a lacy veil. Really feminine and beautifully balanced!
  15. unxolve

    Feeling lazy - casual scents for lounging

    Haha, well here's some literally sweater/lazy ones: Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting (For my knitter posse! A warm scent, as delicate as lace and as soft as cashmere, and as cozy as wool, punctuated with red currant for the blazing red of cochineal and surrounded a border of soft grey ambergris and a swirl of autumn leaves.) I only had a tester of this, I remember it being pleasant and fruity. Hella sweater. Stekkjarstaur (Wooly sugared marshmallow root.) A warm, skin vanilla that lasts the day! Super cuddly. Sloth (Thick, dark, sluggish and heavy with indolence: vetiver over black myrrh.) Of course! How could you leave out Sloth when it comes to being lazy? Dark and pretty. For me personally: The Second Morning After Christmas (A crackling fireplace, pipe smoke, fir needles, and a flutter of snow.) This one feels like a place AND a boyfriend's scarf.