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  1. Klolly

    Blackbear Moon

    In imp: sweet and nutty with a sour scent laced in which I assume is the berry. On wet: Same as in the imp only sweeter, like cinnamon honey. The berries have a nail polish like smell to me I'm not too keen on. Dry: The nail polish sharpness has softened now. This reminds me of hellcat and I'm wondering if hellcat has hazelnut in it. It's very sweet and way cute. It really fits the title.
  2. Klolly


    In imp: A fresh, fruity feminine sort of smell. Almost candylike but not quite. On wet: This smells really nice. Girly yet mature. Like a feminine woman who is still in touch secretly with her inner child. It makes me think of a little victorian girls tea party outside after it has rained. Dry: Kind of has a weird soapy acrid smell to it. I don't know why I keep trying bpal florals. They just don't work for me.
  3. Klolly

    The Wiley Grasser

    I purchased this in a decant circle run by Balame, who has to be the best decanter out there because I can't imagine anyone doing a better, more through or pleasurable job of it than she did! In bottle: Ooh, pink sugar crystals. Very syrupy and sharp. It's hard for me to recognize the pine or wildflowers yet. On wet: Hmm. It reminds me of snowcone syrup and lemon lime soda. Very fun and bright and playful. Dry: basically the same, only slightly softer and a bit warmer. It kind of smells a bit like cherry cough syrup but not too much so. I like it.
  4. Klolly


    I wanted to try this because I keep hearing about Angel perfume and heard this is the bpal equivalent so I was curious. I've never smelled Angel perfume so I can't say if it is similar or not. What I can say is that this is definitely perfumey enough to smell like a dept store perfume. Anyways, on me this reminds me a lot of Bathsheba for some reason only without the plum, which is weird because I don't think they share any notes. I just feel that it all combines to give off an aroma that reminds me of arabian musk maybe? I don't know. Anyways, I smell the orange but it's not tart or zesty. It's more like an orange that's been soaked in spices or something. I think the plumeria is giving it warmth but it doesn't really smell recognizable. I don't get the incense but I have a feeling the arabian musk vibe had to do with the incense. This is very sophisticated, luxuriant, and womanly. I had a fall candle a long time ago when I was pregnant and smells still made me nauseous and to me that candle shared a very similar note with this and with bathsheba so for negative association I don't see myself wearing this again although it's nice.
  5. Klolly


    In imp: This does smell just like Embalming Fluid in the imp. Lemony light green tea. On wet: Still just like Embalming Fluid, only sharper with the lemon and not as musky at this point. Dry: This is so similar to EF still but I like it better for some reason. It's a little brighter and the name doesn't creep me out. This is a very nice fresh scent. Pretty faint though.
  6. Klolly

    High-Strung Daisies

    In imp: Mmm, smells just like the pink bubblegum that comes in the strip packs like juicy fruit. I love that gum. On wet: Mmm! Smells the same but even stronger. Very much a creamy pink gum scent. I have a bottle of aquolina pink sugar and it smells a lot like that, only more gentle or something. Dry: Still the same, just fainter at this point which is too bad. I hope it gets stronger again as it warms. This is a big win for me as I've been wanting an oil that reminded me of my Pink Sugar. Love this! Right now throw seems to be medium. I'll update later if it changes at all.
  7. Klolly

    Calico Jack

    I received an imp of this in a PIF. I can't stand wearing masculine scents so after reading some reviews on it I used it on my husband. It is a very light aqua. Like clear spring water or sunny beach water as opposed to dark, cold water. It almost had a sweetness to it. The other notes were there but very faint under the water. The longer he wore it the more those notes came out but they were never strong or harsh or intensely masculine. I actually would wear this. It smelled great on my hubby but I had it on my fingers and enjoyed it a lot. I don't find it too masculine at all but more a unisex, like CK One. Just editing to add that my husband, who begrudgingly tried this on for me, has worn it every day since then much to my delight. I'll have to get him a bottle sometime!
  8. Klolly


    In imp: A plain, sharp smell with a tinge of green that smells like grass a bit. On wet: Still kind of plain and watery but that fresh plant smell is a bit stronger. I'm assuming that's the myrtle. Dry: So far i'm confused as to why this one is so popular and known as a sexy scent. It smells very dull and sour to me. As it sits it does have a slightly spicy throw but overall it's cheap white bar soap. Not impressed. Hours later: I had to update because it took about an hour and then suddenly the amber came out in this. I find it bizarre that the amber would take that long to come out of hiding. When I first put this on I couldn't even smell a hint of it and now it's the main note and it's gorgeous. Seriously, this is probably the best smelling amber I've tried here. Not the best scent, mind you, but the best amber. I still don't really care for the scent though because it took way too long to smell decent on me.
  9. Klolly


    So, I've been wanting to try Glasgow since I found bpal. Braveheart has been my favorite movie since I was in junior high and that's probably why I have wanted to try this one so much. I hope I like it! In imp: Smells just like soapy water. After using a white bar of soap. Hopefully that changes. On wet: Still white soap. There is a tangy, herbal, clean thing going on. I'm assuming the tangy thing is heather since I don't know what heather smells like. I think i'm getting some ozone too possibly. Dry: Still like soap but softer now. I really am only getting hints of blackberry in a very subtle way. I think my skin amps berries though so maybe it will sneak out more over time. The more it dries the more it softens and the tangy thing is disappearing, thank goodness. When I get a slight waft of the berry scent I am surprised at how lovely it smells. I think I really like this. It smells very clean and and soft. I think I could imagine Murron smelling something like this.
  10. Klolly


    Got this imp in a swap today. I've been wanting to try Eden for a long time. I have discovered I don't like almond much though, so hopefully that doesn't ruin this for me. In imp: Smells a little weird. Like Strangler Fig with ketchup mixed in. I definitely recognize the fig note though. On wet: Similar to the in imp smell only less weird. I definitely smell the coconut now. I don't totally recognize any almond. The fig in this smells very green though. Dry: I think this is a pretty nice scent. Nothing spectacular for me. It smells almost identical to Strangler Fig on me, only it is sharper and has a sour, green note that Strangler Fig lacks. As it sits on my skin it is developing a more interesting blend. More green and almost sort of floral. This is quite nice actually but it is starting to irritate my sinuses for some reason and I may have to wash it off.
  11. Klolly


    Just received a decant of this in a swap today. This has been my most coveted scent on my wish list for quite awhile now. I've been craving a "pink" scent for some reason so hopefully this will satisfy that desire. In imp: Creamy and sweet, not really foody though at this point. On wet: Super creamy, like heavy cream that's used to make whip cream, but it hasn't been whipped yet. There is a faint perfumey note mixed in that's super soft and does seem pink, but a baby pink, not cotton candy pink. Dry: This is super beautiful. It seems faint on me right now but usually scents do that on me at first until my body warms them. It smells like pure, unblemished skin, pink with health and covered in expensive powder. At first it reminded me of Prunella a bit but it's definitely it's own unique thing now. Extremely beautiful in a simple, effortless way.
  12. I recently tried Lyonesse and fell in love with it, but I am SOOOO sad because I can't wear it. The aquatic notes in it make my sinuses slam shut and I get a headache. Is there anything else in the GC that smells like Lyonesse? My favorite bpal perfume so far is Morocco and I've tried Bastet. The Lion, and Queen of Sheba in case anyone would think to recommend those. None of those smell like Lyonesse to me though. I want regal, golden sweetness but without the aquatics. And if you can only think of a similar LE please PM me. Help!
  13. Klolly

    The Jersey Devil

    In imp: Tart pine smell. Like if you tore some pine needles apart and sniffed them. There is a hazy warmth surrounding it from the blackberry. On wet: Very medicinal. Lots of tart, sharp pine going on. The berry notes are hiding but present. Dry: This is really nice. I'm not really in a woodsy mood right now and I still like it. For those who are into feminine tree smells, they would probably love this. It's a bit Christmasy but the blackberry note keeps it from being too much so. The berry gives off a lot of warmth. I don't know that I smell tomato leaf at all but it's likely I just don't recognize it since I'm not familiar with it. At times I get scent flashes of just pine and I'm not sure if I want to smell like that, but then I get a flash of berry and think I like it again. I wish the two notes merged a little better rather than tag teaming me but overall I think this is a really lovely forest scent.
  14. Klolly

    Anne Bonny

    Received my imp in a PIF and was so excited because I've been wanting to try a pirate blend for awhile now. Honestly, I'm a bit scared though. I'm becoming obsessed with the sweet scents so I don't know if this will "float my boat" In imp: Rich soil. Very dirty smelling, like your hands after digging something up. On wet: Hmmm, interesting. Something smells astringent, but the scent itself is very much like a tree smell to me. Kind of like tree sap and bark together. The sappy smell is sharp and sour, the tree smell is dusty and strong. Dry: This scent is nice in that it makes me think of camping, hiking and woodshops. It's almost getting a herbal medicine-like smell now which must be the frankincense. Frankincense always smells like rosemary and resin to me and those catholic candles that have saints on them. I don't know if I like this. I think I do, but it's very unusual to me and confuses me. I'll have to leave it on awhile to know where I stand. Later: I am having an experience with this scent that I totally would not have expected. My grandma had a lot of catholic stuff in her house and I grew up under her care. There was a garage behind the house that I would explore often and there was a box in it full of Christmas decorations and that smelled just like this. She also had some of those candles I mentioned earlier around the house so for me this scent definitely does not evoke pirate woman, it evokes Christmas and Granny and very happy and comforting memories. I'm very glad I tried this. I might keep it for days I want to look back but it's not one I would want to wear on a regular basis.
  15. Klolly


    I received this imp in a swap and it had a handwritten label so it may be a decant. I love warm, spicy smells so I'm excited to try this. In imp: Mmm, it's a creamy, honey sweetened cinnamon. It smells just like a btowl of cinnamon Life cereal. On wet: Still getting cinnamon Life, only it smells more cinnamony than that. It has a really nice creamy aspect to it which I assume is a mix of the honey and skin musk. The spices are mixed well and it's hard to differentiate one from the other except for the cinnamon. Dry: This smells a lot like The Lion to me but with creamy honey replacing the amber. I even get the dry grass smell in this that I loved in the Lion, though I doubt it's in here. I'll have to wear this awhile before I can say more. Right now I'm enjoying it though. Minutes later: My inner elbow area began itching and when I looked down my skin was bright red everywhere I applied the oil so I had to wash it off. I've worn several cinnamon oils so I'm not sure what caused the reaction.