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  1. tharsei-thanate

    Père Noël

    2016 Sooo I totally forgot I had a decant of this and I don't remember ever trying it, which is bonkers because this smells amazing. My skin chem is the sort that doesn't take too kindly to citrus and I'm just not a fan of anise on my skin in general but this just works. It starts out as super juicy oranges and tangerines and then it morphs into orange spiced cider. I think the spice might be from the anise? It's hard to tell because it doesn't smell at all like licorice to me. There's a veeery faint hint of lavender but it works, it's like an herbal component to the cider. I really love this, it's like the most delicious Christmas drink imaginable.
  2. tharsei-thanate

    Baby’s First Con Panel

    Ooh, this is interesting. My skin chem doesn't usually mesh well with baked goods but this actually smells pretty amazing! Starts off very chocolately- no cookies on me, just chocolate- and then I start getting whiffs of salt and soft pretzel. It's not so strong that you'd be able to read it as a soft pretzel immediately. I think if someone sniffed you without knowing the notes they wouldn't be able to tell what it is (and then you'd tell them and they'd be like OHHHH!!! ) Overall, it has a nice mix of sweet and savory, pleasant but not overly foody. I really like this a lot, it's really unique and surprisingly wearable.
  3. tharsei-thanate


    White flowers and brittle white musk with a streak of pomegranate. What, no reviews yet? Poor Effronterie! I think she smells beautiful. The florals and the musk are super well blended and smell very clean and fresh without veering into soap territory. The pomegranate adds this wonderful juicy sweetness to the whole thing. The throw isn't super strong and my skin drinks it up but it really is gorgeous while it lasts. It brings to mind clean white towels stained by pomegranate juice. But like, in a deliberate artsy way, not in a "dammit, I just spilled juice on my white towels, my day is ruined and now I hate pomegranates!" way.
  4. tharsei-thanate

    Qui Aime Bien Châtie Bien

    I'm so happy I bought a bottle of this, it's soooo pretty. Totally agree with everything KittyHawk said! This is such a bright, sweet, happy blend. It makes me think of soft pastel colors when I smell it. There's also something almost effervescent about it. This is such a perfect springtime perfume, Beth's really outdone herself.
  5. tharsei-thanate

    Santo Domingo

    Bought an imp of this to try because I loooove tobacco and I'm so happy because this is super tobacco heavy! What sets it apart from everything else in my tobacco collection is the swirl of sweet rum and a breath of florals. I think sultry is a good word for this blend. It almost smells humid to my nose, in the best possible way. It's like a tropical vacation. I really love this and I definitely need a bottle.
  6. tharsei-thanate

    St. Clare

    This was the only Unicorn I bought because I'm a tobacco junkie and I also loooove tobacco paired with tonka and/or rum. It's like Beth made this just for me! It really smells absolutely gorgeous. I put this on and immediately I'm enveloped in a beautiful cloud of tobacco-vanilla-oudh. To me, it's evocative of a sunset with the dying rays of light pleasantly muted by a soft, hazy layer of clouds. Actually, to be more specific, it kind of reminds me of the cover of Joanna Newsom's Divers album (minus the plants at the bottom, of course- there's nothing green in this blend ). When it dries the rum starts to come out and it smells wonderful. It's mostly sweet, not too boozy, and not at all sharp on my skin. I then briefly get something that's almost like sweet rot but after a minute it goes away. Could be the sandalwood, sometimes my skin doesn't get along all that well with sandalwood. After that it's back to rum and tobacco and it stays that way for the next couple of hours. Overall, I adore this! Especially that incredible Joanna Newsom-esque stage. Absolutely heavenly. Definitely try this one if you also have skin that loves tobacco and rum!
  7. tharsei-thanate


    Alecto is fascinating. Starts off strongly smelling like raspberries (yay!) but the wood smells weirdly like pine when wet. It's not bad, just unexpected! Once it starts drying the wood gets its act together and starts smelling like proper cedar. I also start to get that olive note, but it's nice and subtle. The raspberry fades at this point. Vetiver dirties everything up when full dry, but not too unpleasantly. At this point it smells kinda musky and medicinal, but then the raspberry gets its second wind and sweetens things up. This isn't the sort of thing I usually wear but I really dig it! The only bad part was that brief medicinal stage. Otherwise this smells really interesting. Not sure if it's bottle worthy but I'll definitely keep the imp.
  8. tharsei-thanate

    Bulgarian Tobacco

    As a tobacco junkie I just had to get a bottle of this. I got it in the mail a while ago but I've let it age a little and I'm finally properly testing it. In the bottle it smells kind of smoky and gritty but on my skin it's super delicious and sweet, almost gourmand. It's a much brighter blend than my beloved French Tobacco, which is dark and rich with caramel goodness. Bulgarian Tobacco is a thick and rich blend, too, but it's like the daytime side of tobacco while French is the nighttime side, if that makes sense. I also find it sweeter than French Tobacco, which I didn't think was possible. There is most definitely a chewy vanilla something in here, and I'm going to say it's benzoin specifically since bpal vanilla tends to turn plastic on me and this smells amazing. I really never thought I'd love something more than French Tobacco but Bulgarian Tobacco really hit it out of the park! This is my new signature scent for sure.
  9. tharsei-thanate

    Chaos Theory VII: Floral

    #62 When I first got my bottle I liked it but I couldn't identify what it was exactly. I'm going to attempt to finally review this even though I'm awful at picking out unknown notes. One note I can definitely identify is citrus. Normally I'm not a fan of citrus, since it turns to hard candy on me. Here, though, it actually smells good, and it isn't at all tangy, so I can only conclude it's a citrus blossom of some kind. Orange or lemon blossom. I can't exactly tell but I think it's more likely lemon. And definitely a tree blossom and not lemon verbena because lemon verbena smells like Pledge on me. The citrus is less pronounced after a while (though it still adds a beautiful freshness to the blend overall) and then everything just gets wonderfully sweet. I can't even begin to place the sweetness, haha. I don't think it's vanilla... maybe tonka? Or benzoin? The sweet note smells rich, almost gourmand, but not too foody or overpowering. Overall it's just a beautiful mix of sweet and fresh and I really super love it.
  10. tharsei-thanate

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Oh my gosh, I wish I knew this existed sooner! A few weeks ago I started a spreadsheet from scratch to catalog my imps and its taking me forever, not to mention I want to be thorough about categories and release dates and whatnot but sometimes I just can't quite find the info I need, especially for Convergence items. I also like that this has everything, aka one can easily see what they haven't tested. I feel bad abandoning my spreadsheet, though, and switching to this. It took a lot of work to catalog almost 300 imps from scratch and I'm still not done. Oh, well.
  11. tharsei-thanate

    Vegetal, Vegetable Scents

    I think you'd love Karme! Sun-warmed squashes, peppers, salad greens, snap peas, radishes, green onions, and silphium. Only problem with Karme is that there are only imps of it because it was a gift with purchase at a food drive event and you can really only find it on the sales forum.
  12. tharsei-thanate

    Forest & Woods Scents (with and without evergreens)

    I've tried the Forest Reverie before and I find it smells amazing in the imp, one of the truest forest scents I ever smelled, but it went weird on my skin due to the grape vine. So really, it's down to your personal skin chem whether or not the grape interferes with the forest notes. I would recommend trying an imp, because even if it ends up not working on your skin it could be perfect in a scent locket. :-)
  13. tharsei-thanate

    March Hare

    A huge thank you to Arcy for sending me this imp! March Hare is, simply put, delicious. First applied it's a burst of sweet, juicy apricots and then the clove and emerges and the apricots get warm and syrupy and it all turns into spiced apricot marmalade. Once it's fully dry I swear I can smell a bit of crust in here, too, like the marmalade is spread thickly over a dainty, buttery tart. I really love this. I have problems with some fruits turning into hard candy but this doesn't do that and I'm so pleased! I will cherish this imp forever.
  14. tharsei-thanate

    Enveloped in Silk Hair Gloss

    It's like this: You receive Enveloped in Silk HG in the mail. You have tried so many variations of HG in the past that you think this experience will be like the others- you will sniff it, you will love it, you will go on with your life. This time, however, you aren't prepared. You spray it in your hair and you stagger into the wall, overcome. It smells incredible. It smells more than incredible. It's fresh, true strawberries in delicate cream atop a layer of velvety white musk infused with a light breath of orris. It is absolute perfection and your soul weeps with joy. You need to sniff this more. You need to sniff this forever. You leave home without a word and join a gang of thieves. They take you in immediately. You smell too amazing to refuse. They train you to be stealthy, they teach you how to pick locks, they instruct you on ways to pull off a heist. You learn a lot from them in the short time you are with them. When you are ready you sneak away, leaving a spritz of your HG on an index card for them to remember you by. You head to California. You want to smell like this for the rest of your life and you don't want anyone else to smell like you, so you will take all the Enveloped in Silk HG for yourself. You break into the BPTP dungeon in the middle of the night and steal it all. You have been trained well. No one catches you. You get all the Enveloped in Silk HG in your car and drive it to a secret bunker. You plan to visit this location once a day to bathe in a vat of it and achieve immortality. There is a problem, however. The index card you left for the thieves is your downfall. Sniffing it has changed something in them and they have decided to turn away from their life of crime... after they perform one last heist. It turns out they were able to sniff you out after you left. They saw the tail end of your heist and they stealthily followed you to your secret bunker. They waited until you left before making their move. They are a little clumsy due to the intoxicating fumes and trip an alarm. You are halfway home when you get an urgent notification on your phone. You gasp aloud and make a reckless U-turn and drive to the secret bunker as fast as possible. You arrive just as the thieves are hauling out the last of the vats and bottles. You try to run them down but one of them rips the cap off a bottle and sprays through the open window. Your senses are overwhelmed and you crash your car. You are unhurt and you burst from the car, prepared to fight, but you are surrounded. They spray the HG at you until you collapse. You are not sure how long you lie there in a strawberry-scented daze, but eventually you pull yourself up. You are covered in dirt and you feel sore from hitting the ground but at least you smell good. You make your way to the bunker. Inside it is cold and empty. They took everything- all that is left is the mouthwatering smell of strawberry cream. You stand there for ten minutes, breathing deeply, and then you finally go back outside. You car isn't too damaged, really. Small blessings. You drive home. At a red light you open the glovebox to grab a tissue to wipe some of the dirt off your face and, to your delight, your original bottle of Enveloped in Silk falls out. You forgot you stored it in there. You still have some precious for yourself. The next day you look to see if there is news of the theft but there is none. The thieves put all the Enveloped in Silk HG back in the dungeon before anyone even noticed it was gone. You are relieved. You know now that hogging all the HG was a terrible thing to do. The love should be spread, not hoarded. Well.... mostly not hoarded. You decide you will order a backup bottle or two or three. It's just that amazing. In sum: this is the best thing you will ever smell in your life and you need to buy it immediately because DAMN.
  15. tharsei-thanate

    Champagne Lace

    Oooh, I love this! It's wonderfully bubbly and fizzy when first applied, truly like a glass of champagne spilled over vanilla lace. Very bright, very pretty. The fizziness mellows out at it dries but it doesn't completely dissipate. The opium becomes more pronounced but the vanilla is still pretty strong. It's beautifully sweet but I'm also getting that woody/resinous vibe that TTP got. It's definitely similar to Antique Lace but on my skin at least it isn't a super close dupe. Even after 30 minutes I still have fizz. This is truly gorgeous and I think I may need to scrounge up money for a bottle.