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    Honey Egyptian musk Coconut White musk Violet Plum Cherry Peach Vanilla Cream Bergamot Honeycomb Pear --- My absolute favourites are: For fancy and events - Pink Phoenix, For cuddles or just feeling good - Sticky Pillowcase, For party and seducing people (not just romantically) - Womb Furie, For Anything in the winter - Blood Kiss :) And my absolute favourite, all classes, lately, is layering Kitsune-tsuki over Black Forest from Solstice Scents - it is PERFECT. Where Kitsune is like a voice and a string instrument in the upper register, Black Forest provides drums and bass and makes it a beautiful, harmonious, deep and...just perfect experience <3

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    Important: IF you run into a very old sales/swaps posted by me, please ignore it - I haven't cleaned everything up yet, but basically I lost control of my account here for several years, and was too lazy to sort it out. Then, I moved country, and more or less my Bpals went missing (Pumpkin Princess and Blood Kiss stayed with me, because they were packed in my bag instead of in boxes...) :'(

    So, basically, I have nothing to trade/swap - but I am back ^_^


    Music, dyeing my air in all possible colors of the world, building festivals, fixing old cars - singing.

    If my life could be exactly as I want it, I'd be Very rich and live in a mansion in Sweden with my brother and my harem ("my harem" being a bunch of guys I have collected over the years for friendship and casual sex, but not love and relationship.) and never have to work except for fun, have a pretty car (most likely a purple or silver Dodge Charger R/T 69) and go to ALL festivals ever ^_^


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  1. KatharinaNordh

    Blinding Glory of Love

    Woot! This smells like toothpaste and roses and gave everyone a headache - however, at 02:15 the man, who was my intention and target, called and then much sex happened. Amazing that he still had my number after 4 months, so maybe it wasn't entirely down to the oil, but still!
  2. KatharinaNordh

    Melon scents?

    Seconding Tanunki No Hikifune - it was too Much melon for me though.
  3. KatharinaNordh

    Mouse Circus

    A toodle oodle of pink cotton candy noses, vanilla spun sugar fur, scattered kernels of popcorn, and a touch of polished golden wood. I once got to try Midway thanks to a lovely forumite (the same one, in fact, who provided me with this for my birthday ) and I didn't like it (!!!) Soon as I put this on, I went "Oh, I Know this smell" - this is what I had hoped Midway would be - I really like it and will consider getting more. That said, I realise slightly that SWEET isn't really for me (Sticky Pillowcase aside - but that doesn't actually Smell sweet on me) and so I am unsure if I will spend the money - I'll see how I feel when the imp is empty. Edit: Ehm...hours in and something has gone Soapy?! Why? Edit again, some days later: I will be getting a bottle. Have found myself reaching for this the first thing I do when I get home for several nights now. It deserves a purchase. I even get the pinkness now - it's soft, gray-pink and reminds me of my cuddle-blanket from when I was a kid. Why did I even have to think twice about this one, again? Oh yeah, the soapy note. Will slather tonight and decide fully. Edit Again: I have my bottle now - this is still a pastelly gray-pink and very comforting and soft but perky and alert anyways - a Bit too close to the skin for me, but lovely. It is actually close as a runner-up when I decide what to wear for my upcoming metal-cruise with potential meeting of former (now Terribly estranged) sex-partner (!!!) Edit further: There is something slightly dust'y or lint'y about this - that's what makes it so comfy Yeah. This one is Good!
  4. KatharinaNordh

    Pumpkin Hard Candy

    I Liked it on application and when wet (it's the first time that happens with Any pumpkin blend for me) but then it just gets too citrusy, which I amp like crazy, and I had to wipe it off quite quickly cause the smell kept getting in my mouth, if that makes any sense. Too bad. It should have stayed as it was when wet. Then it would have been Win.
  5. KatharinaNordh

    Candy Phoenix

    I thought I would love this one, because so many mention likenesses to Sticky Pillowcase (which is Delicious on me) and Pink Phoenix (which is my fancy-events scent, it's so good) But... Yes, I can see how it reminds of both, and if this was a drink, I'd blend it with (lots) of water and Love it - but it's not a drink, and it is not something me, my home or anything not for internal use should smell of :/ It does remind me of Sticky Pillowcase, but the Pillow has Lint (and probably salt) to make it more wearable - this one stays in the upper bright notes all the time. Sticky Pillowcase is actually not Sweet at all on me. This is. Way too sweet. Oh well, I'm still glad I tried it, cause it does smell delicious - like raspberry candy or raspberry cordial - I get raspberry, not currant or pear, and yeah, it's just a bit too bright and sweet on me
  6. KatharinaNordh


    I'm SO disappointed now. This smells so beautiful and fantastic that I...oh, I wanted it to work on me - and it does. That's not it - it smells incredible. But the headache! First, I tested it with a few others (13 and Candy Phoenix) and something gave me a monstrous headache, so I went out, had some air, had a shower, changed clothes - headache passed and I felt good - put som on again and Bam! No, not for me, no matter how lovely it smells
  7. KatharinaNordh

    Thirteen (13): July 2012

    " like artisan made raspberry cremes (quote adapted) ...and INCENSE!" This sums it up for me - and it is Delicious! ETA that ok, I realise my review doesn't bring anything extra - sorry about that - but given how different one oil can smell on different people, it may be helpful for someone to know that the happy description above wasn't just a one-off ...Now to go stalk the Sales and Swaps forums hoping that someone dislikes theirs - I knew there was a bad side to falling in love with this
  8. KatharinaNordh

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    I can't decide if I am sad or just indifferent about this - I always wanted to test Cleopatra Testing Poisons on Those Condemned to Death - but now I won't, cause, well, I wouldn't be able to stock up unless I got rich. But that also means that there's less for me to spend money on and I can stick to my current favourites until a "must-have" shows up, rather than a "might like"
  9. Well. I am battling myself here, because both I am about to suggest are LE and everytime I have money I try to seek them out and collect all that exist - but, well, if you find them and love them, it's only fair - I can't buy all bottles in the world anyways So, without further ado: Pink Phoenix Sticky Pillowcase Both are Pure candy sugary deliciousness. Sticky Pillowcase is even SEXY - because it has a sort of smmmmmooth, salty tinge to it - people have described it as a "tooth rotter" though - it works miraculously on me. Pink Phoenix is my "glamorous smell" - the one I turn to when I have work related dinners and similar - I have to be careful not to overdose though, then it turns suger-strong and rather intrusive. It's like candy-fruit.
  10. KatharinaNordh


    Keeping in mind that all tastes are different and that chemistry seems to change things as well, I would actually suggest Yorick - it lists NO wood-notes, yet I get something like fresh sawdust-things (unsure of the english word) and earth. Maybe not what you're after, but I found I quite like it, so I can always mention it. Otherwise, Yggdrasil is nice and special mention for Lear, which smelled incredibly woody on me during ONE week of the month, but is almost Fruity otherwise. As I tend to note, my reactions to scents arent usually the same as others, so I'm unsure how far I can be trusted here :/
  11. KatharinaNordh

    Ae. Aegypti

    I love Bpal honey, but I also amp it and the end result is that this just doesn't smell Different enough from anything else for me to need it - glad I just got a decant at this point. It's a nice enough scent, but just lacks something to make it special for me.
  12. KatharinaNordh

    Down the Rabbit Hole Atmosphere Spray

    I love this! I had a Goblin squirt of it and yesterday was big-cleaning-day. Now, my apartment is Tiiiny and the pipes are old and leaky and it can get quite smelly in here, sadly, in an unspecified-not-good-smell. So, I topped the cleaning off by emptying this darling on the curtains and towels of my bathroom and kitchen - and...wow. I had to go take a shower straight after just to have a good excuse to sit around smelling it. The dirt is so Clean - it really, truly smells of Outdoors and Happiness. Incredible. There's nothing synthetic-smelling about it - it's just nature and wild and beautiful - how an air-freshener Should smell! I will find a way to buy bottles (multiple) of this
  13. KatharinaNordh

    Fairy Bites

    Wet: Get it OFF me! I knew chamomile would behave like this one me - I just knew it Slightly more dry: Ergh, someone used a Pine roomscent to cover baby diapers Dry and calmed down: It's...a miracle has happened - the diapers have gone away, the mint is mint, instead of a plastic pine-forest imitation, and the flowery stuff is getting rather pleasant. I would never, ever put myself through the wet-stages again though, this one will be swapped. Funny, I've never had such a violently anti-reaction to any Bpal before. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest.
  14. KatharinaNordh

    Blossoms in Springtime

    Was So excited about this one - and now, I'll end up spenind the day figuring out what went wrong. It smells like blood and metal on me, and not even in a pleasant way - wet, it smelld like soap, but that (thankfully) passed very fast. But now, sweaty, dirty, blood and metal - really cool, of course, but maybe more for...well, for not me. Stupid skin chemistry - honey is usually the one thing that makes Everything smell good on me. I'll let this one age a bit though, rather than hurry to get it swapped of. Cause it has potential - lots of it.
  15. KatharinaNordh

    Tanuki No Hikifune

    Something I would have Loved to wear when I was a teenager; sweet, bubbly, melony and kind of innocent but pleasant. A bit too sweet for me nowadays, so I am not sure I will be keeping it, but I might gift it to a friends daughter rather than sell or swap - and knowing her mother, she'll just laugh until she falls over about the name ETA: on longer drydown, it actually becomes very pretty. Still too "young" for me, but it's not bad in any way.