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  1. patina

    Her Eyes Have Feasted on the Dead

    Violet smells clean to me. Like shampoo without being soapy. Spanish moss is far more airy and than oakmoss. It doesn't have much of a presence yet but it may be giving a faintly green edge. Put them together and you get something light and fresh that nevertheless would feel eerie on a rainy day (at least to me.)
  2. patina


    The inky black part is gorgeous. It's got a soft brushed by a raven's wing feel. The sense of purple fruit is good too. This is very perfumy, surprisingly perfumy for a Lilith. It must be the champa that makes me think there's jasmine here. It doesn't smell like jasmine exactly, but it's close enough. Also I think my chemistry might not be playing nice with the lavender. Boo It's still gorgeous, just a bit "scratchy." Now to age and see how it works. The comparison to The Elephant is Slow to Mate is apt, though this is somewhat less over the top. That one also threw me off a bit with how very perfumy it was. Edit: If I didn't know better I would swear up and down that there's vetiver here. There's no char but the patchouli may be standing in for vetiver.
  3. patina

    Frog Moon 2021

    Ahh. BPAL's luring me back once again with my love of frogs and green musk. First applied, this is a bright, lemony spring green. I can certainly smell bamboo and all the other stuff too. It gives the scent a deeper cologny edge and doesn't let the green musk turn to drier sheets...at least so far. Super refreshing, aquatic and a little foresty. This is a green musk holy grail so far.
  4. patina

    Stitched Together

    Waffle cone? Wafflecone! Also thick mint cream and chocolate. I can occasionally get a slightly lemon green tea but it's very faint. This is really fairly sweet for me, but the green tea tones that done.
  5. patina

    Sinister Groundskeeper

    I get alternating dirt and dandelions, though there's more dirt. There may be cumin in the dirt but it's not overwhelming on me. Also there's more blood than I expected, but my nose is very good at picking up the Lab's blood note. Fairly simple, pleasant and spring-like.
  6. patina

    Black Licorice Smut

    My impression of the original Smut was simply dark sweetened musk. It's the sort of thing I like, but it's a bit flat. Licorice Smut isn't very much different. The licorice is strong and adds more complexity, but ultimately it fades too far in the background to give this much dimension. Oh well. It's not bad at all.
  7. patina

    An Open Grave Underneath the Heavy Leaves

    Damp melony, cucumbery grass. This is very different from my Easter Egg Hunt Grass Stain SN. Far less sharp and more gentle. I want to say there's a floral here but I have no idea which one it would be. Maybe there's sage? Probably spearmint. I get no dead leaves. Green scents often don't work on me but this one does. It's lovely.
  8. patina

    Dead Leaves and Cinnamon Buns

    in the imp I get the bell pepper note I sometimes get from leaf blends. On me it's almost...lemon? There is cinnamon here but I'm wondering if my decant was labeled properly. I seem to get a bread or pastry note at a distance, so maybe? Will update. Edit: leaves turned to dirt eventually then disappeared. In the morning I got something a bit like cinnamon King Cake. I love King Cake but I'll stick with that one.
  9. patina

    Please Scream Inside Your Haunted House

    Freshly applied this is sawdust and raisin cinnamon toast. I don't amp cedar so while it's certainly around I don't get a whole lot of it. I do get piles of cinnamon though. To me this is (appropriately) a prop carnival haunted house just off the midway rather than a stately manor that happens to be filled with funnel cake. But also there's a lot of cinnamon.
  10. patina

    Creaking Floorboards

    I get something medicinal. I can see how some people would get something a bit like licorice. But on me it's medicinal in a pleasant way. I do get black tea and traces of tobacco staining wood. Wood often goes very faint on me so I'll have to return to this review later, but for now my impressions are that this is relaxing and would be perfect for a dark rainy day. EDIT: I really love this one, actually. I suspect the woods are teak and oak. They work well with the tea and ashy tobacco. It doesn't have super wear length, but it's probably my favorite "creepy house" scent.
  11. patina

    Cherry Cream Pie Chypre

    Cherry is always very loud on me, but here it doesn't overwhelm the cream and (later, on drydown) a buttery crust note. I said that Pumpkin Pie Musk was my favorite of these, but this is a very, very close one. I don't get wax per se, but there's maybe amber?
  12. patina

    Dead Leaves and Kettle Corn Hair Gloss

    Butter! And caramel sweetness. Amazing. Unfortunately the leaves make it smell a little plasticy and burnt on drydown. I'm sure this sample will find a good home elsewhere.
  13. patina

    Pecan Pie Oud

    The oud here is not rich enough to have an indole smell. It smells dry, a bit like old cardboard boxes, with some sugar (not enough to be truly sweet) and a toasted note. At first when I put it on it almost smelled soapy but that passed quickly. This is nice, overall but then I like cardboard box oud.
  14. patina

    Pumpkin Pie Musk

    Pumpkin Pie. Sweet, very Pumpkin Spice and I can't separate out the musk. This may be my favorite of the three pies.
  15. patina

    Dead Leaves and Black Licorice

    These fit together strangely well, like a grimy road strewn with wet leaves on a gray day, except the road is made of candy charcoal and all the grime is licorice, not petroleum based. This is not an especially sweet licorice. The leaves resemble those in October to me, with the same bell pepper note, except the licorice tempers them. This isn't bad, but a little strange. I think I'd prefer it with some other note to round things out.