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  1. patina

    The Empty House

    Comes on strong vanilla pumpkin. There's some wood underneath that comes out as the vanilla dies down a little. This is a weird scent, strength wise. sometimes it almost disappears. A cup of pumpkin latte sitting sad and alone in an empty, smoky house.
  2. patina

    In Necessarias Unitas

    Holy base notes. The vetiver isn't barbecue sauce flavored but this dries down to heavy vetiver and patchouli. Not bad, but kind of all bass all the time.
  3. patina

    In Omnibus Caritas

    This is like Good but far less high pitched on me. It's a sugar and honey scent with some depth. I thought I could smell a dry cocoa underneath but that's probably the sandalwood. Very good. This reminds me of love and good things and has helped me keep calm this holiday. I'd get a full size if they were available.
  4. patina

    In Dubiis Libertas

    This warmed on my skin gorgeously. Cypress usually goes sour so that was quite a surprise. Here it's more fresh, almost floral when mixed with the vanilla.
  5. patina


    This is not precisely peppermint but it's something mint-adjacent. I do get the lab's metal note and it turns this into a cologne. This reminds me of Odic Force, except this scent is blue and white. I don't get soap from this one like I do from many ozone scents. This pairs well with gnome.
  6. patina


    I was worried about the comparison to Tiger Balm. While I wouldn't say this doesn't smell medicinal at all, it smells more like berries, maybe those in the Nightshade GC. Sweet, poison berries over smooth non chemical leather. This actually has a good deal of throw, almost perfumy throw, and I'd have trouble sneaking up on someone while wearing it. This reminds me strongly of Evil and I think it would compliment it well.
  7. patina

    All the Meaner Things

    Ozone and a brown musk that reminds me of mice, old rags, wainscotting, and dry oatmeal. It is not significantly salty to me but it does smell cold. This is almost a dead ringer for the Scrooge's Apartment Atmosphere Spray I tried once. I should mention that the musk is sweet on me in a weird and offputting kind of way.
  8. patina

    Virgos Love Power Tools

    Lavender often goes sour on me but this hasn't yet. I think it may be because of the rounded resins (motor oil & Schwarzer Monde). This is a kind of snuggly cologne that does present in layers. Usually it's lavender cologne but there's an occasional dark whiff of patchouli/resin and workshop. The top notes remind me a lot of Quicksilver Phoenix, from the Anniversaries. This one makes me want to curl up and go to sleep.
  9. patina

    The Blood is the Life

    In the decant this smells like the Zadok Allen Vineyard mixed with honey. (Except I checked my bottle of Zadok and that one's a far drier wine.) On it turns into a mulled spice wine with a bit of blood. It's not a subtle scent. The wine and blood are practically dancing a can-can to get noticed.
  10. patina


    IN bottle: Hairspray? Machine oil? Leather and dust? Skin contact tames the overpowering hairspray note and it turns into a ferny fougure. I don't get green musk exactly, or I don't recognize it. This smells sepia somehow. I'm not sure how something can smell sepia but there you go. The sepia industrial leather dust mixes with a dark ferny green. Sophisticated enough but maybe a bit too perfumy/cologny
  11. patina

    Songs of Autumn VI

    In the imp this was slightly alarming, strong on the dust and a kind of vetiver char, but on my skin it immediately turned into machine oil and loam, well-behaved with not a trace of the vetiver to be found.Oddly pleasant on the skin, but not very strong. Then again dirt scents are usually weak on me. There's something almost like anise in this.
  12. patina


    Welp, this is what the color of red autumn leaves would smell like. Initially I get a strong hit of spice that my brain thinks is cassia. I also think I smell dragon's blood but that's probably the red musk. On, this is clearly several different things blended together very well. It's hot and spicy indeed but not single note spice and the patchouli and oude do a lot to keep things from getting out of hand. The clove and basil make it smell almost cold and hot at the same time. Red. red, red, spicy, and dry with depth. I feel like swaggering while wearing it. Edit; Bizarrely this doesn't last long on my skin, drying down to an unusually soft red musk. Or maybe I've gone noseblind
  13. patina

    The Shadowed Veil

    My first thought smelling the decant was "pumpkin cookies?" Weirdly I got pumpkin cookies. I guess blackened pumpkin just tends to skew sweet and buttery. Then the pomegranate and incense came out and I had a sweet, faint pomegranate waft around me. This scent is not terribly strong probably because leather is weak on me and pomegranite tends to fade quickly. It does have a good throw though. I suspect the scent might have more staying power as the patchouli ages.
  14. patina

    Songs of Autumn V

    This captures fall nights very well. There is a bit of an ivy leaf/ pickle note I assume is the byproduct of the leaves, patchouli, and booze. Evocative as this is, I really prefer Dead Leaves, Blackcurrant, and Tobacco. That is, unless the patchouli root deepens on my skin. Will have to report back later. Edit: on my skin the pickle note disappears and this turns out strongly fruity.
  15. patina

    Flesh of My Flesh

    Notes unseen, my first thought was "red musk and sheet cake." Something here is strongly (and appropriately) reminding me of Eat Me. I know that there's labdanum and amber here and I can sort of smell them but mostly my brain is just going "sheet cake." Also lots of red musk. Did I mention red musk? This smells absolutely delicious, but potentially cloying. But also delicious. Edit: on the drydown I get champaca and orchid but this is still strongly sweet. I am getting the faint sourness I usually get from champaca but it's not a scent ruiner so far. Edit Edit: After some time reapplying I have no idea why I initially got cake, but this still reminds me of red currant