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  1. patina

    Philosopher Reading

    First applied, this is soft vegetal leather and dust. The beeswax is present but understated. There is golden amber as well. This immediately makes me think of the Ninth house from the Locked Tomb series: an ancient and kind of shabby place intended for meditation. Though this doesn't have any bone accord, of course. Amber appears to be winning. It smells like a dim study trapped in amber now. On drydown it's a bit more of a wood cologne in an amber lighted study.
  2. It's been a long time, so Foodie/Vanilla: Lyonesse Eat Me Perversion (Not sure what to call a wine/tobacco/leather. The drydown turns amazing on me.) Snake Oil Floral: The Rose The Phantom Wooer Resins: Anubis Cathedral Sloth Blood Wood: Half-elf The Forest Reverie Earth (Weird): Black Annis
  3. patina

    Lightning Strikes Literature

    The other reviewers got it right. This is a light citrus beeswax mellowed with old paper. I'd wanted a beeswax Frankenstein scent forever and here it is. While it's not not dryer sheets, the beeswax helps with that considerably. There's a faint bitterness from the paper and ink. This seems appropriate for a cool spring day. Throw is slight to moderate.
  4. patina

    Lightning Strikes Cinema

    Rain, rain, rainy rain. Lightning Strikes Literature has ozone in it but Lightning Strikes Cinema is powerful essence of dripping umbrella and soggy wool with velvet curtain in the background. I can't say it's not soap, but it's not painfully acrid like many soap scents either. I sort of get a vinyl or acrylic cloth note, but it's not offputting. This ozone actually makes me think of water for once. Maybe I'm easily influenced right now, but the scent evokes a cool movie theater with a raging thunderstorm outside. I'm concerned my perception could change over time, but we'll see.
  5. patina

    Carved Wooden Cultist Lair

    This smells like heavy ebony and Murphy's wood soap. Add some incense dust. Occasionally some hot metal, like a hot poker laced with the lab's blood note pops out, but that part is fairly subtle. You might like it if you want a dapper, moody cologne and you like wood.
  6. patina

    Snake Oil Sufganiyot

    The Snake Oil musk is absolutely there along with flaky sugar icing and some pastry. I'm a little reminded of Snake Oil and honey blends I've tried before, except this isn't honey. This is straddling the foody-nonfoody line as other reviews noted. No noticeable jelly Oof. Okay. It's amazing, it does what it says on the tin. The musk is kind of screaming now but it should mellow with age.
  7. patina

    Murderous Frogs

    Frog murder initially smells like some kind of green gummy candy. I've never had Haribo Frogs, but I think this is what they'd smell like. I'd compare this to a less tart Black Apple of Saturn. Oakmoss can be choking on me, but for now its barely peeking out. This green poisoned candy apple has some sleek dark depths to it.
  8. patina

    The Love of Bare November Days

    This is a warmer perfume than I thought it would be. The cypress is almost gingery and maybe the beech bark and labdanum are adding to the effect. It's almost a dark birch beer. There is a trace of aquatic snow peeking out. Very pleasant but not at all what I was expecting.
  9. patina

    Die Pest auf der Treppe

    This goes on a woody cologne, but as it warms up the vanilla tar softens the whole thing beautifully and now I have a vanilla-patchouli resin cloud around me. I love wood scents and this is just so good.
  10. The licorice is very much there and like candy, the way I like it. The oud here is powdery. Like licorice tucked away in soft, patchouli wood. This is very good, but I think I prefer Black Licorice Smut and Black Licorice and Dead Leaves.
  11. patina

    Death Adder

    Re-testing my super aged decant is amazing. I didn't like it at first, since it just seemed too powdery, too much like suntan lotion too. Now it's sort of a faded Snake Oil plus brown suede and yes, traces of suntan lotion. I think the vetiver is muting the Snake Oil a lot, though this is not a low throw scent. This works for summer very well.
  12. patina

    Blackberry Moon 2022

    Blackberry has a tendency to fail on me. Like a lot. It's high pitched and rather unpleasant but the musk and patchouli here is doing a good job of holding it down. Also, good news/bad news, it's sweet. Sweet, sweet, sweet. There's only a tiny bit of wine but it makes its presence felt. I feel like there's enough base to counteract the sweetness but your mileage may vary. This is like blackberry wine flavored Kool-aid for adults served in mysterious thicket. Also someone is wearing patchouli. Not the gnarliest patchouli and not a lot, but it's There.
  13. patina

    Frogberry Moon

    Oh, fun! It's a (mostly) strawberry smoothie, but it's slightly more complex than that. It's fresh and yes, moist. While I'm not the biggest citrus fan I really appreciate the white grapefruit etc here stopping things from being single-note berry. That grapefruit here gives the scent an aura that is clean and summertime ready. Good throw so far. Green musk sometimes goes to soap on me, but right now it's completely in the background. Verdict: Kermit raided a smoothie stand and smells great.
  14. patina

    Wisteria Blossoms

    it's like going outside and being hit by a blast of spring florals and rain right in your face. It's like having a bucket of lilac water dumped on your head. It's a lot, but it's perfect for summer. I'm not getting strictly red musk here because the bamboo and the oakmoss do a lot to deepen and hide it. Still, the musk is giving this a powerful base note that stop the florals from being too screechy. This is more of a sophisticated perfume than a natural scent. And as always, the wisteria is a bit wistful.
  15. patina


    This is a perfect amber scent on me. The Lights of Men's Lives was somewhat unimpressive wax on me, but this is amazing. It's more than a candle smell, it's also firey and glowng. It's sweet without smelling like straight up candy, it's spicy without smelling like a spice rack or any spice I can name. It's amber without smelling powdery or overly perfumy. It may change over time but right now it's just about perfect.