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  1. patina

    Insatiable Widow

    Grassy green jasmine tea. Deep down it has an almost vetiver like note which makes sense because of the lapsung souchong. There's a little soapiness, maybe the ginger. It's like tea and some high quality, odd, partially burnt Japanese incense sticks left in a box with a few spices and soaps. Not bad, but this isn't for me.
  2. patina

    Roses, Pearls, and Onyx

    Smoky dark red roses and by "smoky" I don't mean charred. More like colored by the resins. I almost smell jasmine here, maybe the oud is indolic? Anyway this has an old movie glamor feel to it.
  3. patina

    Sherlock Holmes

    Notes unseen I thought this had a heavy dark wool, like the wool in Druid, along with a clean, bright lemon musk smell and some vanilla. I had hopes for this one, unfortunately it seems the "lemon" could easily go sour on my skin and the darkness of the tobacco sometimes combines with it to produce something like a sour, abandoned washcloth. That isn't a strong effect, but just the faintest suggestion is enough. The scent was very clean and cozy when I first put it on, though.
  4. patina


    I skipped this one in the past, possibly because I used to expect lemon in perfume to automatically be a citrus bomb. Instead this is dark, sweet, crumbly wood with a bit of lemon for illumination. I'd compare it to woody incense or the inside of a terrarium. I don't get a lot of smoke, but there's a faint hit of singe. Not an absolute favorite, but remarkably pleasant and a bit sultry.
  5. patina

    The Haunted Mill

    Sweet opium. It would be perfume opium except for the ton or rugged boot leather, oak, and something that smells like nettles reduced down to a green soup. As it is, the opium smells like a stand-in for a humid dark night. I like it, but it's very creepy woodshed.
  6. patina

    The Serpent in the Carnations

    First wear: very carnation: pink, somewhat powdery floral. Soft clove. The Snake Oil background is not prominent, somehow there's an occasional whiff of suede leather in the background. I think my brain is mistaking the patchouli and musk for leather. I'm reminded of The Bow and Crown of Conquest. Up close I get Snake Oil. The Snake will likely get stronger with time. I'll have to test this one later. As Snake Oil blends go this isn't my favorite so far because I'm neutral on carnation. But Snake Oil blends also intensify with time and I do like clove. Day two, warmer: the vanilla, spice, and amber(?) are really coming out.
  7. patina


    So, since I haven't done this one narcissius= white floral almost a fruity melon myrrh=snuffed candle opium= latex, a not-quite-rubber that I somehow enjoy even though I dislike rubber Sheer black silk and slightly melony.
  8. patina

    Champagne and Snake Oil

    At first, ginger ale. Just ginger ale and very accurate! Then the Snake Oil comes out and the scent waffles back and forth between champagne and Snake Oil. The ginger threatens to go soapy without quite actually doing it. The ginger is strongly rooty/airy wood to me. This is good because it smells sophisticated and bad because it can go a little bitter. But I think aging might fix that. I still think I'd prefer a more citrus/ floral sparkling vanilla ginger ale or else just plain Snake Oil. It's lovely and probably difficult to achieve this balance but not for me. Edit: Spoke too soon, maybe. It eventually resolves into something that isn't trying to be soapy. I like it.
  9. patina

    Party Toad

    On opening, it smells like a light leather. (Leather's the best comparison to the mushroom note I can make.) Then I get blended green musk and clover. I love the clover here. There's a trickle of flat champagne. It's perfect for the early beginnings of spring here, where flowers haven't started to bloom yet but the grass is turning green. A March/St. Patrick's day kind of feel. This is a nice green scent, but I wish there was something that gave the scent more dimension and the champagne more sparkle. Maybe a grain of frankincense or amber.
  10. patina

    The Harvest Haunt

    Cooked pumpkin smell, popcorn texture underneath with some caramel. Sometimes I could swear there's cumin and mild dry chilies in the mix. But it quickly disappears and the cooked pumpkin caramel comes back. Cozy.
  11. In vial: hazelnuts, surprisingly strong hazelnuts. On: This reminds me strongly of Oak Moon 2011 with a brown, almost caramel tinge and watered down mint. Sweet. Image: A dark grove with a huge oak tree in the middle. It's dimly lit by cool green fire playing around its branches.
  12. patina

    Snooty Bat

    This seemingly has more leather than Snootier Bat, considering that it doesn't get lost in incense or musk. I don't think most people would find the clove overwhelming, unless they simply dislike clove altogether. It's not sharp, more just slightly peppery. Pimento as Lilacea said. The Nag Champa is certainly there, adding its floral backdrop. I think I like this one better than its snootier cousin, simply because the clove and noticeable leather adds some balance to the sweetness. I'll have to test more, though.
  13. patina

    Elizabeth’s Imps

    In bottle: Buttery waffles? You don't put molasses on waffles but that's what I smell. Skin: I've been making gingerbread, so along with the super real molasses I sort of expect a ginger. But no, this isn't that kind of perfume. Gourmet haters might still want to stay away, but this isn't a pure foody scent either. The amber helps with that. Sometimes the cinnamon is nearly edible spice. Sometimes it's a cinnamon wood. Sometimes it's smouldering against the dark molasses. I guess "seductive" does work for this one. It's almost like it's flirting as it turns weaker and stronger, more molasses or more cinnamon. Not a huge throw and with the morphing, no notes overstay their welcome or become obnoxious.
  14. patina

    By Day She Made Herself into a Cat

    This is a spicy black musk, at first in the bottle I got straight amber and black peppercorns. This accounts for the fuzziness. I'm finding this more congenial than Death: My Irony. Of course it would be sweeter because of the amber. A sticky sweet fur, definitely a cat rolled in incense. I don't get red musk like some reviewers have but a lemony note has come out on top of everything and the amber is smoothing out. I can see the comparison with Streets of Detroit. They both have rounded oily resins and both are simple. This is less industrial. A bit spicier though I wouldn't call it fully spicy. Again, a cat rolling around in amber. Edit This is developing a strong grape tinge. It no longer seems to have peppercorn at all, still love it.
  15. patina

    Death: My Irony Surpasses All Others!

    I guess I have to compare this to Streets of Detroit. There's also the sense of something industrial in this one. Toner ink? I get the sense of a dark, dull burgandy mixed into the black. I've tried Siberian Musk SN before. If I remember it correctly, Death My Irony is less sweet, drier and flatter. "Desolate musk" might fit it well enough. Aging sometimes changes scents a bit though. In general: Dry-ish, matte, inky.