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  1. patina

    Tenth Lash

    Almond flour and dry cacao with some golden labdanum and well-behaved cherries. It's like a delicious but not too sweet or moist cake. If the labdanum only shone a little more or the patchouli were deeper then this scent would have a lot more depth, but that might happen with aging. I'm on the fence with this one.
  2. patina

    Fifth Lash

    This is a bit heavy on the leather and teak which gives it a kind of cologne sense. It almost smells like celery at a close sniff. I get an occasional waft of plummy sweet lavender but I don't think the up-close smell is worth it. Very sophisticated though.
  3. patina

    Gingerbread, Vetiver, and Black Currant

    Nice! The vetiver mixes with and tones down the gingerbread. I'm not getting charred wood from it at all. The blackcurrant is dark and perfumy while just hinting at jam.
  4. patina

    Song of the Otherworld

    I could tell there was a blue element without reading the notes. Champaca is sometimes bad on me but this isn't at all. There's certainly an evergreen presence here too, though the scent softens it. This is very different from Perchta's sweet white powder snow, it's more ice for one thing. It is sweet in it's own right because of the resins. Almost a pineapple ice scent. It's a bit like a blue moon (or one of the lab's Blue Moons) hanging over an ice and snow covered fir tree in the dead of night. It's going to be a hard call deciding on a bottle between this and Perchta 2018.
  5. patina

    The Mysterious Rappings Polka

    The rum and tobacco worried me in the vial because sometimes rum smells a bit off on me. No worries, the other scents are strong enough to hold their own, all that toffee and sweet pink rose musk, and just a bit of spice. This is one seriously cheerful scent for me, but then I wouldn't expect a supernatural polka themed scent to have a solemn feel. It's a bit pink but the rum and tobacco give it a unisex edge. Ideal cold winter scent, because I don't know whether the tobacco would be too overwhelming in warm weather.
  6. patina

    Gingerbread and More Ginger

    If you ever wanted Shub Niggrath, but didn't want the darker parts of that scent, this is for you. It's really delicious, but then I've yet to try on a gingerbread scent that wasn't.
  7. patina

    Gingerbread, Coffee Bean and Smoked Vanilla

    Sadly underwhelmed by this one, but then coffee bean isn't my favorite note. It is the standard fruity coffee bean. The gingerbread is softened by the vanilla here. Don't get me wrong, it smells great! It's just not my favorite gingerbread scent.
  8. patina

    Black and Red Candy Canes

    This was a difficult one. I almost bought a bottle straight away because I love red musk and clove. When I first put it on I was underwhelmed by a scent like stale mint that must be the anise. The red musk was unusually shy and the opium and flat patchouli just made everything smell even more stale, like candy gone bad. However, I've only been wearing it a little while and the scent's already warmed up and gotten better. There still isn't a lot of throw but the red musk has gotten over some of its shyness. I think once the patchouli's had the chance to age a little this is going to smell amazing. Edit: After settling a while the clove has come out and it no longer smells like mint. So now it's red musk, anise, and clove, and also weirdly like a clove-scented candy cane.
  9. patina

    Perchta 2018

    This is lovely. It's not the "coldest" snow or ice blend I've ever tried. It's white, powdery, but complex enough to be interesting. It's sweet but not tooth-achingly so. The only notes I can pick out for certain are violet and the barest hint of fir. This is very clean and I'm considering a bottle
  10. patina

    Abolish ICE

    I just tried on a lot of Yule scents but this one is easily my favorite. But then I do like oude and sweet scents especially if they have non gourmand base notes. (The "stale cardboard" note some reviewers got was certainly oude.) Mostly caramelized toffee with a spicy roasted note. The oude quickly becomes the strongest note though it's always spiced and sweetened by the other notes. That means that this is not a primarily foody scent. I do get coffee, the normal fruity coffee bean note which never smells exactly like the drink, but it stays in the background. This is ideal for a cold, chilly day.
  11. patina

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I think Pop Art would be represented best by simple colored musk scents. Also tin, plastic, and metal scents. However, a fembot would wear Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs from the lupers.
  12. patina

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I think California Leaf-Nosed Bat would be another good WTNV scent: Nightfall in the desert: Mojave yucca, creosote bush, saguaro, dusty clove, and sacred datura. Maybe Scarlet Horror for Desert bluffs or the Night Vale Council too.
  13. patina


    If this was offered in bottle sizes I'd get one so fast. I've said before I don't care for lavender. As a cologne it can go murky and weird but this is nice. A "pure" lavender as someone else said. It's a blast of pure sage and lavender at first, followed by something sweet and deep, neither too herbal nor too dirty and more than one-note sweetness. This amps on me but I don't mind. Maybe like TKO (I don't know I haven't tried TKO, but deeper with extra oomph.
  14. patina

    Studie Einer Ziege

    I do smell the cola-ish labdanum, though this is not particularly a dark labdanum on me. I do get clove, but not as much as I anticipated. The truly weird part is that this all meshes together to sort of smell like candlewax. Dusty old candlewax. And maybe white coconut meat?? It's odd. Low throw. Tested next to Suffragium, they're much alike, but that one's more wood, this is more light clove and a little smoke. Come to think of it, that smoke plus the oiliness of the labdanum may be why I get candle wax.
  15. patina

    Smells like a basement or cellar

    I'm vague on specific oils, but I'd look for black musk, oakmoss, and oude. Edit: Old Moon 2011 The scent of things drifting just on the edge of memory, hiding in shadowed corners. Old, yellowing books, dust-covered toys pushed to the back of the attic, windows obscured by thick, thorny vines, letters discarded, and photographs of people long-forgotten. This might smell more plastic-y than you'd like though. It does indeed smell dusty. Haunted Houses (Halloweenies) Quiet, ineffective ghosts haunting the realm of mystery and night, stretching dusty hands back to homes and lifetimes unforgotten: pale gossamer musks swirling in thick, dense otherworldly vapours through cracks in dry wood and old, old stones. from GC's the only one I can think of offhand is Robin Goodfellow which is rotting wood and plants on me. Maybe Phonenix Steamworks which smelled like a workshop with sage to me. That one might be a little bright for you.