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    Top 10 in no order: Samhain, Death of Autumn, October, Sin, Troll, Snake Oil, Chimera, Aureus, Smiling Spider, Strangler Fig. Autumnal/dark/musky scents, in other words.

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  1. fasn8me21


    This is my Halloween costume this year - what scents do you rec? Does Lightning actually evoke her?
  2. The most foresty scent I've ever smelled (from any perfume company) is Troll, which happens to be one of my favorites. Check it out.
  3. fasn8me21

    Rational scents?

    Perhaps Lawful from the RPG section. It truly somehow smells...Lawful.
  4. fasn8me21

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Sin is one of my top 10, and I agree..it just lacks the coconut and Egyptian musk (suppose I could acquire single notes of those and try my hand, eh?)
  5. fasn8me21

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    You're in luck, because the general catalog section Rappacini's Garden has a literal sub-section dedicated to honey. My suggestion: Tobacco Honey. Dries down to dark, sexy honey. Snow scent: Snowball Fracas. Snow + earth.
  6. fasn8me21

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    As I recall, sadly it didn't work for me. No one else has smelled this awesome scent?
  7. fasn8me21

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    LIsted notes: patchouli, spice (to my nose, Cinnamon,) Egyptian musk, Tahitian vanilla, coconut. It smells like a dark-yet-sweet, spicy cinnamon. Thoughts?
  8. fasn8me21

    I do love cedar...

    Seconding Aureus.
  9. Thank you, Wwindy and clareN. Will put 'em on the 'to try' list! Any other thoughts, Clovens?
  10. Another vote for Jack. Terribly strong and far-reaching.
  11. fasn8me21

    what is ruining these scents for me?

    Personally, I wouldn't deliberately track down stuff I thought I wouldn't like. Try the stuff you want, and eventually the notes you suspect *will* show up in some other perfume.
  12. I take this to mean...no one knows? Ah, the secret of the spider is kept well. *nods*
  13. On the hunt for a substitute for the divine an' discontinued Smiling Spider, the main note to my nose is 'bitter clove.' I notice a fair amount of blends with clove, but very few are phrased, "bitter clove." Ones with that phrase tend to be 'darker' - Smiling Spider, Death of Autumn, Dracul and Count Dracula have it, for instance. So is "bitter clove" just a descriptive, like "sweet honey?" Or are 'clove' and 'bitter clove' two different scents?
  14. fasn8me21

    Tried Carnival Wax? BPAL suggestions needed!

    My votes: Dorian and O. I notice no fern in Dorian and don't recall any reviews saying it is heavy on it. It's white musk, vanilla and tea (in that order on me.) It seems to be one of BPAL's most popular scents, an almost universally loved fragrance you can hardly go wrong with. O is honey, amber, and vanilla (in that order on me) and smells a lot better aged. SSS I don't think I've tried, but I don't like root beer so there's no way that would be a personal scent of mine. Black Pearl is 'eh' on me.
  15. The sweetest BPAL I've tried is Sugar Cookie (a Yule Limited Edition,) which is such a true, rich scent that I've actually heard people say they smelled cookies in a store I was in. Not my kind of scent, but it sounds like what you're looking for.