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  1. daemonrabbit

    Magic Brownie

    I... am confused about this scent. Maybe I even got something mis-filled by Ajevie? Because this smells like a sweet, fruity, almost rhubarb-y scent to me. No weed. Maybe a touch of chocolate. I might edit this later of something changes.
  2. daemonrabbit

    Who’s Afraid

    Overwhelmingly lemongrassy for me, with a slight creaminess. Unfortunately not a fan.
  3. daemonrabbit


    It seemed to take a month or so for all the notes to settle on my skin, but I agree with asterope that this has some serious Pediophobia vibes. It doesn't seem to be as strong or lingering, maybe slightly less nuanced, but it is definitely similar enough to give people who missed out on Pediophobia a current alternative! I'm keeping both scents because I love this combination.
  4. daemonrabbit

    Orgy with Nine Women

    I'm so jealous of the nuances everyone else seems to be getting. This is all champaca all the time for me.
  5. daemonrabbit

    Blueberries, Cream, & Cardamom

    I got a sample of this, and in the vial, it’s amazing. Super realistic blueberry, sweet and tart at the same time. As soon as it hits my skin, the cardamom takes over, and that realistic blueberry vanishes with a slight fake-fruit trace, though it’s still fairly pleasant, but eventually something happens to the scent that makes me feel queasy. I had such high hopes, but it’s probably for the best to not like something that’s so hard to find!
  6. daemonrabbit

    Pomegranate Tiramisu

    I'm in full agreement with LdyKnight. I'll add that the fake sweetness reminds me of Bath and Body Works lotions that would give me headaches and make me a little nauseous.
  7. daemonrabbit

    Like Ghosts the Shadows Rise and Fall

    I don't get a lot of jasmine from this at first. It starts out smelling like slightly sweet cigarette smoke. I did not like it at this stage and was prepared to give up. But when dry I think I'm mostly getting the sweet vetiver with a touch of jasmine, and it. Is. Amazing. The smell sticks to the collar of my sleep shirt and I love getting whiffs of it. It feels unisex to me. I full sized this.