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  1. Geminirubyshoes

    The Storm

    To me, this one is like a puddle of They Shut Me Up in Prose as a warm soft rain mists itself over it . I don’t wear anything with a moss not enough to really pick it out but it’s eleven thousand degrees in Vermont today and this is making me feel better about it.
  2. Geminirubyshoes


    Oh my lordt, this is SPECTACULAR! If you love Behind the Veils, Berry Moon or any juicy/fruity wine types, you will love this. The dried cherries and blackberry wine are the first notes that hit me when I put this on but the drydown is amazing spicy-rose frankincense. It’s a very red scent. I get zero despair but all the lush.
  3. Geminirubyshoes

    Roses, Pearls, and Sapphires

    Honestly, none of the notes listed in here are my usual bag (sometimes lavender and rose separately but never together) except coconut but I really wanted to try it. In the bottle it’s a bomb of blueberry & lavender but on the skin I am getting allll the lavender and rose and not so much blueberry anyone. I feel like the coconut husk helps to “dry it out) so it’s like dried lavender and rose instead of wet medicinal lavender. It reminds me of this little black velvet dream pillow I had when I was a teenager that definitely had dried lavender and some other herbs in it. It’s really pretty and intresting.
  4. Geminirubyshoes

    The Serpent in the Carnations

    Absolutely gorgeous. I agree with the review that compared this to the carnation note of Alice just without the milkyness. Instead it’s mixed with a seductive waft of spicy Snake Oil goodness. If all you smell in the bottle is the spices, put it on and let it bloom on the skin.
  5. Geminirubyshoes

    Video Head Cleaner

    I really didn’t know what poppers actually were other than a drug that used to be popular. I had to google it 🤣 This smells EXACTLY like the inside of a VCR. Like when you take a videotape out and the tape is warm and you can smell the electric innards of the VCR. I’m so intrigued but also scared to put it on.. Ok on the skin it smells dusty and almost flammable. It’s strong too. I might be getting a leathery vibe to an extent. I don’t know that I would ever wear this on a regular basis but it’s so interesting!
  6. Geminirubyshoes

    Melon Cream Cake

    This is a BLAST of honeydew melon that is like eating breakfast in a tropical land (not that I now what that’s like) . It’s so sunny and perfect! I have never been a melon scent person in my life but I guess that changes today. The dry down is where the sponge cake and whipped cream come in. This is utterly delightful and I’m shocked there are no other reviews yet.
  7. Geminirubyshoes

    Peach, Coconut Cream, Marshmallow, and Nougat

    I did not expect this to be my favorite one from this round of DC Peach exclusives but it turned out to be so! All the elements have melded together so exquisitely over time and it’s impossible for me to put this on and not be in a good mood for the rest of the day.
  8. Geminirubyshoes

    Portrait of Princess Marthe Bibesco

    I love this! It’s definitely toffee forward and I do smell the white rose as it dries. White rose is much more subtle than most other rose notes and I can see why Beth chose it to be included in this. It actually smells a little bit like a relative of Millennial Pink to me. Gourmand lovers will be happy
  9. Geminirubyshoes

    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    Good lordt this is absolutely spectacular. Beautiful sweet fluffy lavender with the coconut cream underneath. This is going onto my night stand with Two Frames, Lavender Buttercream & Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help. Also worth noting that if you had told me a decade ago that I would be enjoying lavender perfume I would have laughed in your face! That’s the magic of BPAL.
  10. Geminirubyshoes

    A Doll's Doll

    If La Befana carried a doll that had a tiny doll, this would be the scent of that doll. I definitely smell the snow in the snowberries at first drying down into the spun sugar. There is a faint singed element which I’m guessing is the chimney soot? It’s hard for me to pick out the carnation as I feel like that and the snowberries combined gives it almost like a strawberry smell. My overall gist is that this is really lovely and interesting. Also makes me very nostalgic for my youth when I spent a lot of time alone in my room arranging my little ceramic figurines and listening to books on tape ❤️
  11. Geminirubyshoes

    Grasshopper Pie

    Smells like when you open a package of mint oreos and then blissfully eat one after another. Soft mint dreamily melds with chocolate graham cracker and it’s absolutely wonderful.
  12. Geminirubyshoes

    Weed and Fruitcake

    A literal BLAST of weed and then the fruitcake takes over! Spicy Fruity deliciousness! This one surprised me. I honestly thought it was going to be too weird but it smells amazing. Now that I think about it, it kind of reminds of one of the Three Spirit Perfumes from A Christmas Carol, maybe the Second Spirit that was the food and wine one?
  13. Geminirubyshoes

    Pumpkin Spice Everything

    This years Pumpkin Spice Everything is so lovely! I sold out of it at Vermont Lunacy yesterday and the general remarks were that it’s very warm and comforting. My review from 2014 is from the OG version which I had gotten from NYCC at the time and it was very spicey..I don’t know if that one had the allspice element at that time but I feel like this version is like…simmered? that’s what I want to say. All the spices are evenly tempered and it’s a very snuggly perfume
  14. Geminirubyshoes

    Handknitted Witch Gloves

    I’m surprised there are no reviews for this yet! In the bottle I get the cranberry brandy as the first note which generally isn’t my thing but I love me some oakmoss so let’s do this… The dry down is so nice! It is fuzzy with no scuzzy! Reminds me of the smell of a local craft fair with handmade wool socks and scarves. The sweet oakmoss is pretty and there is slight tartness from the cranberry but it all melds together very nicely. I love the story behind this and the perfume definitely does not disappoint. I think once more people try it, they will be pleasantly surprised.
  15. Geminirubyshoes

    Elizabeth’s Imps

    I immediately fawned over this one because of the molasses note. If any of you are obsessed with Big Bertha’s Big Molasses Muffins from Bitch Planet, you will be on my level. Elizabeth’s Imps stays close to the skin and the black molasses with the cinnamon has a gorgeous, slightly smoky effect to it. On the drydown I can smell the amber in the background. This does not belong in a scent locket, it needs heat from the skin to really bring it to life.