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  1. Geminirubyshoes

    Moon When The Cherries Turn Black

    I agree with Dark Alice! This is like, a darker version of Kabuki. Like eating a cherry tootsie pop under a full moon wearing all black velvet.
  2. Geminirubyshoes

    Peach Milk

    Everything I wanted this to be: ripe peach with that warm, sweet creme brulee note. I am glad I got two bottles!
  3. Geminirubyshoes

    Blacklight Reactive Alice Poster

    Like Doomsday Disco said above, The Mad Tea Party collection is what got me hooked on BPAL. I have been a collector of Alice in Wonderland things for a long, long time so I had to buy a bottle of this purely based on that. The weed scents tend to be too intense on me and if I’m going to stank like weed, I’d rather it be from me smoking it. However, the weed in this does not present as the focus. In fact this may be the loveliest weed perfume ever! I definitely get the Knave of Hearts connection (one of my faves) and as it dries I get the slightly clean, tart aspect of the grapefruit. The drydown is a softly smoky, citrusy and rosey.
  4. Geminirubyshoes

    The Fairy Lovers

    I’ve been wearing this all day and it is totally reminiscent of something I had as a teenager (before I discovered the wonder of BPAL) I feel like the previous review is pretty spot on. It’s creamy and dreamy and sort of traditional but really not traditional also. I’m glad I purchased this.
  5. Geminirubyshoes

    Thirteen (13): May 2022

    Full disclosure, I never buy the 13’s. It’s usually the herbal notes that turn me off so I typically skip them. But as I too hate this timeline and I love all these notes individually, I was like fuck it I’m going to give it a whirl. YA’LL this is such a lovely, enjoyable perfume. I can definitely detect the rose sugar, the amber, the date paste (if you love Khajaraho in any year, you will like this) and the cacao and benzoin towards the end. It’s sweet but not brain numbingly sweet and gourmand but not pure gourmand. I bet this is going to age spectacularly and be highly sought after.
  6. Geminirubyshoes

    Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre

    wowowowowwowow this is the lilac perfume of my dreams!!! Literally the perfect essence of spring/early summer in a bottle. Absolutely beautiful. It doesn’t seem to have a ton of throw but it might need a bit of time as I just received this today. If you are a lilac lover and don’t buy this, I am not sure to what say except you are missing out big time.
  7. Geminirubyshoes


    I totally get the Danish thing with a hint of lemon. I really love it and because it’s not super strong or heady, I can wear it to work!
  8. Geminirubyshoes

    Snake Milk

    I just got this today at 12:00 pm and purposely left it in my car while I was at a work so it would warm up. I know the OG Snake Oil has been oos for a while now due to component issues but this is almost just as rich. That toasted quality makes it just the tiniest bit smokey to my nose. Can I say it’s like if Snake Oil was a flavor of creme brûlée? That’s what I’m going to say. I’m just sitting in my car in the sunshine refraining from errands because I’m huffing my wrists. This would also be stunning as a hair gloss…just saying.
  9. Geminirubyshoes

    Gingerbread Sticky Buns

    I have Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns which I absolutely love so naturally I had to snag this one also. Hnnnrgghh!!! Warm gingerbread spices with sweet sugary glaze and a ton of cinnamon. I will never ever not want to smell like a fresh baked good. I don’t need to keep reapplying this as the staying power is pretty good but I do because I want that hit 🤣
  10. Geminirubyshoes

    Bronze Dildo

    Is there any other company out there using ancient crafted dildos as concept art for fragrances? I highly doubt it. And that in itself should raise the level of creative respect for BPAL way past the point of wherever it already was in your mind. The notes in this intrigued me, as I do generally like all of these things. I think the only other perfume I have had with a metallic note has been Witchblade, where you can definitely smell warm, red glowing metal and it’s intoxicating. In the bottle this is all green cardamom and the bronze musk, it definitely conjures up the image of what it’s supposed to in your brain. Like finding it amongst mossy ruins on a cool, sunny day. I’m smelling it on my wrists now and I am getting the deep amber note with the oakmoss (I fucking love oakmoss just FYI) and the sweet warmth of the Tonka. This is so beautiful and different than anything I currently have. I can’t tell yet what the staying power is but I think it’s going to be good.
  11. Geminirubyshoes


    I got this as a gift with my Lab Etsy purchase and I am pleasantly surprised! It starts out as a dead ringer for Strawberry Bubble Yum and then fades in soft berry hard candy.
  12. Geminirubyshoes

    Deep Fried Gingerbread

    Fresh out of the oven gingerbread thrown into the deep fryer full of hot oil! The hot oil aspect wears off pretty quickly leaving the warm, fresh gingerbread smell to become the dominate aspect. Good staying power but low throw. I tried mine fresh from the mail so I’m excited for this to age and change over time.
  13. Geminirubyshoes

    Tiki Queen

    Full disclosure, I bought this second hand after ogling it for so many years! I have Tiki Princess which is one of my treasures so I had a hunch that I would love Tiki Queen as well. Smelling it in the bottle, the florals are so sharp I almost regretted buying it but never judge a BPAL by first sniff! On the skin it’s a tropical flower BOMB that is heady, luscious and lingering. I feel like a 1950’s pinup queen..I think it’s too precious to use right now in the winter in Vermont so I will save it for summertime 🖤
  14. Geminirubyshoes

    Marshmallow and Black Plum

    I am mega picky about fruit notes. Usually unless it’s Raspberry or Strawberry or Cherry I abstain but I have come to realize I really love Beth’s plum note in just about everything I have ever used with it. I figured the combo of these two would be pretty magical and it is! Straight out of the box and sniffing the bottle I get the black plum direct with a bit of marshmallow but once on my skin the two blend together like a sweet, creamy fruity/fluffy dream. Neither note overpowers the other and the drydown reminds me of something from my childhood although what that is, I cannot say.
  15. Geminirubyshoes


    This is like a red musk and pumpkin sister to Morocco. It’s warm and rich and sultry and definitely gives a hazy waft of scent that lingers as it dries down. Red musk lovers will rejoice! I’m so glad this was able to be created and I am putting a bottle away for aging. Also the label art is flippin’ adorable!