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  1. Geminirubyshoes


    This is like a red musk and pumpkin sister to Morocco. It’s warm and rich and sultry and definitely gives a hazy waft of scent that lingers as it dries down. Red musk lovers will rejoice! I’m so glad this was able to be created and I am putting a bottle away for aging. Also the label art is flippin’ adorable!
  2. Geminirubyshoes

    Chibi Skull With Last Will and Testament

    This is like a sweeter more mellow version of B. Beat/Revenant Rythym. Bourbon vanilla has not worked well for me in the past but this is like...heavenly. I can’t wait to see how it ages if the bottle makes it that long. Maybe I need to order another bottle.
  3. Geminirubyshoes

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    Just sniffing the bottle, this is allll Gummy Bears. When first applied it’s the extreme fruity sweetness with a bit of the vanilla and it becomes softer and creamier when dried. If you loved Dies Patribus and or Neil from Paranorman, I think you will love this too. It may need to sit for a few days to mellow but I’m glad I got this as it’s a very happy scent. I actually might save this for my kiddo when he is a year or two older
  4. Geminirubyshoes

    All While Dreaming, Shakes Her Head

    Wow...All While Dreaming Shakes Her Head is the most mature Lilith perfumes I have ever smelled. The roses and the coffin wood are what stand out to me with the patchouli just peeking through on the dry down. It’s totally a growing up touchstone. Like if your mom had a perfume that she only used for special occasions and you happened to sneak a bit of it when you wanted to feel really special. This is really beautiful and will age into something regal, I have no doubt about it, just like Lilith themself!
  5. Geminirubyshoes

    Tonka Bean and Saffron

    This is very different than I expected. It’s like, earthy and spicy and dry when wet and gets softer and creamier on the dry down. I would say it’s saffron forward fading into Tonka. I’m curious to see what it will be like after resting for a few weeks.
  6. Geminirubyshoes

    Belonging to the Darkness: Moonstone & Silver

    Gahhhh I swear all the best patchouli is in these Bloodmilk blends! I know I have something else like this but I cannot put my finger on what it is. I agree with LiberAmoris that there is definitely a “sea” quality to this but fortunately there is no musky ocean smell because that never works for me. I’m not describing this well but if you love Silky Bat, Feed Me and Fill Me with Pleasure and Owl Moon, you will love this too.
  7. Geminirubyshoes

    The Triple Crown

    Cardamom isn’t listed as a note so I’m thinking it’s a combination of some of the other notes that people are thinking smells like cardamom. I get earthy and sweet but have a really hard time smelling specific notes coming through. I love almost everything listed in the description but this blend is very mild so far. I am curious to see how it strengths or changes over time. I’m definitely holding on to it. It may be a nice scent for bedtime also.
  8. Geminirubyshoes

    Bloody Corridor

    To me this is a kissing cousin to Blood Kiss and actually Sanguinem Menstruum. It’s bloody honey and red musk with just the touch of Vetiver. I just got my bottle today and couldn’t wait to let it settle. Nice throw, this will age beautifully. I am glad I snagged one of these!
  9. Geminirubyshoes

    Gingerbread Zombie

    I have the other Gingerbread Zombi which is the GC scent plus Gingerbread which I have been hanging onto since it was released. I love Beth’s Gingerbread note and I knew I had to get this too. I was sort of afraid of the peppermint being overly minty but no, no, no. It’s very gingerbread at first and then dries down to a mellow, softly sweet and spicy vanilla with just a hint of the peppermint. I wish this was a beverage. I’m sure it’s going to age delightfully also. I’m glad I picked this one.
  10. Geminirubyshoes

    Two Frames

    This is the best damn lavender BPAL I have ever tried. Its creamy and soft yet sweet vanilla cupcake lavender frosting gahhhh I need to order more asap
  11. Geminirubyshoes

    Tahitian Vanilla, Mysore Sandalwood & Bergamot

    I love this. I really fucking love this. I learned a long time ago that if a blend has Mysore Sandalwood in it, I will want it. Also Tahitian anything. This is creamy, lush, sweet vanilla Sandalwood with the Bergamot just brightening it up a bit. It’s very strong up first application but then dries down soft and close to the skin. I can still smell it as it makes a close, comfy bubble around my head...shit I am going to need so many more bottles.
  12. Geminirubyshoes

    Black Licorice Smut

    To best express this scent, take some regular smut and rub it all over yourself. Next get a bag of black jelly beans and shove a handful in your mouth. Chew, whilst reveling in the combined scents of both. That’s exactly what this is like. I expected to love this and I was right.
  13. Geminirubyshoes

    Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Pie

    I agree with these other reviews, this one is spectacular! I was worried that the Dark Chocolate note would be prominent..kind of like in the box of chocolates scents of past Lupercalia. But after seeing a few rave about this I said F it and added it to my order. I am so glad I did! It’s the graham cracker crust of a thick chocolate pie with some cinnamon and nutmeg in there? That’s what it smells like to me anyways. I’m trying it straight from the mailbox but I know I will love this forever.
  14. Geminirubyshoes

    Metal Twins

    This is exactly as it sounds. Rich, yummy vanilla cake batter with the creamy sweetness of flan! I’m sure it will only get richer with age also.
  15. Geminirubyshoes

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    I get extreme funnel cake when I sniffed this in the bottle (it just arrived today). It smells kind of like day old funnel cake meaning it’s sort of dry.. the day old funnel cake burns off after about 10 minutes to a more dreamy, creamy sweet Snake Oil. It probably needs some resting one after it’s ride from the West Coast so I’m going to give it a few days before I test it again to see if it’s a different experience. I do like it a lot though, it’s carny Snake Oil!!