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    Fave BPALs--Roses Pearls and Diamonds, The Evening Star, All They Had Seen and All They Had Lost, Pink Snowballs, Hypothermia, Spirits of the Dead, Sea of Tranquility, Hope, Dragon's Claw, Kumiho, Dragon's Musk, Spellbound, Hungry Ghost Moon, Tamamo-no-Mae, Peach Moon, Pumpkin II 2009, The Girl, King of Hearts, To Helen, Hymn to Proserpine, Poisson D'Avril, TKO, The Lights of Men's Lives. Whew! Notes that work--Most musks, especially white/light/skin musks, most roses, beeswax, sandalwood, some ambers, most white florals (especially moonflower), dragon's blood, herbs, mint, aquatics, ozone, sugar, spring florals, lavender, cherry Notes that must never under any circumstance touch any part of my body ever again--Vetiver!!!, frankincense (usually), carnation, poppy (usually), orchid

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    Reading, writing, gaming, beading, performing/listening to music, acting, sarcasm, Supernatural, the pretty boys of Supernatural, all things Joss Whedon, smiting the stupid, animals, Animal Planet (esp. late at night), snowboarding, fishing, cooking, the pretty boys on Supernatural, psychology, education, ranting about education, sleep, dreams, astrology, Silent Hill, Narnia, movies, snow, photography, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Asian food, did I mention the pretty boys on Supernatural?
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  1. snowfox090

    Sandalwood Scents

    My favorite sandalwood is Dragon's Claw, hands down. I can barely detect the dragon's blood in it, it's almost pure sandalwood and it is gorgeous
  2. snowfox090

    Using BPAL to negate the smell of death?

    I'd also recommend Hypothermia, if you can get ahold of it. It's less sweet, but just as minty and bracing as Lick It, and on me at least it's VERY potent.
  3. snowfox090

    What's the best coconut blend?

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds is absolutely gorgeous, with a soft creamy coconut note. However, it's also primarily a rose scent to me, so if you hate roses, it might be best to pass on it for now.
  4. Okay, so my relationship with my mother isn't the best, right? It's pretty abusive, emotionally. It's the main reason why I'm moving to Chicago. So I told her I was moving on Monday, right? And she got really pissed off and started interrogating me about it, before saying we'll talk about it this weekend. Today, she called me and told me she made me an eye appointment for Wednesday, because when I move I 'won't be on [her] insurance anymore'. She sounded cheerful. What. The. Fuck.
  5. But I did anyway, because my body is an ungrateful brat. I woke from a nap yesterday to find that I could not move. My lower back and butt were seizing so painfully that I could barely make it to the door without crying. Vicodin did not help. Ibuprofen did not help. Sleep did not help. My mom (long distance) suggested that I try to ride out the night and go to urgent care today if things didn't improve. My RA, however, did not agree with this. She came by to check on me and bring me some alcohol (which also did not help), and upon seeing my condition, told me that if I did not come quietly she would call an ambulance. The other RA and two of the girls came with us, which was really awesome of them. So we got to the ER, and I only had to wait maybe five minutes before being taken to the back--I didn't even have to go through triage. Audrey was even nice enough to come back there and sit with me. In the end, the doc determined it to be the Muscle Spasm from Hell, and shot me full of IV anti-inflammatories. She also gave me a couple prescriptions, and when I didn't have the money to cover them, Audrey was nice enough to pick them up for me and let me pay her back Monday. So now I'm flat on my stomach in bed, watching Animal Planet and surfing the net from my laptop. Any plans for the weekend? Gone baby gone. Even after a long hot shower, a long session with a heating pad, and a muscle relaxer, it hurts to even shift position. And this could take weeks to resolve. My five-hour bus ride home next Saturday is really gonna suck. And this is capping off a month that's included strained hips, the flu of doom, money troubles, midterm stress, and my mother having yet another surgery. Send BPAL and alcohol, pls. I may not survive March otherwise.
  6. snowfox090

    Olfactory caffeine: Wake up, Stay Awake with BPAL

    Aizen-Myoo. It is the most aggressively-grapefruity blend, that doesn't actually contain grapefruit, that I've ever tried. It is the olfactory equivalent of brilliant Dayglo yellow-green.
  7. snowfox090

    National Zombie Movie Day.

    I think I prefer that to the other holiday taking place. So remember when you were a kid, and every year at school people gave out valentines? And the day before, the teacher would take out the craft supplies, and you'd make boxes or bags or whatever to hold all of the good wishes and candy (mostly candy) you got? And on V-Day, everyone would go around the room delivering their valentines? Remember that one kid, way back in the corner, who was a little overweight, or maybe smelled funny, or had that dad that worked at the gas station and harassed pretty high-schoolers? The one who always got less than everyone else in the class, even though the teacher said you had to give one to every kid in class so no one was left out? I was that kid. So if you don't like reading pointless angst about things that happened many years ago, now is the time to click over to another blog. Maybe they have some funny cat pictures or something. I remember once, in third grade, we had a contest to see who could make the best valentine box. I made one with fabric, lace, and ribbon scraps from my mom's sewing pile. I spent all night on it. When I was done, it was absolutely beautiful--I'm not kidding when I say it looked like it could have been done professionally. I was an artistic kid. That year I didn't get any valentines. Finally, in fourth grade I just stopped accepting valentines. If I refused them all, then it wasn't their doing that I had less. It was no longer a passing of judgement. It was just me being weird. I preferred being laughed at for weirdness, instead of being laughed at for the pettiness of others. (This is my blog, I can angst about grade school as much as I please. ) I've only had two real boyfriends. Both have been in the past year and a half. This is only the second Valentine's Day in my life that I've had anyone to care about, or who cared about me, besides my parents. I'm still a little shocked by that. Doesn't he know that I'm weird, and fat, and unacceptable? His friends will make fun of him for talking to me. If he wants to be popular, he'd better laugh like everyone else. It sounds petty and whiny. Hell, it -is- petty and whiny. That doesn't change the fact that it took me ten years of school and a move of 2500 miles to actually find a real friend, and a larger group of people that wouldn't spread nasty rumors about me, throw things at my head, and stick sharpened pencils into my butt or thigh when I wasn't looking. When people ask me why I'm so afraid of social interaction, I really have to try not to laugh. What isn't scary about it? The first thing I learned in school was that there were two groups of people--the Acceptable and the Unacceptable--and that you stayed in either one group or the other. The second thing I learned was that I was Unacceptable. This didn't change, not even for a single day, until I moved across the country. Even now I catch myself looking at my friends and wondering when the other shoe is going to drop, and they figure out that I'm not worth the trouble. Yeah. I kind of hate this holiday. Bring on the zombies.
  8. snowfox090

    Schroedinger's Lick It Again

    Names have been changed to protect the possibly guilty. So I have this friend. Let's call this friend Jane. Jane told me that she was going to order Lick It Again and send it to me for Yule, because I'd been really wanting a bottle of it. I told her that she absolutely did not have to do this, but she insisted. She also said she was throwing some other imps and such in the package, but the main thing was the LIA. It's been two months since then. She told me she mailed the package a little over two weeks ago, and to notify her if it hadn't gotten there in a week. The week passed--no package. I told her as she asked; two days later she told me she'd gone to the post office, and found out that it had gotten mixed up with a bunch of packages a man had brought in all at once the same day, but wanted mailed out at different times (?). She also said they sorted it out and mailed the package that same day. It's been another week, and the package still isn't here. She doesn't live very far away from me (she's closer than the Lab, and those packages normally get here in two days flat). In that week I've found out that she has a history of making promises and not keeping them, like promising another friend she'd buy her a bigger bed, then dropping the subject for 4-5 months until said friend gave up and bought the bed herself. I would still adore her if she hadn't promised to get me anything at all, but the fact that she said she would, and now my chance to buy LIA myself is gone, is really bugging me. I'm beginning to wonder if she actually bought it at all, or is just lying her ass off and trying to look generous without actually doing anything. So I guess my question is this: How long should I wait before deciding that the bottle of LIA doesn't exist? And if it gets to that point, how do I put out an ISO offering a specific LE bottle in exchange for it? Grrr. I dislike being yanked around.
  9. snowfox090


    Um... hi. *fidget* I got sick of spamming the Get Personal forum, so now I'm spamming the blog island instead. Expect angst. Lots of angst. And random. And, very occasionally, the weirdest most f***ed-up crap ever, which I'm told mostly makes up for the whining. ...oh gods this is scary.
  10. snowfox090

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    Ladon and Punkie Night. *nod* Ladon is a beautiful golden apple backed up with sweet spring florals on me. Punkie Night, on the other hand, smelled -exactly- like freshly crushed apple--pulp, juice, skin and all. With a tiiiiiny smidge of cider-spice at the very bottom.
  11. snowfox090

    Sandalwood Scents

    Dragon's Claw! It is utterly perfect, and recieves -so- many compliments when I wear it. Kathmandu is also gorgeous.
  12. snowfox090

    High John the Conqueror

    The scent itself is heavenly. It starts out a sweet, smooth-as-silk sunwarmed grape, then fades into a softer scent that feels clean and comfortable while still remaining fruity. But that's not what this oil is really about, is it? It's about effect, not aesthetics, and today I learned the hard way that the voodoo scents are not just perfume. I work at Subway, and today I layered HJtC over Hungry Ghost Moon because I thought it smelled yummy. I forgot about it attracting wealth--and we had a record number of sales. There was no rhyme or reason to it; it just seemed that everyone in my tiny little town decided to get a sandwich for lunch today. I literally stood still for more than a handful of seconds *maybe* once. It was hot, exhausting, and frustrating, but hey! The store made money hand over fist! OTOH, my boss *was* very complimentary of the way I handled it. "Kicking ass and taking names" was the phrase she used. So yes, this stuff works. It works above and beyond my expectations. Powerful stuff.
  13. snowfox090


    Oh my lovely Kumiho, perfume of discerning foxes everywhere. Why must you fade so quickly? This was the very first BPAL oil I ever tried on, a birthday gift from my boy. In the bottle it's lovely, sweet, and pale yellow-green, but with the oddest, faint edge of bubble solution. It makes me think of scented bubbles floating around, rainbowed in the sun. On my skin, it starts out much the same, that lovely burst of light green sweetness (thankfully this time without the bubbles!). As it dries down it fades into a nearly-white scent, perhaps the faintest tinge of green to it, with the tiniest tannic edge from the tea if I inhale -very- deeply. Heaven, sweet cool refreshing Heaven in a little blue bottle. And like all good things, it's gone far too quickly--within half an hour, all I can smell is a faint ghost of tea on my wrist. In my hair, it's an entirely different brand of beautiful. Although not a constant presence, every so often when I move I get this deep breath of sweet, sap-filled growing greenness. It makes me think of the first shoots of spring, snapped crisply in hand, their sap spilling over my fingers. It's a very -growing- scent, if that makes sense. Planty and full of life, enough that I wonder if it shouldn't be in Rappacini's Garden instead. Just beautiful. I need a 10ml of this. Maybe more than one. (Ack, my first review! Where did all that flowery stuff come from?! )
  14. snowfox090

    'red' scents

    Spellbound. Whenever I smell it, I get an impression of vivid, glowing red and gold. Morocco's also good, in a soft lightly-browned red way.
  15. snowfox090

    Anyone remember Infinity?

    Ooo, good idea. Might be the only way to find out for sure.