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  1. Deceitfuldescender

    FORMULA FFSM4: Captain

    First on this is LEATHER, but with some dry down it becomes a fairly balanced blend of vanilla and leather, touched with the cedar and sarsaparilla. It does not smell like rootbeer, it is not foody, leans masculine but could be worn comfortably by either gender I think. I like this more than I expected.
  2. Deceitfuldescender

    FORMULA SGHAN3: Birthday Cake

    I am going to test this again, but I end up in jensdays camp. This come across related to Zorya P indeed. Stronger florals (but NOT screechy white florals that give me a headache) with a cream cheese, strongly vanilla frosting taking the place of the sheer vanilla from Zorya P. It is a pleasant, but I think I would like it better if the frosting read as buttercream frosting, so it did not have the cream cheese tang. I like, but do not LOVE this, so I am undecided if it will stay. Another test will hopefully clear this up.
  3. Deceitfuldescender

    FORMULA FFSIS4: Brothel

    This is lovely. I was afraid of the incenses and sandalwood but everything is kept in check here. Perfectly blended on dry down to become one cohesive scent that is equal measures slightly seductive and wholly comforting- exactly how a companion of Inara’s standard would keep where she lived and worked. This goes no where near churchy and is not dry- in fact it reads as rich and sort of sweet. While it is very nice on me, it could be intoxicating on the right woman. To me this reads as feminine.
  4. Deceitfuldescender

    FORMULA FFSZ1: First Mate

    So his starts out with a sort of disjointed state of a strong musk and a creamy but off coconut. However the dry down is quite different and very lovely. It comes out as a mildly (not foody) sweetened coconut with a very calm and supportive musk and just a very small hint of ginger and tea. It is very sedate and calming and has low throw and would be a nice but unique office scent. I have nothing like it and am happy to add it to my collection. This is a nice, unique blend that I doubt anyone would regret snagging. edit to add- it seems to fade very quickly so I may regret only having one bottle.
  5. Deceitfuldescender

    FORMULA FFSK7: Strawberries and Motor Oil

    So Kaylee is my faves, and despite the fact that tea roses is SOLIDLY a death note, I got her anyway. Fresh it is all the strawberry juice- not candy strawberries, not fresh strawberries, definitely strawberry juice. On dry down (still fairly early dry down - if it changes I’ll update) it is a fairly balanced blend of slightly sweetened strawberry/strawberry juice, tea roses and cream. Strongest to least strong in that order. I get no motor oil. This is very pink- which makes sense from her tiered pink dress, and extremely girly. I generally amp tea roses but it is behaving pretty well, so this may actually be wearable for me (normally it amps like crazy and gives me a migraine). So if you like some fruit and roses with a little cream mixed it, definitely worth the pick up. I can see her wearing this with her dress, so in that sense it is spot on.
  6. Deceitfuldescender

    Oceanus Procellarum

    This is great, one of my favorite aquatics so far.smells oceanic (but not beachy) and is neither cologney nor soapy. It is like being in a boat with the breeze from the ocean in your face, and land far off in the horizon. i am pleasantly surprised.
  7. Deceitfuldescender


    Trying aquatics now, so hit this up... and maybe somewhere in there is a faint aquatic. I’m overwhelmed by honeysuckle and then lilies in that order. The notes are very true and all I can smell. A little too floral for me though.
  8. Deceitfuldescender

    Champagne Lace

    Something in here smells horrible on my skin. I can’t get it all off and it is making me sick. The lace scent has gone rancid on me and is topped with extra dry champagne. I literally despise this on me. i don’t know what the death note is, but ughshdbjdh.
  9. Deceitfuldescender

    Zombie Moon

    So, this is extremely close to F@!K (okay or however that is spelled.) The Cherry note reads to me exactly the same (and I like it from the other scent too.) however instead of the fluffy meringue, there is a faint creaminess and then a sort of dry sand scent. It is faint and does not overwhelm the cherry but sort of serves as a backdrop. This is surprisingly pleasant.
  10. Deceitfuldescender


    This opens with a strong herbal lavender- but quickly becomes almost cola like labdanum with only a hint of lavender. My skin eats this fast, but it is. A pleasant scent, and taught me what labdanum smells like. Undecided if to keep or not.
  11. Deceitfuldescender

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    Most recently I tried the tea roses and lace and it reminded me tea roses are not my dish. They smell somewhere between old ladyish and sort of sick sweet and not like fresh roses (at least on me) almost stinky rose. I reaaaally like run of the mill roses. And wild roses. I love those but they seem rare in perfume.
  12. Deceitfuldescender


    So I never thought I would like aquatics as most I have tried do not work for me. But I have a few that do work and maybe someone can get me in line with some similar ones? (Trying to expand my perfume horizons). Sad Ted Behind Wall (rain - freshwater and strawberries) Waiting (asphalt, rain, lavender) Selkie (can’t remember notes) None are perfumey which is requisite but smell strongly like water.
  13. Deceitfuldescender

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    I have rose problems. I despise tea roses in perfume. It just reads awful in me. I love the smell of most garden variety roses fresh on the bush. Wild roses and big beautiful pink and yellow and peach roses make me happiest. Do those exist in bpal? If so, how can I discern it (besides avoiding the note tea roses forever.)
  14. Deceitfuldescender

    Tea Roses and Lace

    DForgot I amp rose, and tbh tea rose is like my least favorite. So on me it is ROSE with a background of faint lace and cognac. It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it also isn’t really a scent I want to wear. Oh well. I am sure this is lovely on those who don’t amp the crap out of rose.
  15. Deceitfuldescender

    The Golden Hour

    On me this is just perfumey amber with a sweet and creamy vanilla. On dry down it is pretty nice, but this amber is too perfumey to me.