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    Notes: Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar, Other Wood notes, "Greenery", Coffee, Sugar, Tea, Cream, Myrhh, Almond, Spices, some very specific florals-- Still exploring! Blends: Fledgling Raptor Moon, Miskatonic University, Living Flame, The Queen of Hearts, Pais De La Canela, Gypsy, Dorian, Celeste, The Second of the Two Spirits, Harlequin and Columbine, Blue Pumpkin Floss, Midway!

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  1. Deceitfuldescender

    SW Cootie Patrol

    For right now, Etsy wish list. I’ll add more when I can. https://www.etsy.com/people/deceitfuldescender?ref=hdr-fav&tab=items&page=2
  2. Deceitfuldescender

    Mari Lwyd

    This is a pleasant scent, very understated baked good - mostly just adds a warm sweet background to a nice almost berry like lavender. It is a nice calming scent that is inoffensive and easy to wear.
  3. Deceitfuldescender

    Love Blessing

    This is white florals I think. There is must be lily, something sort of polleny, no rose. I do not think gardenia. I am bullocks at picking out notes but definitely white florals. Delicate, calm, understated. I can totally stand this and even like it. It also does not appear to be giving me a migraine and is not amping wildly on my skin. This is the second floral from this series that works for me. Nothing short of a miracle. I will post later on magical effects after my husband wakes.
  4. Deceitfuldescender


    Oh gods this is amazing. I do not get bakery quite as much as perhaps something closer to marshmallow, maybe with lavender cookies baking somewhere. Definitely lavender. And I agree with above. Both cooling and warm simultaneously- like when you have a cold room and a very warm comforter to cover you. Not too hot, not too cold. I get a vague citrus in the background. This is marvelously comforting and I think I might wear it quite a lot in the coming weeks, especially while I’m trying to avoid using my anxiety meds when I can. I feel much less anxious, much more peaceful. Almost languid. I thought Beauty was my favorite, but naw, this one wins out.
  5. Deceitfuldescender

    Good Luck

    So this started off a little disconnected and weird when first applied. Once it had a while to dry down it definitely has some red hots cinnamon. And then maybe a musk? I’m not sure. It is very hard to pin down. The dry down is much nicer than when wet. I’m not sure I’d wear it just as perfume, but I’m hoping I can generate a little good luck. No luck so far, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.
  6. Deceitfuldescender


    So, I have not yet had this on for enough time to speak to the Magic’s properties- I am going to edit later today to update on that. As for the scent, honestly this is super out of my wheelhouse normally but at the same time this may be my favorite of the lot. I have a hard time picking out notes but I am going to try. There is rose. Maybe pink. Extremely delicate, not overwhelming, blended well with the other flowers. Maybe some kind of lily, not the big white waxy ones. More like tiger lily. I think there might be a touch of jasmine? I am not positive, if it is there, it is the gentlest jasmine I have ever worn. And then laying over it all is some kind of honeyed blanket that makes it a sweet (not foody) scent. This does not appear to give me a headache. This does not overwhelm me. This is a distinct and not a shy blend, but it isn’t the wild loud extrovert either. A blend that is most comfortable in an intimate small group but really shines. This a floral for floral haters. For the record, all these florals normally amp on me like wild but that does not happen here. I will say since putting it on, my anxiety- the tightness in my chest, has eased off a little. Not entirely but a little. Maybe it is the aroma and not the magical properties. Edit in: I would say this may have increased my charisma. I had to do some emergency shopping and I was kind of a spark of light when talking to the workers I hope, as a difference from the crap they seem to be getting. Not sure I experienced much else, but I have been staying pretty calm in the face of crummy adversity.
  7. Deceitfuldescender

    Coffee Bean, Cardamom, & Vanilla Pod

    This is a little too cardamom forward for me until the late dry down, so it is nice enough but the vanilla reads a lot like cream or milk and isn’t quite distinct enough to buy a bottle of yet.
  8. Deceitfuldescender

    Fairy Market

    I am unsure even how to describe this except a little sweet but not foody. Ethereal with a touch of incense. It is really lovely. I was skeptical but this is everything I had hoped it would be and maybe better. It is not floral or foody, just atmospheric and right.
  9. Deceitfuldescender

    Fig & Cranberry Sufganiyot

    I am going to retest this because my skin turned this into a big fail. Fake smelling cranberry and cloying fruit sweetness (fig?) and no bakery note at all. Definitely will try again since everyone else is getting different stuff.
  10. Deceitfuldescender


    This is definitely a nice rich hot chocolate and a big dollop of fat marshmallows. I get no alcohol. I am not sure I will upgrade to a bottle (Chad fills basically all my chocolate needs, period) buuut I will retest and reassess. Might be worth it for the marshmallows on top.
  11. Deceitfuldescender

    Gingerbread, Tobacco, & Tonka

    This dries down to a lot of tobacco (a nice one), a highlight of tonka, and deep underneath, gingerbread spices. I wish desperately the gingerbread stayed longer because before full dry down was really lovely.
  12. Deceitfuldescender

    Thorns Clove Cigarette

    This smells exactly like a clove cigarette. When I was 20, I went to a lot of goth clubs and events and took to smoking these until they got banned. Sweet strong clove, a hint of black paper and an undercurrent of tobacco. Clove is the Star here and it is dangerously close to clove single note. Close, but not exact. If you were ever a goth kid and want to relive the scent of clove cigarettes in the broody air while wearing black and lots of hair gel, this is your scent.
  13. Deceitfuldescender

    Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cream, & Honey

    This is a nice enough scent. A gentle coffee that is definitely blended with cream (that does not go funky or plastic on me) that is predominantly brown sugar as the main thing I can smell. I cannot get any honey to come out. This is pleasant but not distinct enough to warrant a bottle.
  14. Deceitfuldescender

    Hay & Clove

    A very nice clove tempered by an almost creamy hay. It helps takes the bite out of the clove and keep it from going wild. Surprisingly pleasant.
  15. Deceitfuldescender

    Waltzing Matilda

    So I must amp fig because this is all fig on me with only the lightest dusting of vanilla. It also has a sort of perfumey edge that I do not prefer in my perfumes, so I will likely pass the decant on.