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  1. Deceitfuldescender

    Gingerbread Snake

    This continues my streak of being able to wear SO blends, just not SO. This may be my favorite iteration yet. This is a rich, not overly sweet, but definitely sugared, gingery gingerbread. And then it is deepened by vanilla and spices and a sort of muskiness. Honestly if Christmas smells like this, I wanna be Christmas.
  2. Deceitfuldescender

    Dark Lace

    This is definitely strongly related to Black Lace. First whiff I actually thought it was BL. Buuuut there. Is a dirt note under there, subtle, and I thought it would turn me off but naw, it is good. And a touch more cognac, not really that much more “boozey” smelling to me, nust the note is stronger. Otherwise, it is a pretty similar scent. I enjoy BL so I might keep this around too.
  3. Deceitfuldescender

    Silver Lace

    So on me this is similar to Antique Lace but with a silverish feel instead of aged yellowed lace. It is something freshish but not necessarily green or citrus or anything I can pin down. Also not with any kind of cool or snow note. Antique Lace that isn’t Antique. I can see this being VERY popular.
  4. Deceitfuldescender

    Lazy Daisy

    This was a real skin chemistry tragedy for me. Cotton is there and then there is JASMINE. Basically all JASMINE. Bummer.
  5. Deceitfuldescender

    στοργή (Storge)

    So once upon a time I longed for a rose scent where rose did not bully every other note into terrified submission. This is not that blend. Fortunately the rose is not the migraine type, but it is the maniacally laughing world takeover type. Somewhere, far in the background, is the incensey carcass remains of Snake Oil. Honey (which normally amps on me) and lavender (poor sweet lavender) have both been devoured whole, without a trace. So, I will probably pass this along. Edit to add: Wait there was supposed to be cotton candy here? Ahahahahahahaha rosewater makes a mockery of sugary confections.
  6. Deceitfuldescender

    And Sing, And Sing

    So this for me (unsurprisingly) is basically all sugared tuberose. Florals of most types seem to amp on me.This is definitely sugared but not foody at all. Next is the white musk, it is almost a crystalline musk for me actually. Pretty sheer and very airy. Then, faaaar down the scent, are the lavender and mosses. Pleasant and way better on me than most florals, will probably keep my decant, but no need to upgrade to a bottle white florals are not my normal thing.
  7. Deceitfuldescender

    Cat-Lilith and Cat-Dad

    So this translates a little weird on my skin. Mocha hot chocolate with a topping of buttercream and a dash of coconut cream. Maybe some bitter cocoa and cardamom sprinkled in. There is a feel that there is cake somewhere but mostly this is like a really delicious drink. Honestly I quite like it and will keep my partial bottle. It just was not I expected.
  8. Deceitfuldescender

    Go Hawks!

    So I do not like masculine as a term for scents, but the pine makes this smell like a “more” masculine Dorian spiked with a touch of extra lavender. So pine, Dorian and some small lavender. I do not get the bergamot at all strangely. I cannot decide if I like this or not. Strange scent, definitely unique.
  9. Deceitfuldescender

    She Sauntered Vaguely Downwards

    This started out as (and sometimes dips back into) cherry chapstick territory. Which is confusing because this dried down way different at will call. The red musk does behave and the brimstone is truly just a little poof, barely noticeable except this faint edge. It does smell like either strawberry or cherry cotton candy but deepened by the musk and pepper into a more adult scent than strictly childish one. Love it when it doesn’t go chapsticky.
  10. Deceitfuldescender

    Bread Lumps

    I must amp honey because this is 90% delicious medium amber colored honey (clover I think, not wildflower) with just a hint of some kind of crusty white bread behind it. It reminds me of when I bake fresh bread in my bread machine and we all eat it with honey on top. Pleasant and nostalgic. Definitely keeping my decant and considering a bottle. My kids also discard the crusts for me, so Puddin’ has my sympathies.
  11. Deceitfuldescender

    Candy Corn Snake Oil

    This is so baller. Definitely candy corn or a similar high sugar candy (definitely a very pure sort of sugar) though, really smells a lot like candy corn. Snake oil is equally strong to the candy corn bite (which is weird bc when I tested at will call, the candy note was stronger) and has the tings of sharpness fresh snake oil always has on me. However there is enough snake oilyness that makes it clear the vanilla and musk and spices are going to absolutely go famously with the candy corn note. This sounds like a weird combination but is really sort of hypnotic.
  12. Deceitfuldescender


    This is indeed very “green”. Slightly sweetened fresh herbs (some almost minty, pennyroyal maybe?) that do smell sunwarmed (not sure how to explain it except there is some kind of note that is warm without being spicy. It is not resinous I do not think.) I however do not get much, if any, dew. I was hoping for a slightly stronger aquatic. The ti leaf is in there sort of wrapping the herbs up without smothering them. Edges towards cologne but does not tip over the edge into that territory. Pleasant, atmospheric, mood scent. Sort of soothing. I will likely keep my partial.
  13. Deceitfuldescender

    Lucy's Eyes

    Description is spot on, deep dark amber that feels almost spicy (like red hot cinnamon but also no cinnamon all at once? Such a weird sensation) with a touch of blue lilac. Wet the lilac is very recognizable but on dry down it takes a back seat to a very strong willed amber. This is very perfumey from the amber, but if you love amber, this is for you. Only a little floral and for me seems not to be migraine inducing.
  14. Deceitfuldescender

    Hypnotize Me

    On me this is an ultra sharp lavender with another sharp overlaying herbal note (mugwort I assume). On late dry down it softens a little but really this is a less sweet lavender than I generally like. If you enjoy that hard hitting lavender or herbal scents, this might be for you.
  15. Deceitfuldescender

    Impromptu Goat Yoga

    This is unbearably foody on me. The goats milk and marshmallow musk absolutely dominate and make it smell like some sort of insanely sweet creamy baked good. The goats milk is clearly goats milk, and it is musky with a foody background that must be the marshmallow musk. I think if I got the tea or the lavender I could wear this, but apparently I amp the crap outta goats milk. Swaps swaps swaps.