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    . Bewitched Sachs Snake Oil Snake Charmer Storyville Temple Viper Notes I like: Berries, Plum, Incence, Woods, Nag Champa, Orchid, Gardenia, Vanilla!! Get it off me: Clove, Cinnamon, Honey, Amber, Lavender, Rose, Vetiver, Leather, Aquatics, Dragons Blood, Burnt Sugar!! ... I dislike most foody notes...

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  1. Maidenhell

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Thanks for the pics Tramp! My Literary Vampire bottle "The Girl" looks nothing like yours!!! () It's completely different artwork and mine is in color. I will post a pic when I get home tonight.
  2. Maidenhell

    The Girl

    My nose says "Loves Baby Soft with Vanilla and Woods" The Girl is creamy and velvety vanilla musk with a hint of florals - it's so well blended that I can't pick out the jasmine or ylang ylang at all. It has a perfect wood note (no pencil shavings here). The bottle has a beautiful label that fits the scent perfectly. Love it! Edited To Add: Great lasting power - It still smelled great after 8 hours!
  3. Maidenhell

    Bah Humbug Atmospheric Spray

    Yeah baby! This smells great! The initial blast is cold and clean - I think it's the coal dust? IDK.. Then Cedar and Twigs appear with the Vanilla and Benzoin to really warm it up. Nice! I love these Atmosphere sprays. This is super sophisticated and was really just what I was hoping for. BRAVO!
  4. Maidenhell


    At first the vanilla goes a bit plasticky on me - like a babydoll or barbie head plastic. About 5 minutes later creamy licorice. My hand is tingling/itching where I applied it. That's never happened before. I smell menthol. wtf? Ok.. the final dry down is black licorice jelly beans my skin absorbed the vanilla. This is not the perfume for me. It would be a nice shampoo or soap scent. Oh well, I really - really like the Bah Humbug atmosphere spray! 1 hour later: edited to add the babydoll plastic is back.
  5. Maidenhell

    Le Père Fouettard

    This reminded me of my Scratch - N - Sniff sticker book from 1984. In the 80's they were waaaaay collectable.We used to swap stickers and had books to store them in. Most of the stickers were food scented and Pizza was the most popular. To me this smells of Pizza and Vanilla Ice Cream Cone scratch n sniffs. Exactly.. it didn't change from the bottle to the dry down. not for me. : (
  6. Maidenhell

    Huesos De Santo

    In the bottle Huesos is an orangey liqueur. It smells absolutely delicious! I apply to both wrists and enjoy the fantastic scents of moist orange liqueur soaked pound cake and spicy, creamy custard. I can see this delicious cake, I can imagine eating this cake and i ‘m thinking “I can’t wait until the Mr. smells this - he loves Eat Me”! Then, the florals show up and "HI, guess who?" It’s Rose…. Rose is here and amps to stuffy, claustrophobic levels. Huesos starts to smell like an old lady’s Ponds cold cream and I have to go scrub it off. *sigh* Stupid skin chemistry!
  7. Maidenhell

    Gooey Pillowcase Atmospheric Spray

    WOW WOW WOWEE Graham cracker crust fudge and marshmallo!! !! (Smores?) I shook before using and sprayed 2xs. After 20 minutes it's still about the same scent. I do not get any fuzz or pumpkin. I can see how kiki is getting honey .. I get graham cracker.... It comes out in a very fine mist and it's clinging to my hair I smell like i've been baking all day. num yum! This is awesome! I love these Atmosphere sprays!
  8. Maidenhell

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    Maybe it's teh sugah :0
  9. Maidenhell

    Allergy Questions, Allergies and other reactions to oils

    OMG Are you allergic to nuts?????? Here are the notes in Gluttony: Thick, sugared and bloated with sweetness. Dark chocolate, vanilla, buttercream, and hops with pralines, hazelnut, toffee and caramel. Sugar Skull made me feel very very ill. I spilled a tiny drop on my desk I was sick for 3 DAYS!!! I smelled it everywhere. eck.
  10. NO! My husband hated Cathouse.. he said it was an old lady smell.. the jasmine is sooooo strong in it. I suggest: For you, All Night Long or Bien Loin D'ici. For your husband, Satyr or Snake Oil. edited to say "Rarrrrr!"
  11. Maidenhell

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Exactly my thoughts 'cept you forgot sweat ...salty... Christian Bale...sweat!
  12. You are an EVIL ENABELER! The candle shall be mine! Mwaaahahaaaaa Has anyone come across a candle that compares to Snake Charmer? That would be so sexy in the bedroom!
  13. Maidenhell

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    Chaos Theory III: CCCXII (312) Color: dark golden brown Notes: Dark Musk, Vanilla, Gardenia for sure, it's dark and a bit sweet. Then there are soft resins (__ ?) and something green, but soft and spicy (cinnamon?) Impressions: Sexy Babyoil - warm tan skin - The Bahamas / Puerto Vallarta / California This is really beautiful and sexy! edited to add this smells exactly like an insence I bought while on vacation in Mexico! I would love to know the actual notes so I could find them in other blends.
  14. Maidenhell

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    The best one of all would be from the new CD act: THE GRAND INQUISITOR'S HERETIC'S FORK The reviews are here. Coppery dried blood, metal, vetiver, and bonfire smoke. You could blend this with Death Cap and it would be perfect for Michael Myers.
  15. Maidenhell


    I was wary about this one because of the Jasmine (the DOOM flower). I love the lab's honey note so I ordered an imp because I was so curious. Defututa is all golden honey and olive blossom with very little jasmine, cinnamon or smoke. The throw is strong, and after several hours I detect honey, vanilla and an earthy floral. Really nice! The Mr. likes it too so I may get a bottle