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    Goblin Rider
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    I love Strangler Fig and Pumpkins III and V '09. I'm pretty new.

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    Writing, horses, fencing, perfume, baths
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    I'm a Taurus.
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  1. wildgratitude

    The Goblin Rider

    I just got my hands on a partial bottle of this, and I love it. I definitely smell the incense, pine and cedar, though my nose is missing the ozone.
  2. wildgratitude


    in the bottle: this really does smell like autumn. It smells like being in a pumpkin patch in the woods. On my skin, however the death note that is patchouli takes over. Patchouli always makes me smell like a head shop.
  3. wildgratitude

    Suck It

    Sorry to say, I think that this smells exactly like cherry cough syrup. Yuck.
  4. wildgratitude

    Pumpkin III (2009)

    When this stuff goes on, it's all pumpkin and fir needle. Then, as it dries down, I smell more of the tomato leaf. All around excellent. Perfect for warmer autumn days.
  5. wildgratitude

    Pumpkin V (2009)

    I am in love with this stuff. It's spicy, chocolatey, coffee goodness. I'm not sure that I actually smell pumpkin, though. More like cinnamon.
  6. wildgratitude

    Death Cap

    I am an admitted lover of dirt scents, so I was pretty sure that I was going to love this. When wet and first applied, it was very dirty, mushroomy, and earthy - like a Sumatran coffee. When it dried down I smelled the most lovely cedar, not the icky B.O. that cedar is sometimes misconstrued to be. Lovely, lovely, lovely. You hunt for mushrooms? That's supercool. I'd be way too afraid of ending up poisoned.
  7. wildgratitude

    Strangler Fig

    Wet, it's all sweetness and green. Now that it's dry, I'm getting the fig but also...baby powder? I think I'm going to have to own a bottle of this. ADDED Oct. 1: I don't know that I will ever love another perfume the way I love Strangler Fig. Wet, it's green, sticky, and sweet. It dries down to powdery figgy perfection - the smell of standing under a fig tree in Marseille during August.