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  1. jensdays

    Snaky-Hair’d Moirai Many-Form’d

    I’m not expecting much from this, I don’t especially like the way it smells in the bottle. Wet it’s kind of heavy and dirty smelling. I was hoping for tobacco, and vanilla, but I think the incense smoke and labdanum are the more prominent notes. I’ll have to see how this dries. Okay, it dried so much better than it went on. By an hour it’d become a gorgeous chewy tobacco, with hints of the other notes in the background. Not nearly as much vanilla as I’d expected, with the benzoin AND actual vanilla notes, but the tobacco is just delicious. It’s got a pretty light throw, and doesn’t seem to be one that will last a long time, but I’m definitely hanging on to it!
  2. jensdays

    Chanukkiyah 2022

    First impression, this is so pretty. Olive oil, amber and beeswax. Pretty heavy throw on application. Hour in, much less throw, not super strong on my skin either. It’s morphed into something less ambery, lots of very unique and pretty olive blossom, the sweet cookie-ish scent is more obvious, and hints of fruit way in the background. It's still really pretty and I look forward to seeing what it becomes with age.
  3. jensdays

    Violet Behemoth

    Very violet, actually pretty similar to Bruised Violet. I’m not getting any of the fruit, so not really any sweetness either. The musk is an interesting addition, I’m not sure I’ve had indigo musk before. I like it, of course, I have yet to find a violet I don’t like, but it’s definitely not my favorite. The throw gets stronger as it warms up. I think it will layer really well with something sweet and creamy! I ended up putting a layer of Kiseru over this, and loved it!
  4. jensdays

    Black Wooden Goat

    Mmmmm. Love the lab’s uber creamy goat’s milk note. That is the main player on application, followed by something unique, that I can’t quite place. It’s a little sharp, I think it’s the scorched oak. No tobacco yet. Hour - the cream has settled into a supporting player, the tobacco has shown up, and the sharpness of the scorched oak has mellowed. Not much throw, but a really good scent nonetheless. 4 hours - it’s pretty light now, but still easily sniffable close to the skin. It ended up being a good mix of creamy milk, tobacco, and a light wood note. I really like this one!
  5. jensdays

    Snow White Rider

    Wet - it hit my skin with a blast of Snow White, but the leather quickly joined in. Right now, about 10 minutes, it’s a nice strong leather almost exactly balanced by the SW note. If this stays as good as it’s starting, I’ll be looking for back up bottles! Almost an hour in, and I can’t stop sniffing myself. It hasn’t really changed any since I started this review. It’s not as strong as it was, but I can still smell it just sitting here. I’m totally in love! Sadly it is pretty short lived, 3 hours in and it’s all but gone. I’ll definitely try it with vaseline, but it doesn’t matter, it’s amazing, and worth reapplying! So, after saying that, I went to bed with this on last night, and when I woke up this morning, it was still just barely there, nose-to skin! Just a faint, creamy skin scent, but still there!
  6. On application I am decidedly unimpressed. Heavy incense and tea, but not in a way that I find appealing. I was hoping for more of a vanilla-tea scent. Decent throw. Hoping it does some major morphing as it dries. Nope. An hour in and it’s exactly the same. Incense heavy, and tea in the background. So sad. I had such hopes for this one. My husband doesn’t like it either. I had such high hopes for this one - I was really looking forward to the vanilla tea. Sigh.
  7. jensdays

    Ordering Imps

    Thank you!! I have like 50 GC in my want to try list, and I usually just blind buy bottles, but was thinking about trying imps instead this time.
  8. jensdays

    Ordering Imps

    Does the lab still offer a discount for 6 imps? I know it used to be 6 for $22, but I assume that prices have gone up for that, if it's still available, since they've gone up on everything else.
  9. jensdays

    Leave Marks

    Oooh! A candy heart that I love! Wet it’s pure candied violet, nice and strong, good throw. The description is perfect - the violet is about halfway between Faith (sugared violets) and Bruised Violet Compound (heavy, dirty, freshly planted violets). No amber yet, but I wouldn’t mind if it stayed just like this. An hour in - it’s faded some, not too bad. No morphing, still no amber. Light throw. 3 hours - no morphing at all, the amber never showed up. It’s not very strong, but I am in love with it. There’s still a decent throw, I can smell it when the air moves around me, and I don’t have to be nose-to-skin to smell it. I might need a back up on this one!
  10. jensdays

    Yes Sir

    This is definitely peach candy, not fresh peach. Kind of like the gummy rings. The cotton is there as kind of a clean linen scent. They’re well balanced, there isn’t a dominant note on application. It’s lighter than I was expecting. An hour in, the laundry note is taking over, the peachy scent has faded a good bit. More throw than I was expecting when it went on so light, and there’s more peach in the throw than up close, somehow. Hour later - this is rapidly turning into dryer sheet. I can’t decide if I should try aging this to see if the peach grows up, or just go ahead and destash.
  11. jensdays


    Brand new, got it in the mail yesterday. In the bottle and on application it is absolutely gorgeous. Mostly vanilla, a completely non-foody vanilla. 1 ½ hours or so… Something has joined the vanilla, but I don’t specifically recognize it as either the tobacco or sandalwood. Maybe it’s the smoke part of the tobacco, I don’t think I’ve run across that before. It’s toned down the sweetness of the vanilla and given it a slight woodiness (ah, probably the sandalwood then!) It’s pretty light, but there’s a decent throw I can smell around me. 4+ hours, it’s still there, almost entirely vanilla. I don’t think it morphed at all once it was dry. But I can still smell it both on my skin and in the air around me, which is really rare. I can’t wait to see how this ages. I don't get anything lemon at all, and very little sandalwood. I'm hoping the sandalwood gets stronger as it ages - it usually does. And the comparison to the Antique Lace vanilla is spot on.
  12. jensdays

    Bright Red Dildo

    This is heavy red musk and a lot of leather. No honey, at least so far. A strong scent, that starts off with a ton of throw. The reviews all say it’s more honey than red, but even an hour or so in, the honey is just a faint sweetening, this is RED LEATHER and honey. I’m really surprised, I’ve avoided it all this time, but it’s actually good on me. It reminds me of a red version of Black Rider. Red musks usually take over, but this is more leather than musk. I'm sure the fact that it's a year old makes a big difference, but I'll have to keep my eyes open for a bottle!
  13. jensdays

    Bobbing for Ball Gags

    This is interesting. When I first got this, it was all apple in the bottle. After sitting for a couple weeks, I swear I get a lot of water as the top note. Not an aquatic scent, but good clean spring water in the bottle, and as soon as it hit my skin. Within a few minutes of application that is gone, and it’s pretty evenly split between a sweet crisp apple, and black leather. This might be a lot better than I was expecting! 30 minutes in - I smell like a sexy apple. I’m not picking up any specific amber or honey, but there’s a richness to it in the background I think is coming directly from that honeyed amber note, with the leather and apple in the foreground. Who knew apples could be sexy? This started with a heavy, strong throw, but a few hours in, it’s gotten a lot lighter. The scent is fantastic though.
  14. jensdays

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    I got this despite the lavender listed because of all the reviews saying it’s pure plum. Sadly, that is not the case with me. It went on with a massive blast of lavender, strong enough that it was the only thing I could smell. It did, over the next hour, calm down, with a lot of sugar plum showing up, but it didn’t kill the lavender, just blended with it. If there was a version without the lavender, it would probably be in my top 3 favorites. Sigh.
  15. jensdays

    Dad! Let Me Do Your Make Up

    First impression - it’s all tea, which is a little odd to smell on my skin. It’s not a tea scented perfume, it’s actual tea. After about 10 minutes, the honey joins in, and I think the marshmallows are sweetening it some too. A couple hours in, the tea is still the dominant scent, but the honey and cream are in there, and I can actually smell marshmallow, not just the usual sweetening I usually get from it. As it sits, the throw seems to actually be getting stronger. At 1-2 hours, there wasn’t much of a throw at all, but 3+ hours later, it’s a soft wafting scent I can smell as I’m sitting here, and it’s really pretty.