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  1. jillybean

    Aspen cologne - help me find a smell-alike

    Wow, I haven't thought about Aspen in YEARS. There was a guy I had a HUGE crush on that used to wear this. I didn't realize they didn't make it any longer. I remember seeing it in Walmart as I went through a stage of wearing mens cologne. No suggestions on oils from the lab but thanks so much for the memory!
  2. jillybean

    The Volstead Act

    This was my least favorite of the C2E2 scents on first sniff but when it's on my skin, it smells like straight up grape jolly ranchers, which is a good thing as I am a big fan of grape!
  3. jillybean


    I get the buttery rum and pumpkin from first sniff in the bottle but on my skin it turns into a more gourmand fragrance, just not straight foody. I do get a soft floral note but not enough to be an instant 'no' for me as I hate anything floral. Definitely an interesting scent.
  4. jillybean


    I am in love with this scent! It smells like walking into Starbuck's but with much more sweetness. Coffee, sugar, lots of cream and a hint of mocha. LOVE.
  5. jillybean


    Wanted to love this. Read the scent description and felt that Beth designed this just for me! Picked up a bottle at C2E2. Sniffed it and it did smell a little sweeter than I liked but didn't skin test it til I got home. It basically turned into burnt sugar on my skin, I had to wash it off. *sad panda* Stupid skin chemistry!
  6. jillybean

    Scurvy v1

    Lime skittles all the way for me. Doesn't last very long on my skin but I haven't tried layering it with other lime scented items just yet. Beautiful scent.
  7. jillybean


    I wanted to try this as I wanted something to help me sleep. I originally tried the massage oil and thought I smelled a base scent so bought the actual oil and it smells identical so not the base! I do smell mostly lavender but no vanilla, mostly a patchouli/incensey type of scent. I have a TKO proto I prefer more as it's sweeter to me but this stuff is still nice. I wear it when I can't fall asleep and while I'm not sure if it really helps, I like to think it does.
  8. jillybean

    Traipsing through the Crop Circles

    Growing up on a farm with ACRES of corn, this is exactly what it smells like. It reminded me so much of home! Not sure if I'd wear this regularly but still really nice.
  9. jillybean

    Teatime in Roswell

    I was really excited about this one as it's a unique foody scent. I don't smell any tea or cake in the sweet sense but didn't really expect that. To my nose, it's definitely a cucumber sandwich. I wish it would have been less cucumber and more bread/sandwich but still VERY unique and am glad I was able to snag a bottle!
  10. jillybean

    Candy Phoenix

    Wanted to love this but it smelled like straight up Rock Star soap from LUSH complete with the plastic note. *sniff, sniff*
  11. jillybean


    Straight cloves to me but with some warmth. It's not overly spicy, which I expected upon application but too spicy for me. I've never been a fan of cloves so just keep that in mind!
  12. jillybean

    Blue Phoenix v2

    In the bottle, it's pure blueberry goodness. On my skin, it has the initial Blue Fire blueberry but with less of the gin and as it mellows out, it becomes a little musky, similar to what many of BPAL scents smell like to me. It's almost like a hint of Snake Oil in there mixed with blueberry. I would love for the foody goodness to be there but this is still very nice. Just wish it lasted longer on my wrist.
  13. jillybean


    Finally got my hands on this bad boy and am glad I finally got a chance to check it out! It smells like fruit and cake. It's not as foody as I would have liked and I don't smell much of a booze note but it's very nice.
  14. jillybean

    Planting Moon

    I was so excited to try this blend as I wanted to see how it compared to Bathed and Infused's Garden Salad and Six Feet Under. Turns out, it's both of the above scents combined. I can smell the vegetables that I smelled in Garden Salad and the dirt of Six Feet Under. I had hoped for more dirt but it's a crisp and fresh blend. Not a 'me' scent but done very well.
  15. jillybean

    Milk Chocolate Buttercream

    Chocolate scents can go wonky on me and this one did as well. Smells very rich in the bottle but on my skin, turns a little yeasty.