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  1. grashopper8


    Paramatman - SKIN TEST REQUIRED! This dreamy perfume features a liberal dose of neroli, which smells like bitter orange rind in the bottle, but COMPLETELY morphs into delicate orange blossoms shimmering in a warm spring breeze within moments on the skin. The white floral aroma expands with complexity from velvety champaca petals, grounded by the warm glow of precious sandalwood. Paramatman is one of my very favorite General Catalog perfumes and I implore you to try a sample on your skin, give this baby some love!
  2. grashopper8

    Social Justice Paladin

    Breathtakingly pretty, much different than what I expected! The floral notes sing on my skin, beautiful and confident. This perfume is very lifted, not a heavy resin/incense scent at all. I'm so stoked that I finally got to try this!
  3. grashopper8

    Treasure Room of Love

    I haven’t posted a review on the forum in a very long time, but Treasure of Love is very special. I find it to be very calming - brain medicine for me lately. The rose is dry and effervescent like aldehydes. The golden tones of sandalwood and rockrose are gentle and subtle and resonant, lifted and not thick at all. I don’t pick up on vanilla much, it is an accent note to slightly burnish the overall effect. I only allowed myself to choose one perfume from the Lupers update this year, and I know that I chose the best one for me. Peaceful and elegant.
  4. grashopper8

    Looking for a Gardenia scent

    Miss Spink would be my first recommendation, because it's still available for purchase. As for LE, my favorite is Marae from 2008. "Vanilla orchid, Monoi tiare, gardenia, and light incense."
  5. grashopper8

    Looking for hippie but not too incense-y

    If you like Shampure, would recommend a blend that includes lavender, ylang ylang, rose, patchouli, and orange. A very simple classic combo, it smells like a spa. You may enjoy the Alex and Ani perfume, Scent 7. Also, there is a thread here that talks about BPALs that Shampure lovers should try. Recommendations include Namaste, Nanshe, Twilight, and Veil.
  6. grashopper8

    A Lady Tall and White

    A fur and cap all made of snow: frosted vanilla sandalwood. A Lady Tall and White opens with an intense frost accord, which hits my senses as an aquatic shiver with a kiss of cool green mint and frozen winter pine needles. Newly anointed on the skin, I am not sensing the warm vanilla sandalwood base that I was expecting, so I am biting my lip and reminding myself to be patient and just let the scent develop! As the aroma settles and starts to reveal the true fragrance, the cold watery iciness calms (but does not vanish by any means). I am vaguely reminded of Snow Glass Apples, the same chilly flurry of top notes dances in the air and in my memory. The oil melds further with my chemistry and the hum of depth underneath the snow is smooth but quiet. This isn't the rich vanilla gourmand Child Of Monsterbait: Underpants as I may have hoped, but it is delicately beautiful and possesses a subtle tenderness. The lightly musky sandalwood tone emerges with a peaceful silence. I look forward to slathering this to see what happens. Right now, it smells like starlight and snowflakes.
  7. grashopper8

    Eastern Comma

    A deliciously juicy, beautiful orange note sparkles sun-warmed in the opening. A little later, the chewy rich tobacco note starts to come out a little, still dazzled into submission by the effervescent orange. The hay is warm and subtle and meshes with the tobacco note so much that they aren't really distinct or separate. There is an almost syrupy quality to the overall aroma, in a really enjoyable way. I can see why this was such a popular, raved-about scent! I'm glad I snagged a bottle!
  8. grashopper8

    Question Mark

    I am really happy with how this is working out on me! At the opening, the zesty happy orange blossom is the star on me, and harmonizes happily with the hint of cinnamon and myrrh. I don't really pick up on tobacco or vanilla much at all. As the orange blossom settles, the scent shifts and the blend softens, but doesn't morph into anything dark or creamy on me, which is what I was anticipating from tobacco and vanilla at the base. It stays higher pitched, with a pillowy, almost powdery quality.
  9. grashopper8

    Single Note: Last Year's Stale Candy Corn

    I see the comparison to Lush Snowcake (even perhaps a hint of BPAL Snow White). There is a flinty dryness in this scent that reminds me of the dryness I get from the coconut in Snow White. This perfume is creamy, sugary, butterscotchy, and sweet in the bottle, but on my skin it does deflate somehow. I prefer the warmth of the Trick or Treat candy corn BPAL scent to this one, personally. I think it is the type of scent that will probably improve with age and smooth out.
  10. grashopper8


    Magic. Yes, I think it smells just like Cap'n Crunch Berries cereal, and it's absolutely Wonderful! Pastry ~ baked goods ~ temptation, with a berry fruit compote. The fact that this gloriously foodie, delicious BPAL is a General Catalogue fragrance makes me soooooo very happy! Delicious. Yum.
  11. grashopper8

    Brown Thrasher

    Wet on the skin, I get intensely sweet brown sugar, syrupy and sticky goodness. After the opening stage, the scent pulls a crazy gorgeous morphing maneuver, and becomes precious woods, tobacco, toasted almond, and a hint of cedar on me (cedar probably from the slightly dry white sandalwood note). Insanely good, instant love, I can see this becoming a cult favorite! I'm slathering with reckless abandon and loving every second of it
  12. I like the lush, humid floral scents in the summer. My favorite is Marae, it reminds me of gardenia. A good clean scent is Wensleydale, it's like fresh cotton sheets dried in the sun.
  13. grashopper8

    Summoning Stone Play Structure

    The green freshness of this scent reminds me of Gibbous Moon. It has a powdery sweetness from the fresh floral notes, I'd be surprised if linden blossom wasn't a main component. The clover/hay note is lightly musky. I really like the subtletly of the grass.
  14. grashopper8

    Recs for the prettiest scents

    Haha! Took the word right out of my mouth. Seconded!
  15. grashopper8

    Elegy No. 1 S. 196

    The beginning of this scent is loudly lemony with the bergamot. This quickly burns off, and I am left with a lightly musky fragrance with a hint of soft woods. It's inviting, familiar, simple, and easy. It's not terribly unique with my chemistry, but it is pleasant and comforting.