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    biblophily, drinking tea, discovering new uses for gaff tape, knitting, music that ostracizes my friends, becoming proficient with bobby pins, fencing
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    Favorite scents: Queen of Clubs, Asp Viper, Eos, La Fee Verte, Lady Una, Red Lantern, White Rabbit, The Apothecary, Green Phoenix, Amsterdam, Misk U, Crumpet Rebellion, Budding Moon Favorite notes: rosewood, chamomile, fig, tea, honey, vanilla, ginger, leather, currant, saffron


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  1. bellis

    The Traveller

    Wow, this is fantastic. I amp the "gravel" apparently (who knew?), so this smells like wet river stone on me, with a hint of leather and herbs. This is absolutely gorgeous, and much more unisex (at least on me) than I was expecting. I'm actually considering getting more of this.
  2. bellis


    I looooooooooooove this. This is what I wish my skin smelled like all the time. And honestly, I drink so much honey vanilla chamomile tea in the winter, I'm surprised this scent doesn't ooze out of my pores naturally. Anyway, this is perfectly balanced chamomile and soft warm vanilla on me. I need a bottle. Kind of as soon as possible.
  3. bellis

    Cake Smash

    Oh my lord, I loooooove this. Wet, it's super cakey with frosting, but dries down to this gorgeous creamy sweetness that smells even better than cake, and isn't overtly foody. What's awesome is that the spicy incense Snake Oil part sticks close to my skin, while the waft around me is this wonderful slightly woody, creamy cake with a hint of tea. It's like the air around me smells sweet and inviting, but if you get right up next to my skin it's WHOA SEXY. I'm definitely going to have to figure out a way to get a bottle of this.
  4. bellis

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    So I tried this on before I went to bed last night, and it is GORGEOUS at first. A lovely warm mix of teak, dark non-foody vanilla, and drying tobacco leaves. I'm a little in love. ...Then I wake up this morning and it is straight up sawdust. I'm going to keep the imp around and see if aging helps, because the first stages of this are so lovely. I think it's the oak that's causing me problems, usually only cedar turns to sawdust this badly on me.
  5. This smells a lot like Manhattan on me. I get a lot of citrus peel with the musky ambergris and fruit hovering in the background. It dries to a light lime peel with a soft fruity background, I'm sure this would be lovely in the summer.
  6. bellis

    Eggnog Latte

    As soon as I saw this I knew I had to try to track down a bottle, Egg Nog is one of my very favorite scents, and I love the smell of coffee as well (yay Misk U!). I was lucky to swap for a bottle, and I am in loooooove. As others have said, this is a perfect combination of egg nog and sweetened coffee, with a little extra spice sprinkled on top. At first it is all egg nog latte, but after an hour or two the foodyness fades a little, and it turns into this amazing creamy coffee spice that feels very sophisticated. It sticks close to my skin, but it LASTS and all day long I get whiffs of nutmeg and cinnamon and delicious egg nog coffee. Perfection!
  7. bellis

    Huesos De Santo

    This is DELICIOUS. I get mainly custard with orange syrup, and a breath of flowers. These aren't in your face florals, they are softer and slightly herby, like a field of wildflowers. This is the one Weenie I must have in bottle form.
  8. bellis

    The Crumpet Rebellion

    I can't believe I haven't reviewed this yet. Butter notes often go icky on me, so I was a bit worried about the pastry in this. Thankfully, I barely get any straight butter at all, just flaky pastry covered in mounds of jammy dark fruit. There's some spice in the currants, though, that makes this even more delicious and elegant than just smelling like a tart. I absolutely love it. It has great throw and lasts HOURS on me.
  9. bellis

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    MCLXXXI is total dark bitter chocolate, with a hint of something floral and just slightly fruity. Maybe orchid? As it dries I'm thinking there's a dark musk in here as well. It reminds me a bit of Freakshow. MCLXXIX is metal and oil. Like, seriously. No perfumey elements like Mechanical Phoenix, just oiled gears. I smell like I've been working on an engine. There's something light and fresh really close to my skin that comes out a little more as this dries, something slightly herbal or green tea-like. It's a fascinating scent, and it does get a little cleaner smelling as it dries. Now it's shiny metal and new oil, rather than rust and crude.
  10. bellis

    Hay Moon

    This really smells like sweet hay drying in the hot summer sun. Perfection.
  11. bellis


    Aaaaaaaaaah. This is gorgeous. Soft musk, lilac, creamy vanilla and coconut, with a hint of tobacco. Light, but lasting, this is extremely classy and sexy. I have a feeling this is going to jump into my top five, and I'll probably need another bottle.
  12. bellis

    Her Voice

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love this scent. The beeswax and hyacinth are the dominant notes on my skin, backed up by a little vanilla and other spring-y florals. This lasts ages on me, and the beeswax anchors it and keeps it from being simply a floral smell.
  13. bellis

    The Passionate Shepherd To His Love

    When I wear this, I'm standing in a meadow, making wreaths out of clover. It is very grassy, but the light wildflowers sweeten it and it's beautiful. I'm really loving the Love Poems I've tried so far.
  14. bellis

    Love's Philosophy

    Guh. This is beautiful, exactly as described: creamy vanilla with hints of saffron. This is delicious, has decent throw, and lingers on my skin for ages. This is even better than Underpants, on my skin I'll definitely get another bottle before it goes away.
  15. bellis

    Reindeer Poop

    Now, chocolate scents and I sometimes don't get along But Reindeer Poop, all with the cocoa absolute sinking down to the bottom, is too yummy for words. There is something maple-y to the sweetness, but it's nothing like pancake syrup. It's earthy, slightly cakey, and chocolatey. I'm getting a hint of rosewood as well, but that might just be my chemistry. This is really gorgeous, not too foody at all, and I'm so glad I've got some!