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  1. columbus

    How to make a paypal order.

    Oh, hooray! I figured out why it did it for me... apparently the credit card I had as backup expired, and you can't do instant transfers without a credit card backup. But I can't cancel the pending order, so I'm glad that it's okay to do delayed e-checks! Phew!
  2. columbus

    How to make a paypal order.

    Okay, so I have a question about PayPal. Usually I just go to PP, fill out my order, it goes through, and within minutes the money has transfered from my bank account to PP to the lab. THIS time, however, I get an email saying my payment has been "initialized," and that it can take 3 to 4 days for me e-check to clear. On my main PP page, it still says the two payments I made yesterday are "uncleared".... What did I do wrong? If the money doesn't get to the lab on time (I made an order of Pirate Moon stuff!), did I miss my chance, even though I placed the order yesterday? It says the expected clearing time is October 2! How do I get my account to go back to doing direct transfers? WILL I EVER GET SMELLIES AGAIN? The horror! D:
  3. columbus

    Why are LEs limited? Will they come back?

    My personal view of this is that the single notes are the least likely to come back of all the discontinued scents. (But I would be really, really happy to be wrong). The reason most discontinued scents disappear is either ingredient unavailability or low sales not warranting to keep them in the catalog. In the case of the single notes, however, I suspect their retirement was more of a business decision to concentrate on the creative side of things. Plus, I have a feeling that if ever single notes went back on sale, the BPALadins would eat poor Beth out of house and home. She'd suddenly have a huge PayPal balance and no oils left! It would be a tragedy!
  4. This may sound strange, as they have absolutely no notes in common (that I can remember), but 51 smells strikingly like Hungry Ghost Moon on me. Not sure why!
  5. columbus

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Yes, they do... check this out! That's number one, but if you look on the bottom you'll see the other four bottles as well. Hope that helps! (You might also want to check out this thread out, which has a good discussion of all the labels and such.)
  6. columbus

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

  7. columbus

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    If I didn't really love the title "Tokyo Stomp" (I mean, how cool is that), I would rename this Monster Bait: Mint Girl Scout Cookie. Because that's exactly what it smells like to me. This is one blend that generally stays pretty true from in the bottle, on the skin, and drying. It's a nice, crisp mint (it amost smells crunchy, if that makes any sense). It's not overwhelmingly peppermint, like Lick It Again, or any specific type of mint: it's just generic, wonderful mint. The vanilla for me isn't a straight-out vanilla note: instead, it's just adds this sort of creaminess to the mint, like the coating of a mint Girl Scout cookie. Together, the vanilla and mint are light, smooth, and wonderful. This is the perfect vanilla mint for me: it's what I was hoping Lick It Again would smell like, and what I've dreamed that Snowblind would smell like (having tried the former but not the latter). After some dry-down it becomes much more subtle, but still crisp and creamy. My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to last long on me, but that's okay. I've decanted myself an imp to carry around with me and reapply. If you've ever wanted a great vanilla mint, this could be your Holy Grail. I've already ordered a second bottle, and I might have to pick up another. It's really a superb blend.
  8. columbus

    Where is this scent?

    That is one of the greatest threads ever. I've always wondered why Two, Five, and Seven isn't searchable, even if you use the words... does the search engine automatically convert the words to numbers or something? (Though this doesn't seem to be an issue for Thirteen/13... curious!)
  9. columbus

    Where is this scent?

    This is a spectacular idea! You should mention it somewhere in the posts about the first BPAL convention... this should TOTALLY be one of the events!
  10. Blockbuster is VERY clove on me. I totally use it as a smoking alternative, as I lurve the way that clove cigarettes smell.
  11. columbus

    Pronouncing "BPAL" and scent names!

    With difficulty! Ba-dum-ching! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I am also curious about this one!)
  12. columbus


    In the bottle, this is a very green scent! Mostly juniper with a bit of cypress, and no sign of roses whatsoever. On the skin: Ah, there are the roses! I’ve never realized until now that pine and roses go together really well. There’s just enough tang in the juniper to balance out the really strong, almost cloying scent that I usually get from roses. As it dries it becomes more and more of a traditional rose scent. There’s still a sense of “green” about it but I can no longer pinpoint the actual source of it. Overall? A very nice, very fresh rose scent. The rose gets a bit to strong after it dries, so I guess I’ll just have to continue my search for the perfect rose
  13. columbus


    In the bottle, this screams “FLORAL!” My poor nose can’t quite pick out individual scents. Fortunately this initial phase doesn’t last too long, and before I know it I’m catching a very delicate primrose and gladiola combination with a light backdrop of dusty florals. I was hoping for the moonflower to be a bit stronger, but that’s okay! Overall it’s a very dark, brooding floral scent. Very nice.
  14. columbus


    In the bottle, the first thing I catch is vetiver with a hint of general leafiness… I can’t quite tell if it’s the raspberry or the olive leaf. As it dries it definitely remains very woodsy, between the leaves and the cedar and the vetiver, and very authentic. If this is supposed to represent anger, it’s a very natural anger. I think I shall rename it Enraged Ent Musk!
  15. columbus


    They weren’t kidding when they called it complex! It is at the same time strikingly floral (well hello there, jasmine!) and sweet and juicy with just a little bit of citrus tang. As it dries a lot of the other florals but the jasmine seem to fade, along with the redcurrant and plum. What I’ve got after the drydown is a mix of jasmine, lemon, and sandalwood. It has the feeling that it should be a nice subtle blend, but in actuality it’s quite strong, even with a tiny dab. If only it were a bit less powerful!