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    Bpal scents: Envy, Villain, Yew Trees, Hemlock, Slobbering Pine, Pain, Arcana, Santa Eularia Des Riu, Saint-Germain, Gaueko, Death on a Pale Horse, Calliope, Schrodinger's Cat, Sleepy Moon, Dragon Moon 08, Penitence, Green Tree Viper, Anesthesia, Cheshire Cat, Melpomene Notes: Lavender, Lilac, Lime, Lemon, Lemon verbena, Bergamot, Green/herbal, Fresh/clean/soapy, Mint, Cedar, Pine, Pepper, Aloe, Eucalyptus, Carnation, Rosemary, Pennyroyal, incense

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  1. Greensleeves


    Testing my 9 year old vintage bottle. In bottle: Sweet fruity herbal incense. Manages to be both dark and fresh at the same time. Wet: Lavender, fruity incense, ambery powderiness. Very deep and complex without being overwhelming. Dry: I'm getting a bit of something that smells like tonka. Normally I dislike tonka, but this doesn't seem to bother me. The green herby aroma is amplifying. After a few minutes: Soft amberiness, incense and herbs. The fruit is coming back to say hello. After first hour: A happy incense party for my nose. The resins are just so sweet and delicious. After two and a half hours: Sweet powdery incense, with just a hint of fruit. After 5 hours: Soft resin and fruit. Final verdict: This is good, I will have a hard time parting with it.
  2. Greensleeves

    Green Phoenix

    In bottle: Sweet fresh and green, with a hint of fruitiness Wet: Green, clean and soapy. Dry: Soft, powdery dry herbs. After a few minutes: Fruity banana and papaya overlain by green. It reminds me a bit of Dragon Moon 2008 with it's soft, powdery herbs. It also reminds me a bit of Green Tree Viper. After first hour: Soft, clean fruit and herbs. After two and a half hours: Faint fruit and herbs. After 5 hours: Pretty much gone. Final verdict: I will definitely use up what I have but I don't know if I need more or not.
  3. Greensleeves

    Hypnotize Me

    In the bottle: Lavender and greenness, smells just a teensy bit like Saint-Germain and I am positively tickled pink. Wet: Lavender and something fresh and minty. It's a bit like Envy, too. Dry: There's also some sort of incensy note or sandalwood like aroma, but it's very clean. After a few minutes: Very fresh herbal lavender, and the herbs are sweet instead of savory as I found with Chlorophyll. The other herb note, which must be the mugwort kind of cuddles up to the lavender and makes a soft powdery green sweetness that is almost better than lavender alone. It is kind of hypnotic, I can't seem to stop sniffing my wrist. After first hour: Very faint lavender now, I think the mugwort is coming forward, but it smells nice so I have no objections. After two and a half hours: Soft and very faint herbal. Still can't stop sniffing my wrist. After 5 hours: Pretty much gone. Final verdict: I think this one is a keeper.
  4. Greensleeves


    In bottle: Fresh, herbaceous and slightly fruity. Wet: Mint, grass!, a hint of eucalyptus. There is a note of something I can't identify. The fruity scent seems like lychee, which I don't like. As it dries I'm catching a hint of lemon. Part of the problem seems to be that the perfume is reacting with my taste buds and I can sort of taste the scent, which is not pleasant. Dry: Some sort of a dusty herb note, like dried eucalyptus. After a few minutes: Fruity, ferny greenness, with a sort of ambery softness and powdery dried herbs. After first hour: The fruity/dusty note I didn't like has faded into a sort of honeydew melon aroma. I almost like it now, but it's a long time to wait for your perfume to agree with you. After two and a half hours: Soft powdery/flowery/tangy greenness, and I I think I can identify the note I don't like: it smells like tomato leaves. The herbs are savory rather than sweet. After 5 hours: Everything has sweetened up quite a bit, and it reminds me of what I like about Envy. Final verdict: I think I need to do another testing session before I decide if I want to keep it or not.
  5. Greensleeves

    Mag Mell

    In the bottle: Pale yellow oil. Sweet eucalyptus and minty green herbal with a hint of fruit. Wet: Tangy eucalyptus, mint and citrus. Dry: A hint of banana, citrus and something tangy, I think the minty note might actually be the white ginger. After a few minutes: Fruity ginger and amber, still a hint of banana. After first hour: Fruity ginger and amber, with hint of berries. After two and a half hours: Soft amber, citrus and fruit. After 5 hours: Amber and citrus. Final verdict: Not bad, but not one I want to keep.
  6. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Light yellow oil. Sweet, citrusy, herbal floral. Wet: Clean ozony amber, herbs, citrus. Smells like a combination of Villain and Saint-Germain. Dry: Very citrusy, and amber/incensy, with the soft powdery aroma of white musk. After a few minutes: VANILLA! Some understated florals and musk, the citrus has fallen back quite a bit. After first hour: I'm getting a hint of plastic from the combination of vanilla and white musk, but it isn't overpowering and there are still pleasant elements to the blend like the sweetness of citrus. After two and a half hours: Plastic is gone, it has turned into a soft, sweet, citrusy, powdery musky amber and vanilla scent. Quite pleasant, but I think Villain does the citrus better for me. After 5 hours: Sandalwood and vanilla, that's it. Final verdict: It's quite pretty, but I have other scents that I like better. Time to pay it forward.
  7. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Pale yellow oil. Fruity, synthesized ocean themed smell. Wet: Fruit, synthesized ocean themed smell, herbs. Dry: Synthetic ocean all the way, not very pleasant to me. Some sort of overpowering flower I don't like, possibly freesia or hyacinth. After a few minutes: Some sort of minty, ozony note accompanies the synthetic ocean and freesia. Possibly some sort of white musk. After first hour: Mint, juniper, white musk, freesia and sythetic ocean. After two and a half hours: Actually softer and prettier now. After 5 hours: Not bad. Final verdict: The scent is much prettier when it's had time to develop, but I prefer a scent I can enjoy all the stages of.
  8. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Pale yellow oil. Fruity pine and musk. Wet: Minty eucalyptus, pine and musk. Very cool on the skin. Dry: Floral, minty, fake ocean/water scent, possibly violets. Sticks at the back of my throat unpleasantly. After a few minutes: I detect a hint of something cool and clear like there was in Hurricane, a strange sort of possibly... ozone? The sweetness of violet is coming out, along with an herbal undertone. This is much, much more floral than I expected considering all the nice herbs. I think I'm getting juniper, which smells a bit floral to me as well. After first hour: The heavy florals have calmed down a bit and I'm getting more of the enjoyable green notes, but not nearly enough. To me the florals evoke that 'commercial' smell that I tend to associate with people wearing too much chemical-infused bleah perfume instead of lovely Bpal. I think this blend just doesn't work for me. At the same time, it isn't making me ill like those commercial perfumes do, so that's something positive. After two and a half hours: The florals have mellowed a bit more and the blend has become a bit more herbal, and the commercialness has died down. Now it's mildly pleasant, but I don't really want to wait this long for a scent to get to a point where I think it is okay, but still nothing I would like to make part of my permanent collection. After 5 hours: More of the same. Final verdict: Not bad, but not something I want to keep.
  9. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Medium yellow oil. Incense and fruit. Wet: Sweet incense, perhaps sandalwood, and something like peaches, and honeysuckle, oh honeysuckle, I would know you anywhere. Dry: Honeysuckle, fruit and incense, possibly some jasmine. This smells a lot like Twilight. Maybe a hint of rose. After a few minutes: Honeysuckle, rose, jasmine, and amber. After first hour: Faint honeysuckle and jasmine. After two and a half hours: Faint honeysuckle and jasmine. After 5 hours: Gone. Final verdict: Pretty, but it doesn't stand out for me.
  10. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Medium yellow oil. Fruity dirt. Wet: Incredibly clean, nose-clearing, minty fruity dirt. The clean note makes me feel sort of lightheaded when I smell it. Also, my third eye tingles. Dry: This is like a roller coaster for my nose. Smelling it makes me feel very clear headed and somewhat jumpy and excitable, as if I can sense a storm coming. I'm getting that minty tinge again... that must be the vetivert, in which case I think I have just determined that I like vetivert. After a few minutes: So fresh, clean, rainy and tangy OMG MINTY VETIVERT DANCEPARTY ON MY ARM with a hint of clean soil. After first hour: When I sniff my wrist I am suddenly starting to taste something medicinal and soapy in my mouth.It smells familiar, but I can't place it. Aha, Vaseline Intensive Care original lotion, from back in the 1980s/1990s before they (possibly) changed the formulation and smell. After two and a half hours: More Vaseline Intensive Care lotion. After 5 hours: Lotion. Final verdict: Trying this was a very interesting experience, especially considering how lively and perky this made me, as well as the interesting scent memory it triggered, but this isn't something I would wear.
  11. Greensleeves


    I didn't do an in-depth testing of this one because I forgot to make notes as I was wearing it, but the impression I got was very kitchen-herby. It really smelled like something that would be a good rub for pork chops and it made me want to go grill some meat. Even the cedar, which for me was disappointingly faint, did not detract from the 'edibleness' I perceived. It was also a very dry scent, and while I do like dry in some cases, like with incense, it wasn't a warm dry, more of a tepid, dusty sort of dry which isn't really to my taste.
  12. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Pale yellow oil, sweet herbal incense Wet: Citrusy, faintly musky, with a hint of sage. Dry: Herbal, sagey citrus incense with a hint of leather. Very subtle. I don't think this will be a long lasting scent. After a few minutes: Oh wow, the frankincense has really perked up nicely. This is turning into a lovely herbal and incense perfumed leather. After first hour: Faint incense, herbs and leather. After two and a half hours: Sweet incense, sage, and faint herbed leather. After 5 hours: Faint sweet incense with a hint of leather. Final verdict: Very pretty, and the ambergris, which I was very scared of, did not seem to be offensive at all. This definitely warrants an honourable mention, as this is something I would consider wearing again for sure.
  13. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Medium yellow oil. Sweet uplifting incense. Wet: Smells a lot like Penitence, with that same sweet, uplifting, churchy incense smell. I'm also getting the same feeling of relaxation, enlightenment, exhileration and gnosis. Dry: I think this blend may have more flowers in it or something. I think I'm getting a hint of rose to go with the incense and also something fruity. This is a little bit more multi-faceted than Penitence, but in such a subtle way that I would consider these scents interchangeable. The more I sniff my wrist the better I feel, and I was feeling really stressed and unhappy before. After a few minutes: There seems to be something a bit more woodsy coming out. Also my quivering from stress and anxiety is slowly turning into quivering from some sort of spiritual excitement. After first hour: This doesn't seem to have the same staying power as Penitence, and the feeling of exhileration has died down. Maybe the different blend is not as potent for me. Still very pleasant to smell though. A lot more woody than Penitence at this point. After two and a half hours: Sweet incense, and a hint of wood. After 5 hours: Faint woodsy incense. Final verdict: Unlike Penitence this scent did not bowl me over with an almost otherwordly, bordering on spiritual, experience when I was expecting a mere enjoyable fragrance, thus it might compare unfavourably to such an unexpected treasure. It was, however, a quite pleasant, more mellow and complex substitute.
  14. Greensleeves

    The Little Bird

    In the bottle: Sweet, resinous green. Wet: Resinous green and floral, perhaps some kind of lily, lilac or hyacinth. Very sweet. Dry: Powdery, resinous herbal green, with a hint of lilac. After a few minutes: Faint resinous green. After first hour: Resin and faint incense. After two and a half hours: The same. After 5 hours: Gone Final verdict: Pleasant, but it didn't inspire me.
  15. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Pale yellow oil, rich mossy greenness Wet: Tangy fresh greenness with a very pronounced grass note, a hint of something citrusy, and something cool like eucalyptus. There is also a hint of freshly sanded wood. Dry: Rich herbal green. This is probably the purest plant scent I've ever smelled. It's not just the essense of a plant in liquid form with all the outer parts removed, it's the whole plant, the crisp fresh leaves and stems, even a hint of the earth it's sitting in. After a few minutes: Fresh, peppery, rich tangy greenness. I think I can detect a hint of lavender or mint. After first hour: Spicy sweet and tangy herbal green. After two and a half hours: Faint sweet greenness, maybe moss? After 5 hours: A hint of green. Final verdict: Very pretty and definitely a 'me' scent, but I think some of the other Rappaccini's garden blends do it a bit better. I think I can bear to part with this one.