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    Bpal scents: Envy, Villain, Yew Trees, Hemlock, Slobbering Pine, Pain, Arcana, Santa Eularia Des Riu, Saint-Germain, Gaueko, Death on a Pale Horse, Calliope, Schrodinger's Cat, Sleepy Moon, Dragon Moon 08, Penitence, Green Tree Viper, Anesthesia, Cheshire Cat, Melpomene Notes: Lavender, Lilac, Lime, Lemon, Lemon verbena, Bergamot, Green/herbal, Fresh/clean/soapy, Mint, Cedar, Pine, Pepper, Aloe, Eucalyptus, Carnation, Rosemary, Pennyroyal, incense

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    Writing, poetry, tarot card reading, sharks, science fiction, fantasy. polyamory, anime, shamanism, paganism, unitarianism, medieval and renaissance clothing, yoga, new age, mysticism, polyspiritual theism, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Transformers, role playing, Wii Fit, belly dancing, medieval and renaissance music, celtic music, new age music, tarantula keeping
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  1. Vintage bling!  📿💍💎👑



  2. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Fruitiness with a hint of lavender. Wet: Lavender and some sort of bitter, artificial, fruity medicine I can almost taste on my tongue. Dry: Lavender, overwhelmed by some other, cloying floral. Must be the lotus. After a few minutes: LOTUS, so much lotus. After first hour: Given some time it's rather nice, but I don't think I want to wait that long. After two and a half hours: A hint of fruity lotus. After 5 hours: Faint floral. Final verdict: This is alright, but I don't want to keep it.
  3. Greensleeves

    The Reward of my Benevolence

    In the bottle: Strong, greenish, dry wood. Wet: Soft, woody green incense. Dry: Fresh greenish, woody cedar-y incense. After a few minutes: Resinous, green, sage-y, sandalwood-y, cedar-y incense. Really fresh, but at the same time warm and deep. After first hour: Herbal, cedar and sandalwood with a hint of something floral coming in and being just slightly cloying. After two and a half hours: Soft cedar and floral, slightly powdery. After 5 hours: Faint floral. Final verdict: I liked where it went at the outset, and the drydown wasn't bad, but I think ultimately someone else would probably love it more.
  4. Greensleeves

    Salzburg Krampuslauf

    In the bottle: Sweet, powdery lavender and tea. Wet: Lavender, oudh, tea. It reminds me of Snake Eyes Gleaming in Springtime's First Twilight, but not as funky. Dry: It still smells oudh-like. It must be the leather. I'm also getting a hint of Chanel #5. After a few minutes: Leather and floral muskiness, possibly some tea. It's a very sophisticated and pleasantly nuanced blend of aromas harmonizing very well together. After first hour: Soft, resinous, leathery floral, with a hint of vanilla. Still getting the Snake Eyes Gleaming vibe. After two and a half hours: Soft, powdery, honey-like floral. After 5 hours: A faint, soft hint of resinous floral. Final verdict: Very nice, I think this is a keeper.
  5. Greensleeves

    Insupportable Misery

    In the bottle: Herbal lavender with a hint of tea. Wet: A bit of lavender and lilac, slightly similar to Villain, also a bit to Calliope. Dry: Herbal lavender and lilac. After a few minutes: Sweet lavender and herbs with a little hint of powdery soft lilac coming out to play. After first hour: Soft powdery lilac and herbs. After two and a half hours: A hint of lilac. After 5 hours: Faint herbal lilac. Final verdict: I'm already on the lookout for a backup bottle.
  6. Greensleeves

    A Look of Peace

    In the bottle: Incensy, woody floral, with a commercial cologne kind of edge. Wet: Woody lavender, and a sort of dish detergent tang. Dry: A floral woodiness. After a few minutes: The sandalwood is coming out a bit more, it's a nice soft wood that makes me feel like I'm in an antique furniture store filled with potpourri. After first hour: Soft floral woodiness. It's less dry now and more sweet, but there's still very little sign of the lavender. After two and a half hours: A faint hint of sandalwood. This is a very mild scent now. After 5 hours: Totally gone. Final verdict: Nice enough in the end, but not a keeper.
  7. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Fruity, apple, green and a bit woody. Reminds me of Yew Trees. Wet: Like a fresh green apple, accompanied by sweet green herbs. Dry: The apple has died down and the herbs have come to the fore. The apple is fresh but not foody like apple pie, instead it's much more vegetal and uncooked. After a few minutes: Fresh peppery herbs and mildly sweet apple. It definitely has similarities to Yew Trees. After first hour: Gentle powdery, sweet, and green. But not sugary, or confectionary sweet, more of a fresh herbal sweet. After two and a half hours: Sweet powdery green. Ah, it's the amber, I forgot about the amber. I love me some incensey resins. After 5 hours: Faint resin and green. Final verdict: This is so good, I need to stop falling in love with everything I test.
  8. Greensleeves

    House of Night

    In the bottle: Floral and peppery green. Similar to Saint-Germain. Wet: Fresh, green, a bit of mint, a bit of thyme, a hint of eucalyptus. Dry: Fresh, tangy, resinous green with a hint of floral that is just right instead of excessive. After a few minutes: A little bit pine-y, still tangy, and I'm getting more of the still fairly well-behaved floral. Now it's starting to go fruity, which is interesting, kind of a hint of berry. After first hour: Fresh green with a hint of floral and possibly aloe and mint. Smells a bit like Phantasm or Cordelia. After two and a half hours: Soft powdery green with a hint of floral. After 5 hours: A faint wisp of green. Final verdict: I want a bottle of this, but I don't need any more bottles, really I don't.
  9. Greensleeves

    Devil's Claw

    In the bottle: Sharp, incensey and smoky. Wet: Tangy, dark yet fresh at the same time. A lot like a smoky single malt scotch. Dry: Totally smokey scotch, kind of a combination of Islay and Speyside single malts. After a few minutes: I still feel like I'm smelling Ardbeg, my favourite single malt whiskey. After first hour: I'm getting more of a Gaueko smoky vibe from it now, just a touch greener and fresher beneath the smoke, minus the lavender, of course. A touch of incense too. If I met someone wearing this I would throw myself at them. After two and a half hours: A note of sweetness has crept out through the smoke. After 5 hours: The smoke is mostly gone, leaving a sweet greenness and a hint of cured tobbacco. Final verdict: I don't need any more Bpal, but if I found a bottle I would probably snap it up.
  10. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Powdery fresh green and fruity. Wet: Fresh green, resinous, some sort of greenish floral with a hint of wood. The fairy tale is Egle, Queen of Serpents (which I am not familiar with), but I'm not sure if I detect any Snake Oil in the blend. Dry: Fruity, berrylike, but still quite green. After a few minutes: It reminds me a bit of Yew Trees. Hmm, maybe this is a hint of what I might be smelling: "As she commanded so it came to be: and now the oak, ash and birch are the strongest of our trees, while the willow to this day will shake at the slightest whisper of a wind for she quaked before her uncles and gave away her true father." This is really, really good. A bit mossy now, with sweet green wood. Half an hour in it's starting to fade. Just checked the forum reviews, and there are notes listed: Ocean water, hyacinth petals, star jasmine, and fir. The fir is quite outspoken, which is the way I like it, while the flowers are more submissive. The ocean water must be the freshness. After first hour: A faint green, powdery fresh sweetness with a definite smooth, soothing coniferousness. After two and a half hours: A hint of sweet fir. After 5 hours: A hint of sweetness. Final verdict: I like it, but I can't decide if I want to keep it.
  11. Greensleeves

    Brusque Violet

    Testing Brusque Violet today. I think I might have to add violet to my list of tolerable flowers. The mint really makes it into more of a fresh herbal scent, than a cloying, in your face floral. And it's still in stock. It has a nice resinous/incensey kind of note too, which I love. runs off to add it to her wishlist (Nevermind, it isn't as necessary as I first thought)
  12. Greensleeves


    In the bottle: Sweet ambery resinous incensy goodness Wet: Reminds me a bit of Arcana, or Penitence. Dry: Sweet powdery amber with a hint of lilac. After a few minutes: Lilac is coming to the front a bit. Still quite ambery. After first hour: Lilac and resin, powderiness, possibly musk. After two and a half hours: Soft musky incense After 5 hours: Faint sweetness Final verdict: Pleasant, but not something I need to hold onto.
  13. Greensleeves

    Aunt Caroline's Money Draw

    A post I made in the TAL chatter section would probably be good to include here. I'm not reviewing the oil from an aesthetic perspective, this is just the results of an experiment I did on October 25: Just anointed the inside of my purse, spouse's purse and put a tiny drop of Aunt Caroline's Money Draw on my computer. Need to make some sales for Christmas shopping. Need my writing to start paying. ✍️✏️🖋️✒️🖥️🖨️📗💲💵💰🤑 Edit: Anointed a printout of my Paypal account balance and savings account balance for good measure. Edit 2: The government has sent $$$ to people with disabilities. I just about fainted when I checked my bank account. Apparently this has been in the works for a while, even before my said anointing, but it's still a cool synchronicity. Edit 3: The government has sent more $$$, and I have a bite on my sales post for the first time in ages. Edit 4: Found some Canadian Tire money in the elevator today. Edit 5: This TAL just keeps giving. Edit 6: No more windfalls so far, but I found a key chain I had been looking for with a reproduction of a Canadian $1000 bill on it, and I anointed that as well to be my money-drawing talisman. Edit 7: More nibbles on my sales post. Edit 8: Got our best tax refund ever!
  14. Greensleeves

    Bestiaire du Moyen Âge

    In the bottle: Tangy, fruity cough medicine Wet: Fruity, pineapple, apple and a hint of mint. Dry: The green is taking over a bit and it's less medicinal now. After a few minutes: Ooh, fresh, fruity and green at once, sooo nice. I'm getting a hint of grass. After first hour: This reminds me of something... a bit like Green Phoenix, or Phantasm. The fruitiness has died down quite a bit and now it is more of a fresh, piney herbal. It's weird, it also registers some incense in the mix, even though I know there isn't any. Maybe it's the musk. I never used to like musk, but the Lab's version of it doesn't bother me at all if I like the other notes in the blend. I think this scent would layer well with something that had lavender in it, like maybe Envy, although it is quite nice on its own. After two and a half hours: Soft, fresh, and distant. I've enjoyed this more than I hoped I would. After 5 hours: Indistinct sweetness. Final verdict: I'll definitely use up this bottle. Edit: I still smell it faintly on my wrist 24 hours later. I won't say it has a huge throw, but it is there.