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  1. Franny2345

    The Curtain of the Temple was Torn in Two

    Note to self, test on a small area first 😂 In bottle: cinnamon Wet: cinnamon, someone else mentioned big red gum and that's exactly it! It made underneath my nose feel that weird tingly numb way when I smelt it, which I suppose was my first warning of what was to come. Dry down: I didn't manage to get this far unfortunately as within a couple of minutes of application my arms where I'd slathered it started tingling and itching, I was hoping it might pass but the itching got worse SUPER quickly and I had red bumpy patches appear on my arms. I had to go a wash it off. This is the 1st perfume or oil ever that I've had a reaction to and I've tried tonnes over the years, (hence why I never thought to do a patch test) Disappointing as was looking forward to that smoky incense and resins.
  2. Franny2345

    Dead Leaves and Tobacco

    First impressions sniffing out of the bottle- this smells like something I used to wear when I was young, it's fresh, lemony, got an aftershavy kind of vibe to it, then it hits me! CK one, this smells almost identical to my memory of what Ck one smells like. Wet on skin: Still just smelling CK one, not what I was expecting at all from this. Dry down: after about 20 mins there's some pepper and tobacco coming through in the background. Really not sure about this, was hoping for something more accurate to dead leaves and tobacco, something autumnal, rich and deep. Maybe I'm missing something, Will keep trying it...