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  1. No it wasn't either of those but thanks for responding! There was no fig not in it.
  2. I had an imp of a GC scent that has a similar smell to strangler fig, but I remember there is not fig note listed. I loved it, but I used it up, got rid of the imp and now I don't remember the name! Anyone have ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hello all! I still have a little of each of these scents, which are two of my favorites. Since I don't have much hope of replacing them, I was wondering if anyone has found similar scents to them? (I know I won't find a scent identical.) I love the fresh watery-floraly quality to Chaste Moon and the leather note in De Sade. Thanks in advance!
  4. loladae

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge

    Such a wonderful scent. I can only repeat what reviewers have already said. I pick out the cream accord firstly, and there are smokey woods in the background. I think of Antikythera Mechanism + lots of vanilla and cream, actually. It's a really great mysterious, grown-up vanilla. Too bad it's DC.
  5. loladae

    Leather Phoenix

    Wow! This is SO much better than I expected it to be. I bought it because I love leather, but most of those notes are fails on me. It reminds me a bit of Le Pere Fouttard, one of my other favorite leather scents. I think it's the anise and cedar.
  6. loladae


    I'm really interested in trying some of the new leather scents (especially in the RPG scents) could someone review the leather notes? Are the notes like the leather in Diamondback, or De Sade (which has been my favorite leather scent), or Oslibos etc? Thanks!
  7. loladae

    Dia De Los Natitas

    Mm so good! It reminds me of Szepassony (sp?) after it has aged at lost its citrus tinge. But with more flowers. I can see how it could get soapy on someone, but on me it's pretty wispy flowers, kind of melancholy.
  8. loladae

    Inganok Jewelers

    It smells like fancy department stores.
  9. loladae

    Paduan Killer Swarm

    This is definitely my favorite of the "new" scents - even back to Lupercalia. I bought a bottle unsniffed based off of the first four notes, and I don't regret it. I can already tell this will age marvelously. The scent is blended well. It's very creamy, and warm. I can't really smell any cinnamon, but I can decipher (or imagine?) the tonka, cocnut, licorice and ginger. Good stuff!
  10. Dragon's Milk and Hunger both last incredibly long on me and have great throw. Snake Oil also lasts a while.
  11. loladae


    I love the oak in Antikythera! And I noticed a couple other scents have listed "oak bark." What are your favorite GC/LE oak scents? (not oakmoss!)
  12. loladae


    THIS ONE IS SO AMAZING...in the imp....It smells like velvety berries and is so yummy. On my skin it smells a bit like that + powder + predominantly wood. So so sad. It also has no throw.
  13. loladae

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    Thanks so much! I'll try to get an older bottle then...
  14. loladae


    Yumm. This smells like sweet woods. Honey, rice paper, oakmoss and pepper are all there blending beautifully. I think this will age well. I don't know if I should get a bottle or not. I have so many woody scents that will probably get more wear from me. Debating...
  15. loladae


    This reminds me of a more perfume-y version of Hanerot Halalu. Basically, Hanerot + The Girl. It's so amazing ahhh. I just wish the throw wasn't short I'll have to debate on getting a bottle. I want another imp or two for sure though.