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    Wilde, Dorian, Jareth; Death Cap; Morocco, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, O; Smokestack, Bonfire SN, Groan of Mortal Terror, An Encampment of Shepherds; Zombi. In general, I seem to dig vanilla, fougere, and smoky scents. Rose, white sandalwood, honey, and orange hold appeal but aren't guarantees. Death notes include peach/apricot and jasmine. Honeysuckle, grape (and wine), and strawberry/raspberry scents are not far behind.

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    Photography, film, books, art museums, American history, leftist politics, pilates/weight-lifting/biking/yoga/running.
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  1. TheresaRedSkull


    This skips straight over cherry and jumps right to spicy, smoky Christmassy wonderfulness--a bit like one of the classier Yankee Candles, really. Love love love! Unfortunately, and unexpectedly, it makes my skin sting and itch, however.
  2. TheresaRedSkull

    Pink Snowballs

    Roses and creamy strawberry ice cream!
  3. TheresaRedSkull

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I find O and Stekkjarstaur to be similar to Mouse's Long and Sad...all three have a "good enough to eat" quality without really being gourmands (though perhaps Stekk could be classified as such...)
  4. TheresaRedSkull


    I just love this soft, delicious vanilla scent. It does, however, activate my sweet tooth...
  5. TheresaRedSkull


    To me, this scent is best summed up as "oranges and tortillas." I really can't muster a more intellectual description than that.
  6. TheresaRedSkull

    Flickering Lantern

    I got this as a decant and I'm starting to wonder if it was mislabeled. Provided it wasn't, Flickering Lantern is reminiscent of my mother when she would trim the grass at my childhood home--sweaty/musky and grassy. No rose, no tobacco, but perhaps just a hint of beeswax, though that might just be the power of suggestion.
  7. TheresaRedSkull

    The Dodo

    This is one of those scents where I read the reviews and I think, "Are you guys sure you actually have noses?" This smelled like awful fake banana to me, not a hint of cassia, but with all the burning and redness of Inferno. To the swap pile with thee!
  8. TheresaRedSkull


    Haunted, for me, hovers somewhere between "quite pleasant" and "powdery old lady." I wanted to love it, and I'll keep the imp, but it's not bottle-worthy, alas.
  9. TheresaRedSkull

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    You know, I've tried Bastet, Tamora, and Hetairae, and it wouldn't have occurred to me to compare any of them to Mouse's. Lyonesse is def. on my wish list, and I'll add Eden--I hadn't even heard of it.
  10. TheresaRedSkull

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    I recently tried Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, and I love it--it's like creamy vanilla pineapple. Can anyone suggest scents that remind them of Mouse's?
  11. TheresaRedSkull

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I will be watching this closely, as Smokestack is one of my all-time favorites as well. Dark Chocolate, Blackened Tobacco, and Vetiver has been suggested to me in the past. Also Agnes Nutter, though it's unimpable. If it looks good to you and you'd be interested in going halves or a bottle, or a decant, please please let me know!
  12. TheresaRedSkull

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I f I find Wilde to be like Dorian's older, more sophisticated, more complex brother.
  13. TheresaRedSkull

    Kumari Kandam

    According to my sense of smell and body chemistry, this starts off as soapy incense (which I like, in this case) and ends on a base note very similar to Xiuhtecuhtl. No one else had gotten the latter? Everyone else says snow and aquatic, but theoretically Xiuhtecuhtl is tropical.
  14. TheresaRedSkull

    The Little Wooden Doll

    I got this in the amber imp pack recently. I didn't expect anything special from it based on the description, but it's rocketed up to one of my favorites. It starts off as...warm lumber? This sounds totally unappealing but is, in fact, a lovely moderation of Lab's usual piney/woody/lumber note, which usually comes out on me as CEDAR CEDAR CEDAR. Then as it mellows, as the other folks have noted, into a rose scent--charming, warm, woody. Far more complex and engaging than other rose scents seem to be. This one's a winner! Thanks, BPAL!
  15. TheresaRedSkull

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    I, too, enjoy the lab's amber note. Have you tried Oblivion? Same base note as Morocco, but with a very different set of top notes.