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  1. Fancyfetus


    This is one of my husband's favorite scents on me, so I'll be looking into grabbing a HG if not a full size bottle of the perfume. Honey, carnation, bergamot, and a tablespoon of milk. I don't get much rose specifically, but it might be adding to a sense of powderiness of the fragrance overall. I'd be curious to layer this with Peacock Queen to infuse more fresh rose into it. This smells like wide eyes and soft skin. There's a wholesome quality to it, but it could also bring to mind a pin-up or a vintage Playmate. Maribou, fluttering lashes, pink cheeks, and plush curves. You're either wearing this on a visit to your grandmother, or slathering it on before a lazy afternoon romp with a favorite lover. I can a why this is a beloved classic, and the layering possibilities seem endless.
  2. Fancyfetus

    Caligari A-Go-Go

    So glad I got my hands on a sample of this one! This fragrance is downright bizarre - but only if you're paying attention. In passing it's a pleasant, gently citrusy perfume with a bit of sweetness. Very wearable day to day. Inoffensive. But on close inspection, it's slightly unnerving. I can smell the starless void? A liminal, flat nothing. It isn't inky black like the night sky, but matte like black paint. It smells echoey, in a way that's reminiscent of an indoor pool but without the chlorine. There is the definite hint of cigarette smoke, but it really is just a hint. The comparison to a Vegas casino is dead on - a whisper of cigarette beneath fragrance. Something in this is just bright enough to keep you from hurtling off into the void without a tether. Maybe the petitgrain and eucalyptus help to keep you [just barely] grounded. There is dirt in this. Not soil or earth but dry, dead dirt. I'll keep testing this to decide if I need the full size. I adore this as an art piece, but I'm not sure how much I'll really wear it.
  3. I've been avoiding this review for long enough. I'll try to do it justice. This is primarily a chypre perfume; sophisticated, green, and mossy. I pick out the bright steel note immediately. I think it's the same gorgeous metallic that's used in Chrome Peaches - bright, sharp and almost sweet. A perfectly forged blade. On a deep inhale, the cinnamon appears. I think the cinnamon likes to hide amongst the moss. With careful attention you can pick out a flash of it, like the ripple and flutter of the samurai's red robes. I can imagine someone else's skin really amping the cinnamon here. The leather in this is quite polite. It's soft, worn leather - maybe brown. I can't quite pick out pomegranate, but there's the hint of incense. The oud helps to make the entire scent nice and round and whole, giving it some heft. I haven't been able to put my finger on what about this chypre is so particularly intoxicating, and I think it might be the saffron. It's just enough to add the lightest touch of gold, honeyed sweetness to the moss. Over time, this just gets warmer and softer but never loses its charm. This is a truly gorgeous blend and I'm glad I took a chance on it. There's a complexity and depth here that keeps me coming back for one more whiff. I can see this becoming a classic. If you're a fan of chypre perfumes, give this one a shot.
  4. Fancyfetus

    Hallway of a Train Station

    I love this one. I'm not sure why I skipped over it the first time, but I was able to snag a decant and I'm so glad that I did. The lilac and plum here were thrown in a blender and now neither can be singled out from the fragrant slurry for long. Together, the tea and steel sing; as clear and silvery as moonlight. I don't get smoke at all until after a few hours of wear, and at this stage the lilac comes through strongly on its own as well. This is lovely start to finish. The overall effect is much more refined than the actions depicted on the bottle. I've learned that steel, plum, and lilac are all winners for me so full sizing this is an easy choice.
  5. Fancyfetus

    Collapsing Mosquito Netting

    I picked up a decant of this after seeing reviews indicating that it's heavy on juicy, wet vine. I want to smell like fresh, oozing plant matter. Fresh on the skin, that is exactly what you get. Viscous slime from a freshly cut vine. I'm in love! The florals are hanging out in this state too, but on me it's all about the vine. Gallons of green goo. A jungle hag sweating plant secretions, dancing with her tree frog familiar. Bathe me in this. Sadly this morphs considerably after a couple of hours. The vine slips away and the lilac + morning glory takes over. This stage only lasts a short time before becoming muddled into a vague, soft floral scent. Not unpleasant in any way, but no notes stand out and my glorious vines are a distant memory. You wake up in a stupor back in your own home, smelling vaguely of flowers. Perhaps the dancing jungle hag was just a dream. I haven't decided yet if I'll skip the full-size entirely or buy 2 bottles and absolutely drench myself in it to achieve maximum viney goodness.
  6. Fancyfetus

    A Countenance Forboding Evil

    I received this as a frimp. To me this is musty, dusty, and sickly sweet. My overall impression is that of being in an attic that's unfortunately not been kept totally dry over the years. Not quite mildew, just a bit of damp in with the unfinished wood and dust. Wholly bizarre and unpleasant. However, I am no fan of patchouli or oranges, and I might recall disliking ylang ylang as well. This isn't the kind of evil I can get into. Off to the destash pile it goes.
  7. Fancyfetus

    Hana No Miyakoji

    This reads as resinous to me more than creamy, it's a warm rounded scent. Nothing sharp or disharmonious about it at all. The florals are soft here and don't demand too much attention. The oak moss is grounding. My overall impression on wearing is that I think this makes me smell like a boy that's just been taken out of a perfumed wooden chest. It's a beautiful chest with intricate carving on it and a soft lining for storing treasures. The wood has been lovingly polished with fine smelling oils and waxes over years of careful stewardship. Maybe there's a sachet of dried flowers inside to keep the contents smelling lovely. Out I emerge from the chest, a boy smelling gently of resinous, perfumed wood. A pleasant and soft scent. Unfortunately I don't often want to smell like a boy, and when I do it's not this type. I'm more interested in smelling like a boy haunted doll or some kind of headless fiend in leather. I'll try this one out on my husband and see if it's a better match.
  8. Fancyfetus

    A Winter’s Walk in the Cemetery

    I don't get dried florals in this at all. On me, Winter's Walk is freshly cut and dewy. It's extremely wet, living flowers + grass. The rose in this is quite prominent on me, but I do tend to amp rose generally. Just beneath the rose is the grass. This grass is more crushed than cut. You've knelt down on a thick bed of grass, leaving the blades squished and bruised. The lily is playing quite nicely with the rose without going soapy, but it's in a supporting role. I get the tiniest hint of tea and maybe cypress, almost imperceptible under all the showy, herbaceous plant matter. I have to take it on faith that there is lavender somewhere in this, but I haven't been able to pick it out at all. I don't usually gravitate towards scents best described as "bright" or "fresh", but I really enjoy this. It smells like I've stuffed fistfuls of fresh flowers into each of my pockets, stems and all. This feels like a real all-occasion scent, and I can see myself returning to it often.
  9. Fancyfetus

    Vanilla Orchid

    My husband requested that I pick up some single notes & duets to help him learn to pick out different scents as we explore perfumes together. I had to snatch this up when I found it for sale. This is a bright, clean, white floral. A perfect vanilla orchid in a bottle. No gourmand vanilla at all, which I'm glad for. Just a pretty, no fuss floral scent. Worn alone it says "fresh" and "clean", but not much else. I think it will make a wonderful layering scent.
  10. Fancyfetus

    Slumber Ghoul

    I never thought I'd be one for a bedtime oil, but I keep reaching for this before going to sleep. The lavender comes on strong from the bottle, but on the skin this quickly settles down. It's a fresh, herbaceous lavender, like you've grabbed a fistful off a living plant and tore it free, crushing some of it in the process. The milk settles this into a positively dreamy scent that is luxuriously comforting. I think the bone dust keeps this from getting too creamy. I don't get the loam at all. I suspect that it's just tough to pick out on its own, but I would notice its absence. My husband fell in love with this scent immediately and tried it on straight from the mail. This may be backup worthy.
  11. Fancyfetus

    Krampus 2023

    I picked up Krampus right when the Yules dropped and fell immediately in love. Fragrant wood, leather, and musk. There is undeniably a dusty component to this as well, lingering just around the edges. It's an incredibly sexy scent, dark without being heavy. If you hugged someone wearing this, you'd want to breathe them in deeply. It's sensual and sophisticated with just a little bit of strut. One day, my husband chose to put this on and it was heavenly on him as well. It hadn't for some reason occurred to me that this could be a masculine scent. When my husband pointed out that it was "named after a guy", I helpfully corrected that Krampus is a creature - and I'm certainly one of those! Very wearable and sexy on every gender and any creature of the mischievous sort. A scent that makes you want to sip an old fashioned and crack a whip. I might buy a backup before our Yules disappear.
  12. Fancyfetus

    The Red Rider

    In the bottle and wet on skin, this is LEATHER. I specifically associate it with leather shops in Mexico, because the smell of tanned leather is so overwhelming as you step inside. I love this scent. In the drydown, you get the balsam and moss creeping in, but leather stays dominant here. It's like you've opened up a box stuffed with new leather goods on a bed of moss. Just the lightest softening of the leather note around the edges. This is the perfume I would slather on on days that I want to smell like I drive a motorcycle and I'll kick your ass. It's leather fingerless gloves and a chip on my shoulder. It's a toothpick in my mouth and a skull tattoo on my forearm. Rowdy and young and full of bluster. Next comes heartbreak. After the balsam and moss make their appearance, The Red Rider completely dies on me. It disappears with no trace of having ever been there. Last night, I was overcome by the urge to try it on a friend. Applied on them, The Red Rider has a different attitude, though I don't detect any change in the scent itself. On my friend, this perfume smells trustworthy, not rowdy. Like the youth you've hired on to care for your horses, or the park ranger who leads you back to the trail head when you get lost in the forest. This rider is wholesome, clean cut, and earnest. My friend also reported that Red Rider lasted on them until the next morning. It's with a heavy heart that I'll be passing my imp onto them.
  13. Fancyfetus

    Chrome Peaches

    I've been so excited to try this! My bottle only arrived yesterday, so I may revise this after it's settled. Chrome Peaches? Chrome. Peaches. I love that there's no further description given. I needed to know the glory of the chromed peach! Wet on skin, this is sort of a generic peach scent, with another element that smells "perfumy" but not recognizable. It's very pleasant, but not quite what I was hoping for. But as it dries, the peach grows juicier and the chrome becomes more prominent. Like a tiny Terminator hatched from a chrome pit within the peach, and is beginning to fight its way out through the juicy flesh. There's something very sexy about this. The warm ripe peach combines with the zing of metal in a way that makes me think of flesh pressed up against glass, or a wet tongue caressing a stainless steel sink fixture. Every whiff is peach-chrome-peach juice, in that order. It makes me feel a little crazed and ravenous for another sniff. I immediately started looking for a backup bottle upon this first application. A real favorite. 9/10
  14. Fancyfetus

    Courtesans Relaxing

    A pink toned rice powder bath, with fresh jasmine flowers floating placidly on top. The almond is very present as well - maybe an expensive almond extract soap. I think the bath is cold, but it feels soothing instead of uncomfortable. The coconut doesn't reach me immediately, but as this wears it mingles with the warmth of my skin and brings that chilled bath up to temperature. Something about the coconut makes the scent incredibly addictive. Just the perfect amount of fatty, unsweetened coconut flesh to balance out the sweetness of the almond and jasmine, along with the powder puff of rice. This wears for 4-5 hours, and keeps getting better for the first few of those. Truly a favorite.
  15. Fancyfetus


    I received an imp's ear of this and was curious to try a peach scent. It smells like peach marmalade with a hint of mead. I'm not typically into fruity scents, but when I first put this on, I was in love! Alas, this oil has ZERO staying power for me. My skin must have just gobbled up those peaches because it was almost totally gone less than an hour later. I may try again after a little time has passed. If not, I'll probably work it into an unscented hair oil in the hopes that I can get some longevity out of it that way.