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    Crawdad, Berry Moon 2011, 13 Feb '09, Bengal, Dee, Depraved, Hemlock Honey, Banshee Beat, Fate's Jester, Pink Moon 2007 I LOVE patchouli, juicy fruits, thick spices, sugar jolts, lemongrass, citrus, creams, fizz, and smooth blends. I also like scent experiences so try most everything out once.I don't usually like dry, powdery, floral, "perfume" or "Cologne" blends.Musks, Ambers, and Honey I want to love but are a hit or miss. (More details in my sig - scent love/hates)

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  1. Aveya

    Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab

    I hate to be that person, but this smells like an amazing bathroom. Citrus scents are common in my shower so it's no real surprise. It's got a wet, juicy, zippy punch to it. Plus white musk always comes across a bit soapy to me. Add the two together and you get an AMAZING shower scrub. .. That said I would totally buy gallons of this as a soap. What a perk-up! I might get a bottle to just keep me zippy. Initial : this was a BIG punch of grapefruit and yuzu. Clears sinuses and made me sneeze lol. Drydown: Sweetens up and softens out the zip as time goes on. Leaves a fresh, modern clean scent behind. Verdict: This is how I want my life to smell after I've KonMari'd my house.
  2. Aveya

    Dead Leaves and Red Carnations

    Expectations: I LOVE CARNATION. I also love the sweet earthy leaves. I'm hoping for a grounded earthy carnation, of course. Initial Sniff: SHARP Green! These leaves are not dead. Wet skin: Green and dying. Weird combo, the carnation early "fresh" plus the leaves makes this just a sort of wet rainy early autumn pile of leaves. Interesting and uninspiring a the same time. Drydown: Carnation starts warming up - Yay. But the leaves keep the carnation "greener" than the raw SN carnation would be by now. It's interesting. It's a tempered carnation (which usually spices up warm and deep on me) with grassy aspects. It's got a floral-perfumey vibe about it. Verdict: Not my personal favorite. I was hoping for more earthy carnation, less grassy carnation. But a unique take I'm sure others will really enjoy.
  3. Aveya

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain

    #171 Was hoping for more reviews to see what it is in mine that I love, lol. Honestly 171 is almost exactly Samhain straight to me, but it has a warmer gentle touch. My gut response is to say Vanilla. I've been sniff comparing to Samhain 2010 that I have - it's warmer. It doesn't have that sharp cold wind aspect. It's warmed up and toned down. It's really lovely. Maybe a benzoin/tonka/vanilla. Maybe something else entirely but that just brings out the warmer aspects of this blend. It's fruit-pulp heavy and gently sweeter. More foody-edged than forest-pine edged. In any case I adore it. I might swap some decants just to trade for sniffing others because I think Samhain is a beautiful one to play with.
  4. Aveya

    Zoe and the Goat

    Expectation: Do you know how much I love Patchouli? Like so much. So a honey caramel cream patchouli? .... It better be succulent and earthy perfection omg. Initial Sniff: OH MY I just gave myself a cavity. This is puuuuuuredark rich syrup. Wet Skin: Oh god. Syyyyrup. Sweet sweet cavities everywhere! Blood sugar has spiked. Dry Skin: Heavenly Father, I believe. This is amazingtastic. The honey caramel takes a flippin chill pill (thankfully quickly - like under a few minutes) and then out blooms my dreams and fantasies. Warm sweet patchouli. Engrossing beauty. This is MY scent. I shall hoard them all. Verdict : This is the first scent I've tried that I think can ACTUALLY stand in for Banshee Beat for me. It's not the same - don't be mistaken. But it has the same warm-sweet earthy engrossing thing, but with MUCH more almost-sickly sweetness. Not the delicate warm glow of vanilla. On some days I could see this level of sweetness causing me nausea, depending how my skin plays with it. Dangerous game. But when it does behave? Oh. My. God. This is between Goblin & Fates Jester on my hierarchy of favorite Patch scents. I'm going to get a bottle for sure. That honey just better stay behaved. Edit to add: After reading other reviews after I posted mine - DEFINITELY a patchouli lovers scent. From the single notes I've tried, this is the black patchouli variant moreso than the red patchouli. Earthy and yum.
  5. Aveya

    An Encampment of Shepherds

    Expectations: I've been in love with Tobacco notes lately. Tonka Bean is a secret favorite of mine (thanks to falling asleep with Dee on my arm, and waking up to the warmest yummiest dreamiest smells) that tends to get mixed with items I don't enjoy. In this case I'm hoping for a warm womanly earthy scent. Rose amps on me but I usually love it anyways. Initial Sniff: Dusty. Dry. Dead roses Initial Skin: Curiously strange. Dusty but wet. Musty but warm. Clay is strange? Yeah, clay is strange.This scent doesn't blend for me as well as I hoped as quickly as I hoped. Instead of the heavenly tobacco I wanted, and wishful rose depth I was daydreaming of, I'm left with dusty musty clay made with dry crushed rose petals. Drydown: It takes a little time, but there's this small window when the tobacco does that THING I love and it gets all smoky syrup (I don't know, it does though) it starts making steps to perfection. And then BAM Clay asserts it's dominance and that's it. Everything else has succumbed. Clay has won. All hail the clay. Verdict: I don't like clay, oops. I'm not a fan of "dry" scents generally so this is no exception. However I learned that rose tobacco might be something amazing for me in the right combination. In this blend though, red clay became front and center for me. I mean it's 100% clay rolled in what reminds me of red musk (which also doesn't always work on me). I wish rose had amp'd and tobacco has stomped and clay was a minor player. - BUT, this scent matches that picture. I always underestimate how much BPAL can capture images into smell. Very unique. I'm jealous of those that don't get clay from this.
  6. I am tentatively back!

    My grandmother died. I went back to Ohio for a week to visit family and remember. Summer brought some other traveling events, and then my anniversary with my husband.


    On return from anniversary trip, my Collie baby girl Willow collapsed suddenly. We brought her into the ER and found out her had a cardiac sac filled with blood. Tests and panic later we found out she had a blood cancer in her heart, liver, spleen, possibly more places (cardiac hemangiosarcoma).

    We started down a path of herbal and chemotherapy treatments for a few weeks, until her body couldn't take it any longer and we had to say goodbye.

    Emotionally, financially, just... every way possible we've been drained. Our dogs are our children, she was only 8. We've been devastated, and now finally recovering to normalcy.

    So, I'll slowly start picking over messages and getting back in the groove.

    Cool new site.

  7. Aveya

    The Cross

    Imp : Elementary school desk (aka; frankincense) Skin: Woody, incesy-esq. Feels a bit mystical. Drydown: Blend is very natural, woody, and incense-esq. It feels holy. Drenched in religion and mysticism. Woody, earthy, incensed, textured. Later drydown has more of an almost leather-touch, getting more masculine as I wear it. Verdict; Exactly what it should be, the Catholic Cross.
  8. Aveya

    The Eternal Virgin

    Preconception: I love Carnation. I love cardamom. I like honey - but it amps. I'm hoping for a spicy warm creamy thing. Initial Skin: WHOA hi there Honey. You're super flippin' sweet. Drydown: Super super quick I get spices with my honey. Artisan spiced honey. SUPER rich sweet honey. My blood sugar is rising smelling this. But then the carnation & cardamon add their beautiful beautiful warmth and tang. I'm in love with it. I wish I amped cardamom more. I usually amp carnation,but the honey has WON OUT. Honey is Queen. She is also cloyingly sweet to me. Not in a sugar way, not in a creamy way, but in a raw syrup honey. Late drydown: Raw. Honey. Comb. Verdict: Disappointed that the honey won out in this battle. I had high hopes for a spiced beautiful blend. It's really beautiful, except for the queasy sugar-induced edge it adds to me personally
  9. Aveya


    Preconception : I'm madly in love with blueberries. MADLY. It all traces back to Irrelevant and Disturbing Surreal Crawdad Dreams .... So I'm on an endless hunt. I almost blind-bottled this one but decided to hold off. "Frozen" and "Floral" have me concerned. Initial Sniff: Crawdad. Oh my blueberry affair. Initial skin: BLUEBERRY! Briefly. Then Bubblegum? Then SUGAH! Got a cavity. Drydown: So, I should have known that frozen petals would still smell like floral. The icy-floral thing + tangerine is a bit strange to me. It almost smells like bird feathers and bubblegum. (Why do I know what that smells like) The blueberry is still being blueberry, but there's a cold citrus edge to it that's cutting it into a floral, clean, strange place for my brain. This is a really unique scent. The longer I sniff it, the more it reminds me of Teleste, the only other Saturn moon I've tried. Which is interesting - there's something about these moons that are really blending together well into a proper set. It has some of the same delicate strength. It comes across "watery" to me, in that the scent smells diluted - not actually diluted just that it doesn't APPEAR full bodied. But yet it has crazy throw for me, and has really rounded edges. Almost like a light halo? How there's the outside rim and you know it has full body, but at the same time it's empty and missing parts. I promise I make sense. Late drydown the blueberry comes back as the more dominant note. In any case - this is a scent worth trying in my opinion. It has some nods to Lilith's Blue Unicorn Moon - a definite blueberry bubble gum. But then has been adulted pretty hardcore, and made into something sophisticated and complex. I could sniff this forever contemplating how it makes me feel. Therapists should use Black Phoenix scents instead of ink blots. Verdict: Not what I thought it would be. A contemplation on blueberry bubblegum, bird feathers, and our place in the universe.
  10. Aveya

    The Initiatrix

    So I love Hope. I loved Katrina Van Tassel way back when. I love Rose. But I have trouble wearing it because it AMPS like there's no tomorrow. On first apply this is 100% RED ROSE in your face. It amps on me - for sure. But it's got a softer edge to it during the amp'd early-apply stage than other blends. Something extra red and rich and sweet. Then within no time, the rose tames down and the creamy vanilla benzoin God of my Heart comes out, and sweetens it up. It's not like Hope, to me. It's not sugary and super sweet - it's notably a creamy vanilla-sweet. But the beauty of this one is about three-five hours in. And all that's left on your skin is a soft, sensual glow of a sweet vanilla-resin rose as you could never have dreamed it. The drydown gives me the same mood-lift that the laaaate drydown on Dee gives me (not the same scent though, all mood). I'm excited to wear this one to work - start of the day a powerful bold rose, and then end the day with a relaxing creamy beauty. This isn't very complex to me - It's straightforward and beautiful. It's got a slight spark in there that reminds me of some of the red musks, but more in spirit than actual smell. It has a sultry edge that marries the vanilla/rose combo in a way that's adult and beautiful. And while benzoin's creamy-sweet body keeps things tempered, there's still a sharp wetness of a red rose petal through the whole thing. Really beautiful for me. Probably a bottle buy. I can see this being a daily work-wear for me.
  11. Aveya

    The Crown

    I got this one because i was curious. That's all. Wet on skin, it's legit babywipes. I mean that in the best way possible? it's clean and floral, but a little bit astringent. There's a powdery earthy ness to it that in the baby-wipe comparison smells like the fabric. For me, it's hard to shake that. Babywipes or wet dryer sheets. It's a soft gentle scent, but on me that doesn't mean low throw. I got this one to teach my nose new things, and Im a bit sad all I can get is baby wipes
  12. Aveya


    I had no idea I had this. But I've been chugging through my old boxes of imps to test everything. I neglect GC scents so they tend to multiply. Initial is suuuper buttery and bready. Not yeasty, but toast-ish. Gets super creamy with a touch of tea. I feel weird but this is exactly spot on. But as it dries, it gets less foody and more creamy-floral. Light and gentle. Very in line with the Wonderland scents. Can't believe I hadn't tested this before.
  13. Aveya

    On the Death of His Mistress

    Initial on skin this hit me with a wave of vegetal herbal dusky earthy. Really beautiful though, not dry but super wet and lush loam. QUICKLY takes a lemon-turn. There's this small period where it smells legit salty. If you've ever had genuine japanese candies, they like to have these salted plum candies that are too bitter for me. But it smelled exactly like that for a brief flicker and I about fell in love. Then it went all dirty desk on me. Which, I've learned, is frankincense. After that it kind of wafts around between those few phases, and it ends up being a really really funky smelling thing. Salty, lemony, desky, earthy, and this odd tickle of something sweet. Totally bizarre. Think age did some weirdo things.
  14. Aveya

    Fruit Moon

    Stage one: FRUIT! Sweet smashed up Hurricane-style fruit. This is a dream for me. I love the labs fruits, and super sweet scents. This is similar to Candy Phoenix for me. It's got a tad more depth/heart than Candy Pheonix does, and comes across more decidedly fruity. But SUPER sweet and juicy, and I'm in love with it. Stage two: .... Is that frankincense? The sticky old lemonhead covered in pencil shavings? Yes, yes it is. Or something close to it. The super sweet fruity wave of phase one almost immediately puffs into the atmosphere as soon as I notice this woody element, and the whole thing shifts away from my Candy-Phoenix Playground and into something more sophisticated and serious (And desky). Not so much a fan. It comes across more syrupy (like caramel scents tend to go on me). This phase reminds me more of Shango's unfortunate drydown on me too. Verdict; Unfortunate morpher for me. Love the initial apply of raw sugar fruit, not in love with the later "lunar oil" drydown.
  15. Aveya


    WHOA! I got this one as a whim - another "I think this smelled awful but want to be sure" thing. So, the other reviews are right on. To me this smelled like a mishmash of candy that melted in a gross Ex boyfriends car and blended in with lint and dog hair and dirty. And then on a hot summer day re-melted and "perfumed" the entire car again. Dirty suckers. Molding Flowers. Souring fruits Bitter medicinal insanity. Well, now I know!