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  1. dramedy65


    I like The Storm, from this year's Lilith's as well. Sea Rat is good too, and I'll second tempest and Amsterdam. Windward Passage went a bit soapy on me. Dirge or Haunted Seas from Last year are pretty good as well.
  2. dramedy65

    Promises of Izumo Hair Gloss

    I bought decants, and then getting impatient, like I do, threw one into my cart at the lab. Iam immensely happy about that choice. It smells like salty ocean air with out too much seaweed, like a breeze when you're a block or two out, begging you to come frolic in the ocean. The cucumber is THERE, but it acts more like the wind/refreshing note, than a proper cucumber scent. I am thinking of taking a decant and adding a teensy bit of squirting cucumber to see what happens But as far as a soft, enticing oceanic scent, I couldn't imaging better. Very relaxing too.
  3. dramedy65

    Fortuna Praecantatrix

    I really really love the pomegranate notes in here, it's such an unusual scent. If there was no back note of patch, I'd probably love this. unfortunately, to my nose the oudh and patcholi get stinky all over this, and patchouli gives me a headache if it's overwhelming like this. I am sensitive to it; my skin tends to amp it. however, if you like grounded, fruity, witchy scents, I'd recommend it!
  4. dramedy65

    A Spirit, Katie

    Smells like soft fruity bergamot, with a hint of dried roses. it opens into a non cloying version of my Italian grandma's potpurri, like a soft blend of happier times, fading. I love it. It's very unisex? I bought 3 bottles+, because grief is weird, and I will probably wear this a lot more during the spring or fall. It's not warm enough for winter and I sweat too much in Summer but it's perfect soft scent for fall or spring... Anyway, big fan.
  5. I'd go something like Poisoned Apple or Goblin Market - scents that are fruity/floral but with a resinous edge. And depending on what you amp, Villain or A Countenance Forboding Evil might work too, if you amp floral enough that it masks the evil. Or layer something sinister with le fleurs du mal, because that is (while I love it) the perfect little old lady posset scent. My mom said that and lives for it tbh.
  6. dramedy65

    Chocolate Blood

    It seems everything chocolate goes a little powder on me, but this smells in the bottle more like a wet, sweet cherry chocolate. On the drydown, it becomes a fickle cherry, hiding a scent that mostly reminds me of hershey's chocolate (or Bosco's, as it says) drying on my skin after I've eaten a big cherry off a sundae. I love it, just wish it stayed a little wetter lol.
  7. dramedy65

    Zip Line

    I can even with this scent. It smells raw leather and cinnamon in the bottle, and after a minute or two of drying, it starts to develop into the scent of drinking a cinnamon dolce latte at a bookshop, but a used one filled with soft leather books and creaking shelves. Not at all, you know, the adventure implied in the title, for me. But skin chemistry is a hell of a thing, right? Love it.
  8. dramedy65

    Eve's Big Apple VII

    The cider that spills over on to your hands. soft, alluring and sweet. I would like a bit more spice, but. Big round scents, the most fall of all these. Love it.
  9. dramedy65

    Eve's Big Apple IV

    Smoking incense through an apple. Like. literally if a stoner had an apple and some leaf... Not a bad scent but patchouli turns unshowered hippie on me in an instant. Overwhelming and unpleasant.
  10. dramedy65

    Eve's Big Apple VI

    This smells like a fluffy apricot/apple marshmallow candy. goes a teeny bit powder on me. But a powdered sugar powder lol. Too sweet for me.
  11. dramedy65

    Eve's Big Apple V

    Very soft, apple takes a backseat to the oudh and sandalwood, giving them a fruity firm scent. Kind of a schoolmarm's apple. Desks and apple and a little sass. Adore it.
  12. dramedy65

    Eve's Big Apple III

    More ginger than anything else, but I think I amp ginger. At least I do in my mouth so... ANYWAY, like ginger apple cider, if a little fizzy.
  13. dramedy65

    Eve's Big Apple II

    I'm barely getting apple, mostly getting floral, a hint of apple, and something incense-y, which may be the myrrh. Deep, esoteric, but barely apple. More like a deep thoughts on apple scent than anything else.
  14. dramedy65

    Eve's Big Apple I

    It's a clean white smell. Very professional. Smells vaguely like cucumber and apple blossoms. with some sweetness teasing me. Very interested, my fairy got me a full bottle, I am interested in how this will smell later.
  15. Yggdrasil came up as minty cedar on me and the hubs?