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    Favorite bpal by far is XCDL13....I also love Fee, Underpants, Glowing Vulva, Tiki princess and can never get enough of my beloved Dorian


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  2. princessbeena

    Kinda Sorta Snake Oil Cream Soda

    My bottle smells like snake oil with lots of vanilla on top this stuff is the sh!t
  3. princessbeena

    Razors in a Doll's House Hair Gloss

    Rose water, cognac, and lace slashed with gleaming silver. This smells very pink to me-not cotton candy pink but like baby pink roses and cream. When it dries it smells like a dolls head-not plastic but that powdery smell of say, a cabbage patch doll (in a good way). Powdery pink rose doll heads-I'm diggin it
  4. princessbeena

    Kamisuki Hair Gloss

    I bought this to use in my daughters hair but I love it too!! It is a little shampoo-like but a REALLY good shampoo!!! I get a lot of strawberry and a lot of cherry blossom-no tea and maybe a tiny bit of the vanilla orchid-love!!!!
  5. princessbeena

    Snow Angel Hair Gloss

    Cherubic spun sugar with a hint of lemon, sparkling peach, and floral tea. I don't know what else to say except that this smells exactly like the Snow Angel perfume but in HG form! Bright, cheery lemon with just enough peach and sugar-I've never gotten any floral tea from the perfume and that still rings true with this HG-I'm thinking of getting a back up bottle! Hmmmmm now I wonder how much pleading I need to do to get a Fee HG this Winter
  6. princessbeena

    Incense Chaos Theory Hair Gloss

    I received number VI-this smelled like light incense and either gardenia or Lilly of the valley maybe? The incense is very light but cuts the intensity of the floral. I'm not a floral wearer per se and didn't find that this scent was "me". I loved trying it but it is currently off to a new home.
  7. princessbeena

    French Vanilla

    Hmmmmm not really what I was expecting which isn't necessarily a bad thing. In the bottle it smelled a little bit like a root beer/cream soda combo. It goes a little bit like play doh on the dry down. So sad my skin chemistry isn't working well with this SN. The anise is there and very detectable.
  8. princessbeena

    Teatime in Roswell Hair Gloss

    I've never tried the perfume so I had no idea what to expect with this. I initially get the cake and tea but it's not long before the cucumber comes out a little stronger and gorgeously blends everything together! I really really like this-it's unique and refreshing-and the label art is legit ****edit****It just occurred to me what this HG reminds me of-Blue Moon 2004!!! It has to be the cucumber because when this HG dries down it has that same cool blue cucumber smell I get from blue moon 2004
  9. princessbeena

    Enveloped in Silk Hair Gloss

    I can describe this in 3 words: STRAWBERRY COTTON CANDY ❤️❤️
  10. princessbeena

    The Instructional Manual

    This is gorgeous!!! Red musk usually dominates most blends but that is so not the case here-the cherry blossom and strawberry make this so bright, fresh, and cheery!! If you're not a red musk lover you should still give this one a whirl! My only complaint is that it doesn't seem to stick around long on me
  11. princessbeena

    Blossoming Vulva

    Golden amber and bourbon vanilla with sweet oak, blue lotus, and tea blossom. This ended up being very heavy on the blue lotus for me-the overall scent reminded me of Poor Monkey from the recent Yules (which sadly didn't work on me)-I know Poor Monkey had a different lotus in it and I was really hoping the blue lotus here would play nicer but for me, it ended up taking over this otherwise soft and pretty scent. I smell a little bit of the tea blossom as well and for me, it seems like the amber and vanilla just kind of helped blend it all together (I don't get a lot of amber or vanilla is what I'm trying to say here).
  12. princessbeena

    Who do I email with questions? BPAL/BPTP contact info

    I know this isn't the right place on the forum to ask-but I know you guys will know! I haven't paid with PayPal since the new website has been up so I paid the old way where you just go to PayPal and send money to blackphoenixalchemylab@paypal.com and manually put your order in the notes. Does this method still work? I read later that you can go thru their website and still pay with PayPal (which was not the case with the old website) help!!
  13. princessbeena

    Portal of Death! Atmosphere Spray

    Smells very similar to Mme Moriarty in atmosphere spray form-love it!!!!
  14. princessbeena

    Edith Cushing

    Very sweet and almost buttery vanilla (which I love)-as it dries the sandalwood comes out and cuts the sweet vanilla a bit-I adore this scent-glad I bought 2 bottles and am seriously considering a 3rd
  15. princessbeena

    Chaos Theory VII: Gourmand

    Half bottle from decant circle #168-clove and some vanilla maybe? Maybe a little fruit too-smells like a Weenie Half bottle from decant circle-#257-this smells like it should be a Weenie too-a light black licorice maybe? Reminds me of the pastille licorice candies