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  1. sea_stars

    Sir Thomas Sharpe

    I should start out by saying I almost exclusively wear girl-ish scents. If it's named after a sweet young heroine, most likely I will adore it. So Edith was an obvious choice for me (and I love her!) but I never suspected to fall so deeply in love with Thomas. The love is so real, so deep, he might be in my top 3 favorite scents ever! Highly unusual for someone who usually wears florals/rose/vanilla... Cozy and sweet are the words that come to mind wearing this. I'm definitely amping the amber with some of the fougere in the background. I appreciate the throw on this is light, but more than just a skin scent...it really warms to a small halo of delicious scent around me. This lasts all day on me, and even the next morning I caught traces on my cardigan sleeves to my delight! I really can't stop huffing my wrists. Now if only I could find a gentleman to slater this on
  2. sea_stars

    Tomoe Gozen Bath Oil

    I am a hoarder of bath oils, to be sure. Most I don't use in the bath (even though I take *lots* of baths), but I prefer to use them as after-bath moisturizers. I tried using Tomoe Gozen straight on my skin like I do with other bath oils, and it was SO STRONG! I couldn't handle it. So I tried it in the bath water, and that's where this oil truly shines (as intended). This is probably my favorite winter-time bath oil. It is just as described, a perfect blend of equal parts red currant and honey! Deliciousness.
  3. sea_stars

    Sweet lemony floral?

    Lemon-Scented Sticky Bat makes you smell like Lemony Poppyseed Bread...not really floral, but a yummy lemony sugar scent. And if you can find it, Cherokee Rose SN smells like roses and lemon to me...not too overpowering just gentle and sweet.
  4. sea_stars

    Konditorei Atmosphere Spray

    Finally got a decant of this yesterday and I am so in love! I sprayed this on my pillow before taking a nap and was greeted with warm cozy scents of apple strudel, hot cocoa, candied fruits, and a little bit of coffee in the background. Good thing it comforted me enough to knock me out otherwise I might have eaten my pillow! I was worried that a coffee note would overpower everything else, but I am glad it is the weakest note to my nose. Really scrumptious blend. Light, warm, comforting.
  5. sea_stars

    The Last Evening of the Year

    This reminds me a lot of Demeter's Laundromat, but with rose and snow. Very fresh smelling linen, rose in the background, and a blanket of fresh snow. I couldn't wear this all the time, but it is very pretty and I can see myself reaching for it certain days when I wanna smell super squeaky clean!
  6. sea_stars

    Beautiful and Adored

    WOW this is strong! Be careful...I spilled a little too much on my arm, and with most scents this wouldn't be much of a problem, but this became so strong I had to wash it off. Not that it was bad...just so strong it was giving me a bad headache. Once properly dabbed on...this is lovely and gorgeous. At first I thought it reminded me of a floral Fee, but my stuffy nose must be confusing the pear with the melon of Fee (it has been about 5 years since I even smelled that!). It is very fruity at first, but after wearing it a few hours it is mostly gardenia and rose with the pear right behind. I don't really get vanilla, but it is well rounded and creamy and I suppose that's the vanilla's doing. I really like this and think I'll wear it again tomorrow...but just a smidge!
  7. sea_stars

    White Chocolate and Sugared Violets

    Love love loving this scent. I have worn it a few times, but wearing it today in my stepmom's house just hanging out and I keep catching whiffs while sitting here watching a movie. I keep wondering what smells so good in the kitchen...oh wait! That's me! Very faithful to the name...smells just like violets dipped in white chocolate! Foody floral yum yum! As others have put it, Faith dipped in white chocolate!
  8. sea_stars

    Pumpkin Princess

    This is all pumpkin, guava, and vanilla fluff on me. Perhaps a little honey in the background. Sweet, playful, but not overpowering. A great everyday, anywhere fall scent. And such a cute label!
  9. sea_stars


    I can't believe in all my years of loving BPAL or being on the forum, I have never reviewed my first love...Samhain. It was the first bottle I ever ordered straight from the lab, back in 2004! Even now, THIS is what fall smells like to me. It isn't fall without wearing this perfume! I am not a lover of patchouli, but I think it is very well balanced in this blend. When I wear it one of my best friends says I smell like chai. I smell the deep apple, damp dried leaves, and warm spices against the backdrop of patchouli. It makes me want to drink hot apple cider and go to a pumpkin patch in a warm sweater and riding boots. Even though I was going through a rough breakup at the time I bought this, this scent evokes happiness and childhood memories. VERY strong though...even a drop is almost too much for me...and thus my bottle is still very, very full...it will take a while to use the whole thing but I wouldn't trade it for the world
  10. sea_stars

    The Glittering Apple Of The Stars

    Can I just say I'm utterly in love with this scent? I didn't expect to adore it so much and only got a half an imp. It is so fantastic I am considering ordering from the lab just for a bottle of this. Gorgeousness! I agree with opinions that it could somewhat be the lovechild of Snow White/SnowGlassApples. It also reminds me of The Girl. A soft appley scent with shimmering musks and a bit of ylang ylang. I am very impressed with the throw it has, but because it is so soft it is not cloying or overpowering. Only lasts a few hours, but it is worth it and I don't mind reapplying to smell this lovely. I like smelling like a glittering apple...I feel like one of those pretty apple Christmas ornaments covered in gemstones.
  11. sea_stars

    La Calavera Catrina

    The Lady of the Graveyard! Autumn leaves, wild roses, bourbon vanilla, dry chamomile, and a bouquet of bright chrysanthemums and Mexican marigolds. I was really hoping for more rose/vanilla with a background of the other notes....but this is very much too herbal for me. I think this is the first scent I ever washed off my skin. The scent really fits the label and really does smell like I would imagine the lady of the graveyard smelling! You can really smell the dry leaves in there..if it wasn't so herby I think I may have liked it occasionally.
  12. sea_stars

    Candied Pumpkin

    Initially straight out of the bottle and wet on my skin it smelled OMG craft store Fall Halloween scent!! on me Once dried it simmered down and after about an hour it really had a nice warm glow about it...to me it smelled like pumpkin pulp, sweet cinnamon, clove, ginger, and a bit of orange (juice). A really snuggly scent once it dries! ETA: Also wanted to point out that it has AMAZING longevity! I could smell it throughout the whole day and into the night..but the throw is moderate and not too in your face. Love that!
  13. sea_stars

    Treatsy Bath Oil

    Just tried this out for the first time yesterday... I am so in love with the bath oils! I have yet to use any in the actual bath because they work so well in place of lotion instead. I slathered this on my arms and legs yesterday before going out to the movies and it's just As others have said, this is mostly sweet fresh apples. I didn't overtly detect lemon, mint, coconut..or anything other than apples! Super yummy and light and PERFECT for this hot, hot summer!
  14. sea_stars

    Snow White Bath Oil

    I think this is my favorite BPAL-related item EVER. Snow White has been my favorite scent for years, and for some reason I thought I didn't need to try the bath oil. WOW, was I wrong! Like many others I used this more as an aftershower lotion. It is very moisturizing and absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy, but leaves a slight sheen on my legs which I like. But the best part is the scent! Just like the perfume oil...but better? It just seems to have the perfect throw and I love how I feel truly embraced by the scent, every inch of me. I was lucky enough to find a full bottle, but I am sure I will be out by the time Christmas rolls around... I really hope the lab brings this back!!!
  15. sea_stars


    This is lovely! Peachy peachy peachyness. Very ripe, juicy peach. A little bit of honey and way way way in the background I can smell the magnolia. I have never had a perfume anything like this. Such a realistic peach! Yum. I'm sold. Can't wait to wear this in the summer!