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  1. Zorra

    The Soul of La Traviata

    This was one of my decants in 2012 and I remember it was very sweet to my nose then. Too sweet for me. Today Facebook showed me I wore the scent on this day in 2012 so I decided to try it again. And the candy sweetness is much less now.. There is the darkness of the plum and still some sweetness of the black currant, the musk and neroli dance together and the jungle orchid winds through it all. I love grapefruit and I do not really get it here. It might be ageing, but it might be just that it blends so well I can't pick it out. I am glad I still have the decant. I should add that after an hour it got a bit too much for me. I think 'it' is the black currant note. I seem to have a low tolerance for currant notes, the same low tolerance I have for most synthetic notes.
  2. Zorra

    Death on a Pale Horse

    I tried Death on a Pale Horse this morning and I had sort of the same reaction: "I am smelling something that shouldn't be there! A hazelnut note?" I did not think of cardboard, but I'd say that might cover it just as well. I did not have the comfort to recognize reactions I have to notes that are listed. In fact I did not smell any of the listed notes, just that odd nuttiness. I left it on for only 20 minutes or so and then washed it off. It was not at all what I expected from the description and what I got I did not like at all.
  3. Zorra

    Goat 17

    Sniffing the bottle I smell a dark chocolate or cacao note, once on my skin the chocolate/cacao disappears and it turns into a herbal lemon note. I should add that I seem to be amping this herbal lemon note, because it seems to dominate a few other scents I have. On someone else the chocolate might still be there, which would make it more interesting.
  4. Zorra

    Fake News

    It started out wearable, but after a couple of hours I had to wash it off because I could not stand any more tobacco. I am learning to wear scents with tobacco, but we're still not friends.
  5. Zorra


    When this was new, the jasmine was quite strong. Nine months later it has become the softest jasmine I have smelled in a perfume. It smells like a magical summer night. I think it's the benzoin and orris that make the jasmine softer, while the honeysuckle and red mandarin make it a bit sweeter without really becoming sweet. Plum gives it the darkness that makes me think of night when I smell this. But in fact everything is so well blended that I don't really pick out notes, I just smell that it's very, very lovely.
  6. Zorra


    I am wearing this today because it has a nutmeg note which I recently discovered is in several scents I love, and because in a facebook post someone asked for wood scents and Gnome came up more than once. It must be a different gnome. I smell like gear lubricant, a luxury, effervescent type of gear lubricant with hints of ginger and peppercorn, but I can't make wood of this. It is nice, but I don't think I'll wear it often.
  7. Zorra

    Melisande, The Puppet Mistress

    From the bottle and wet on the skin Melisande seems to be just jasmine. But after a while the jasmine has used up her initial enthusiasm and gives space to the mimosa and they get along very well! The violet makes the blend darker, the vanilla gives some sweetness to it and the musk adds some mystery. I have had this bottle for a year now and time definitely has added depth to it. It has become a scent I want to wear again the next day.
  8. Zorra


    To me this smells more like vanilla and ginger than vanilla orchid and ginger. It is a warm softly glowing scent that helps me make it through chilly gray wet days.
  9. Zorra

    Blueberries, Cream, & Cardamom

    In the decant I smell a blueberry note and a cream note. On my skin the blueberries leave within half an hour, leaving me with the cream note. I do not like a cream note. Unfortunately, cardamom never showed up.
  10. Zorra

    The Little Wooden Doll

    Judging by the name I was expecting a scent with a strong woody note. I was not expecting to get such a candy sweet rose from it, right from the start! This is not the flower rose, it's rose candy! I know a lot of you love the candy sweet scents, but this is not for me.
  11. Zorra


    I recently obtained a partial bottle of this and it's probably no longer what it was when it was fresh, but I really like it as it is now. Roses and Lilies with a spicy undertone.
  12. Zorra

    Black Lily

    I can't believe I never wrote a review for Black Lily. It's been a favorite for so long! When I was new to BPAL (2009?) a friend sent me 50 used imps, so I could find out what I liked. My first love was Tiger Lily but I soon found out it was discontinued. So I started a search for a lily scent i would love just as much. In the end Black Lily was the winner. In fact I think I love it even more than I loved Tiger Lily. Black Lily is a soft lily, 'grace in shadow' is a good description. It is a velvety lily. I would say it's a dark and mysterious lily, but I am not entirely sure if that is not because I know it's called Black Lily. Compared to other lily scents Black Lily is a very sophisticated lily. You could wear it to the opera (I do wear it to the opera). You could wear it to a reception at an embassy. On the other hand there is no reason not to wear it when you go for a picnic on a late summer afternoon. If you are not a fan of lily scents, try Black Lily. She might win you over.
  13. Zorra


    This is a strange one on me. From the imp I don't smell much, just something fruity kind of fresh. On my skin at first I smelled nothing, so I applied more. Then it was the same fresh fruitiness that I got from the imp. And then the fruitiness seemed to decide to a soft cinnamon apple? Well it must be the prickly pear, but why is my mind translating it to soft cinnamon apple? I can't blame it on any of the other notes, it must be my weird nose or mind. Or perhaps it's the age of my imp? It is a nice scent, I would take the imp with me on vacation. But I don't expect I would want a bottle of it once I finish the imp.
  14. Zorra


    Seraphim is a scent I have liked ever since I had just discovered BPAL 11 (?) years ago, but somehow always forgot to wear. Now that I rediscovered it I can't stop wearing it. Fortunately I have three imps. Seraphim is plural for seraph which mean burning one. That is not what Seraphim (the perfume) smells like. It is, however, a very angelic scent, a majestic angelic scent. The calla lily is the most obvious note but the frankincense and sandalwood make it majestic. The rose cannot compete with the lily on my skin, something I have noticed with other scents as well. The wisteria I cannot point out, but it's there. This is not just a lily with a frankincense and sandalwood base, there are other flowers in the game. But most important about this scent is that it's a majestic angelic scent. When I have finished my imps I WILL buy a bottle. I won't forget about Seraphim again.
  15. Zorra


    The first thing I smelled when I tried this from the imp, was neither of the notes, it was jasmine! Once on my skin it disappeared, but after a couple of hours the jasmine returned, not a screaming jasmine but a soft and well-behaved one. I wonder if the jasmine I smell is part of the narcissus note. In the early stages I smell a crisp green rose, but like the jasmine it is well-behaved and shares the stage with the other flowers. This is a very floral scent, and the different flowers blend with each other perfectly so that none of them is trying to steal the stage. Seeing what I have just written that doesn't sound much like pride, not trying to steal the stage? But it is what I smell. Pretty non-competing flowers.