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  1. Zorra

    Snake's Shadow

    Oudh. I smell oudh, first it's rather poopy and overwhelming but that is only for a short time. Then it behaves and is a good oudh. But there is something odd here, I smell a lemony note, not lemon peel, not a herbal lemon, if it were stronger it could get really horrible like a cleaning product, but it behaves, like the oudh. And that's it. I do not get any patchouli or vetiver (unless there is a vetiver variety that smells lemony) and I am beginning to doubt if I know what labdanum smells like. Whatever I called labdanum before I don't smell in this blend. I don't smell Snake Oil either, but I do not smell Snake Oil in any of the recent spring snake oil blends. Not the Snake Oil I know as Snake Oil, not the Snake Oil I smell in the Snake Pit scents. There is a note that is in all of the Spring Serpents and I came back to Snake's Shadow because I wondered if it would have the same note. I cannot really tell because the oudh is so strong, but it could be. I wonder if Beth has created a Spring variation of Snake Oil. Edit to add: an hour later the lemony note has rolled back into the Snake's Shadow. Now this does smell shadowy. The oudh has softened. There is no Snake Oil, but I think I can smell the spring variation of snake oil which to me is completely different. I do not smell patchouli, nor vetiver, nor labdanum, but together they may be making the oudh shadowy.
  2. Zorra

    Snakes in the Lemon Tree

    As with the other Spring Serpents, there is no Snake Oil in this blend that I can smell. There is a note that is in all of the spring serpents, it just doesn't smell like snake oil. The blends do not look as if there is snake oil in them either, they are all transparent and lack the dark snake oil color. However, this is a gorgeous scent, and until I change my mind it is my favorite of the spring serpents. The vetiver makes the spring 'snake oil' note a lot better and the lemon, which in this blend is more woody than citrusy (but not a herbal lemon! It does seem to be a real lemon lemon) makes it a gorgeous, warm woody lemon scent. It makes me feel as if I am resting in a grove of lemon trees on a warm summer afternoon.
  3. Zorra

    The Chilling Cellar

    Reading the reviews that say it gets more like a dusty cellar when dry I think perhaps I should try this again. It was such a sweet scent, like cherry cola or something like that, so completely not what i expected, that I washed it off. It is now almost an houf after washing it off and I still smell the cherry cola.
  4. Zorra


    I fell in love with Tiger Lily (of which a friend had sent me an imp) when it was already discontinued. In my search for something similar I found Al-Araaf. Fortunately for me this is mostly lilies on me, I don't do well with the lab's honey note. Compared to still available lily scents Al-Araaf is softer and creamier. It comes closest to Black Lily but Black Lily is darker.
  5. If you see htis, please check your personal messages.

  6. Zorra

    Spooky Action at a Distance

    The first time I tried this I thought I smelled neroli, plus the rosy sandalwood. It was very pretty so I added a bit more and then I got a lot of geranium. The rosy sandalwood got mosly covered by it. But only for - oh I'm not sure how lomg, an hour perhaps? Then the sandalwood returned, a vaguely rosy sandalwood. The geranium has melted into the background even allowing the elemi and frankincense to show up. This is very beautiful! I was wondering why I had not heard more about it, but reading the other reviews it seems to be very different on different people.
  7. Zorra


    For a few seconds there was more than just jasmine. Then for an hour: straight jasmine and nothing else. After that hour something else gets a chance, I think it's the balsam. I would have liked to smell some of the other notes as well, but my skin seems to have eaten them.
  8. Zorra

    504 Gateway Time-out

    To me this smells like Cheshire Cat with something lemony added (not lemon rind, not a herbal lemon note, but something lemony). I think what reminds me of Cheshire Cat is grapefruit and lavender and perhaps chamomile and some musk. I see mint mentioned in other reviews, and indeed that may be there also but only a hint of it, not at all a overpowering mint, not on me.
  9. Zorra

    Coral Snake (2016)

    I get the lab's apple note with a bit of snake oil, no gardenia or plumeria at all. I am sorry about that, I was so curious to smell the combination of fruits and flowers in this one.
  10. Zorra

    A Chattering Raven

    I am going to give this more time, but two weeks after my bottle arrived it still smells like candy. I think it's the mandarin note, but it doesn't smell like mandarin at all, it smells like artificial mandarin candy. I love mandarin in scents, but this is still so horrible on me I have to wash it off. ETA: OK, after I washed it off the remains weren't so bad, so I put it back on but much less than I usually wear. The screaming of the mandarin might be its collaboration with lavender. With less on my skin I am getting something wood, the pine perhaps? I really want to love this one, so I am giving it time.
  11. Zorra

    The Desire of Thy Furious Embraces

    I found a box with old decants and this was one of them. There was an initial lemon blast but it lasted less than a minute and the second time I applied it was no longer there. What I get is a slightly lemony evergreen and floral combination with a powdery undertone. If I had know it would age to this, I would probably have bought a bottle.
  12. Zorra


    I bought this scent a year after it was available from the lab, so it has had some time to age. It is a dry cocoa on me with sadly no cinnamon that I can detect. I like cinnamon, I would have loved it to be there. There is more in this scent, something that went men's cologne on me when I tried the scent too soon after it traveled from the UK to the Netherlands. After a 3 weeks rest it has settled and no longer jumps at me, but it definitely does 'something' to the cocoa, lightens it a bit I think.
  13. Zorra

    Nasty Woman

    There hadn't been any reviews when I ordered this or the mentioning of tobacco and sweetness might have made me not order. Fortunately this is neither like tobacco on me (which goes very yucky) nor is it very sweet. There is an initial hint of loukhoum that I like, but it soon dies in only one note that remains and that is one I do not like. No fig, no vanilla, no amber, not even patchouli (although it may be below the part I don't like), and after that short moment when it was wet: no loukhoum. I must be amping something because there are more scents that are doing this to me. I'll give this one some time to age and hope for the best. (I could stop amping whatever it is, couldn't I?)
  14. Zorra


    I dug up the imp again, it's a very aged imp by now. Is that why I am smelling... dragon blood? Vetiver, myrrh, (musk too I think) and dragon blood. It's great, but if I would buy a bottle would it smell like this?
  15. Zorra

    Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting

    I bought a partial bottle of this and got it last week. At first it was just ambergris with a tiny bit of fruitiness at the start, so I left it for a week to rest. Now it gives me a swirl of autumn leaves for about a second, after which it's straight ambergris again. I don't want just ambergris, I like complicated scents. Am I amping the ambergris so badly that it kills all the rest?