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  1. dlynngarrett

    Blueberry, Tobacco, and Pink Pepper

    I love both blueberry and tobacco, so I didn't hesitate to order 2 bottles of this one! My order arrived on Monday and I couldn't wait, so I tried it straight away without any rest. My initial test was very similar to @dancingchair, the blueberry is front and center in the bottle. Wet on the skin, the most prominent note is the blueberry, and it is somewhat sweet. I could detect the tobacco in the background, but the pepper stepped in and was quite strong for a few seconds...almost to the point of nose burning As it started to dry down, the pepper took a step back, and I got equal part of blueberry and tobacco. It seemed a bit jumbled up and at one point I detected something almost floral, so I washed it off and decided to give it a bit of rest. Another test after 5 days of rest, and what a difference! In the bottle, all blueberry as before. Wet on the skin, sweet blueberry with tobacco grounding it so it isn't overly sweet. A very nice balance. I can't say I really detect much pepper this time, but as it dries there is a smokey undertone. Now this is what I was hoping for! I was worried at first, but now that its had time to settle, I am really loving this Looking forward to seeing what a bit of aging does!
  2. dlynngarrett

    Buck Moon 2021

    Fresh out of the mail a couple of weeks ago, I, too, got the same cereal, grain upon first sniff. It smelled nothing like the description nor did it resemble past years of Buck Moon. I was really looking forward to this one, since previous years are one of my favorite moons. At first I thought it was mail shock, but I tried it again today, and no change. I agree this seems to be a possible mis-label. Following for other reviews.
  3. dlynngarrett

    2004: Paper Phoenix

    Another hit from this series! Dorian fans should love this one. As it dries down, I start to smell the vanilla of Antique Lace. Like a sweet vanilla tea, this one is a winner!
  4. dlynngarrett

    2015: Lace Phoenix

    Lace Phoenix is as perfectly complex and beautiful as the scents in the CP line. I did not pick up incense at all in the wet stage. Even upon dry down, it's not the typical church incense. It's not heavy at all, and I can't wait to wear this after the mail shock has settled. A back up seems to be in my future!
  5. dlynngarrett

    2007: Wood Phoenix

    I don't know why I smell cherries, but that is what I get. My second favorite of this series! Maybe it's the red wine.... I'll give it a chance to rest and see what happens. It's lighter than I expected, and I can't detect even a hint of wood. The other components really turn This SO/Dorian blend into something amazing
  6. dlynngarrett

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    Right out of the mail, Cotton Phoenix was my favorite of the group! I love SO, and adore the almond milk sweetness here. It's such a cozy, beautiful play on the original SO. I can also smell the cotton blossom from Kwamie Cotton that VioletChaos mentioned above. I blind ordered 2 bottles, but will definitely add another to my next order. Hoard worthy for sure!
  7. dlynngarrett


    My beloved Havana. I missed out on this one completely, and finally located a full bottle a few months ago old school label and all. I had been collecting imps and hoping to find even an empty when I saw it for sale. Threeofcups described it perfectly. Havana is a sweet, warm scent that isn't too heavy for warm weather. The tobacco takes a back seat for me and allows everything else to meld together beautifully!