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  1. wikkidraven


    Would it bother you if you are not the first person to receive the same gift? Imagine a Witch who always sends her favourite book, for example. nope! Pets: What do you have, and do they need/want anything? my dog pretty much likes food, food and more food. Based on Prior Carnivale act prototypes...which one are you truly excited about? none Twilight fans, would you be interested in any products from this Etsy seller? i hate twilight. that's all i'll say about that. Are you in need of decanting supplies, wand caps, or other scent-related paraphernalia? i would love a new vial supplier :/ i buy them in bulk! Does your feline like catnip? I don't have a feline. Salt soap bars (soap made with a large quantity of salt, like salt-scrub-in-a-bar)? no thanks. How would you feel about homemade jelly/jam from home-grown berries? i love that sort of thing! Homemade dill pickles? Made from cukes, beans, snap peas, baby zucchini? i don't eat pickles would my future witchee like to receive steampunk style jewelry? i'm not really on the steampunk bandwagon... Tea. How do you feel about it? I rarely drink tea, probably best not to send any as it will end up unused. what is your favorite anime, or if you don't like that what is your favorite animated series? i don't know much about new titles, but i absolutely love ghost in the shell. i think i kind of outgrew anime. i'll update questions as frequently as i can, but it's probably best to reach me via email if you want to ask me anything!
  2. wikkidraven

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    I received DLXIV from my switch witch It was previously reviewed by Midnight Aeval and Sookster. I'm inclined to agree with their reviews...the bottle has aged some now and I would say the earthy bits have matured and deepened, the sweetness of the fig rounds out what smells like oakmoss to me. sweetness aside, i am wondering how this might smell on a boy.
  3. wikkidraven

    Lovers with Rutting Cats

    Vanilla, red ginger, oakmoss, palm date, and oud. This scent starts out surprisingly strong and sweet, with lashings of date and vanilla over soft spice but the deeper notes surface soon enough. The more you sniff it, the more it seems to morph. In the drydown the agarwood and oakmoss take root and the wet spell foodiness dissipates. I'm left with a warm, comforting scent that hugs the skin. It threatens to become plasticky baby powder at times, but holds strong. As someone else mentioned I also feel like I'm detecting a little honey in there, but I may be mistaken. My switch witch chose this for me and I'm incredibly glad she made such a wise choice
  4. wikkidraven


    A little birdie told me that Amor is a close relative of the needle in a haystack blend, Decadence. I got my bottle today and couldn't wait to do a side by side review =) The base here is the same, candied sweet oranges with a bit of spice. But Amor seems to have less throw, it settles into the skin and doesn't have the same oomph that Decadence does. It's also less sweet than Decadence, I don't get the same girlish feel to it. The two blends are close, but I would say that Amor is a more mature version. However, are they close enough that I will treasure my bottle? Hell yes. With a little bit of aging, this could be just the substitute I've been looking for.
  5. wikkidraven


    I love Decadence. If I could afford a bottle, I would slather myself in it day in and day out. To my nose, this is a base of sweet orange, almond, and possibly cherries. It's girly and fun, almost lickable. Decadence smells like candy on the skin! There is a hint of something lurking in the background that I can't put my finger on, but for the most part it's icky sticky fun. Yummy.
  6. wikkidraven


    Something about the voodoo blends intrigues me, and I won't be satisfied until I have tried them all. Juju is very strange in that it reminds me of several other BPAL blends, yet I can't seem to nail down everything that is lurking in it. Jasmine and gardenia, patchouli and maybe balsam, definitely some resins in there. This is screamingly strong, and considering how old Juju is, the scent is probably magnified. There are shades of the discontinued blend Noir here, that same sort of perfumey sophistication is lingering, but Juju has a soapy undernote that isn't entirely pleasant. There is also a strange hint of baby powder. Does it work well as a perfume? No, probably not, but that's not what it's intended for. I would love to get my hands on more of this and give it a whirl. Next I need to find Goona Goona
  7. wikkidraven

    MVJBA: Spring Training 2008

    two of my favourite jelly belly candies are the buttered popcorn and caramel corn. this is like a hybrid of those at first it's VERY buttery with lots of salt, but there is an underlying sweetness. reminds me of cracker jacks! this is Shill's naughty cousin.
  8. wikkidraven

    Sugar Moon 2008

    when i first tried sugar moon without checking the notes i could have sworn i was smelling a bit of anise. now i'm trying it a second time and it's not present. this is extremely musky caramelized sugar, and in the wet stage it smells positively boozy. as this dries the woodier and earthy notes come out, and there is a very faint underlying soapiness. musk is the predominant note for me, and while it's not all bad, i don't know if i would wear this regularly. i'm on the fence about this one.
  9. wikkidraven

    Tiki King

    when wet i get a straight up shot of black coconut, but it quickly fades and is swallowed up by the lemon. this isn't a terribly astringent or lemon pledge note, it blends quite well. as it dries the dryness of the wood emerges, giving this an almost smoked scent. this seems fresh and unisex. i like it! though i can agree with the 'manly suntan oil' comment. i totally see that, but it's not entirely unpleasant.
  10. wikkidraven


    lovely, golden and warm ginger with sweet vanilla. simple, but beautiful on the skin.
  11. wikkidraven

    Beaver Moon 2007

    i seem to have gotten a different scent than everyone else--while it smells okay in the bottle this is pure plastic on the skin. terrible, and nothing like the original.
  12. wikkidraven

    Sugar-Slathered Candied Apple

    creepy's bigger, stronger brother. this has loads of throw and a very sharp apple note, tempered by lots of sugar. the strongest of the inquisitions i've tried so far, this one isn't fading on the skin. nice.
  13. wikkidraven

    Pumpkin Cheesecake

    on first whiff of the bottle i noticed the strong pumpkin note permeating the new p.patch scents this year. pumpkin cheesecake doesn't seem to have much on the cheesecake front (whimper) but it is a nice spiced scent. it reminds me very much of fyrinnae pumpkin pie.
  14. wikkidraven

    Midwinter's Eve

    Midwinter 2004 There are some florals cutting through my sugar plums and it's making me This is sugary sweet plum goodness for the most part. Just not sure whether I can make do with the underlying notes.
  15. wikkidraven

    Midnight Kiss

    it seems like all the notes in midnight kiss are fighting for prominency: first i got a whiff of cocoa, then red musk, then patchouli, then booze. right now it's smelling like a twice-removed cousin of Smut. i'm not sure if i like it or not at the moment. like most scents in this family, i'm sure it could do with a bit of age.