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  1. I know that somebody recommended Mouse's Long Sad Tale as a dupe for Vanilla Bean Noel but can anyone recommend an oil to complement it? I use the lotion and the gel but would love a scent to go with it (especially if it has resins).
  2. I find that the TAL Anthelion really helps me. It's the only BPAL/TAL/BPTP oil that I've ever used a whole bottle of (so far).
  3. Jadys

    Paduan Killer Swarm

    At fairs and in health food stores around here you can get flavored honey sticks which are like pixie sticks but with honey. One of the flavors is cinnamon and with this oil on I smell like I’ve been rolling around in cinnamon honey. I’m not a fan of this although I’m happy to report that I didn’t get any cinnamon rash from it.
  4. Jadys


    Oh my, this is Fruit Stripe gum. Even when it dries down it keeps that bubbley pink scent. Nice but not for me.
  5. Jadys

    Common Jezebel

    Wet this smells like dirt and peaches (which I’m guessing is the apricot). As it dries the vetiver fades letting the other scents develop into a muted sweetness. This scent is well blended; I can’t pick any of the notes out among the others. While this reminds me of the GC Jezebel, Common Jezebel is what I expected from a scent named Jezebel. It’s a little more experienced than regular Jezebel.
  6. Jadys


    On me this is straight up cardamom. Which is funny because I didn’t know what cardamom smells like. Now I’m swimming in it. Plus, it made me sneeze all day. Swaps.
  7. Jadys

    Paper Kite

    Wet, Paper Kite is very foody and for some odd reason reminiscent of Jack for me. I thought that maybe my decants got mixed up but now that it's been on for a few hours it is a subtle coconut and smells like suntan lotion. Dry it doesn't have much throw and I think it will need to be reapplied frequently.
  8. Jadys


    It's so strange how people can get different impressions from the same oil. On me this is straight up Snow White. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of Snow White (it reminds me of the sticker book I had when I was little causing some odd mental flashbacks). This is not for me.
  9. Jadys


    This is not at all what I expected Lamia to smell like, however it is an absolutely beautiful scent. Wet, I get a very fruity smell, like apricots. (Oops, just checked the notes list and it’s peaches which makes sense since I’ve never smelled an apricot). After a few hours it looses it’s juiciness and settles into a soft peach smell, with a little something extra that I can’t put my finger on. In August, I like to wear BBW’s discontinued Peach scent since it smells like fall to me. This scent will be a perfect layering companion to that.
  10. Jadys


    I bought this for my sister to try so I was pretty sure it wouldn't work on me and I was right. On me this is all leather, not the black leather note in Whip but a white leather, exactly like I would imagine a hide that was bleached by the sun to smell. Hopefully this suits my sister better.
  11. Jadys


    This scent is so well blended that I can’t separate the notes, not even my beloved rose. It is flowery and dry, I get none of the ylang ylang and all the flowers seem to be tempered by the lavender. It’s not a sexy scent and in fact it reminds me of something my grandmother used to wear. For me that’s a good thing. It’s a comforting scent adding a tinge of nostalgia to my day. Beautiful and poignant.
  12. Jadys


    This started out a little fruity and I wondered how it could possibly be a scent fit for Jezebel. Very quickly, though, it turned into something similar to O, very sexy in a subtle way.
  13. Jadys

    Blue Moon 2009: Elizabeth's Creation

    Wet, this had a dry hay kind of smell to it and as it dried down it turned VERY perfumey. Not floral, but perfumey. I'm actually a little worried that someone is going to come into my office and think that I'm hiding a whore in here. This is the first orchid blend that I've tried and I think that may be the problem.
  14. Jadys

    Mother Shub's Toothsome Banketstaaf

    This scent was not foodie at all to me. It actually smelled floral. Have you ever gotten some perfume on your hands and then gone to eat something? And then that something tastes like perfume? That is what this scent reminds me of.
  15. Jadys

    Mother Shub's Pfancy Pfefferneusse

    Fit for the finest oblation -- and your holiday table, too! Sugar-sprinkled pepper nuts with a bit of cinnamon, a bit of clove, a little cardamom, and a hint of nutmeg. For some reason, Mother Shub's treats don't seem to be working for me. On, this doesn't smell at all like pfefferneusse or any other kind of cookie. It smells like tea, the kind I make when I'm not feeling well, full of honey and lemon. And a plasticky doll. In fact, it smells like a kid with a cold drinking tea and snuggling their dolly. Weird.