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  1. Heavenlyrabbit

    Nabby Gardner's Holiday Globules

    Deck your halls with Nabby Gardner's Holiday Globules - the colors are out of this world! Luminous and possibly sentient, they make a fine addition to your holiday décor! It's like the twinkling colored lights on a Christmas Tree. Bright, sweet fruits with something vaguely kind of ozone. Kind of a fun, sporty fruit scent. I do not like ozone but I do like this. Want a bottle for sure.
  2. Heavenlyrabbit

    Ghost House

    Woody, green scent that approaches the feel of ozone with only brief flashes of the fruit.
  3. Heavenlyrabbit


    I used to host a Pumpkin Carving party for my artist friends every year.... This is the perfume that captures that. Carving fresh pumpkins into Jack O' Lantern's on a wooden butcher block table while drinking beer with cookies in the oven. Thank heavens I escape the cucumber route others have mentioned. A fun mash-up of notes and in that I put this in the novelty gourmand category along with Velvet Clown.
  4. Heavenlyrabbit

    Die Sundë, Vom Tod Verfolgt

    Die Sundë, Vom Tod Verfolgt, Henry Fuseli. Blood musk, hothouse orchid, fig leaf, frankincense, white amber, and tobacco honey. Full bodied, sexy and just a touch of dirty with a hint of spice coming from something I can't pinpoint. Perhaps the variety of orchid chosen. This is sort of an extreme version of a skin scent. A stripped down version of Pallas Athene (one of my recent favorites).
  5. Heavenlyrabbit

    Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion

    Apparently you reach the very murky Waters of Oblivion by descending a path of opalescent stones and find them surrounded by dark, mysterious flowers.
  6. Heavenlyrabbit

    The Soul of La Traviata

    Androgynous people mingling amidst swirls of purple fruit suspended in the air above them
  7. Heavenlyrabbit

    The Hell of Great Heat

    The one word out of mouth upon applying this to my skin without sniffing it in the imp first was "No". Actually, it was more like NO! Nononononono. Dank, musty filthy Patchouli. There have been miraculous BPAL perfumes where the Patchouli worked wonders on me. This is not one of them. Just. No.
  8. Heavenlyrabbit

    The Doom of Beauty

    This is a beautiful, deceptively simple floral with a very brief, sharp bite to it. Evokes the name perfectly. There is something that makes me think citrus and lavender. But I don't think either is actually in here. I don't know. But this ends up fascinating me. There's more going on here then meets the nose.
  9. Heavenlyrabbit


    Dark Alice said it for me "sweet, dark and delicious". Jonquil can be a heavy weight but everything else here keeps it absolutely in place.
  10. Heavenlyrabbit

    Blackbear Moon

    This is the first BPAL Cherry perfume that has worked on me. It's so complex. LOTS of layering of notes here. I'm having a great time smelling it cause it keeps on getting more and more interesting and lovely. Reminds me of making my own granola mix. And thus, by extension, Sleipnir.
  11. Heavenlyrabbit

    Body, Remember

    Raw, dark sugar and a wild, musky version of coconut. This definitely pushes all the right buttons for me.
  12. Heavenlyrabbit

    Blossoms in Springtime

    Sweet creamy perfection. Get this one. You won't regret it.
  13. Heavenlyrabbit

    Street Festival

    Plum honey, passion fruit, pomegranate, benzoin, French lavender, blonde tobacco, black currant, vanilla bean, lemon balm, Tunisian opium, violet sugar, clove, and white grapefruit. This is a jumble of scents which matches the Shunga perfectly. Slightly sweet and juicy fruits with a hint of spice and smokiness. This wafts off my skin giving an uplifting and energetic mood. Definitely unisex in the best possible way. I read this as a casual, daytime scent.
  14. Heavenlyrabbit

    The Cold Hour of Dawn

    Stunning. This is literally breathtaking. It was a complete wild card for me and I am so very happy to have a partial bottle. The Esprit de Eucalyptus is ethereal. with just enough of the Blue Musk to keep it from floating away into nothingness. This is a cold breath of air from a muffled whisper, hovering in the netherworld just before it evaporates. For me, it evokes the stories ending so completely and so beautifully. AND it smells divine. I am over the Moon with this one.
  15. Heavenlyrabbit

    Cinnamon Sugar Cookies & Egg Nog

    This was a frimp with my Christmas Stocking from the Trading Post. Only one year of Sugar Cookie ever worked on me. 2005. This is like that with an extra dash of Cinnamon which for some reason doesn't overwhelm the way it usually does. I think it's the Eggnog keeping it from being dominant. This really delivers exactly what it's name promises. So if you like the Lab's foodie blends, this almost certainly is worth a try.