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    Elf v4, MME Moriarty, Amsterdam, Lyonesse, Tiki Queen, Jacobs Ladder, Hanami, Her Voice, Cake Smash, Lilith Victoria, Voyeurs Among the Cherry Blossoms, Ravenous, Morocco v2, Hellion v2, Ov5, Parker Lily <3, Jingo Kogo v6 Notes: Vanilla, Honey, Tobacco, Tropical florals, Amber, White/Skin/Red/Other Musk, Lilac, Spice (little doses), Incense (little doses), Woods (except Cedar), sandalwood in small doses, ORANGE BLOSSOM No-no's: Nutmeg! Rose (except white), white and dry sandalwood, Sharp Citrus, Booze (except red wine), Caramel,

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  1. I was just thinking about you and totally forgot you were on this forum once upon a time. I hope life is being fabulous to you!

  2. saralaughs

    Discussion of all things Amber

    Crazy you should say that. Jacob's Ladder was my first Bpal amber love. I hope it works out just as well for you.
  3. saralaughs

    Plague Doctor v13

    This starts out very woody and herbish to me. A mentholic note creeps in and really crashes the party. The blends starts to remind me of a more complex Vick's Vapor Rub with a touch of sassafras, maybe. Definitely woody Vick's. Or Vick's woody, who knows.
  4. saralaughs

    Leo 2007

    This blend was way more floral than I expected. The amber is very quiet in the background on me, until it's very dry. Then it is the star of the show but the show has almost left town by then. Not what I'm looking for.
  5. saralaughs

    Cancer 2007

    A very sweetly aquatic floral. I get almost a cotton candy vibe for awhile, which is kinda weird mixed with the aquatic nature of this blend. After awhile into drydown, the cotton candy goes away and the scent is more reed-ish in nature, which is nice.
  6. saralaughs

    Threnody v4

    Very floral. I do get a bit of a red musk sent from this. But that may be just gardenia in the blend instead. A bit dry as well, maybe a bit of sandalwood? As it dries it gets sweeter over time so a bit of honey could be in here too.
  7. saralaughs

    Abedus Indentatus v5

    I echo what CP said above me. Bitterly herbal with a drydown that is has a bit of a soapy, but pretty floral.
  8. saralaughs


    Ever smelled Fresh's Sake fragrance? Yeah, this is it. Without the peach I think. Reminded me strongly of Loosening of the Obi when that blend was in the wet stage. This stays like that all the way into the drydown.
  9. saralaughs


    Very spicy and dry. Not for me.
  10. saralaughs


    This was very sharp on me. Sharp citrus.
  11. saralaughs


    Definitely Celeste-like. The vanilla seems to be the same only there is a floral element that gives it an almost aquatic nature to me. A bit sharp, too. Not sure if I would wear it or not but definitely pretty!
  12. saralaughs


    This is quite pretty and may be bottle worthy for me. As the previous reviewers stated, it's a soft vanilla/tonka musk with a touch of floral. The floral note in here isn't sharp or overpowering but slightly sweet and clean (but not soapy). Resins appear in the drydown but I don't know what they are. It doesn't seem to be frankincense to me as it isn't peppery at all. Maybe a different kind than I am used to?
  13. saralaughs


    VERY strong patchouli when first applied. This calms down quite a bit after a few minutes. I also get something menthol-like and a lily note.
  14. saralaughs


    Very lovely rose. Slightly sweet and lush. Perhaps a touch of vanilla? Or that just may be the creaminess of the rose itself. A bit sour somewhere in the drydown but that goes away after a bit. Dry it reminds me quite a bit of Pink Snowballs.
  15. saralaughs

    What Scent Is This?

    Also, there is a thread here that discusses prototypes and upcoming scents.