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  1. saralaughs

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    This patch. This is one of my favorite patchouli notes from the Lab. Chewy thick patchouli with a buttery, sticky marshmallow with a vanilla kick. I can't believe I'm saying this but if the hemp was a problem for you in Banshee Beat, etc, and you're looking for a sweeter little sister, don't pass this by.
  2. saralaughs

    Snow Lion

    A beautiful mash up of two gorgeous blends. First applied, Snow Lion is very much a Snow White blend. Into the dry down, a warmth slowly inserts itself. The slightly spiced amber is definitely 'shimmering under' the Snow White, but it does magical things to this normally cool feeling blend. The sweet, vanillic, slightly floral tinged Snow White is remade with a warm, resinous amber support. Warm, snuggly, and a bit sexy. I think I'll need a backup.
  3. saralaughs

    A Torch Steeped in Blood

    Immediately on: menthol. This dissipates quickly and is replaced by a clove soaked in red musk and resins. I can see the pop references but I'd go a bit further; it smells like someone chewing clove gum, drinking a cola and then breathing in your face.
  4. saralaughs


    First applied, I get hairspray. After a bit, that dies down a bit and individual notes start to emerge. I get soft white (almost pink) musk, a soft powdery (not death by powder though, it's just ...soft) background that is sweet and a bit floral. This isn't an in your face floral at all and reminds me a bit of tulips. There is a creaminess that holds it altogether. Behind it all though, I'm still getting a hairspray vibe. It's not OMG AQUA NET but it's still hairspray. This is where it stays for me. A creamy, powdery pinkish floral with a bit of hairspray.
  5. saralaughs


    Candied strawberries warmed by beeswax. Later in the dry down I can see the red musk-ish call out. It ends up reminding me of strawberry wine; but not the farm one. It's more a sweet red with no spice.
  6. saralaughs

    Woman Dragging Her Aroused Lover Across a Bridge

    Powder. That may be the amber or rosewood, but I'm thinking the rosewood. It's a very dry rose, with just a bit of smokiness to it and a tiny bit of vanilla.
  7. saralaughs

    A View of Cascading Cherry Blossoms

    Clean cherry blossom musk with a tinge of sweetness from the strawberry. The strawberry isn't overly sugary nor is it overly fresh; it's more of a lightly candied version that adds a bit of sweetness. The musk is the main star on my skin with the cherry blossoms melding nicely. A bit powdery and very low throw.
  8. saralaughs

    Peach Vulva

    I'm going to echo @sunshinedaisyblisshere with the peachicot. Juicy peaches with a slightly lighter sweetness from the apricot and a fresh creaminess from the rice milk. There is a slight golden warmth underneath that is light and unassuming.
  9. saralaughs

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    The cherry blossom here is very pretty and smooth. The gardenia melding with it insists on being a bit sharp and shrieking. Creamy floral that isn't powdery but is a bit sharp.
  10. saralaughs

    Balancing the Sake Cup

    This is the orange blossom note I love. The same heady, lush and humid one that is found in Ravenous. It's sweet and made even more so by the candied ginger. I wish I liked clove in perfume but I rarely do. Still, if it's mixed with other things that I love, I usually try as it can be something I enjoy if not out front entirely. Here, the ginger and clove mix well and meld into a clean spice that is a bit sweet but not too sugary. With the orange blossom, it reminds me of hot summer nights with a breeze of tropic floral riding the wind. Unfortunately, clove really isn't my thing, pretty or not.
  11. saralaughs

    Dalliances by Candlelight

    From my decant: Beeswax is still the star right out of the gate but not for long. The patchouli in this is very mellow and further adds to the chewy quality of the beeswax. As it dries, everything deepens; I can see @LiberAmoris call out on caramel; yet it's not caramel; it's just the thickening of each note. The beeswax is rich yet airy, the patchouli is chewy and woody. Sweet, sexy, sticky.
  12. saralaughs


    Woody patchouli with an herbal bite. There's a powdery, high floral note that champaca sometimes pulls on me. The powdery floral dissipates after a bit and this becomes a very pretty musky patch with some sweet coconut to round it. Nice but not me.
  13. saralaughs

    Cat Chasing Butterflies

    I get the hairspray. It's gone relatively quickly but it was sort of startling. A very low throwing almond cream with a bit of musk.
  14. saralaughs

    A Cozy Sweater and an Apple Cider

    Very evocative for me. You know those plumes of heated air that you can see from dryer vents in the winter? That's what this smells like to me. Fuzzy, warm, but clean and fresh.
  15. saralaughs

    Volcano in Springtime

    From my decant, this is a very smooth, creamy sandalwood. I'm not getting any lotus root, and the whipped vanilla cream is a supporting player. Very soft, snuggly, and warm.