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  1. Diesis


    This is lovely! I’ll need to try it again soon, but my initial impression was it almost has a sweet wine note? My skin tends to amp honey & amber but in this blend they are more like a gold glow suffused through out the wear. The underlying floral is subtle & helps cut the slightly tangy note of the hops (which hits my nose more like a sweet wine) giving it a sort of modern feel on a more vintage perfume. The dry down has more of the musk note but over all it stays as it starts. Really love it!
  2. Diesis

    Absinthe Robette

    My reviews are not as clinical as I used to try to be, more stream of consciousness. Hopefully I takes sense… In the bottle it’s a very lovely lemon & fennel. Like absinthe with a lemon drop candy somewhere. It’s been a few days & it’s stayed the same on my skin (& in the bottle). It’s gorgeous. The lemon is a soft, sweet lemon (though still bright enough to be great for a summer vibe). The absinthe is almost the same as the BPAL “Absinthe” but brighter, cleaner. Less of the anise/fennel note threads, it blends really smoothly with the sugar in the lemon & sort of just creates this bright, glittery citrus smell with some herbs. After the dry down for a few hours the fennel & aniseed stay more so than the citrus so it becomes more of a lazy, summer sunset feel. If the alcohol note were more prominent, it would almost feel like a very sunny white sangria. Regardless, I’m really liking it & o hope it doesn’t morph much in the coming months. (In a side by side with my aged bottle of “Absinthe” I notice more of the absinthe in this blend, but it’s still the same mellow feeling version.)
  3. Diesis


    Blind bottled because I love her (the real Hypatia) & I could not be happier. I almost want this to be my signature scent! But it’s so delicate & glittering that it feels too lovely to be an everyday wear. in the bottle it was mostly just Rosewater & amber, one wet the same. But on dry down the other accent scents start to shine. Especially musk & mineral water. Not heavily, they still support the beautiful rose water & amber scents. It lasted about 3 hours before fading to a skin scent, thought that was still gorgeous. I’m so thrilled I just went for it!
  4. Diesis

    November Mood

    First one... eee. So, as someone born in November, I added this to my cart with no real thought of the notes. It'd go in with my other "i won't wear this, but I'm keeping it" BPAL's. But when I went back to look at the notes, my brain thought "It'll smell like a decorated pine tree. Like being back in the PNW maybe." So I was a little more into it. In the bottle though, it was just dead leaves bell pepper. So I sat it to the side to try some of the other ones I had just gotten. So after a week or so of rest, I tried it & it's so perfect on my skin. It IS like being in the pine forests in the PNW. Like finding a little area of wildflowers & underbrush & walking through on a cold day. The moss is actually a note I can find & it melds with the birch & amber so well. The orris in this sort of hazes in & out, like the idea of walking past fragrant plants & getting a whiff for a bit & then nothing until you run into another patch. With the other scent,s my brain just wants it to be snowdrops. So this could easily be the last few cold days of winter, as much as the start of it. It's been on for a few hours now & it's calmed down into one of those sticks that come out at Christmas? You can get a pine, a spruce, a Christmas tree, or a cinnamon pinecone as scents (Scentsicles... I think they're called). But it's more on the very classy side of those sticks, the way I think they want to be but never quite achieve. This would have fit in the Yule collection exceptionally well, & honestly, I'd wear this at any time to invoke a bit of chilly fall days. I'd say it's a very unisex blend, on me it's just the wilds of a forest in the late fall. So I am definitely in love & may need to grab another bottle before it's gone.
  5. Diesis

    Thirteen (13): January 2023

    This smells so delicious on my skin. In the bottle it was straight up smoked cacao, cedar, & sage. Which I’m fine with! Winning combo. But once on? That cacao just bloomed with notes from our gardens! The sage was still there, the cedar was a lovely note humming through the cacao now (no pencil shavings; just trees & nature & quieter times). But then the lavender, patchouli, thyme, chocolate mint, & barely started swirling in. It was like walking through our overgrown herb beds & flowers trees (they will not be tamed to bushes) if they were deep in the woods! This may have booted the Sugars 13 out of its roost. Which is fine since I’m down to only half that bottle. Sadly, I cannot find the moss, ambrette, rice milk, vetiver, hazelnut, or tobacco. I’m hoping with a bit of rest that vetiver brings in some earthy grasses or the musky floral of ambrette. But if none or all come up I’ll be well pleased I got this!! The 13’s have been my favourite series for so long now. I finally finished a bottle from… 2012? Or 2011? but am keeping the bottle. This & Blue Moons (or any weird lunar/star/solar thing… black moons, moons of other planets). So I’m looking forward to our other Fri13 scent this year!
  6. Diesis

    Cranberry, Almond, and Dark Musk

    Just got this, so we'll see once it rests. For now though, I am really loving it. The cranberry is an amazing sillage. I can smell this faint, sweet tartness around me with a sort of grounding by the musk (which I was a bit worried about due to my skin & different musks) which almost has a baked/burnt sugar effect? I'm not sure what to compare it to. It gives the cranberry scent a really lovely sweetness without gourmet territory. Up close, you get the almond, which has that vague cherry amber scent. The different notes have the potential to come out like a cranberry candy, but instead it's this morphing scent that evokes a dark, fruity, unique smell. It's very unisex on me. Would be a great scent to wear while decorating a Christmas Tree, or having holiday feasts. Or joining a midnight winter revel.
  7. I may need to let this rest longer, but it reminds me a lot of Gingerbread Vampire. So I love it! I'll let it rest & recheck, maybe do a comparison... but I'd guess my skin is amping the anise & the taffy, making it like an old fashioned gingerbread cookie. So, even if resting it doesn't change it? I love it!
  8. Diesis

    Pageant Queen

    I just got this as a frottle (it’s been so long since I got one!!) & wow! I want to put this on a guy & smell him. Mostly because the aged quality lends an almost green fern or dark moss effect.Cologne undertone, but so nice under the aged florals, especially with the aldehydes calmer now, as calm as they get with ageing. This fits it’s theme remarkably well. Not for my skin chem though.
  9. Diesis

    Schrödinger’s Checkmark

    I honestly have to say that @geophagustapajosis spot on. I am in love with this & I bought it cause it would be funny & I wanted to make sure I got a bottle. The only difference is that mine started how it stayed. The first 20 minutes was just a bit peppery-er & sweeter, like sugar paste. Both called down a bit & it’s stayed the same for a couple hours now & is slowly fading but not changing.
  10. I got this when it first came out & as a rose fan, it sounded amazing. Sadly, I can’t handle it. My skin turns this into a screaming rose soap that thinks it’s classy but it’s in the little broken soap dispenser of “fancy” restaurants. Even given a bit of time, it’s not calmed down. If anything, it’s gotten more fake rosey. it’s rare I dislike a rose, but this one succeeded. It’s now in corner where the naughty bottles go.
  11. Diesis

    Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum

    I’ve been wearing this scent so much. It might sound strange but I had a cat. Well, two but only one ever had a scent to him. In a line up of cats, by smell I could find him. It wasn’t a bad smell. It was this one. Almost perfect recreation & I cried when I smelled the bottle. It’s changed a little since settling but it still smells like him, only the original scent note I thought was maybe rosemary might be the grasses or the olive leaves. Since I had the Coves (August was no fun), my smelling ability has been a been off, so my review is simply what it invoked since explaining what I smell may lead someone astray in buying. But the sun-baked stone & the grass/foliage scents mix so well to me that it FEELS like what laying in my lawn on a hot day smells like. It smells like the sun & the plants (we have two rosemary bushes the size of cars, so if you’re outside, you smell it. Along with our “four” pachouli plants that none of us acknowledge had kiddo’s & we have around 200 patchouli plants). So that warm, herb scent mixed with grasses is just… so amazing. The incense comes out after a while on dry down but doesn’t do what resin/incense blends usually do on my skin. It doesn’t amp. It just mingles with what was already there in this soft sort of smokey pepper scent (it’s probably meant to be a sort of frankincense, that one is usually a nice soft black pepper type scent to me). Overall, this is such a well blended scent to my nose that I frequently just smell it as a sort of aromatherapy experience. I’ll treasure it & cant wait, what? To see how it ages.
  12. Diesis


    This is still fresh from the (tragic) mail. However, I had to wash another scent off because it hit me with a scent memory so hard I had to put that on a "try later" row. So, I do not THINK any of the "Temple of Neptune" is still present, as this is all pumpkin-infused sandalwood & I am a ho for it. I really hope it stays close to this as I go because it's so warm & it feels like the perfect mix of spooky vibes in the air & an autumn day bundled in a warm sweater. Bare trees, pumpkins appearing on porches, soft spices faintly around, & just... very Autumn Mood. Nothing despondent at all. This would feel more like the moment of triumph! When it first went on, it was really just sandalwood with light florals, so this is for the drydown after about 20+ minutes. If it stays this way though, this may become my new Everyday is Halloween (last year's staple for a while). I'll edit this review if anything wildly changes but loving it! Not even sad the flowers have obviously had their fill for the season & gone underground.
  13. Diesis

    The Isles of Demons

    After reading all the reviews, I think I have a mislabelled imp. This smells sweet & floral, with some greenery. Nothing volcanic, no black musk… more a golden amber & maybe a resin? It’s blended really well & the wet & dry phase stays the same. It feels like a familiar perfume, but I’m not sure what (I almost want to say Gucci Guilty). But I’ll leave the review at that because I’m not sure I have the same perfume but I don’t think I’m gonna buy the big bottle until I figure it out. But otherwise, this would be a stand out for me (been wearing it all week).
  14. Diesis


    Note: I received this while I was down & out with the Coves (covid) so my review might be a bit off & I will add to it when I am not morphing into a blobfish. This is the most amazing thing I’ve smelled. O.K. maybe I’m wrong, my memory is terrible, but let’s just say that the way it smells right now? I’d trade almost my whole BPAL collection for just this one. I’ve worn it for two days & it skyrocketed to my top 5, then top 3. It’s tough to say if I’d trade my other two favs for it… we’ll see after I can smell again (properly… I can still smell things). My brain is fog so I can only give you impressions because I can’t think of what I want to compare it to. But that sugar spiked clove is like the warmth of a dark, gourmet hot cocoa. When I first put it on I thought it had a cocoa note, but it’s the clove with sugar. It gets so warm & perfect as it dries. The amber is there too, but not powdery. No, it gives it that smooth stability. I think it also keeps it from morphing much while stopping it from imitating a gourmet scent. It starts as this sugary waft of spicy delight & morphs to the warmth of dark chocolate, then settles into an almost lavish sweetness that isn’t any kind of food but makes you think about the idea of it. Like a montage of decadence in dimly lit rooms. tl;DR: I’ll be saving up to buy more if this is the way it really smells after I get over the plague. It’s as perfect as a Milky Way.
  15. Diesis

    A Wet Moon, Putney Road

    I’ve been wearing this almost everyday for a week. This is beautiful. The beeswax scent from the amber & gaslight is so nice. The hint of smoke flickers in & out which stops this from rolling into V'al Hanissim territory too much. But I love that one too. This almost has a soft floral scent, sweetening the beeswax. I get very little of the rain, really no aquatic at all. The moss stays very soft on me, giving an almost ephemeral green to the whole blend. There is also a hint of wet slate, that cold night smell, but not aquatic. Regardless, this is a splendid scent & I adore wearing it at night. Especially in the quiet early hours.