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  1. I got this when it first came out & as a rose fan, it sounded amazing. Sadly, I can’t handle it. My skin turns this into a screaming rose soap that thinks it’s classy but it’s in the little broken soap dispenser of “fancy” restaurants. Even given a bit of time, it’s not calmed down. If anything, it’s gotten more rosey. it’s rare I dislike a rose, but this one succeeded. It’s now in corner where the naughty bottles go.
  2. Diesis

    Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum

    I’ve been wearing this scent so much. It might sound strange but I had a cat. Well, two but only one ever had a scent to him. In a line up of cats, by smell I could find him. It wasn’t a bad smell. It was this one. Almost perfect recreation & I cried when I smelled the bottle. It’s changed a little since settling but it still smells like him, only the original scent note I thought was maybe rosemary might be the grasses or the olive leaves. Since I had the Coves (August was no fun), my smelling ability has been a been off, so my review is simply what it invoked since explaining what I smell may lead someone astray in buying. But the sun-baked stone & the grass/foliage scents mix so well to me that it FEELS like what laying in my lawn on a hot day smells like. It smells like the sun & the plants (we have two rosemary bushes the size of cars, so if you’re outside, you smell it. Along with our “four” pachouli plants that none of us acknowledge had kiddo’s & we have around 200 patchouli plants). So that warm, herb scent mixed with grasses is just… so amazing. The incense comes out after a while on dry down but doesn’t do what resin/incense blends usually do on my skin. It doesn’t amp. It just mingles with what was already there in this soft sort of smokey pepper scent (it’s probably meant to be a sort of frankincense, that one is usually a nice soft black pepper type scent to me). Overall, this is such a well blended scent to my nose that I frequently just smell it as a sort of aromatherapy experience. I’ll treasure it & cant wait, what? To see how it ages.
  3. Diesis


    This is still fresh from the (tragic) mail. However, I had to wash another scent off because it hit me with a scent memory so hard I had to put that on a "try later" row. So, I do not THINK any of the "Temple of Neptune" is still present, as this is all pumpkin-infused sandalwood & I am a ho for it. I really hope it stays close to this as I go because it's so warm & it feels like the perfect mix of spooky vibes in the air & an autumn day bundled in a warm sweater. Bare trees, pumpkins appearing on porches, soft spices faintly around, & just... very Autumn Mood. Nothing despondent at all. This would feel more like the moment of triumph! When it first went on, it was really just sandalwood with light florals, so this is for the drydown after about 20+ minutes. If it stays this way though, this may become my new Everyday is Halloween (last year's staple for a while). I'll edit this review if anything wildly changes but loving it! Not even sad the flowers have obviously had their fill for the season & gone underground.
  4. Diesis

    The Isles of Demons

    After reading all the reviews, I think I have a mislabelled imp. This smells sweet & floral, with some greenery. Nothing volcanic, no black musk… more a golden amber & maybe a resin? It’s blended really well & the wet & dry phase stays the same. It feels like a familiar perfume, but I’m not sure what (I almost want to say Gucci Guilty). But I’ll leave the review at that because I’m not sure I have the same perfume but I don’t think I’m gonna buy the big bottle until I figure it out. But otherwise, this would be a stand out for me (been wearing it all week).
  5. Diesis


    Note: I received this while I was down & out with the Coves (covid) so my review might be a bit off & I will add to it when I am not morphing into a blobfish. This is the most amazing thing I’ve smelled. O.K. maybe I’m wrong, my memory is terrible, but let’s just say that the way it smells right now? I’d trade almost my whole BPAL collection for just this one. I’ve worn it for two days & it skyrocketed to my top 5, then top 3. It’s tough to say if I’d trade my other two favs for it… we’ll see after I can smell again (properly… I can still smell things). My brain is fog so I can only give you impressions because I can’t think of what I want to compare it to. But that sugar spiked clove is like the warmth of a dark, gourmet hot cocoa. When I first put it on I thought it had a cocoa note, but it’s the clove with sugar. It gets so warm & perfect as it dries. The amber is there too, but not powdery. No, it gives it that smooth stability. I think it also keeps it from morphing much while stopping it from imitating a gourmet scent. It starts as this sugary waft of spicy delight & morphs to the warmth of dark chocolate, then settles into an almost lavish sweetness that isn’t any kind of food but makes you think about the idea of it. Like a montage of decadence in dimly lit rooms. tl;DR: I’ll be saving up to buy more if this is the way it really smells after I get over the plague. It’s as perfect as a Milky Way.
  6. Diesis

    A Wet Moon, Putney Road

    I’ve been wearing this almost everyday for a week. This is beautiful. The beeswax scent from the amber & gaslight is so nice. The hint of smoke flickers in & out which stops this from rolling into V'al Hanissim territory too much. But I love that one too. This almost has a soft floral scent, sweetening the beeswax. I get very little of the rain, really no aquatic at all. The moss stays very soft on me, giving an almost ephemeral green to the whole blend. There is also a hint of wet slate, that cold night smell, but not aquatic. Regardless, this is a splendid scent & I adore wearing it at night. Especially in the quiet early hours.
  7. Diesis

    Skeletons Dancing to a Tune

    Look, I’m a simple lady who takes stuff at face value. So when something says red pepper, my brain says no. BUT I accidentally followed this post instead of the vanitas I meant to & several BPAL reviews later, I ordered it based on everyone saying it felt like a Yule, or that it smells like cinnamon sticks, cozy fires, etc. I started to think maybe I don’t know what a red pepper smells like. Having said all that, this is one of my new favs & I keep reaching for it without thinking & using it as a sleep blend. My pillows smell amazing. For something with no sugar, no cinnamon, no “spices”, & no indications of hidden notes… it is a true surprise. Bottle: Warm soft cinnamon. Like the powder on top a latte. Wet: Wow, hello CINNAMON. It’s like that gum, Big Red? Or Trident cinnamon. It’s some spicy cinnamon. First phase of dry down: Cinnamon has had a moment to calm itself & the amber is taking on a soft red feeling. That warm cozy note that I can’t ever place but notice it in amber scents with red musks or spices. This is he phase I look like a still from 15 Minutes of Fume because I just sit there smelling my arms. Hella of a throw at this point too. Half my house realised I had it on before I was in the same room. The majority of the dry down: So good. It’s a red scent, but fire flicker red, glowing embers red… NOT retina burning red or fire trucks. It’s soft & warm & I wanna live here. The sandalwood is actually noticeable now, but as a backdrop only. The musk & amber are the most noticeable, with that cinnamon spice scent out front. I have no way of explaining the scent other than “Cinnamon sticks, dried out after mulling. With a soft, hazy warmth that reminds me of a cozy sweater & hot cider.” If you are a sucker for the autumn scents & “aesthetics” but when they are closer to a winter perfume (mid November scents? I dunno), this would definitely be your jam. Maybe I’m biased as I am an autumn baby that is closer to winter, but I wish I just smelled this way effortlessly. It feels like home to me. The throw for this is a nice one. Not big, but not smash your face into your wrist scent. Just a enough to leave a ghost trail of fireplace cinnamon. At the end: It lasts a solid 4-5 hours in that majority scent, but I can still smell it after about 12 hours. By then it is a hint of cinnamon with a sheer red musk permeated into sandalwood. It’s so nice, but by then it’s a skin scent only. However, if someone smelled like this when I leaned in… I’d have zero complaints. I think this is the best blind buy that I would have NEVER reconsidered if not for the reviews on this forum & Facebook. So thank you, fellow Beeples. I love this. Trying to debate another bottle for backup, or another LE & honestly, I’ll probably get a backup. Or 8.
  8. Diesis

    The Fox Sisters 2021

    No one has reviewed this yet? Wow. This is actually slowly morphing in to a favourite. In bottle: Rose apple. It reminds me of these rose flavoured Turkish delights we bought recently. Maybe the vanilla is giving the rose a bit of softer hit? Wet: Staying much the same as the bottle but with the bourbon showing up to keep this a bit tawdry... just a bit. Dry: I feel like this will morph more, but after awhile, the roses really bloom on me & the apples get a little tart (in the best way). The bourbon is still here & I think it's blending with the mahogany so well that they are making a whole new note & I love it! This is one of the first scents with a spirits/alcohol note that my skin didn't immediately ruin! I love it!
  9. Diesis

    Boney Moon 2022

    Just got this today & it is exactly what I was hoping. In the bottle: Very dry sandalwood & lovely herbs (my brain wants to say mugwort & camphor; sadly, I have no caparisons on hand) that are more of the feral herb garden that is barely tended & they are till warm from the sun. Wet: Same as in the bottle. Dry: The musk is peeking out & I think the cedar. No pencil shavings (it's always 50/50 with my skin). But a really lovely dry woods & feral herb garden feel. I'm really loving this one & I am thrilled I threw it in the cart last minute.
  10. Diesis

    Honeyed Mushroom and Incense

    When the Luper's dropped, I promised I'd leave them alone until I finished my Weenies order, then Yule. But I saw this one & died. I mostly got it for the IDEA of it, the mushroom & incense (I am sucker for resin blends; mushrooms also but more for the fascinating way they ARE, not taste or smell, & also because of a story game where mushrooms are everywhere & so I have gotten fond of them). So, I caved & got this. It's just recently arrived, so I will update this in a few days or weeks, but it is shockingly lovely. The honey is very present in the bottle, but it's so earthy & soft. The mushroom is calming that sometimes sweet-sugar-scream honey can have. The incense is also really soft. Like the kind you find in places of mediation. It reminds of one of my Astier de Villatte incenses (I can't remember which) that was a dry scent with the whiff of flowers that could fall into indole territory, but hasn't on me. I am hopeful it'll be a lovely backdrop to what is turning our to be a really great honey note.
  11. Diesis


    Much like Zankoku, this is a resinous pomegranate rose on me. As someone with too many bottles of 7 Word: Lust, this is closer to what I would expect of something Persephone themed. It has the floral spring note & that inky Pom note that blends with the resins so well. A very life & death altar scent. The honey is there awhile later, adding in to the thoughts with a dark smokey honey note rather than a sticky sweet one. It reminds me a lot of dark kiawe honey. The rest never really makes an appearance, save for a brief moment in the wet stage when I could find the hay note in the clamour of pomegranate & myrrh. I love this one. It’s a knock out of the park for the scent & visual it was after. Has a really nice wear length & a low throw with a nice sillage if someone follows directly behind. Gorgeous blend.
  12. Diesis


    This is really lovely. It starts out with an almost tart berry scent with a hint of clove & incense. As it dries down, the lilac peeks out more & it's this really soft lilac & incense blend backed up by a sweet musk & clove. After about an hour, it's this soft, purple lilac musk with clove incense & somewhere, a garden. The flowers are hard to really break down as they mix in so where & are very sheer. I really only notice them when my hand is closer to my face. I'm guessing it's the white petals & rose blending to create a soft, cultivated garden scent. One in a greenhouse, no earthy or vegetal notes. Just flowers. The blood musk took a wild turn from how it usually smells on me & somehow blended with the lilac to make this really pretty purple musk scent with a hint of a coppery blood tint. This could easily be unisex, though it falls closer to a perfume note rather than cologne. The start of it is not overly fantastic (I really like it, but a few other BPALS have had a similar scent), but the dry down is so soft & serene. I think it was meant to smell a bit more sharp, judging by the art piece it accompanies, but my skin decided that no, that was not the vibe it wanted today. In the art piece, it smells like the purple haired girl in blue, far more than the woman holding a heart (it it still reminds you she's there). A medium throw, but really great wear length (it lasted over night & was still detectable after I woke up). It's definitely one I can see myself wearing on nights I want to smell a little sophisticated & delicate with a hint of sultry.
  13. Diesis

    Vigil for the Harvest Suitors

    I put this first impression post on a different thread before the review post was up, so I'll move them here & edit if I need to. On first few sniffs within hours of receipt: Vigil For The Harvest Suitors: In the bottle it’s a very very faint lilac. On? The same. Almost no throw. But the beeswax is there on the skin. So right now it’s a really sheer lilac candle. Depending how this goes, it may end up my favourite. Edit: This is among my new favourites of the last year. The wet phase is about an hour. Once it settled a bit & I tried it again, it was VERY strong lilac & beeswax. After about an hour it was chilling out, to a soft lilac with an almost vanillin scent. It slowly bloomed into that blend & had a hint of something soft & cold in the background. Like marble. In the end it was a very pale, purple colour candle on an old, stone candle holder. That was my mental image. The throw is BIG at first, but after about an hour is mediumish, then low (but not skin to nose). It does have a very faint floral sillage the whole time & it lasted on me 12 HOURS! So I enjoyed that. I really love it & will probably buy another bottle in the future. One Week Later: Hands down, top 20 of my favourites. Which says something given how many BPAL's I have. But it stayed very close to my second review, except the lilac & beeswax stayed a bit more tame out the gate, but it was still very lilac forward on waxy rivulet of beeswax enveloping the flowers. I loved it. But it still dries down to this sort of sheer purple colour, a pale lavender coloured candle that is sitting on a marble shelf or a stone candle holder. The bone note almost seems like a dry, cold wood. Like a petrified bark, so it's soft for a bone note. As it dries down much further (the wear time for me has been 12+, though after 12 it is very close to the skin... it's the lure to get the Harvest Suitors so close that they will soon need a vigil... yes, very sad) it becomes this fleeting idea of lilac & beeswax with a weirdly sweet, thick, sugary scent. I've been told you can make molasses from Broomcorn (I don't know what it is, but having a person in the family with a degree in botany helps) & I have to wonder if that is where the sugar syrup scent is from. It's not strong, it's just very chewy for what feels like a sugar note? But it also has a kind of grass undertone. I am not sure how else to explain, but I love all of the stages. Even at the end, that ghostly presence of what it was is great till it's eventually gone.
  14. Diesis

    Prairie Witch

    I put this first impression post on a different thread before the review post was up, so I'll move them here & edit if I need to. On first few sniffs within hours of receipt: Prairie Witch: this reminds me so much of Shadowed Veil but with no leather or blackened notes. I have a bottle of that somewhere, so I’ll have to compare them in a few days. It’s very foodie to me, atm, but the pumpkin, apples, & clove are most noticeable. In the bottle it was like a spiced apple scent. Edit: I compared this with Shadowed Veil & they do share notes, but Veil becomes more leather on me, this slowly morphed in to a sweet spice scent over the fainter scent of a field of tall grasses (vetiver & wild grasses really blend together for a feeling of a field in the fall). The anise, the clove, & the tonka are the sweet note that sort of billows through the grasses & it’s really nice. Could easily be a Weenie. The apples & pumpkins sort of burn off after awhile. The apple longer longest, like harvest ghosts. One Week Later: This is still about the same as the second review. But the apple is more fruitful in the beginning & it's a spicy sort of mulled brew of apple wine. It's very cozy, but as the dry down continues, it still does that really beautiful morph to a dry field with tall grasses swaying like a sea & slowly becoming drier as winter approaches. The spices stay from the mulled apple scent to float through the soft, dry grass notes. I am really liking this as a strange sort of Winter is done, but we are still in the dry, dead part of the transition to Spring scent. Well done on the this blend.
  15. Diesis

    Love Let Her

    I put this first impression post on a different thread before the review post was up, so I'll move them here & edit if I need to. On first few sniffs within hours of receipt: Love Let Her: there is something indole esque in this. It’s currently drowning the other notes & it was the only note I smelled in the bottle. So we’ll see how it goes. Edit: Still need to retest but the bottle sniff is getting more carnation & candlesmoke. One Week Later: This is blooming into something so lovely. The roses are more backseat to the the sandalwood & candlesmoke for me. The carnation is a sort of ephemeral haze that comes & goes. The indolent scent I first noticed is gone. So, I am looking forward to how this further ages. Upon comparison, it is extremely similar to “Budding Realisation” from the Rosebud Tarot Kickstarter. Love Let Her is less rose, more carnation.