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  1. Thuy

    Gingerbread & Candyfloss

    I was really hoping this would be a fun gingerbread cotton candy kind of vibe, and I am sorely disappointed. The candy floss isn't giving the right vibes - it's just vague slightly pink sugar. It's unfortunately the least remarkable gingerbread (more bready than spicy, too) I have and no longevity. I get maybe a faint hour at best. I'll hang onto the decant though for reference.
  2. Thuy

    Ordering Imps

    @jensdays it looks like they still offer a discount for 6 imps, but the new discounted price is 25.60$ (ouch...).
  3. Thuy

    Cherry recommendations

    I'll chime in with another GC - Kabuki! if you don't mind anise. It's a nice cherry one to try (cherry, red musk and star anise).
  4. Thuy

    I Know You're Watching Me

    RoseThornandOak's impressions are probably where mine lie... My spouse says it's baby powder...which isn't wrong but I wouldn't say right either. I LOVE the skin musk here but yeah, could do without the powderiness. The vintage aldehyde perfume note is interesting and is where I think the powder is. So, the first hour or two I have to tolerate what husb's calls stripper baby powder..and then it's a smutty skin musk that I cannot get enough of. It's got some good staying power though, I'll give it that.
  5. Thuy

    Balancing the Sake Cup

    Orange blossom and I do not vibe, but I figured I'd do a teeny tiny test patch just to know what this could smell like... It's a bit sharp wet and in the bottle, and I think it's the spicy ginger and clove... On skin, tolerable but I don't love nor hate it. The dry down really makes me think of a dry sake which I don't think I was entirely expecting... It's overall a dry herbal on me that I don't care for.
  6. Thuy

    Spring Cleaning 2023 Q&As

    Embroidery floss? Yeah, no thanks... I'm still playing catch-up with what I've had for a decade now lol. Seed beads? No thank you! Veggie seeds? If it's stuff that can reasonably be grown in a pot/bucket, sure. I don't have a green thumb but MIL does. Comic books? I enjoy them! Poetry? Sort of picky...but not opposed to them. Halsey's book was the last one I bought. PS1-4? I know we have PS but I'm not sure which one... 3 or 4. What size jigsaw puzzle would you like? 300, 500, 1000 pieces? Surprise me. I'm not big on jigsaw puzzles but my family does them over the holidays when it's a full house and a variety of activities are needed. Tarot cards? Yay or nay? Meh? I don't utilize them (or at least haven't figured out how I'd like to) but I love good art. My best friend gifted me a Salvador Dali tarot deck one year and it's goooorgeous. Music? Digital? CDs? What genre? I do have a soft spot for CDs. Uhm alternative rock? Think Linkin Park & Mike Shinoda, Hollywood Undead, I Prevail, Halsey. How about DVDs? Anyone still watch any of those? Very rarely, though I have a few very beloved movies on DVD that are my comfort movies! Unused notebooks? These would be handy dandy for the husb! I personally prefer journals. Do you like LUSH? Favorite scents? FUNNY YOU ASK THIS.... I just discovered Superworld Unknown and Tank Battle, and I am TORN. I am trying to steer away from the brand, but if you've stuff to rehome, hubs love the Sakura bath bomb and I love Twilight and snow fairy! My tastes in perfume translate to body & body products. Do you bake? Would you be interested in sprinkles or any cake/cupcake decorating stuff? I do but I'm good on sprinkles and decorating things. Would you be interested in receiving a scarf? Any color preference? No, thank you! Unless it's black or purple, and lightweight. I'll vibe with those. Would you be interested in receiving a hat? Any style or color preference? No, thank you! I'm just not a hat person unless it's cold AF out there. purse? I have a million purses and bags that I need to donate because I’ll never use them again! OH HO HO YES. I love a good purse and/or bag. My MIL would be interested in a purse that she could sling over her shoulder but isn't a cross-body type. OCYL? Any favorites? Any houses you would prefer not to receive from? I love OCYL! I love Arcana (both wildcraft and craves - looking for Arcana's lipstick and marshmallow LNs), Nui Cobalt Designs (April Fools and Critters are my two favorite collections), Stereoplasm, NAVA gourmands, and recently started to venture into Solstice scents and Cocoapink! I came into a bulk lot of Whisper Sisters the other week, and while the house is too patchouli heavy for me, some of her gourmands are SO good! I don't care for Sucreabeille unless it's the Wayward AF (Supernatural) or Broken Hearts collections. I'm generally open to most OCYL as long as they're scents that don't embrace my doom notes. Incense? Any favorite scent types? No, thank you. I prefer candles and wax melts/tarts over incense. Any chance that you are a fan of murder mystery/escape rooms in a box? Or does this sound like something you might like to try? I'd love to try to see if I do like them! We're looking to expand our collection for game nights. What are your feelings about booze, both my moonshine whiskey infusions or other interesting things that I have a lot of and bottles to share? Would love to try them! Would you use a brand new sealed package of organic matcha powder that has a best buy date of 2/23/23? I'd find a use, probably bake it into something yummy. On a scale of 1-10, how "gothy/goth-adjacent" are you? Probably 7 or 7.5 how would you feel about hair products like leave in conditioner, shampoo bars, texturizing products, dyes, etc.? I love leave-in conditioners! And we'd love to try more shampoo/conditioner bars if you have some unloved. Pass on texturizing products but medium hold pomades would be appreciated! As for hair dye...sure! I'm about to get my hair done but unsure what exactly my new hair shades will be lol. Do you need any pantry things like flours, sweeteners, or spices? We're okay on flours (husb went overboard when he was on a pasta kick). Sweeteners - I can't remember the names, but not the blue, pink or yellow ones. Stevia (green lol) has been okay and my MIL doesn't mind - we're open to trying other sweetener options for her (she's pre-diabetic and dragging her feet on changing her in-grained habits). I'd be open to trying new to me spices! We use paprika often and love peppercorns for freshly ground pepper!
  7. Thuy

    Cacao and Cubeb

    Like MamaMoth, I also enjoyed cubeb in Crib Girls which led me to this duet! This is dusty cacao that's a touch creamy, and the cubeb is zingy! It almost cinnamony and is the star for the first few hours of wear. Then it softens into that cacao with hints of cubeb, but more lemony cubeb. Throw is okay but good longevity. Pretty straightforward of a scent.
  8. Thuy

    Blood Popsicle

    Admittedly I bought this because it came up when I had asked about cherry forward scents, and uhm, I'm disappointed in that regard. On the flipside, I'm digging the fruity (red and maybe a blood orange?), slightly spicy tang to this! There's a strange metallic tang to it that I can't place, but I love it. I only wish this lasted longer on me... My skin totally ate this up within two hours. I am the sad.
  9. Thuy

    Welcome Unto Thee

    OKAY, THIS THING HERE. I finally got my grubby little hands on this because I love BPAL's champagne note. Holy bananas this was like a champagne single note! I did not get the marshmallow until hours and hours later, and at that point, it was like a hint of marshmallow under the champagne. Very fizzy in the bottle, just as fizzy on skin. Wishing I got more marshmallow but still a blind buy win.
  10. Thuy

    Unarmed and Laughing

    hold on. I will have to come back to update this because I just realized I was wearing Welcome Unto Thee when I wrote that. No wonder that didn't make sense to me. ...I'M BACK WITH THE CORRECT 'FUME ON HAND. The lab's champagne note is still beautiful and sparkly. Very champagne forward opening, so I'm very on board with this. The vanilla is there but way in the back, hanging out. It definitely starts to come forward as this dries down, supporting the champagne. I think the amber holds it all down well (I do enjoy a lovely amber, but this does get a hair powdery, but think vanilla powder with a hint of sweetness). The ultimate dry down is a slightly powdery vanilla amber that, like what others have said, gives cream soda vibes. Good longevity.
  11. Thuy

    Pearl Necklace

    Very pear! I sort of forgot that there was going to be pear in this one, hoping for much honey, skin musk and orris root... And it's okay! Still very enjoyable, just more pear than I was expecting. I get more fruit sweet than I do from the honey. It lasts wonderfully on me, so I think one bottle might be enough but we'll see.
  12. Thuy

    In Silvery Accents, Whispering Low

    I've inadvertently been on a cardamom kick, and I love a good coffee scent... So this fit the bill. The only downside to Silvery Accents is that it has no longevity on me. The cardamom and fir are beautiful with the coffee, and while I can't place the spices, this is a velvety kind of scent. Coffee aside, this is what I had hoped Velvet Snow would be like...but that one ended up becoming an extra fuzzy dryer sheet on me (is that you, myrrh). It at least dries down to a very velvety skin scent, the spices faint. Oh! This makes me think of Turkish Coffee!
  13. Thuy

    Marshmallow Candy Canes Hair Gloss

    As advertised, but marshmallow is pillowy and soft. It's not cloyingly sweet as the peppermint cuts throw the cotton candy but never overwhelms it. The candy cane mint here is not as sharp as that in Pink & Blue Candy Canes, at least to me. In a way this is like a much less sweet version of BBW's Twisted Peppermint that I also love but have to use sparingly for how tooth-achingly sweet it is. Wearing this puts me in a very happy place.
  14. Thuy

    Pink & Blue Candy Canes

    From the bottle, I get that artificial strawberry candy followed swiftly by the mint of candy canes. I love it already. On my skin, I get the same thing. As it dries the vanilla and blueberry peek through and it's a soft breath mint. It reminds me of the pillow mints minus the buttery note. Sweet, minty, refreshing yet comforting. Berry cotton candy mint. If I didn't just spill it all at my desk, I'd venture to wear this as a sleepy-time scent. Good throw and sillage. I also love why this blend was made, an excellent blind buy... Now only if I didn't spill half of my bottle😭
  15. Thuy

    This More Than Bloody Deed

    HONEY. MUCH HONEY. Which I love, so that's great. A rich honey at that, which...I'm guessing is the labdanum. I'm not super familiar with that note, and scents with it have been a hit or miss on me...but This more than Bloody Deed is so good. Maybe it's what helps the honey hold its ground on my skin. No idea where the vanilla🤷‍♀️