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  1. Thuy


    Sniff: whoa, perfumey right off the bat. I pick up on the bay leaf and then I think it's oakmoss and balsam after it. Nothing sweet here, so taht'll probably come out on my skin as it warms up. Weardown: very bay leaf and oakmoss, balsam hanging out. here's hoping that the fruits will come out as it warms up. oh, the fruits mellow everything out and this is gorgeous. I don't pick out one thing over another, it's all pretty blended on me. Great longevity - lasted a good 8 hours on me!
  2. Thuy

    The Divine Scientist

    From the bottle, it's definitively a sparkling clean scent. Something that'd help with clearing your mind for the task at hand. Once applied, holy bananas. It is STRONG with very good throw, almost alarmingly good throw for just a few test dabs! My nose was not prepared! The cedar and juniper leaf warm up, and with the elderflower, this is a heavy clear floral. Clear as in its presence is very much there but the aldehyde gives it an airiness. This could have easily worn well all day but it was unfortunately a scrubber for me.
  3. Thuy

    Lightning Strikes the Future

    There was nothing that could have prepared me for this one. I have no idea what fossilized amber was going to be like, and was very intrigued by how reactor coolant was going to be captured in a perfume. On initial sniff, it's cool, kinda refreshing, which I'm guessing is that ozone that's common in these Lightning strikes blends, plus something else (maybe cucumber that was previously mentioned???). This is super pleasant to wear and it lasted ALL DANG DAY in this stupid hot humid weather currently. Something about this goes slightly bubblegummy on me, which again, was not at all prepared for or expecting, and it sits wonderfully on top of the red musk and amber. It's not sharp or overwhelming (lightning strikes literature about choked me out). I love this and may go back for a backup bottle!
  4. Thuy

    Delight in Disorder

    I do like BPAL's red and crimson musks, so I figured this would be a good blind buy... And it mostly has been! In the bottle it's a thick musky cherry that leans a touch medicinal but red musky. The cherry is unfortunately fleeting in the weardown, but I'm still left with a fruity crimson musk that lasts forever (read as all day and then some). It's fantastic for layering and/or as an anchor for some of my edps, so I'm glad to have picked up a bottle of this!
  5. Thuy

    Bobbing for Dodos

    What a ride this was... A bright pink apple opening with the lemon behind it, and it's fun! Has potential! Then it takes a perplexing floral turn and it's...not bad, just interesting. The floral aspect eventually settles and this is more of a fruity musk with a little zing to it. I don't get the mango, which makes me a little sad. Anyway, this fades down fast on me which caught me offguard. I barely got an hour and a half before it became a vague fruity skin musk with something that doesn't agree with my nose. Unfortunately a scrubber for me.
  6. Better late than never to the party...? I made myself give this one a chance despite the indolic jasmine sniff right from the bottle... It is much more pleasant (way less indolic) on the wear down with the gardenia and mallow coming out more, too. Overall this is a creamy, softly sweetened, white floral that's not too heady (still more than I care for). If you enjoy jasmine and simpler blends, you'll like this. I have no strong feelings about this menage a trois, but boy, it wears for a good couple of hours.
  7. Thuy

    Dead Leaves, and Ginger Spice

    I'm very pleasantly surprised that this one doesn't have the screechy DL note that I had only known of until now. The DL note here is sweet and earthy, absolutely wonderful paired with the ginger spice! It got close to becoming a yankee candle type of deal but somehow didn't, which I'm also thankful for - it's not cloying! The ginger spice is a bit disappointing imo. The ginger is very soft and I think I get more sweet cinnamon vibes. Still cozy and good in my book. Decent 5-6 hours wear
  8. Thuy

    Snootier Bat

    My first experience with Snootier bat was in Jan 2024 and I was surprised! I didn't anticipate to like it but wowowow that sugared incense. Like why would I even bother with this when Snooty bat didn't catch my eye, but here we are. Sweet incense, very soft leather and black musk - I could vibe with this. THEN I REVISITED THIS TWO MONTHS LATER: bruh. what happened. It's a slightly sweetened leather blast with black musk close behind it, and I don't know where my beautiful sugared incense went😭 Great throw though, I'll give it that. I can also see this lasting a good 8 hours but I'll end up scrubbing it before that. Just...not for me lol. I don't do leather often and most definitely not with patchouli. So we're veering into headache territory. I'm glad to have tried this though - I get the hype of the snooty/ier bats.
  9. Thuy

    Fudge Marshmallow

    As advertised! At least on me, it's more fudgy than marshmallow. It also reads as a drier fudge (cacao/cocoa?) than I expected, but I like a dusty chocolate note. I do appreciate that the marshmallow sticks around for the 6ish hour wear I got out of it. Glad to have snagged a bottle in the swaps!
  10. Thuy


    SO BUBBLY. Bright yet bitter! I had to try this since I enjoy the lab's champagne note, and this does not disappoint. Whatever the equivalent of a mimosa is but with grapefruit juice, this is it. I'm surprised that my skin isn't eating it up, which is a nice surprise. It's so odd to me how wearable the bitter grapefruit is though. This is going to be a fun Sunday Brunch scent! Good throw though almost a touch too much for my nose, good longevity too.
  11. Thuy

    Gingerbread & Candyfloss

    I was really hoping this would be a fun gingerbread cotton candy kind of vibe, and I am sorely disappointed. The candy floss isn't giving the right vibes - it's just vague slightly pink sugar. It's unfortunately the least remarkable gingerbread (more bready than spicy, too) I have and no longevity. I get maybe a faint hour at best. I'll hang onto the decant though for reference.
  12. Thuy

    Ordering Imps

    @jensdays it looks like they still offer a discount for 6 imps, but the new discounted price is 25.60$ (ouch...).
  13. Thuy

    Cherry recommendations

    I'll chime in with another GC - Kabuki! if you don't mind anise. It's a nice cherry one to try (cherry, red musk and star anise).
  14. Thuy

    I Know You're Watching Me

    RoseThornandOak's impressions are probably where mine lie... My spouse says it's baby powder...which isn't wrong but I wouldn't say right either. I LOVE the skin musk here but yeah, could do without the powderiness. The vintage aldehyde perfume note is interesting and is where I think the powder is. So, the first hour or two I have to tolerate what husb's calls stripper baby powder..and then it's a smutty skin musk that I cannot get enough of. It's got some good staying power though, I'll give it that.
  15. Thuy

    Balancing the Sake Cup

    Orange blossom and I do not vibe, but I figured I'd do a teeny tiny test patch just to know what this could smell like... It's a bit sharp wet and in the bottle, and I think it's the spicy ginger and clove... On skin, tolerable but I don't love nor hate it. The dry down really makes me think of a dry sake which I don't think I was entirely expecting... It's overall a dry herbal on me that I don't care for.