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  1. Thuy

    So Judgey Hair Gloss

    Bought this on a whim and good gods I love it so much. It sounds just like a delicious cocktail in the bottle but doesn't smell overtly boozy. The lemon is so good - not too sour and a touch bitter. I don't think I can pick out the juniper berries, only because the gin I do like actually has juniper notes, so this altogether is amazing to me. This is overall a lovely crisp and light scent! Good throw. I wish I could have a back-up of this!
  2. Thuy

    Lan Yueliang

    Another wonderful blind buy! I get lush blueberries with a sharp lemon zing in the bottle, and it stays like that right onto my skin... But then it mellows out beautifully! It's so fresh, clean, uplifting. My mom caught a whiff and asked if I just showered, lol. This never really becomes an overtly herbal scent on me. It becomes a lovely citrus with very light floral notes from the tea, I think? I'm still trying to understand the tea notes on me. The blueberry faded fast on me, but it was lovely catching hints of it in the first hour. Happy to have a bottle!
  3. Thuy


    In the imp, this has quite the zing - this is when it was most sharp to me, while still smelling clean. Wet on skin, it softens a bit and I get a very gingery citrus-like. It stays pretty clean and crisp. Drying down, it stays about the same and is stronger than what I expected. I do enjoy the ginger kick. Not gonna lie, it's similar to Bath and Body Work's White Tea & Ginger, but definitely not as sweet or floral.
  4. Thuy


    This frimp came in one of my late summer BPAL orders last year and I only got around to trying it a few weeks ago, only because someone referenced its honey note in a different review I was recently reading. From the imp, I get the rose and honey with some sandalwood but it still didn't sit right with my nose? I think its the orange blossom because nothing about it has wanted to play nicely with me. I gave this a go anyway, and on dry down, it's a lot woodier than floral. I have no idea where the honey is, lurking but barely there. I don't usually mind rose but this was like, too much and the orange blossom is not...liking me. I can see how this is a pretty blend but unfortunately not for me. She had good throw though and lasted through my day.
  5. @aphrodisms: I'm honestly not able to pick out all the scent notes other than damp dirt and florals. This is surprisingly more pleasant than I thought it would be (lol first time wearing it).
  6. Hi there @aphrodisms! I have a bottle of Worm Moon that is very damp dirt, at least to my nose and I do not care for it, lol. It doesn't have vetiver, but it's a thought.
  7. Thuy

    Seven Word Story: Sloth

    Totally blind bought this because banana. I've never really seen banana based fragrances until I fell down the BPAL rabbit hole, and now the bar may be set ridiculously high. I did let this sit for a few months before I tested it for the day. It was very in your face bananas when I first opened it up for a whiff. In bottle: BANANA. VERY RIPE BANANA. But not sickeningly sweet and I catch a whiff of the blackened cacao in the back? On skin: I get the dried banana chips vibe but slightly fleshier banana, and then it shifts to the bourbon vetiver and tobacco. Drydown: smoky sweet tobacco while the banana lingers gently in the back. I forget how wonderfully fragrant tobacco can be, and I'm pleased with how it is in this blend! Good throw and wear time (lasted me all day and into the evening). I love how intoxicatingly dark, sultry and quirky this is. Banana, but make it moody and sexy.
  8. Thuy

    His Own Heart Laughed Bath Oil

    I prefer to use this on dry skin as a moisturizer or right after a bath/shower. I'd use it in the bath if I had another bottle on standby, lol. In the bottle, I get the red cherries with some pine/evergreen. It's really pleasant. I can see the cherry slush vibes some have mentioned. On dry skin: what a blast of cherry! It has a slight medicinal hint to it, but then it shifts to sweet evergreen and stays that way for several hours. After bath/shower: the cherry lingers a little longer but then it does that same shift. I appreciate that it doesn't morphe, though I wish the cherries would stick around longer.
  9. Thuy


    I'm so sad that the orange blossom is as prominent as it is, and boy does my body amp it. Wet, that chocolate and cherry is gooooood. Like dark decadent chocolate with the cherry hiding in the back. I don't know where it went as the day went on😣 It wears more like a floral chocolate, which isn't bad - just not what I wanted. I appreciate the chocolate lingering all day though.
  10. Thuy

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    I had very little idea of how this would smell and totally bought this blindly. My nose is very new to hay and rice milk. I like milk and honey, so figured this could be similar? It's one of the more perfume-y blends that I own, but it feels so cozy once it dries down. It is a little sharp wet; I wasn't sure that I'd love it. It's not my usual gourmand sweetness or something very crisp and clean. It's a creamy sweetness? There's almost a vanilla note to it. It's great with a sweater😂 It has a muskiness to it, which usually doesn't sit well with me, but I don't mind this. I'm not sure if that's because it stays close to my skin but that helps. It wore well for 6 hours or so on me. Overall it's a relatively soft, dare I say intimate, scent. I don't think it'll be one I reach for often but I can see its place in rotation. I will say that it's similar to Morocco but much less complex and personally easier on my nose.
  11. Thuy


    I got this in a mystery imp pack, and I love that I have it but hate that I need more than an imp of it😂 The honey is really sweet and I LOVE it. I'm also just thrilled and relieved that my skin chemistry is playing nicely. Some floral notes within the honey come out as it dries down, and I do catch a touch of salt. There's something that reminds me of the rubber of a hockey puck, lol, which is on occasion called a biscuit 🤣 Otherwise I don't pick up anything that reminds me actual biscuits. It was going strong for a few hours, and then faded gracefully, but I can still get a delightful whiff of that sweet honey and a pinch of salt. There is something that reminds me of a clean baby powder in the dry down.
  12. Thuy

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    This was one of my surprise imps in an order, and I was super excited for a chocolate peppermint scent that I didn't even know about. Oh man, what a ride this one was. In Imp, on wand: Nutty, chocolatey, peppermint goodness! Could be a solid gourmand scent with some depth from the oakmoss and cedar (very dominate)! On skin initially: Mmm chocolate, mint, hit of pistachio and sudden amping of wood???? I'm guessing that's the cedar. Wear down: Uhm, wow, I feel like a fresh sharpened #2 pencil with a hint of sweetness that's either the chocolate or vanilla. The mint is...somewhere. I'm not upset but I wasn't expecting to suddenly turn into cedar shavings. It faded fast on my wrist but still cedar/oakmoss strong elsewhere. That only mellowed out finally towards the end of my day when the vanilla/chocolate and pistachio peek through again... All the scent notes still read true to what they are, just cedar dominates. It feels a little musty, which may be the oakmoss? It's really unique but I do wish that it was a little more foodie and less cedar-y. Thought I'd like a bottle but this imp will be plenty, maybe another imp later on.
  13. Thuy

    Couple Consulting an Enpon

    This was one of my first blind buys, thinking I'd get something that was going to be sultry and fruity... I can at the very least say that this blend was an interesting learning experience. In bottle and wet: I get the blackberry, hint of mint, that orange blossom? There's something not quite right but I can't place it. Dry down: Resiny, maybe a touch incense like... I don't know where the blackberry went. It's very perfumey on me, and I think it's the orange blossom. There's still some note that isn't sitting well with my nose and I don't think it's as offending as cat pee, but it is not my jam. I really wanted to like this one but with the headaches I've gotten from it, and trying out a few other blends with orange blossom in them, I'm going to have to rehome this one.
  14. Thuy


    Got this as an imp as I'm looking for my HG milk & honey scent... Right away after getting my package, I thought it was going to be "it" for me, wet from the imp. Fast forward a little over 6 months later when I finally got around to wearing it to see how my body reacts. Wet: still that milky sweetness and roses, barely bergamot and a hint of carnation. On Skin: The rose and carnation really come out and I think the honey got lost. Very floral and the powder is coming through. Wear down, a few hours: this now reminds me of a fancier version of baby powder and I have very mixed feelings about it. I don't have a clue as to where the bergamot went in this one. I don't hate it and I definitely don't love it. It does make for a very nice gentle fragrance that's soft in throw. I'll revisit this again in a few months.
  15. Thuy


    This is my first BPAL bottle and honestly, I couldn't grasp what this blend would be like based on the description. After reading other reviews and feeling confident that this would play well on me, I'm thrilled to say that this is one of my favorite scents in rotation (and I have a lipstick in the same name). Wet - bitter orange with some fizz and hint of cream. Dry down - very boozy gin-kicked creamsicle that's mellowed out by the spice. Wearing it - actually very pleasant despite being a little ridiculous. It softens to citrus and gin on me after a few hours. I kind of wish I had bought another bottle, but I know this one will last me for a long time as I rotate through a lot of different blends.