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    (aged) snake oil!, antique lace (RIP), Dorian (rip), Snow White, white cake, raw sugar, milk, marshmallows, snow, musk, vanilla bean, bubblegum, plastic, amber, dragon's BLOOD, sandalwood, patchouli, cinnamon, clove, ginger, spices, berries and red and purple fruit and pears (not citrus, usually, though,) coconut milk . . . m mmmm mm, leather, smoke, also into frankincense, benzion, copal, tonka . . . incensey resiny woody oriental things... + some ylang ylang, sweet red rose, lotus, sugar. . . sweet & warm & usually not floral.i like sweet and dark but not too foody (do NOT like maple, burnt sugar, or butter) (don't like too much sharp or bubbly notes)// not really into florals or soapy or citrus smells. usually not so into ozones. don't tend to like carnation, jasmine, or lillies (just amps too much on my skin)

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    beauty, health, and body care:
    (i am a holistic, naturopathic, organic snob / junky)
    (i love healing arts of all things)

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    mostly flash and ae animations for ad agencies)
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    music composing, playing, and sound sculpting...
    most of all, i love finding elements to express my passion for design details in everything i do.)

    (aesthetics are my thing in general, but i make up my own rules)
    (lots of black, mostly, with a touch of blues, greens, reds, & the intersection of the 3. big chunky architecturally influenced shoes & shapes & materials for clothes & objects in general.)

    (go rent microcosmos right now !)

    (i used to want to do this... then i moved... and moved again. and then every further... across the country [NYC] then across the planet [Berlin]... )
    (now, although i require variety in life, all i want about all else is a house to call my home, grow some roots, & get a solid night's sleep... something i have not done since.... well i literrally can not remember.)

    Synthesizers. I love my moth Kronos. I’ll probably be trying to learn that thing till I die.
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  1. marzstar

    Witches' Lace

    Just got this yesterday through a swap and it’s definitely a keeper. It definitely morphs. It’s hard for me to pick out specific notes but I can compare it to other stuff. it morphs pretty immediately on my skin rather than whiffed from the bottle. And it’s got a very green quality almost like zestfully clean soap, which I don’t hate. It’s green clean and a bit more stereotypically masculine. that calms down pretty fast and let’s the other sweetness emerge. it does smell more perfumey than most others, if that makes sense, but I don’t mind. Actually, after a bit reminds me of Dior Addict, which I wore a lot many years ago. According to what I currently like more, though I like this more than that. It’s been very long though since I smelled it and I don’t have any around to compare it with side-by-side, but it definitely makes me think about it. Two commercial perfumes I do have a little bit left of are Viktor and Roth flower bomb, and Terry Mugler Angel. And there is some thing in this that maybe put it in the category with those as well. The longer I wear it, though the more it changes into a classic lace bpal scent. And even sort of reminds me of its co-release Sugared Lace, which I adore. It’s sugary sweet and warm, with a bit of green spice. Spice might not be the right word. Maybe it’s just because I was thinking about it because I thought I read this in peoples reviews comparing it to having an apple scent, but especially earlier on application and work from the bottle. I do feel like I can smell some red apple in there and I don’t mind. Maybe it’s green apple. Yes, I’m glad I got this. And yes I’ll currently wear it. It’s amazing how much my body chemistry and my nose/tastes have changed over the years. I want all of the laces!!! Though there are some I’ve tried that I just wouldn’t really wear like summer lace, which I traded away sadly recently, but I wanted it to go to a new home with people that appreciated at my. this one’s a keeper. Definitely up there with my favorite laces. But very different. That reminds me a little bit of sugared lace after hours of wear. It’s much better after it’s dried down and the sweeter notes come out and last and it’s well blended. oh, and it also seems to have decent throw and longevity. Which makes me happy because lately it seems like my skin just eats up these oils.
  2. marzstar

    Ecstatic Revelry

    Years later… I third this. Not sure why I got 2 bottles, unsniffed. Maybe ‘twas an accident, because I Don't Like Cumin. Cumin tastes/Smells like weird deep bad BO to me. Hopefully I can swap/sell them. I’ll give ‘em at a discount as I dislike it that much… and I haz 2. Wtf? Contact me if you want some.
  3. #775! (good thing I wrote the # on the label I put on top!) I haven’t seen any number this high mentioned in the reviews, so I dunno. I’m still not sure if we really all get a different number per bottle or some people share bottles of the same number. Since there’s multiple reviews, maybe people share/smell them with imps..? I’ve had this in my swap pile for years, but now some one showed interest in it , so I had to test it, again, and maaaybe I don’t want to give it away ha, ha, ha ha, right? Sorry. (No,, yes, of course I will keep my word. Bye Bye little bottle.) It’s def morphed with age, I think, also, my nose, taste, and chemistry has morphed with age, too. And there's the monthly hormones... When I put my nose right up to my wrist I can almost smell a super slight Antique Lace(!), way in the back, which is one of my all-time favorites. Next to that, there’s also a sort of slight plastic smell, but I totally do like that. & It goes w the AL. On top of it all, it smells way purple. I think it reminds me of Purple Phoenix, which I loved, and devoured rather fast, but I used to layer so many, also, at the time. So I can’t compare it. I’m pretty sure, though that it's one that lived in a pocket of my leather jacket, (because the label was rubbed off, significantly,) which was the best smelling leather jacket one could ever have because I would slather it in various bpal oils night and day. I think BPAL Amber is like a light skin musk, to me. I can smell something that smells better than my plain skin, but it’s really faint. I used to have Amber resin chunks to burn with a charcoal for incense & besides all of the amber oils I’ve had over the years, that’s what I measure that against. BPAL's is faint, on me. Depending on if it gets more purple predominant, or that AL or Plastic smell comes forward, which I’d prefer, I will have to wear this for more hours, to smell the dry down, and throw and longevity, to try to determine if this is a giver or a keeper. I really like the smell, but I’m not sure I want to smell like that anymore. So I guess I’ll give it a 3.8/5 for now. (eta: lower after learning the longevity and throw is weak on me*) *something must be up with me as nothing seems to give much throw or last very long on my skin
  4. marzstar

    Morocco Hair Gloss

    I agree with all the positive things said thus far about the Morocco hair gloss. I got 3 decants, from Absithetics, & this one's by far my fav (about to order a full bottle of this, along with frank&clove & snake oil, neither of which i've tried, yet.) I always spray it on my hands, rub 'em together, then rub thru my hair. ...Here's the interesting thing - when I started using this, I actually had NO hair due to being on chemo therapy for stage 3 breast cancer. Though, I did have the teensiest lightest bit of fuzz growing on my scalp, I was basically bald as a baby's butt. But the oil's made of such delectable ingredients that rubbing it onto my head/scalp was a delight to my skin & senses. I'd even rub some elsewhere onto my body, leaving it nourished and smelling blissful. Also, like I do with the perfume oils, I'll rub some onto my clothing (makes great leather conditioner for boots/shoes) and it always lasts a long time without ever being too strong. Mixes well with most other scents and stays pretty true to original whiff as it ages/wears down... lastly I have to talk about my fav application of this hair gloss, which is to put it on my KITTENS! it's funny, I didn't think about it or plan it but since I love morocco as a staple, I always have some near me, (along with SO & Dorian & some rotating others,) and since they've been about 2 months old, I've been putting Morocco on my babes. Both the HG & the PO... I prefer the Hair Gloss though because the scent is a bit diluted... hmm, that's not the exact right word (#chemobrain)... I do the same thing, rub it into the palms of my hands, then run my hands down their body from their head to the tip of their tail... then a bit in their ears, then I turn them over and get their belly... and the BEST part: I spray some more out to moisturize the pads of their lil feets!! even in between the toessss (of which one kitteh has extra!) ... they purr, cause they love me and I actually think they like smelling good, like Morocco. It's warm and musky and earthy enough that it doesn't seem out of place. and afterwards I'll brush them and it leaves their coat of fur SO shiny and smooth and glossy and soft!! And I trust Beth, Brian, & Ted enough to know that the ingredients are natural enough that it's safe for them to lick when they bathe. I kinda even think they kinda like the way it tastes. srsly. ... My hair's growing in now that I am done with chemo, and it's thick and rough and curly as ever, and of course the gloss works lovely as ever... I bet it will continue to be a great product for when my hair's longer (and mega processed, cause I plan to grow it out bleached/dyed silver & I straighten the f*ck out of it) though perhaps I'll have to come back and edit my review to reflect what I discover when that day finally comes... which won't be for quite a while... (oooh maybe the nourishing qualities of using the gloss on/close to the scalp will help my hair grow!! factual or not, I'm gonna visualize this, as to make it possibly maybe true *growgrowgrow*) <3 *****
  5. marzstar

    Dorian v3

    Dorian V3 is everything I've always wanted the GC Dorian to be but without that *thing* that the original has that, no matter how many times I try, I really don't like on me, or in general. It's Dorian but BETTER. Dorian V3 is warmer, less lemony, and more coconuty on the drydown; a little more (and ach I don't like using the word but I use it positively) plastic, while a little less rancid. A bit deeper, more grounded. Though I still don't smell it and think OMG coconut... It's still really really yummy. & As with all my favorite bpal oils, it ages well on my skin, has good lasting power & throw, layers well, and is always guaranteed to get me at least one WOW you smell good! comment from a random human, stranger, friend, or lover. Which is always always fun. I bought 2 bottles of these. One for me and one for a friend who couldn't come to willcall. She loves Vanillas + Coconuts and loves this too. And I had to get greedy when my mother smelled mine and wanted to keep it I got her 2 bottles of her own (her first ever) so she was appeased.
  6. marzstar

    Womb Furie

    I've been waiting to review this because I didn't want to be the first... The review is easy. Womb Furie is as it states it is: ORGASMIC. I predict this is going to cause quite a stir. To be more specific, It's like Snake Oil + O but better than the sum of it's parts I've always wanted to love O but it's a bit too floral on me in some odd way and I love Snake Oil in all its glory but especially aged, as do many of You, and this is what I think Womb Furie is like: AGED SNAKE OIL with a touch of Honey Bee Flower Sex Magic. so if you're an aged snake oil hoarder, or even liker, and O lover - get Womb Furie while you still can. I can only imagine how amazing it will age as well. The bottle I have is surely still in it's infant stage... Also other pluses: - it lasts a long time on my skin and has nice throw. - every time I wear it I have at least 3 people say to me Ooh you smell gooooood. (always happens with my fav bpal oils) - & it layers well (my current favs to layer it with, that I got at the same time, are DorianV3 + Andreiphontês ...YUMz)
  7. marzstar

    Oils To Help with PMS and Periods

    hi hi this is a teeny bit off subject but really close anyone have any recommendations for oils to help Bring my period? usually i am regular though sometimes i get off a bit, like now, (usually i bleed on the new moon and it's the fullmoon and still nothing!) ... even nonoil recommendations like herbs and stuff welcome, though i know a bit about that already. really i want to know if i can utilize one or some of my gazillion bottles/imps in ritual to get my womb to release itself. thanks in advance =) marz*
  8. marzstar

    Purple Phoenix

    Porphyrogenitus, indeed; we worked[/i] for it! Not simply the color of royalty, purple is also the color of sorrow and mourning, reconciliation and forgiveness. A regal, majestic, and somber blend of myrrh, plum blossom, African violet, cognac, fig, orris, lilac, wisteria, black plum, and Burgundy wine grapes. i love purple phoenix ! (is that enough of a review?) simply, truly put – it's purple. at first, a bit grape and violet with a bit of something resounous and grounding. binding. not too flowery, but a bit. ultimately, purple all around. and (best part!) is i've been getting compliments on this scent a lot lately. especially since i've buckled down and actually disciplined myself to wear only this w/o like 12 other bpal's (i just love 'em so) like i usually do ;p i think it inspired my friend to give me a purple neck last night. and some boy tonight commented that i smell good (he smelled good too) but couldn't place what it was that i smelled of and when i finally said it's called purple phoenix, he said, 'yes, definitely smells purple.' ...though i said that already, didn't i? and the friend last night that complimented me used to say i always (while good) smell the same, but when i wore this (and only this) she kept saying ooooh you smell soooo good. so yes. like i said. i love purple phoenix. a lot. love the lab for making it. love love love one of my all time bpal favs, for sure. m* *edited to add* and today i visited my acupuncturist and she, for the first time ever, mentioned 'who is that that smells so good?' her office mate piped in thinking it must be her, i knew it must be me. i let her smell me and she asked about it and i possibly ernabled her. ha. purple phoenix + me = yumz
  9. marzstar

    Dixie Love Perfume

    i am a bit in awe at the moment. please excuse me while i rant a bit and explore the magic i just experienced. *mods: if this is too babbly for this thread, please let me know and i will edit. thanks* perhaps i will report back again with a review based on scent, though i can't remember what it smells like exactly in this moment. i know it's probably not something i would buy for scent alone, though it's good enough that i don't mind wearing it at all. though for now i am here to report my experiences with it. i applied this (yes, like another reviewer said i think perfume makes this an acceptable TAL oil to wear on one's body,) on my neck and wrists both last night and the night prior and well, all i need to say is ---> i had a very good weekend. ;d tee.hee. ok, also, i've been wondering how much i enchant mySelf when i wear TALoils on me. i don't always put them on my skin, actually, if i do wear them i usually put them on my clothing or hair. i noticed that the effect of this on me was a bit of selfconfidence and an overall sense of openness to others too, which would be the flip side of having people drawn to you, wouldn't it? also i suppose i did feel sexy too. not smutty sexy though, more a deep subconscious grounded sexy. more sophisticated than slutty, if this makes sense. i was out meeting many new people and everyone [well ok many] i came in contact with seemed very, just, uhm, well nice to me. and actually spoke to me, rather than me trying to pull teeth trying to engage others, if this makes sense. it's like it lightened the blanket of that awkward moment when you first meet someone. perhaps i charm myself, and by feeling more open, others are more open to me. ... hmm also one boy, right after i was introduced to him, told me i smell really good. then he said it again several minutes later. love that. [i'm sure it didn't hurt that i also was wearing at least a couple other oils, both BP&T.AL blends, one of which was probably charisma. ;} and i surely was wearing both bat's blood and purple phoenix since i just got those in the mail... /digress.] i only have an imp of this, decanted by a fabulous forum friend, and though i need to experiment more perhaps with wearing this scent sans others, it is very possibly a future bottle.
  10. johnathan harker newest love, first to come to mind
  11. marzstar

    The Carpathian Mountains

    spearmint and piney and reminds me of cleaning product mountain forest crisp air... yes... neat, conceptually, but nothing i'd want to wear to the swap pile...
  12. marzstar

    Devil's Night

    this, devil's night, along with all souls, (i think, thus far,) is my favorite of the halloweenie blends this year it's just sweet and yummy with a teeny bit of spice lovely yummy felt appropriate to write this in here right now since it IS devil's night right now well, ok... it's one-oh-two am so techinally actually halloween but still. yes. thank you *goes back to watching hellraiser and drinking organic red wine* <3 marz*
  13. marzstar

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    Lightning splits the sky, illuminating the skeletal skyline of the carnival rides: sugared incense and night-blooming flowers. first quick whiff from bottle_ sweet and good with somthing on top that's sharper second whifF_ hmm soapy :\ tried on_ instantly turned blechy. jasmine? soapy. too flowery. not at all what i was expecting or wanting. i love the original midway and though if i try really hard i can smell that scent in the distance, overall, motm is nothing like it. don't like. will update if i change my mind. will give it another chance. and if i still don't like it, to the swap pile... maybe i will appreciate it later in time, if i ever get over my current aversion to jasmine, since i used to like it and i suspect this one would be a good one with the yummy sweet base. but definitely not now. hmm oh well.
  14. marzstar

    The Candy Butcher 2006

    mmm i totally agree with portalkat although i do love foodies, i have not been into any of the chocolatey bpal blends at all so far . . . until this one ! in the bottle_ thought hmm chocolate. kinda sharp and dusty dark. reminds me of the thing in the other cocoa blends that i don't like on_ wet:: hmm not as sharp as in the bottle and kinda sweet. with, wow, a teensy faint flowers in the distance. dried:: it's only been on me for a half hour but i am loving it more as time passes. the bitter dusty element has vanished, leaving me the sweetest as can be. like a rich pure vanilla bean with a hint of chocolate. and a faint flower, yes, vanilla orchid is right on. actually i think i've smelled an orchid with chocolate in the name. i bet this is like that. i love this. reminds me of something else, as in another perfume, i have smelled but can't place. bet it will get better as time passes, too. yum. superyum.
  15. marzstar


    didn't get at first then after reviews i was bummed i didn't get any so i swapped for it tried a few times on body and in candle and don't like it reminds me of the generic dawn dishwashing soap my mom always got when i was a kid and i always hated that crap this will get swapped/sold for sure. like the concept, but can't win 'em all