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  1. MolyH

    The Love Potion

    Got this hoping for a fruity floral, but it's 95% just floral. I agree that fans of neroli will definitely like this, this is mostly a big bouquet of nerolis as the protagonist, with rose buoying it up. And this is more of a greenish rose than a rose in bloom. As someone who likes florals, this is very gorgeous, with a shocking resemblance to the label art. It really does make me feel like I'm sitting by a set of bay windows, opening out to a garden, mixing flowers and herbs.
  2. MolyH

    Brown Jenkin

    This smells like a Buddhist shrine on a tropical island in the scorched heat of the day. Hmm, maybe not tropical island. Those are often too humid. As other people said, this is a very dry scent. It honestly, I swear to god, smells furry and dusty. Even the coconut smells more like dried scrapings of coconut than the fruit itself. I'm not sure this is the coconut scent I'm looking for either--for me, the incense in this is almost the predominant note instead. EDIT: As it dries, the coconut comes through more and more, and now, it smells like a delicious, oven-baked coconut. This really scratches my coconut itch.
  3. MolyH

    Summer Rain

    I bought this because I was strongly craving a coconut scent, but I don't catch any coconut at all. Instead, it's a lavendery, rainy, soft clean scent, kind of what I expected Dirty to smell like. Even more amazing, I keep catching little whiffs of actual clean cement from this--no idea how Beth does it! I love rain scents. I love clean, crisp scents. So this is a definite keeper. But I'll have to get back on the hunt for coconut.
  4. MolyH


    This is so pink and pretty and feminine! It's violet and tea roses, like what it says on the tin, both scents distinct enough to immediately pick out, but also complements each other so well. Honestly, this brings to mind expensive dresses I bought for my daughter, with soft pink cotton lace. I don't know if I'll ever be in a girly enough mood to wear this
  5. MolyH

    Midnight on the Midway (2015)

    Flowery incense, with a touch of sweetness. It's a pity that I don't get the more interesting notes like blue musk or ozone that other people seem to be getting, but I can't really complain, because it's, in fact, pretty darn nice. A shockingly pretty, girlish scent for the opening to the Carnival Diabolique, in fact.
  6. MolyH


    I love pomegranates. My grandaunt used to have a pomegranate tree in her yard (maybe she still does, I don't know), and when I was little, I used to go by when it bore fruit and steal them. I'm sure she would've given them to me if I'd asked, but there was something about the adventure of sneaking up, snatching one, and hiding it away to enjoy that made them that much more delicious. This perfume smells like my fingers did afterwards, stained with purple-pink juices, with a dash of rose, my favourite floral. This lived up to everything the name and the description suggested.
  7. MolyH

    The Rose

    Looking for a replacement to my Peacock Queen, but while this is indeed a lovely, true rose scent, it's not the furiously in-bloom deep red of Peacock Queen. This is a much lighter rose--like a pink or yellow rose. It's in bloom, but not quite at the height of it yet, covered with dew. On the other hand, this is a great rose perfume for people who want rose, but not ROSE. It also smells goddamn fantastic on my daughter.
  8. MolyH

    Sherlock Holmes

    I don't know what it is, but something in this smells very creamy and sweet to me. I swear, I keep thinking I catch a hint of vanilla. This is a beautifully subtle blend of tobacco and leather, two notes that my skin likes to amp up to the point of artificial blahness behaves perfectly here. This is everything I've ever wanted out of the concept of tobacco and leather. It's like lifting a beloved violin out of a worn leather case in a room where the scent of tobacco has soaked into the wallpaper from regular smoking. Not quite so pungent as someone lighting a cigarette next to you, just the suggestion of smoking in the air.
  9. MolyH

    The Peacock Queen

    I have a very old version of Peacock Queen, and I remember how much I loved this when I first opened it and tried it on. It's an extremely confident scent, one that holds nothing back, a lush, velvety, dew-covered, blood red rose in all its glory. Then I set it aside for a while and didn't wear it much. Tried it again today, after what must've been five years or more, and it's aged into...nothing. I can't smell anything except the faintest, barest hint of rose. Not sure if this is a problem with every version, but it makes me very sad. I need at least one rose scent in my collection. Maybe I should try a more modern version of this scent, if I found one available.
  10. MolyH


    Smells a bit like mouthwash for some reason? I keep catching mint in this, plus pine, plus the green colour of the oil, it honestly just reminds me of mouthwash.
  11. MolyH


    I honestly have no idea what is wrong with me, but this smells like fanta to me. Like I spilled a bunch of fanta and didn't bother wiping it up, and woke up the next day to find an orangey, artificial, sugary sweet, sticky mess. As it dries, I'm getting more of the spiced, smoked woods I wanted, but every couple of minutes, I still get a big lungful of ORANGE FLAVOURED GUMMY BEARS. Yeah, I don't think this is for me.
  12. MolyH


    Smells like I'm walking into a late autumn forest in the early morning, with a light fog, a howling wind, no snow yet but you can smell it in the air. Then I sit down and start grating some ginger. I'm shocked so few other people are mentioning the galangal, because it is strong for me, to where even the pine plays second fiddle. I'm honestly not sure how I feel about this. I could see myself liking this more when winter rolls around, because of all those childhood memories of ginger tea when it gets cold out.
  13. MolyH


    When I first put this on, it is indeed a lovely, juicy green, like the juice squeezed from a handful of early spring leaves. But after literally 20 minutes, it has entirely disappeared. A lovely scent, but with almost no throw and zero lasting power. It's absolutely fantastic in an oil diffuser, though. Makes my whole room smell fresh and clean.
  14. MolyH

    Pure Applesauce

    It's amazing how this can manage to smell like Granny Smith apple peel specifically. It's not a juicy apple for me at all, but a dry, tart, spiced apple, a little like you've left the peel of an apple out on the kitchen counter underneath sunlight and it's starting to brown and curl. To be honest, I was hoping for much more tobacco and tea out of this--that's what makes the scent interesting to me, but it's not like I have a good apple scent right now, so I'll definitely be keeping this one around. In summary, I think this is a good apple scent for people who aren't into foody scents, like me.
  15. MolyH

    Beholder Optician

    This smells like a strawberry-flavoured sour candy. Very syrupy and sticky sweet. While not unpleasant, I don't really know when I would wear this. I'm not often in the mood to slather myself in strawberry jam. Still, crystalline is a good description indeed. There's definitely something in this that evokes a glistening candy shell.